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Iowa Official Registers

1909 - 1910

Pages 232-234


Organized 1880 under Chapter 151, laws of the Eighteenth General assembly.

J.F. McJunkin, Attorney-General, 1880 to 1881
Smith McPherson, Attorney-General, 1881 to 1885
Andrew J. Baker, Attorney-General, 1885 to 1889.
John Y. Stone, Attorney-General, 1889 to 1895.
Milton Remley, Attorney-General, 1895 to 1901.
Charles W. Mullan, Attorney-General, 1901 to 1907.
Howard W. Byers, Attorney-General, 1907 to present date.
Milliken Stalker, Veterinary Surgeon, 1884 to 1896.
James I.. Gibson, Veterinary Surgeon, 1896 to 1902.
Paul O. Koto, Veterinary Surgeon, 1902 to present date.


W.S. Robertson (R) of Muscatine, 1880 to January 20, 1887, date of death.
Wilmot H. Dickinson (H) of Des Moines, Polk county, 1880 to 1889.
George F. Roberts (H), of Waterloo, Black Hawk county, 1880 to 1883.
Justin M. Hull (E) of Lake Mills, Winnebago county, 1880 to 1886.
Philip W. Llewellen (r) of Clarinda, Page county, 1880 to 1892.
Henry H. Clark (R) of McGregor, Clayton county, 1880 to 1892.
Ephraim M. Reynolds (r) of Centerville, Appanoose county, 1880 to 1894.
S.B. Olney (H) of Fort Dodge, Webster county, 1883 to 1890.
Jay D. Miller (E) of Ida Grove, Ida county, 1886 to 1890.
John C. Shrader (R), of Iowa City, Johnson county, 1887 to 1902.
Frederick Becker (H) of Clermont, Fayette county, 1889 to 1896.
E.A. Guilbert (H) of Dubuque, Dubuque county, 1890 to March 4, 1900, date of death.
E.H. Carter (E), of Des Moines, Polk county, 1891 to 1898.
Joseph M. Emmert (R) of Atlantic, Cass county, 1892 to 1898.
R.E. Conniff (R) of Sioux City, Woodbury county, 1893 to 1907.
J.A. Scroggs (R) of Keokuk, Lee county, 1894 to 1901.
W. Bancroft (H) of Keokuk, Lee county, 1896 to 1901.
J.A. McKiveen (E) of Chariton, Lucas county, 1898 to 1905.
Henry Matthey (R) of Davenport, Scott county, 1899 to 1906.
C.B. Adams (H) of Sac City, Sac county, 1900 to 1904.
A.M. Linn (H) of Des Moines, Polk county, 1901 to present date.
F.W. Powers (R) of Waterloo, Black Hawk county, 1901 to 1908.
J.H. Sams (R), of Clarion, Wright county, 1902 to 1909.
A.P. Hanchett (H), of Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie county, 1904 to present date.
Albert C. Moerke (E) of Burlington, Des Moines county, 1905 to present date.
B.F. Elker (R) of Decatur, Decatur county, 1906 to present date.
George E. Decker (R) of Davenport, Scott county, 1906 to present date.
Albert de Bey (R), of Orange City, Sioux county, 1908 to present date.
Thomas U. McManus (R), of Waterloo, Black Hawk county, 1909 to present date.


James L. Loring, Dallas Center, Dallas county, 1880 to 1894.
Warren Dickinson, Des Moines, Polk county, 1894 to 1901.
Charles Francis Davenport, Scott county, 1901 to present date.


L.F. Andrews, Des Moines, Polk county, 1880 to 1881.
R.J. Farquarson, Davenport, Scott county, 1881 to 1885.
J.F. Kennedy, Des Moines, Polk county, 1885 to 1907.
Louis A. Thomas, Red Oak, Montgomery county, 1907 to present date.


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