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Books and Articles on Iowa in the Spanish American War

~ Compiled and submitted by Karon King, Warren County IAGenWeb Project


Diary of Walter C. Laughead, Company D, 50th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, edited by Judy M. Holzmer and Michael W. Vogt, Iowa Gold Star Museum, 2007

Iowa and the War with Spain, by Michael William Vogt, 1997, Abstract and Thesis at the University of Northern Iowa, Academic Dissertations

The Diary of Francis “Frank” M. Hime, Spanish-American War [Philippine Islands], Nov 3 – 6, 1899, printed by Pamela Diane Woods Osborne, granddaughter, Haslett, Michigan, 1991

In Praise of Valor; an Oration by Thomas Edward Green, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Torch Press, 1907, 24 pages

The Story of the Forty-Ninth, by Captain J. E. Whipple, with pictures by George E. Knapp, 1903, 66 pages

From Iowa to the Philippines; a History of Company M, Fifty-first Iowa Infantry Volunteers, by Joseph I. Markey, 1900

Medical History of the Forty-ninth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, by James Frederic Clarke, 1899

Company C, 50th Iowa Volunteer Infantry of Muscatine, Iowa, Iowa Churchman Company, 1898, 20 pages

“Death Stalks Camp Cuba Libre, Iowa’s 49th in the Spanish-American War,” by Michael W. Vogt, Iowa Heritage Illustrated, Fall 2009, p.110-118

“Dewey, the Soldier Dog,” by Mary L. Jones, Iowa Heritage Illustrated, Fall 2009, p.90-91

“An Iowan in Havana,” by Ginalie Swaim, editor, Iowa Heritage Illustrated, Fall 2009, p.119-125

Adjutant General Records at the State Historical Society Library in Des Moines also includes the following files:
Drafts of Compiled Rosters, Booklets, Pamphlets 1896-1907 [in 1 archive box, 11 folders]
General Correspondence, Spanish-American War 1898-1917 [in 4 archive boxes]
General Orders, Spanish-American War 1898-1899 [in 1 archive box]
Hospital Reports, Spanish-American War 1899 [in 1 archive box, 1 folder]
Military Reports, Spanish-American War, 1898-1901 [in 11 archive boxes and 2 folders, & map case]
Miscellaneous Affidavits and Certificates, Spanish-American War, 1898-1899 [in 1 archive box]
Muster Rolls, Spanish-American War, 1898-1899 [in 12 archive boxes]
Roster Books, Spanish-American War, 1898-1899 [in 5 volumes, 3 mfm]
Special Orders, Spanish-American War, 1898-1899 [in 1 archive box]


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