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Burlington Weekly Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
30 May 1863

     THE OFFICERS OF THE SIXTH IOWA CAVALRY TO THE PUBLIC- HEADQUARTERS 6th IOWA CAVALRY, Camp near Council Bluffs, April 20- The undersigned officers of the 6th Iowa Cavalry have seen this day the extract from the correspondence of the Chicago Times, written from Iowa City to that sheet and copied into the Dubuque Herald of April 15th, in the following words:
     "BULLY FOR THE 6TH.- The Chicago Times correspondent at Iowa City, in speaking of this regiment says:
     "For a week past the Iowa 6th Cavalry has been in camp at this place, but have now left for Sioux City. It is a fine regiment, and officered by noble, brave men. What is extraordinary about the regiment is, that you can't find a single Abolitionist among them all; and, if there was one, his peace of mind would be somewhat on the decline. Every man is of the true blue and never thinks it a disgrace to be called a 'copperhead,' that emblem of liberty. They are all dissatisfied with the policy of the Administration, and say that they did not volunteer to fight for the 'nigger.' This regiment will make its mark among the merciless Indians, and it is good policy for the party in power to put it out West, rather than send it to Dixie."
     The writer of the above cannot have obtained very reliable information as to the sentiments of the regiment upon the subject of which he writes.
     The undersigned, speaking for themselves only, would deem it a most grievous insult to be called "copperheads." We have neither done nor said anything to merit that most disgraceful epithet. We have no sentiments whatever in common with that class of men. We will carry the national flag wherever those who command us see fit to send us.
     We heartily endorse the Government and those who are now administering it, in all or any measures they may inaugurate to put down the rebellion. We volunteered to fight for the Union, to sustain the laws, to punish traitors, North or South, and we know of no more effective aid now being rendered to Southern traitors by "Copperheads," than the attempt to make simple men think they are fighting for the "niggers."
     While we are willing to go anywhere and submit our destination entirely to the judgment of those whom we are sworn to obey, we would much prefer to have been sent at once to Dixie where we could do somewhat toward putting down the rebellion.- Next to this, we should prefer to punish the traitors and all of their kindred spirits in the North, and in what we say think we represent the sentiments of the regiment generally.
D.S. Wilson, Colonel
S.M. Pollock, Lieutenant Colonel
R.L. Miller, Adjutant
A. Williams, Quartermaster
M. Reno, Commissary
J.H. Camburn, Surgeon
S.C. Haynes, 1st Asst. Surgeon.
D.H. Mitchell, Chaplain.
     1st. Battalion-Major Thomas H. Shepherd.
    Co. A.- Capt. J. Galligan, 1st Lieut. J.M. Gates, 2nd Lieut. S.J. Toll
    Co G.-Capt. A.B. Moreland, 1st Lieut. W.A. Heath, 2nd Lieut. E.H. Gaylord.
    Co. K- Capt. J. Logan, 2nd Lieut. H.F. Berst.
    Co. D.-Capt. T.W. Burdick, 1st. Lieut Sherman Page, 2nd Lieut. Timothy Plum
    2nd Battalion- Major Edward P. Ten Broeck.
    Co. E.- Capt. D.F. Eicher, 1st. Lieut. J.C. De Haven, 2nd Lieut. D Ellison
    Co. L.- Capt. A.S. Ames, 1st Lieut. S.B.Coyl, 2nd Lieut. Alpheus Scott.
    Co. H.- Capt. C.J. Marsh, 1st Lieut. G.A. Hesselbarger, 2nd Lieut Carter Berkley.
    Co. B.- Capt. DeWitt C. Cram, 1st Lieut. J.P. Rood, 2nd Lieut. Thomas J. Leavitt.
    3d Battalion-Co.I.-Second Lieut. G.W. McCall
    Co. C. (1st Lieut. absent, sick)
    Co. F.-Capt. Scott Shattuck; 1st Lieut. James Rush, 2nd Lieut. L.N. Brennan
    Co. M.- Capt. V.J. Williams, 2nd Lieut. Richard Barry.



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