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Burlington Weekly Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
7 Mar 1863

Hospital Report
     List of Iowa Soldiers sick in City General Hospital, Chicago, Ill., March 1st, 1863.
     Furnished by Thos. W.J. Long (of Iowa) State Sanitary Agent, St. Louis, Mo.

34th Regiment-Co. B, Joseph Bromely, Daniel Fox, D M Goble, Robert T Pendry, James M Ray, sergt; Wm. V Roberts, Wm A Taylor.
-Co. C. Wm. A Clark, John Calvin, J A Dundron, J M Fallis, Thomas E Gifford, sergt, Wm P Harbinson, Jas A Laverty, John Monroe, James M McGee, sergt, Geo. McGinnis, James M Nichols, J S Phillips, Fife Major, John Ruggles, Solomon Shepherd, J A Lillcott, J C Way.
-Co. D. Moses J Reed, Morris Thompson, Linley M Bolles, James B Conrad, Tillman P Edgerton, George H Hutt, John D Lawrence, Wm Moose, Jonathan Wallace.
-Co E, Clark T Grant, L M Duckworth, D B Dairymple, A Horpthes.
-Co. F. Jonathan T Smith, John E Wright, Milton Blue, H H Bodenghous, Dennis Leasey, Andrew Long.
-Co G, John C Sweeny, Samuel Monosmith
-Co H, Wm H Day, corp, Merrit Cunningham, Henry Milton, B F Harding
-Co I, F G Moffits, David J Peterson, Cyrus Rumley, Thos M Strong, John S Tullis, Henry H Young, Marion Bisley, Stephen L Cox, John Dunbar.
-Co K, James C Snowden, Wm Coulter
     Died in City General Hospital, Chicago, during month of February, 1863:
Allen J Willson, co G, 34th, Feb. 3
James M Taylor, co I, 34th, Feb 4
William A Gundy, co B, 34th, Feb 4
John S Davis, co D, 34th, Feb 9
Daniel M Beals, co I, 34th, Feb 10
Samuel Squires, co H, 34th, Feb 14
Michael Leffler, co I, 34th, Feb 17
Peter Ash, co H, 34th, Feb 21
Henry Thompson, co I, 34th, Feb 25
Samuel Walker, co D, 34th, Feb 27

DEATHS OF IOWA SOLDIERS IN SOUTHERN PRISONS.- Wm. A Carrington, rebel Medical director at Richmond, Virginia, has made an official report of the names of Federal prisoners who have died in Southern prisons. We give below a list of those from Iowa as we find in the Chicago-Tribune:

At Montgomery, Ala.-Julius Ward, co F, 12th, April 30.

At Macon, Ga.-S. Sackett, I, 12th, May 19; J Whitmore, I, 14th, May 26; J T Williams, I, 14th, May 27; Sergt J W Whitmore, I, 14th, June 1; Lieut L W Jackson, H, 12th, June 6; J W Dean, I, 12th, June 15; Corp M Lathrop, K, 12th, June 16; Samuel Talbot, G, 8th, July 26; S G Walker, C, 7th, July 20; H Collins, H, 12th, July 31; D Hanna, K, 12th, Aug 13; Sergt A Stevens, H, 6th, Aug 9; D W Nichols, D, 3d, Aug 25; H Roberts, H, 12th, Aug 29; S Cleason, B, 12th, Aug 24; H Richardson, K, 12th, Sept 15; W O Bird, E, 12th, Sept 29; W Brown, A,3d, Sept 24; J Ansnoe, E, 12th, Sept 25; Sergt T Shriner, K, 6th, Aug 26; R Lindsey, 14th, Aug 23; J C McOwne, G, 14th, Aug 9, W McNaley, I, 14th, Aug 13

At Richmond, Va.- T Dunn,F, Oct 16; J A McCallock, F, 12th, June 18; Sergt H Widdows,H,8th, June 25; G Taylor, E,7th, June 29; Wm White, B, 12th, June 27; J E Nichols, K, 12th, July 9; J Pick, B,12th, July 19; C B Toney, F, 12th, July 24; H Bendlke,C, 12th, Aug 17; N Richmond, E, 12th, Sept 24; P Wilson, K, 12th, Sept 12; Nelson Nye, B, 7th, Sept 11; C Webster, D, 7th, Sept 8, C Bryant, B, 12th, Sept 25, D Warner, C, 12th, Sept 8, C French, B, 12th, Sept 12; Sergt W W Fergerson, E, 8th, Aug 13; G Vandewalk, C, 6th, Aug 29; R Young, C, 8th, Aug 21, C Noise, B, 12th, Sept 6; M A Lines, B, 8th, Sept 2; J W Johnson, E, 12th, Sept 11; J M Rowe, B, 12th, Sept 29.

St. Louis Hospital Report.
     List of deceased Iowa soldiers who have died in Hospital at St. Louis, Missouri, Feb. 19th, to Feb. 26th, 1863, furnished by Thomas W Long, of the Iowa State Sanitary Agency, of St. Louis and vicinity.
Feb. 19- L D Clark, Lieut and Adjutant, 25th, gunshot wound.
W.H. Babcock, G, 26th, Chronic Diarrhae.
D Fodge, G, 34th, Pleurisy and Pneumonia.
Geo. Spurling, F, 32d, Pleurisy and Pneumonia.
Nelson Davenport, G, 34th, Variola Confluens.

Feb. 20- J M Maxon, 24th, Chronic Diarrhae; W H Davis, H, 31st, Phthisis Pulmonalis
Gideon Hedges, C, 30th, Typhoid Fever
Jacob Gaddes, K, 4th, Chronic Diarrhae

Feb. 22-J.S. Young, H, 25th, John Draper, D, 34th, Pneumonia; S Making, I, 31st, Consumption; Chas. Reed, A, 26th, Typhoid Fever; 2d Lieut. Jas. A Runyon, F, 26, Typhoid Fever.

Feb. 28- S Slocum, A, 29th, Typhoid Fever; John Parker, G, 29th, Typhoid Fever; R S Hazleger, C, 28th, Dropsy; S B Stubbs, B, 34th, Pneumonia.

Feb. 23- Benj F Renshaw, K, 34th, Chronic Diarrhae; Frank Reynolds, K, 24th, Chronic Diarrhae.

Feb. 24- Joseph B Lane, A, 25th, Chronic Diarrahe; George Mercer, K, 39th, Convulsions; James Tannehill, B, 37th, general Debility; Jno Fouts, F, 28th, Phthiesis Pulmonalis.

Feb. 25- E A Fothner, D, 4th, Chronic Diarrhae; John Poland, D, 37th, Rheumatism; John Brown, C, 23d, Phthiesis Pulmonalis.

Feb. 26- Solomon Mundel, G, 34th, Phthisis Pulmonalis; John Breen, H, 31st Typhoid Fever; David Ferguson, K, 25th, Chronic Diarrhae.


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