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Burlington Weekly Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
February 28, 1863

St. Louis Hospital Report

     List of sick Iowa soldiers arrived at St. Louis, Mo., February 21st, and in hospitals there, by steamer City of Memphis.
     Furnished by Thos. W. J. Long of Iowa, State Sanitary Agent St. Louis and vicinity:
     4th Regiment- J D Whitney, D; Allen Woods, K.
     9th Regiment- David Garver, I; Samuel Johnson, E; Levi Corbin, E; J S Mitchel, I; James F Buckmaster, I.
     25th Regiment- Richard Dressel, E; Henry Rorf, A; Jesse Washburn, H; Joseph Adams, I; Geo W Dillon, K; E H Cochran, I; J Pratt, B; J Boyer, B; J Janis, D; J O YOung, H; David Ferguson, K; Sylvanus Swett, do, E Swett, do, Jacob Goff, do; Wm L Linder, do, Henry McGee, G; David Porter, I; Michael Sullivan, K; Milton Selarda, G; John Wolf, A, H C Carper, B; Geo W Horner, sergeant, E; H Buckhart, D; B F Tipton, A; J M Johnson, I; H Watson, E; W W Randle, H.
     26th Regiment- Joseph Staupf, I; Samuel Albrong, A; Chas Reed, A
     30th Regiment- A B Gilmore, C; George Rainer, H; Homer Stackley, I; Thos Weiner, A W C Griff, I; H C Cousin, C; Benson Down, C; James Hole, K, John Parker, G; Elijah Bridwell, H, Elijah Bailey, K; J Faggins, do; W W Lowrey, do, J Alter, do, L M Carver, do, A C Warner, do, C Turner, H; A P Leat, H; L Alanik, G; Samuel Ultz, G.
     31st Regiment- Stephen W King, I; Jerome Sellen, B; W K Newman, A; J H Willis, A; N F Coe, I; Lewis W Ball, G; John Burnham, G; Cornelius Crowley, K; J L Johnson, G; Geo Strain, K; John Kelley, J R Fitzgerald, K; James F Wood, G; James M Robbins, D; R Nelson, H, Wm Nelson, H; Adam W Snyder, E; W W Suderland, H; John A White, A.

Serg. J H Able, I, 31st, died Feb. 20
Samuel Murphy, I, 30th, died Feb. 15.
John S. Barnes, I, 30th, died Feb 21.
N. Babb, B, 25th, died Feb. 19.

DEATH OF ADJUTANT CLARK- The Gate City has information on the death of Adj't Kirkwood Clark, of the 25th Iowa Infantry, nephew and adopted son of Gov. Kirkwood. He was severely wounded in the knee at the battle of Arkansas Post, but refused to permit the amputation of his leg, which might have saved his life. He was but 19 years of age. He died at St. Louis, and his remains have been conveyed to Iowa City for interment by his father.

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