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Burlington Weekly Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
31 Jan 1863

Sick and Dead of the 34th Iowa.
The following is a list of deceased and sick members of the 34th Iowa Infantry, has been furnished us by Thomas W.J. Long, of this State, whose office is at No. 2, Laclede Block, Olive Street, St. Louis, Missouri.
     Died on the hospital boat Iatan, from Arkansas Post, during the trip:

Truman Story, Co. K, Jan. 17
John Merrill, Co. K., Jan 18
Robert Shauver, Co. C., Jan 19
Samuel Hyett, Co. D, Jan 20
Abraham Beckstell, Co. K, Jan 21
Samuel Hardin, Co. A, Jan 21
Joseph Winters, Co. A. Jan 22
W.A. Gardner, Co. I, Jan 23
Joel M Harsbarger, Co. A, Jan 15

     Left at Mound City Hospital, Illinois, by the steamer Iatan, Jan. 21st, 1863.
     COMPANY A- J. Robers, M. Robers, R.B. Bullard, J. Their, M. Caster, T. Gillman, W. Field, A. Mamsey, H. Arnold, Co.  D., J. Cook, Abraham Johnson, Co. K, G.B. Culver.

     Arrived at St. Louis, Mo.; Jan 25th, 1863, per steamer Iatan, from Arkansas Post:
     COMPANY A-Henry Arnold, J.M. Curry, C. Perry, Amos McKenney, Wm. Carr, James Williams, James Galliger, Charles Edgington, Wm Nulton, A. Hill, 1st Lt R.T. Sloan, W.J. Beaver, W. Vance, J.M. Williams, Daniel M. Stiles, D.P. Commons, W.H. Carr, Clinton Sloan.
     Co. B.-A Pendry, D Sailsbury, Wm Rogers, Wm Morgan, A.F. Munigan, L.V. Anderson, M. Morris, C. Smith.
     Co. C.-J. Layton.
     Co. D-Corp. C.R. Ramsey, H. Sandy, J. Bromley, J. Cook, John Ham, Wm Hitchcock, James Silver, W. B. Silver.
     Co. E-Thomas Twiggs, Amos Mester, S. Atkinson, G. Sands, L.L. McDonald, L. McNew, Eli Wayland, J. Shambaugh, J. Vickroy, J Bentley.
     Co. F-David W. Thomas
     Co. I-Lieut. J.R. Andrews, R. Hatfield, W. Morbea.
     Co. K-L. McKey, G.W. Wise, T. Mussleman, Henry Thomas.

     DISCHARGED- Lieut. Joseph H. Halliday, of the Iowa 6th, received his discharge from the service on account of disability. He was severely wounded at the battle of Shiloh. His discharge dates from the 1st of November last.

     The following is a list of the killed and wounded of the 25th Iowa.
     Adjutant S K Clark, severely wounded in the left knee.

     Wounded-Capt. Palmer, slightly in left foot; Serg't Jas G Vincent, slight, left hand; Corp'l Sam'l McKee, slight, right hip, J C Cary, severely,right thigh; John A Hammond, slight, right hand; R Wilken, severely left thigh.
     Killed-Geo W Calhoun.
     Wounded-Serg't T J Yount, slightly with shell, thigh; Harvey Millhone, in hip with musket ball.
     Killed-Corp'l James W Thompson; Henry R Boley and Andrew J Stanley.
     Wounded-Caleb B Rhodes, severely; Wm M Hufstedler, slightly.
     Killed-John Q Dennis.
     Wounded-Corp'l John A Johnson, slightly; H M Mitchell, severely; Andrew M Fox, do.
     Killed-Swan F Peterson.
     Wounded- Capt. John N Bell, slightly by shell; Eudoras A Holland; dangerously; Lucius Newcomb, in neck, severely; Wm Bawmann, in cheek, slight; Chas L Renz, with shell, slight; Fritz Mester, ancle, slight.
     Wounded-2d Lieut T Z Stark, in hand, severe; A S Paschall severely; Serg't L Denham in foot; R B Hewett, shoulder, severe; C C Bailey, leg, severe; A S Smith, hip and left arm, E Sergeant, slightly
     Killed-Andrew McGuire; Geo. Rouse
     Wounded-James Kelly, dangerously, in head and heal, since died; Jacob Barnhart, leg amputated.
     Killed-Sergeant Henry C Zickafoose.
     Wounded-Sergeant John S Athereas, severely, leg amputated; Louis Lavenburg, mortally; John Cole, in hip, badly; Alois Butzer, in wrist, severe; Joseph Helser, slightly.
     Wounded-1st Lieut John Orr, slightly in leg; J G Smith, in chin, severe; M C Ogden, finger left hand; J G Rowan, slight.
     Missing- A Furge; S J More
     Killed- Corporal G W Wilson
     Wounded-C F Lee, left arm, severely; James Matthew Philphott, left thigh, severely; ___ McBurr, slightly; C C Stanley, slightly; A J Hopkins, slightly; M C Prior, slightly; A G Virgin, left leg amputated; J Harman slightly.
     TOTAL-Killed, 10; Wounded, 47; Missing, 2.   


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