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The Fairfield Tribune
Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa
Thursday, April 24, 1884

A List of Iowa's Dead at Shiloh so Far as Known

A correspondent of the "State Register" with the re-union excursion to Shiloh, contributes the following list of the "known" dead in Iowa regiments interred at Shiloh cemetery, with company, regiment, date of death and place of original burial, so far as shown by the superintendent's books:

Anderson, Finley, G 3 Iowa Inf, Shiloh battlefield.
Armentrout, Daniel R, B 13 Iowa, Monterey, Tenn.
Ashworth, John, K 13 Iowa, June 11, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Ayers, J.P., D 12 Iowa, Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.
Berge, A.J., 15 Iowa, May, 1862, vicinity Shiloh battlefield.
Birdsall, C.M., A 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, vicinity Hamburg, Tenn.
Blair, James, C 11 Iowa, July 17, 1862, vicinity Hamburg, Tenn.
Blake, James, H 16 Iowa, Shiloh battlefield.
Blanchard, John D, K 12 Iowa, March 31, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Blais, Frank, C 11 Iowa, July 17, 1862, vicinity Hamburg, Tenn.
Bogart, Layfayette, K 11 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Bradfield, John, E 12 Iowa, Shiloh
Bradley, Wm. R, H 3 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Brainard, Lewis C, Serg't A 15 Iowa, June 3, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Brawner, Wm, Lieut. F 2 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.
Bridwell, J.W., M 2 Iowa Cav., Eastport, Miss.
Brown, D.M., F 3 Iowa Shiloh
Brown, Elisha, K 13 Iowa, June 8, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Brown, John A, ??? Iow Cav. Ma? 26, 1865, Eastport, Miss.
Bunch, J, E 7 Iowa, Shiloh
Burkhart, Paul, 2 Iowa Inft. Jan 21, 1865, vicinity Eastport, Miss.
C_____, M.T., C 8 Iowa Inft, Shiloh
C_____, Otis; 16 Iowa, Shiloh
Campbell, A.D., F ????, Shiloh.
Cannan, Ralph, 2 Iowa Cav., May 5, 1865, Eastport, Miss.
Casey, Patrick, K 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Cheney, Alex., G 14 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Chrismore, Joseph K., 15 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Collins, Francis M., C 16 Iowa Monterey, Tenn.
Confare, Wm., A 16 Iowa, June 18, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Cooley, Archibald , S 12 Iowa, April 1862, Shiloh.
Craven, Peter, D  11 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh
Creath, Owen M, K 13 Iowa, April 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Croak, George, Co E 11 Iowa, Shiloh.
Cummings, John, A 16 Iowa, April 24, 1862, Shiloh.
Daniels, George E, I 11 Iowa, Shiloh.
DeWitt, Stephen, I 3 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Dooley, Charles Lewis, C 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh
Doty, G.W., A 13 Iowa; April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Duncan, Erasmus D, Lt. B 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
East, Wm. A., 16 Iowa, Shiloh.
Edwards, Wm. H., D 14 Iowa, March 27, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Elliott, Eli, B 15 Iowa, May___, 1862, vicinity of Shiloh.
Ellis, Wm., H, 4 Iowa Cavalry, March 7, 1865, vicinity of Gravelly Springs, Alabama.
Ewing, James H, E 3 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Fenton, Samuel J, F 3 Iowa, Shiloh.
Ferguson, Jason D, Lt. D 12 Iowa, Shiloh.
Freeborn, Phillip P., A 5 Iowa Cavalry, vicinity of Gravelly Springs, Alabama.
French, J.H., G 7 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Fink, C.E., H Iowa, Shiloh.
Fritcher, Edward F, H 4 Iowa Cavalry, March 4, 1865, vicinity of Gravelly Springs, Alabama.
Fritts, Samuel, C 11 Iowa, Shiloh.
Garrison, A.F., 12 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.
Gathericole, Francis V, A 5 Iowa Cavalry, Feb 5, 1865, vicinity of Gravelly Springs, Alabama.
Gilden, Oliver, D 16 Iowa, May 30, 1862, vicinity of Shiloh.
Gillett, Chauncey F, K 14 Iowa, May 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Hannschild, David, K 16 Iowa, June 3, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Herman, Francis M, F 15 Iowa, June ___, 1862, vicinity of Shiloh.
Hart, Peter m, B 3 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Henry, John H, 4 Iowa Cavalry, vicinity of Gravelly Springs, Alabama.
Hoag, Geo. W, H 7 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.
Hobbs, Albert, Capt. B, Iowa, April 8, 1862, Shiloh.
Holmes, John B, drummer boy K 15 Iowa, Shiloh.
Holmes, John K, A 7 Iowa, April 16, 1862, Shiloh.
House, Nathan, C 12 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Hill, Geo., D 16 Iowa, June 10, 1862, Monterrey, Tenn.
Humphry, Marcus, I 13 Iowa, June 11, 1862, Monterrey, Tenn.
Irving, J.T., H 5 Iowa, vicinity Hamburg, Tenn.
Jarvis, John M, C 7 Iowa, March 29, 1862, Shiloh.
Kennedy, Patrick, A 15 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Kernes, L, D 14 Iowa Cav, Eastport, Miss.
Kester, John, I 11 Iowa, Shiloh
King, Reuben D, A 12 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Knauss, David, K 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Kyle, Wm. H, K 14 Iowa, March 4, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Leverich, Wm, D H Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Lickey, Geo., D 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Limbocker, A.S. Sergt C 11 Iowa, Shiloh.
Livingston, Geo. B. C 11 Iowa, April 7, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Lozier, J.W., F 17 Iowa, Eastport, Miss.
Luther, Daniel, D 12 Iowa, Shiloh.
Malone, Alkana, C 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Marsh, Wm., F 3 Iowa, Shiloh.
Marshall, Calvin, D 15 Iowa, May 26, 1862, vicinity Shiloh.
Martin, S.C., G 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Mathews, Wm. Sergt. K 11 Iowa, June 20, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
McCumber, Dallas, I 16 Iowa, Monterey, Tenn.
McKeever, Geo., B 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
McLooney, Ezra, Sergt E 11 Iowa, Shiloh.
Melton, John, E 15 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Merryman, David, I 16 Iowa, vicinity Shiloh.
Meyer, Augustus, A 8 Iowa Cav, March 1, 1865, Waterloo, Ala.
Molesworth, Thos. L, B 3 Iowa, April 11, 1862, Shiloh
Moore, Solomon W, E 12 Iowa, March 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Mowry, Geo. W, K 3 Iowa, Shiloh
Mulvany, Thomas, Sergeant E 3 Iowa, Shiloh.
Oliver, David C, E 13 Iowa, May, Monterey, Tenn.
Orr, John, H 4 Iowa, Cavalry, March 26, 1865, vicinity Gravelly Springs, Ala.
Pallet, Theodore, G 11 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Parks, Simpson G., 2 Iowa, Shiloh.
Pauley, William L, E 12 Iowa, Shiloh.
Payne, Chas. J, Sergt C 6 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Pe___, J, 15 Iowa, Shiloh.
Phy, J.S., A 3 Iowa Cav, Feb 27, 1865, vicinity Gravelly Springs, Ala.
Pizer, Wm, D 2 Iowa Cav, April 14, 1865, Eastport, Miss.
Plumb, Adam B, 3 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Powers, F., E 16 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.
Rambo, Ha??el, I 15 Iowa, June 3, 1862, vicinity Shiloh.
Reyburn, Madison, I 11 Iowa, Shiloh.
Rice, John P., E 11 Iowa, April 19, 1862, Shiloh.
Ricker, Jacob, G 12 Iowa, April 23, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Ross, Joseph A, K 3 Iowa, Shiloh.
Shanks, Louis W, G 15 Iowa, June 7, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Sharp, Geo. W, A 6 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Shearer, John A, F 8 Iowa Cav, Feb 10, 1865, vicinity Waterloo, Ala.
Shinkle, Marion, I 12 Iowa, March 31, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Silence, Geo., D 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Skiff, John M, E 3 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Slowns, T., F 16 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Smith, Benj., A 16 Iowa, May 2, 1862, Shiloh.
Smith, John H., Sergt. E 3 Iowa, Shiloh.
Spencer, Darwin, G 15 Iowa, June 1, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Stollcan, Virgil, I 1 Iowa Cav, Eastport, Miss.
Swift, Ed. W., H 4 Iowa Cav, March 8, 1865, vicinity Gravelly Springs, Ala.
Swift, Henry M., E 11 Iowa, June 23, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Teas, Trevanion H., H 3 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh
Thompson, Samuel C., B 2 Iowa Cav., April, 1865, Eastport
Underwood, David B, SErgt, A. 7 Iowa, Shiloh
Vannice, Samuel G., Sergt K 2 Iowa Cav, March 22, 1865, Eastport, Mississippi.
Watson, J.H., Lt. F, 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Weaver, Wm. A, F 14 Iowa, March 22, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Welch, Jas. D., K 14 Iowa, March 24, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Wellman, Madison, D 15 Iowa, June 1, 1862, vicinity Shiloh.
White, R.E. Capt K 6 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Wigton, Thos. J., F 12 Iowa, April 4, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Willey, Hiram W., H 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Williford, James H, drummer, I 14 Iowa, March 14, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn.
Wilson, Thos. H., I 12 Iowa, Shiloh.
Winkler, John W, K, 15 Iowa, Shiloh.
Wood, John A., 15 Iowa, Shiloh.
Woodburn, H.H., C 10 Iowa, June 15, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Woods, John L, E 3 Iowa, April 9, 1862, Shiloh.
Zettler, Michael, Capt. K, 16 Iowa, April 13, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.

Names of those known to be interred in the Shiloh cemetery and classed with those of the unknown dead, because the exact place of their burial in the cemetery is unknown:


Albert, Jacob H., 7 Iowa Inf., Savannah, Tenn.
Barr, R., D 2 Iowa Cav., March 5, 1865, Eastport, Miss.
Bellee (or Belles), F., C 15 Iowa, June 3, 1862, Monterey, Tenn.
Browne, A.S.., A 13 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Burley, James B., 2 Iowa Savannah, Tenn.
Cayner, Edward, I 14 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.
Cloud, Nathan, G 18 Iowa, April 14, 1862, Shiloh.
Colburn, Lewis, ? Iowa Cav., June 14, 1865, Eastport, Miss.
Corbint, A.G., D 16 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.
Dunn, J.W., I 16 Iowa, April 16, 1862, Shiloh.
Gately, J.G., H 6 Iowa, May 6, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Hendren, Wm. H 15 Iowa, vicinity Shiloh.
Herring, L. G., G 12 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.
Johnson, George F., 8 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Jones, Wm., I 16 Iowa, April 6, 1862, Shiloh.
Lisney, Pomeroy, A 11 Iowa, Shiloh.
McRay, W.W., D 11 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.
R-----, A.H.V., ------, March 29, 1862, Shiloh. [as listed in newspaper]
Scott, D., F 15 Iowa, April 15, 1862, Savannah, Tenn.
Walker, Isaac, E 14 Iowa, Savannah, Tenn.

     In addition to the above Iowa is known to be largely represented in the 2,361 "unknown" graves. One-eighth of the known graves are those of brave Iowa soldiers, and it is undoubtedly true that 300 to 500 more of the best and bravest men that Iowa sent to the war sleep in unknown graves in Shiloh cemetery. This will be a sad letter to many Iowa homes when read over to find a trace of a father, brother, son or friend known to be killed at Shiloh. Knowing the anxiety with which the list will be read over, great care was taken in copying from the records to get it correct and the list above given contains the name of every Iowa soldier "known" to be buried at Shiloh cemetery.
     The following gives the total "known" dead buried at Shiloh by States:


1 New Jersey... 3
Illinois... 409 Ohio... 238
Indiana... 122 Tennessee... 9
Iowa... 143 Wisconsin... 61
Kansas... 1 U.S. col d tr'ps... 1
Kentucky... 35 M.M. Brigade... 2
Louisiana... 1 Employes... 2
Michigan... 36 Miscellaneous... 151
Minnesota... 1 Unknown... 2,361
Missouri... 41    


Total 3,589

     The cemetery was begun in 1870, five years after the war was over. The first superintendent was Maj. Peter Jako, who died in 1870, and is buried in the cemetery. Each year thereafter until 1876, there was a new superintendent, but no record was kept of their names. In September, 1876, Capt. L.S. Doolittle, of the 96th Illinois, was appointed. He is still the superintendent and a first-class man for the position. He receives a salary of $900 per annum and is furnished one employe at $30 per month. The government furnishes house, tools, fuel, stock, etc., everything except food and clothing for himself and family. He and his lady, formerly Miss Anna White of Milburn, Illinois, were very kind to us and did all in search of the graves of friends or information. No registry of visitors was kept for some time after the cemetery was opened. The first name registered was November 14, 1870, and only 181 names were registered up to May 9, 1876. The total number of visitors registered up the the evening of April 7, 1884, was 2,637.

Shiloh National Cemetery
Cor. State Register

     The Shiloh National Cemetery is beautifully situated on the west bank of the Tennessee river, just below the landing and on a bluff immediately overlooking the river and the country on the opposite side. It contains ten acres of ground, and is enclosed by a rough limestone wall of a most substantial character. A neat brick building has been erected at the entrance, where the superintendent of the cemetery resides. The stars and stripes are kept constantly floating from a flag staff on the bluff overlooking the river. The ground are laid off into sections and groups by avenues and walks, neatly graded and graveled.
     The number of interments in the cemetery is 3,500, of which 2,361, or nearly two thirds of the entire number are still unknown. They represent 203 regiments from thirteen different states, besides colored troops and employes. The graves are designated by headstones, but are not numbered to correspond with the printed Roll of Honor. These remains have been collected with great care from their scattered graves on the line of the Tennessee river from Fort Henry to the foot of the shoals near Florence, and from no less than 505 separate localities.
     Entering the cemetery on the crest of the hill the graveled driveway passes by the superintendent house and through the yard to the cemetery gate. Passing inside, the first and most prominent grave in the cemetery is that of the drummer boy of Shiloh whose name and fame are known in every intelligent household in America. his grave is marked "3589 Henry Burke." The decorations on the grave, arranged in triangular form, consist of shells and balls picked upon the battle field, two bunches of rose bushes entwined together, thus forming an arch over the grave, a beautiful box tree and mussel shells. The cannon shells and balls and mussel shells form a very pretty border around the grave and rows of mussel shells divide it into smaller triangles. Every visitor tarries at this sacred spot. His name is enshrined in the hears of the American people. His fame will endure forever. Gravelled walks divide at the "Drummer Boy's" grave, passing all the way around the edge of the cemetery above the stone wall fence and through the center. Four 64 lb guns stand on end on stone bases near each corner of the cemetery and a boat howitzer commands the landing, but it was hushed into permanent silence by a spike before it reached its present peaceful position.
     Several other cannon are on the ground, and cannon shells and balls form pretty but suggestive groups all over the cemetery. Forest trees, evergreens, roses and many kinds of shrubs and flowers have been planted in every available spot, and make plenty of shade and fragrance for visitors during the summer months. Some of the old forest trees still standing in the cemetery show the grim marks of war in scarred trunks and dismantled tops, but the are still living and efforts are being made to preserve them as long as possible.
     The cemetery is divided into sections and regimental groups, and lettered with letters cut into tall stone posts. The regimental groups extend nearly around the outer edge, many of them being arranged in semi-circles, others in squares, triangles and other shapes, thus adding greater beauty to the general arrangement. The sections are generally square. Some of them contain hundreds of graves, and many of them have known and named graves from every State engaged in the battle. The cemetery ground slopes on the north, south and east from the center and stone and cemented gutters conduct the water to the ravines and river. Every grave is marked with a neat marble stone, and when the name is known the number of the grave, the name and State are cut thereon, but no company or regiment is given. The unknown graves are marked with marble stones about six inches square and six inches above ground. Only the number of the grave appears on the unknown graves.


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