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     Before retiring the hair should be well combed and brushed. A stiff brush is best for this purpose, as it penetrates the hair and causes a healthy reaction and stimulation of the scalp, and the hair follicles thus have a tendency to keep the hair from falling out and prevent the common disease of the sebaceous glands, called dandruff.
     The care of the hair includes a shampoo once a week with hot water, borax and a good, pure soap, then it must be rinsed well and always followed with an application of bay rum, diluted alcohol or cologne spirits of any kind, or the hair tonic No. 1185, which dries the hair out better and prevents taking cold, and in stimulating the scalp keeps it in a healthy condition. In spite of good care, crusts of dandruff often form. They should be softened by maceration with almond oil, olive oil or vaseline, and then removed by washing thoroughly with hot water and green soap, after which a sulphur salve may be applied, rubbed well into the skin or the hair tonic No. 1185.


     Blessed is the woman who has a clear complexion. She little knows how much she has to be thankful for, and since these women are very scarce it behooves us to make up by the care we take of our complexion where nature has slighted us.
     The principle source of a bad complexion in otherwise healthy women is generally caused by comedos, commonly and wrongly called flesh-worms and acne vulgarly called pimples and blackheads. This is specifically a disease of puberty and consequently self-limited. These are affections of the sebaceous glands of the skin and consequently can be prevented by keeping it in a healthy condition, which can be done by following these instructions.
     Comedos should be extracted or expressed by the aid of a watch key or a comedo extractor, which can be bought for the purpose. Pimples should be opened with a fine, thoroughly clean needle and the purulent contents expressed, after which the face must be shampooed with either the alkaline spirit of soap of hebra, which can be obtained in any drug store, or the plain, genuine green soap or fluid soap, which is prepared for young people or a delicate skin.
     The process of shampooing should be thorough. One should spend 10-15 minutes over a basin of water as hot as can be borne, lathering every particle of the skin, then it should be well rinsed in clean, hot water, and after thorough friction of the surface and perfectly drying the same with a soft towel one of the following preparations should be employed, No. 1170 or 1171.
     When the skin is harsh, dry and prematurely show signs of wrinkles it is generally a sign that the skin is not well nourished, in which case after shampooing as directed above, a towel ought to be wrung out of water as hot as can be borne, folded 3-4 thicknesses and applied over the face, pressing it close against the eyes and skin, and allowed to remain a few minutes in order to draw the blood to the surface and open the pores of the skin, then the skin should be fed by thoroughly anointing it with cold cream, cocoa butter, palm oil, or any bland oil or fat.
     A good complexion can only be retained by taking the very best care of it. In severe weather, just before going out the skin should never be washed with water, but cold cream should be applied by rubbing it well into the skin, after which wipe with a clan towel. If desired it can be followed by a complexion powder.
     To prevent the cracking of the hands and wrists, and to keep hands soft in the severest weather, they ought to be treated similarly to the face, that is to say-before retiring they ought to be soaked in hot water, completely and thoroughly dried over the stove or register and anointed with camphor ice No. 1167-8 in preference to any other preparation.
     Glycerine ought never to be used alone, only in lotions, as it has a tendency to make the skin harsh and dry.


      The teeth ought to have special attention, they ought to be brushed after every meal. The best and without doubt the healthiest and cleanest preparations for the teeth are pure white genuine castile soap and precipitated chalk, as they not only clean the teeth but neutralize any acidity, and thereby prevent decay. By brushing teeth with precipitated chalk after taking acid mixtures or medicines one is sure to prevent injury to them. Any one suffering with decayed teeth ought to make it a rule to use mouth wash or gargle at least 3 times a day to prevent a bad breath, such as Listerine, Borolyptol, Pasteurine, or similar antiseptic preparations. These are also useful for purifying breath after having eaten onions and various other things that leave an unpleasant odor or taste.


     Sperm 3/4 ounce, white wax 1/2 ounce, oil of sweet almonds 4 ounces, rose water 1/2 ounce, glycerine 1/2 ounce, borax 1/2 drachm, oil of rose water 5-10 drops; melt together with moderate heat, in a granite dish, the sperm and wax, add oil of sweet almonds (do not overheat); dissolve borax in glycerine and rose water, and add to oil and wax as it begins to cool, then whip thoroughly in a Keystone egg-beater or with a wire egg-beater until it begins to cream, then add oil of rose.


     Sperm 1/2 ounce, white wax 1 ounce, oil of sweet almonds or cotton seed oil 2 ounces; melt together with gentle heat then add camphor 1/2 ounce; when dissolved and partly cooled add 4 drops of oil of bitter almonds and 8 drops of oil of mace; pour into moulds.


     Hard, clarified suet 2 ounces, sperm and white wax each 1 drachm, camphor 2 drachms. Proceed as above.


     Sperm 3/4 ounce, white wax 1/2 ounce, cotton seed oil 4 ounces, camphor 1/2 ounce, rose water 1/2 ounce, glycerine 2 drachms, powdered borax 10 grains; melt together the sperm and white wax, add the oil, then the camphor; when dissolved add the glycerine mixed with the rose water and borax; stir until nearly cold, then pour into moulds.


     Tincture of benzoin 1/2 ounce, cologne 2 ounces, glycerine 2 ounces, rose water or other perfumed water 12 ounces; mix the tincture of benzoin with the cologne and the rose water with the glycerine, then drop the latter mixture, drop by drop, into the former. If prepared in this way a fine, smooth, milky preparation is produced.
     This is an excellent wash for the complexion.


     Corrosive sublimate 4 grains, muriatic acid 24 drops, lump sugar 3/4 ounce, alcohol 2 ounces, rose water enough to make 1/2 pint; mix until dissolved and apply night and morning.


     Fine, prepared chalk 2 ounces, cologne spirits 5 ounces, water 1 1/2 ounces, glycerine 1 ounce; triturate the chalk with 2 ounces of alcohol and mix with the balance.


    Finely prepared almonds 6 drachms, orris root 1 1/2 ounces, French chalk 3 ounces, corbonate of soda 1 1/2 drachms, borax 1 drachm, oil of bergamot 10 drops, oil of lemon 6 drops, oil of orange flower 3 drops, tincture of musk 2 drops ; mix well.


     Oil of sweet almonds 1/2 ounce, alkanet root 20 grains; heat the oil of almonds, add alkanet root, allow it to stand in a moderately warm place 1/2 hour, then strain through absorbent cotton or fine cloth; melt together 2 drachms wax and 40 grains of sperm, when melted add above colored oil of almonds; stir gently until nearly cool, then add 6 drops oil of rose geranium.


     Aqua ammonia ff. 1/2 ounce, alcohol and rain water each 8 ounces; mix well.


     Corn or rice starch 1/2 pound, orris root and French chalk each 1 ounce.
     Oil of lemon and oil of bergamot each 15 drops, oil of neroli 10 drops, oil of bitter almonds, and oil of verbena each 2 drops. Mix well in a mortar and pass through a very fine sieve.


     Boracic acid 1 ounce, burnt alum 1 drachm, French chalk 1/2 ounce, starch 6 1/2 ounces. Perfume with oil of lemon and oil of bergamot each 15 drops. Mix well and pass through a fine sieve.
     For excessive perspiration of the hands and feet, sprinkle inside of gloves or stockings, apply under the arms with a powder puff.


    Carbonate of ammonia (crushed) 4 ounces, stronger water of ammonia 1/4 ounce, oil of cloves, oil of lavender and oil of bergamot each 10 drops. Mix well together.


     Glacial acetic acid 8 ounces, cologne spirits 4 ounces, camphor 1 ounce, bulk perfume or cologne as desired 2 ounces. Mix, dissolve and filter.


     Blanched sweet almonds 1 ounce, best glycerine 1 ounce, distilled water 1/2 pint. Pound the almonds to a smooth paste, then mix the glycerine and water and add very carefully to the almond paste, triturating all the time.


     Hydrosulfate of soda crystals 3 drachms, powdered quicklime 10 drachms, starch 11 drachms, powder, mix rapidly and bottle. When to be applied mix the powder with a little water to form a paste, spread this with a wood or bone spatula on the place to be deprived of hair. After a short time, when the hair upon pulling comes off easily wash off the paste with water and apply cold cream to allay irritation.


     White wax 1 1/4 ounces, oil of sweet almonds 8 ounces, oil of bergmot 2 drachms, oil of lemon 1 drachm, essential oil of lavender flower 1/2 drachm, oil of cloves 15 drops. Melt the oil and wax together, stir until the mixture begins to cool then add perfume.


     Gum tragacauth (pure white) 1 1/2 drachms, rosewater 4 ounces, boracic acid 5 grains, otto of roses 2 drops. Steep the gum and the boracic acid in the rosewater until it forms a gelatinous mass, press this through a linen cloth, and mix with the oil of rose.
     Substitute quince seed for the gum in absence of the same.


     Soap bark 1/2 ounce, boiling water 9 ounces, alcohol 3 ounces, syrup 2 1/2 ounces, tincture of myrrh and compound tincture of cinchona each 1/2 ounce. Sandalwood enough to color. Mix and strain.


     Aromatic spirits of ammonia, tincture of cantharides, and glycerine each 1/4 ounce, bay rum enough to make 8 ounces.


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