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Iowa Official Registers

1909 - 1910

Pages 358-361
From Iowa Official Register 1909-1910 pgs. 358-361
     We hereby invite all believers in that system of government which will prohibit the manufacture, importation, exportation, and sale of intoxicating liquors as a beverage, and who believe that this mighty question can only be settled at the ballot box, to unite with us in selecting delegates to the Iowa State convention, to be held in the Y.M.C.A. Auditorium, Des Moines, Iowa, on the 23d and 24th of June, 1908, for the purpose of adopting a platform of party principles, selecting delegates to represent Iowa in the National Prohibition convention to be held in Columbus, O., July 15, 1908, to elect a state central committee and transact any and all other business which may properly come before it.
     The basis of representation has been fixed by the State committee as follows:
     Each county in the state is entitled to one delegate and one additional delegate for each fifteen votes or major fraction thereof cast for L.S. Coffin for governor at the general election of 1906 and which is as follows:
Adair 5 Floyd 5 Monona 6
Adams 5 Franklin 4 Monroe 9
Allamakee 2 Fremont 4 Montgomery 8
Appanoose 3 Greene 9 Muscatine 5
Audubon 3 Grundy 5 O'Brien 3
Benton 8 Guthrie 6 Osceola 2
Black Hawk 19 Hamilton 6 Page 15
Boone 14 Hancock 4 Palo Alto 3
Bremer 4 Hardin 10 Plymouth 5
Buchanan 9 Harrison 9 Pocahontas 4
Buena Vista 5 Henry 9 Polk 24
Butler 8 Howard 5 Pottawattamie 10
Calhoun 16 Humboldt 4 Poweshiek 14
Carroll 4 Ida 3 Ringgold 8
Cass 8 Iowa 3 Sac 5
Cedar 7 Jackson 3 Scott 5
Cerro Gordo 5 Jasper 11 Shelby 4
Cherokee 6 Jefferson 13 Sioux 3
Chickasaw 2 Johnson 5 Story 16
Clarke 6 Jones 6 Tama 7
Clay 5 Keokuk 11 Taylor 8
Clayton 5 Kossuth 3 Union 11
Clinton 4 Lee 5 Van Buren 6
Crawford 6 Linn 19 Wapello 9
Dallas 15 Louisa 5 Warren 18
Davis 3 Lucas 6 Washington 14
Decatur 6 Lyon 3 Wayne 10
Delaware 5 Madison 13 Webster 17
Des Moines 6 Mahaska 20 Winnebago 2
Dickinson 3 Marion 12 Winneshiek 4
Dubuque 4 Marshall 26 Woodbury 15
Emmet 3 Mills 8 Worth 2
Fayette 9 Mitchell 5 Wright 8

Chairman of State Committee

     The State convention to select delegates to attend the National convention at Columbus, Ohio, met at Des Moines, June 23-24, 1908.
    Temporary and Permanent Chairman-JOHN W. LEEDY, of Oskaloosa.
     Secretary-A.U. COATES, of Des Moines.


     The Prohibition party of Iowa, assembled in convention at Des Moines, June 23 and 24, 1908, express gratitude to Almighty God for the victories we have achieved in the past and for the present encouragement and assurances that the greatest political question ever submitted to the people for solution, the abolition of the beverage liquor traffic, will at an early day be forever settled and settled right.
     We demand an amendment to the federal constitution prohibiting the manufacture, sale, importation, and exportation of alcoholic liquors for beverage purposes in the United States and its territories.
     We demand the immediate repeal of the internal revenue tax on intoxicating liquors; the prohibition of the beverage liquor traffic in all places over which the national government has jurisdiction and such modification of the interstate commerce laws, which will prohibit the shipment of intoxicating liquors into prohibition territory.
     To provide the necessary funds with which to economically administer the affairs of the state we favor an equitable graduated income tax.
     We favor a non-partisan tariff commission which shall study the commercial and trade relations of the nations, and make such recommendations of tariff changes to congress as the public interest shall demand from time to time.
     We favor the election of the president, vice-president and the United States senators by a direct vote of the people.
     We favor the settlement of all difficulties between capital and labor by arbitration rather than by strikes and injunctions.
     We are opposed to disfranchising any citizen on account of sex.
     We favor the adoption of an amendment to the federal constitution prohibiting polygamy.
     We favor a uniform marriage and divorce law throughout the nation.
     We condemn the official tolerance and practical license of the social evil which prevails in many of our cities with its unspeakable horrible traffic in girls, and demand that the injunction and abatement laws provided for the injunction and abatement of liquor nuisances be applied to the social evil nuisance, and the general reputation of such place be sufficient and competent evidence to establish the existence of such a nuisance.
     We recommend the enactment of such a law requiring the interstate commerce commission to make an exact inventory of the physical property of all railroads and express companies, such valuation to be made the basis of just and reasonable railroad rates.
     We demand that the general assembly of Iowa re-submit to the voters at the earliest possible time a constitutional amendment prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors as a beverage.
     We favor the adoption of such banking laws as will protect the depositors against all losses through a depositors' guarantee fund, created by a tax upon the deposits in each bank.
     We demand punishment by imprisonment of offending officers of companies, corporations and trusts, which combine to defeat the natural laws of supply and demand from regulating the prices on the necessities of life.
     We demand the immediate and unconditional repeal of the mulct law.
     We demand a law making the common practice of gambling on the board of trade, stock exchange or elsewhere a felony.
     We recommend that peace officers and county attorneys, refusing or neglecting to prosecute violators of the liquor laws, shall be removed from office upon a proper showing in the district court.
     We favor the referendum, initiative and recall privilege now granted to certain cities by the general assembly and recommend that the same privilege extend to the entire state.


At Large.

Delegates Alternates
John B. Hammond, Des Moines.  
Rev. A. Jamison, Correctionville.  
Malcolm Smith, Cedar Rapids.  
O.D. Ellett, Marshalltown.  


1. George W. White, Fairfield A.C. Brady
H.S. Robinsons, Clay Harvey Haskins
E.J. Starr, Mount Pleasant. Roy W. Mix, Danville
J.E. Whiteford, Ft. Madison Robert Moore, Columbus City.
J.W. Wolf, Birmingham H.E. McCollum, Washington
2. C.H. F. Bohstedt, Victor B.R. Bohlstedt, Victor
S. Whitelock, Ladora Howard C. Gates, Ladora
3. No delegates No alternates
4. A.M. Walker, Osage A.F. Smith, Castalia
P. Woodring, Oelwein J.A. Burd, Osage
C.F. Paine, Fayette Rev. McKinn, Oelwein
C.G. Patten, Charles City Wm. Dodge
l.D. Platt, Oelwein  
J.E. Smith, Oelwein  
5. M.M. Dickson, Marshalltown. J.B. VanNess, Mt. Vernon
Harmon Cook, Union Hugh Boyd, Mt. Vernon
Warren Howard, Marshalltown Newton Branson, West Branch
F.T. Swearingen, Liscomb C.H. Culley, Marshalltown
H.L. Dobson, Marshalltown L.A. Pine, Toledo
C.P. Whitemore, Mt. Vernon J.P. Wilson, Toledo
J.C. Loyd, Marshalltown F.H. Houghton, Marshalltown
Lora Marshall, Union R.R. Ridgway, Clemmons
Melvin Grace, Union F.A. Moore, Marshalltown
Mrs. L.A. Bennett, Marshalltown J.H. Klezer, Bangor
Chas. Whetsell, Anamosa Lars Petersen, LeGrand
  Thos. E White, Anamosa
6. A Stalker, Richland No Alternates
J.E. Bennett, Newton  
W.C. Mott, What Cheer  
J.J. Mullen, Grinell  
Fred. W. Mesch, Oskaloosa  
E.F. Pyne, Oskaloosa  
7. W.H. Zenor, Des Moines K.W. Brown, Ames
A.U. Coates, Des Moines C.H. Gordon, Des Moines
B.D. Clark, Bondurant Dr. D.S. Grissman, Minburn
J.A. Macy, Des Moines C.E. Sinclair, Perry
M. Kurtzwell, Altoona T.G. Orwig, Des Moines
Rev. Stevenson, Ames Dr. Geo. Royal, Des Moines
Mrs. A.E. McMurry, Des Moines J.S. Ward, Des Moines
Mrs. A. U. Coates, Des Moines J.D.C. McFarland, Des Moines
E.E. Taylor, Des Moines E.E. Bennett, Winterset
Wm. Randolph, Ankeny C.W. Jones, Indianola
D.R. Dungan, Des Moines J.A. Harvey, Perry
  Mrs. Anna Edworthy, Des Moines
8. No delegates No alternates
9.  F.P. Fetter, Oakland J.H. Leander, Oakland
I.F. Marlatt, Oakland Thos. E. Kirk, Glenwood
A.T. Mathews, Oakland Edward Roe, Carson
C.A. Miller, Anderson Dr. J.A. Treat, Stuart
Dr. C.F. Dietz, Carson A.D. Bickhart, Atlantic
Geo. Pugsley, Woodbine A.C. Wilcox, Harlan
10. L.S. Coffin, Ft. Dodge J.C. Anderson, Rockwell City
Robert Carrol, Ft. Dodge E.O. Whipple, Jolly
R.W. Whitted, Rockwell City S.P. Elleot, Lake City
V.C. Head, Somers F.K. Danna, Manson
Ed. W. Burch, Rockwell City Frank K. Maples, Lohrville
11. G. Mutchendorf, Pierson No alternates
Newton Mettler, Lake Park  
H.H. Sawyers, Sioux City  
E. Dewey, Sergeants Bluff  
Geo. H. Penman, Rock Rapids  

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