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Iowa Official Registers

1909 - 1910

pages 220 - 222
Appointed by the Governor. Term three years. Term expires March 31, 1910.
Salary $1,200.
GEORGE A. LINCOLN, Cedar Rapids, Linn County.
L.B. PETERSON, Assistant, Spirit Lake.


Geo. Andrews, Oskaloosa

H.W. Emeney, Eldora

R. Ashe, Webster City

S.S. Ellis, Little Sioux

J.R. Anderson, Lake City

E.F. Eckliff, Rock Rapids

John Adams, Forrestville

Wm. Eggers, Arion

W.E. Albert, Lansing

J.J. Earle, West Union

C.O. Bailey, Washington

S.A. Furgeson, Rowan

W.H. Blackburn, Jefferson

F. Fisher, Eagle Grove

W.W. Berry, Grinnell

J.W. Floerchinger, Oxford

Lisle Burnam, Ft. Dodge

Henry Frear, Sutherland

R.M. Bainter, Zearing

Chas. Frech, Bancroft

Wm. Briles, Chariton

O.E. Feister, Sumner

B.T. Bouna, Lynnville

E.H. Franks, Cedar Rapids

H. Barmeier, Dubuque

Claude Fisher, Fruitland

J.A. Belland, New Hampton

Brittan Garland, Salix

Geo. H. Berry, Cedar Rapids

Henry Green, Spencer

E.E. Brees, Waterloo

L. Ganshorn, Rockford

John W. Boden, Osceola

A.M. Green, Sioux City

A. Bradstreet, Sutherland

Thos. Gooch, Le Mars

B.L. Black, Fairfield

N. Geyer, Sheldon

W.C. Ballou, Independence

Ted Hinton, Goldfield

Henry Brayton, Manchester

Jno. C. Hall, Des Moines

C.A. Boyson, Iowa Falls

L.C. Harper, Panora

O. Beckwith, Mt. Pleasant

Chas. S. Head, Sumner

Leo Buckholtz, Ashton

F.W. Hill, Corning

O.E. Bethel, Davenport

A.D. Horton, Hawarden

J.W. Brockschink, Peterson

C.F. Hatcher, Maxwell

Wesley Bryant, Creston

E.C. Hinshaw, Okoboji

Jno. H. Cochran, Woodburn

P.E. Hanes, Maynard

Frank Carson, Maquoketa

Thos. L. Hall, Glenwood

Geo. A. Collins, Sioux Rapids

J.H. Hargreaves, Decorah

Geo. Cain, Akron

L.B. Hamilton, Parkersburg

C.M. Cook, Marshalltown

J.T. Halstead, Blairstown

R.H. Cook, Marshalltown

L. Hinshaw, Okoboji

F.H. Conner, Tipton

Chas. Hausman, Arther

C.E. Carr, Emerson

C.J. Hahn, Cedar Rapids

F.L. Coup, Bedford

P.R. Holliingsworth

B. Cheshire, Rock Rapids

A.A. Height, Mason City

F.A. Calhoun, Pella

J.G. Hannawalt, Colfax

J.U. Cunningham, Coggan

Aaron Inman, Seymour

Ed Cooley, Salix

Jas. Ireland, Coggan

Alex Christian, Randall

Ed. Iverson, Decorah

B.C. Davis, Ft. Madison

O.E. Jackson, Red Oak

C.M. Davis, Reinbeck

G.B. Johnston, Buffalo Center

E.F. Donahue, Estherville

J.H. Jaques, Allerton

J.H. Daniels, West Union

Geo. H. Johnson, Walker

Chas. Dorman, Strawberry Point

C.B. Kuhl, Sioux City

J.W. Douglas, Maxwell

Geo. Kittleson, St. Ansgar

John Doctor, Hawarden

A.A. Kelly, Arcadia

M.L. Dana, New Hampton

Fred Knight, Jr., Goldfield

J.B. Deitering, Bancroft

Herman Klare, Jr., Lyons

W.A. Daley, Keokuk

W.R. Keeney, Kanawah

Wells Dewell, Woodbine

F.M. Kinsey, Albion

Eugene Dyer, Cedar Falls

G.C. Lake, Chester

W.C. Loraway, Hamburg

D.T. Smith, Lawler

A.T. Lake, Corwith

W.T. Seaman, Montour

E.P. Lamb, Cedar Rapids

G.W. Santee, Storm Lake

W.C. Lockwood, Herndon

L.W. Springer, Elma

J. Landanger, Bridgewater

F.E. Stodgell, Oakville

J.G. McPherson, Alden

W.F. Sprague, Bagley

T.A. McKichan, Cherokee

C.E. Smith, Kilbourne

P.A. McCabe, Seymour

Frank Scott, Lake City

U.E. Moss, Greene

H. Smith, Chelsea

L. Meadows, Chariton

J. Stockverger, Marion

T.J. Miller, Ottumwa

S.C. Seaman, Clinton

Fred Mayer, Hartley

T.H. Siska, Belmond

A.H. Maffitt, Webster City

C.N. Starr, Renwick

S.A. Miller, Lime Springs

Wm. Snelson, Massena

W.A. Mentor, Anthon

Jno. Swals, Spirit Lake

J.H. Middleton, Yale

Abe Smith, Winterset

J.E. Mullen, Hopkinton

E.C. Schweitzer, Central City

R.E. Morris, Salix

Wade Sprugin, Panora

R.E. Meeker, New Sharon

Geo. H. Todd, Nashua

J.P. Mason, Humboldt

T.H. Taylor, Emmetsburg

W.S. Mitchell, Clinton

H.S. Tubbs, Manchester

Sam Molin, Jr., Sioux City

Ed. Tessler, Rock Rapids

Geo. R. Norton, Onawa

Wm. Thompson, Rock Rapids

Chas. E. Noble, Chariton

T.W. Tattershall, Beloit

Jack Norris, Corning

August Thake, Corwith

John Opperman, Crystal Lake

D.L. Tubbs, Burlington

S.C. Oxley, Ossian

M.L. Troutner, Charles City

Geo. Osborn, Estherville

Geo. Upham, Eldon

Alva Page, Waterloo

Geo. Ulveiling, Remsen

Chas. Pooch, Algona

J. Vanderbilt, Marion

F.J. Penisten, Leon

Lee Vanderloo, Crescent

H.D. Pierson, Omaha, Neb.

Chas. P. Van Leuven, Osage

F.B. Preston, Adel

E. Whitman, Ledyard

Chas. L. Peck, Decorah

Geo. Wagner, Marshalltown

Chet Rogers, Lisbon

Geo. R. Wilson, Westfield

M. Reiley, Bancroft

G.B. Williamson, Eagle Grove

I. Roberts, Sutherland

F.W. Wray, North Liberty

J.W. Rambo, Mingo

Roy Wilson, Osceola

E.H. Ranztow, Turkey River

A. Weirather, Keokuk

John Randenmaker, Charter Oak

L. Webster, Woodward

T.J. Reddin, Cascade

Jos. Wiley, Rolfe

W. Roper, Jr., Council Bluffs

W.E. Wilson, Koszta

A.M. Rezak, Calmar

L.E. Wanamaugher, Marengo

J.S. Rothmere, Festina

H.A. Woomacks, Waukee

Wm. Rainbow, Lake View

A.P. Wise, Whiting

Lee Ryder, Salix

J.K. Winfrey, Runnells

J.T. Ross, Bayard

L.E. White, Estherville

Elmer Reed, Montrose

J.F. Weatherby, Titonka

H. Roup, Mystic

E.F. Wilson, Okoboji

J.W. Swimford, Mystic

R.J. Wiley, West Liberty

L.O. Scott, McCallsburg

O.P. Waterburg, Nora Springs

C.H. Swift, Sabula

W.W. Woodly, Mt. Ashburn

S.T. Sargeant, Nashua

Geo. Young, Clarinda

G.T. Shannon, Atlantic

Lyman Young, Colfax

M.A. Shelton, Bloomfield

H.H. Yordy, Waterloo

H.C. Saulsbury, Cresco

     The duties of the fish and game warden, as defined by chapter 15, of the code, are as follows:
     He shall make biennially a report to the governor of his doings, together with such information for the protection of fish and game as he may think proper. He shall make monthly an itemized statement to the executive council under oath of all moneys expended and for what purpose and the number and varieties of fish distributed  and in what waters; also all prosecutions made under the law. He shall have charge of the re-stocking and distribution of fish to the public waters of the state, and shall impartially and equitably distribute the same. He shall faithfully and impartially enforce obedience to the provisions of the fish and game laws. He may suspend for a specified period specified portions of the fish and game laws and issue permits authorizing the person to whom said permit is issued, to take from certain designated lakes of the state, having an area of not less than two square miles, certain fish designated in said permit in any quantities and for all purposes. He shall not permit seining in said lakes between the first day of December and the fifteenth day of June.
     He may grant certificates to proper parties to collect birds, their nests or eggs for scientific purposes. He shall seize and take possession, without warrant, any fish, birds or animals which have been caught, taken or killed, at any time, in any manner or for a purpose or had in possession or under control, or have been shipped contrary to law, and shall sell the same for the purpose of paying any costs, and balance of proceeds, if any, shall be turned into the school fund of the county in which the seizure is made. He shall seize and destroy without warrant or process, any net, seine, trap, contrivance, material, and substance whatever while in use or had and maintained for the purpose of catching, taking, killing, trapping or deceiving any fish, birds or animals contrary to the provisions of the fish and game laws. He may appoint such numbers of deputies as he may deem necessary and their duties are to report all violations of the law, to make arrests where crime is committed in their province, and to aid the warden in the enforcement of the law. The provisions of the laws makes the state fish and game warden a state marshal and it is his duty to ferret out offenders and bring them to justice.
     By an act of the Thirty-third General Assembly, "no person shall hunt, kill or take any wild animal, bird, or game in this state with a gun without first procuring a license."  The fee for such license is one dollar a year for each resident of the state and ten dollars a year for each non-resident. The county auditors of the state issue the licenses. All licenses expire on the first of July of each year. Owners of land, their children and tenants are not required to procure a license to hunt on their own premises. Provision is made in the law for the amount of game that a non-resident may take from the state. Penalties are provided for the enforcement of the law. Another law of the thirty-third general assembly provides for an annual license under certain restrictions for the use of seins and nets in the Mississippi, Missouri, Big Sioux and Des Moines rivers where they form part of the boundary line of the state


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