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History of Iowa

Volume III


A distinguished writer has said, "Happy is the country that has a dull history."  The present volume takes up the narration of events of public interest following the graphic pictures of pioneer life and the thrilling tragedies and sacrifices of the great Civil War.  While the record of the times of peace, progress and the ordinary passing events, which make up the greater portion of modern history, may be uninteresting compared with the stirring scenes of pioneer years and the mustering, marching and battles of great armies, yet the quiet evolution of a progressive people through successive steps toward a higher civilization, greater achievements in education, prosperity and happiness, are of no less importance.  This volume deals in facts and figures in a large degree for the purpose of preserving a record of dates and events for future reference.  It partakes of the character of a cyclopedia of general information for those who have not access to the voluminous State and National public documents.  In a republic where the people, through the various political parties, select their representatives and determine the policy of the Government, a condensed history of political conventions, abstracts of the platforms adopted from year to year, show the trend of public opinion which becomes incorporated into the statutes of the State and Nation.  A record of the results of Congressional, State and national elections is necessary to show the changing opinions of the electors and the peaceful acquiescence of the people in radical changes of officers and public policy, which, in many countries would lead to civil wars.

A record of the time and place of meeting of the various legislative Assemblies of the Territory and State and of the several Constitutional Conventions, with a brief abstract of their important acts, as well as decisions of the higher courts deeply affecting the public welfare, will always be of interest to such as are investigating the evolution of law in our commonwealth from the earliest periods.

The brief historical sketches of the creation, naming and organization of the various counties, which have at any time had an existence in the State, together with a record of the first settlements, their size, geographical location, establishment of the first newspapers, fixing and changing of county-seats, advent of the first railroads and names of the pioneer settlers, will serve as a guide to students of Iowa history who desire to obtain these important facts in condensed form.

The Directory of Public Officials will be useful to all who would know who, among our citizens, have served the State and Nation in various capacities, from the organization of the first civil government in Iowa to the opening years of the Twentieth Century.


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