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Prisoners Paroled During Biennial Period Ending June 30, 1916, Who Have Violated Their Parole.


Parole No. Name Reason for Revocation
932 Williams, Geo. Absconding
936 Valentine, J.J. Breaking and entering
941 Parkin, Albert Quintard Forging
948 Harrison, Ora Drinking and absconding
953 Pawling, Arthur J Absconding
969 Cooney, Thomas Breaking and entering
972 Johnson, J.C. Drinking, carrying a gun and insulting women on the street
973 Patterson, Scott Traveling around over the state against specific refusal to allow it
980 Ashby, L.E. Drinking
982 Doyle, Herbert Absconding
984 Phelps, P.D. Crookedness, attempting to obtain a watch under false pretenses
989 Duduley, W.H. Absconding
993 Penland, Roy Absconding
995 Anderson, H.C. (colored) Absconding
1010 Scott, James Absconding and drinking
1021 Mealey, Paul A. (P.B.C.) Absconding
1024 Williams, Vincent J. (P.B.C.) Absconding
1026 Clark, George Absconding and drinking
1029 Ball, Earl Absconding
1034 Bandholtz, Prie H Refusing to work and cohabitation with a woman not his wife
1035 Kraft, Eugene Absconding
1037 Thompson, Ernest Absconding
1050 Carrier, Carl Absconding and drinking
1054 Davidson, Gertrude Prostitution
1055 Raney, W.H. Absconding
1065 Miller, Fred Absconding
1070 Brody, Henry Absconding
1078 Murray, Wm. Drinking
1079 Workman, Willis Absconding
1082 Mead, Leonard Lewdness
1094 Burhn, George Absconding
1095 La Prade, Stanhope Cutting affray
1098 Ardenes, Leonardo Quarrelsome and threatening to do damage
1099 Carter, Wm. (colored) Drinking and bad conduct
1100 Stevens, Geo. Absconding and drinking
1104 Ward, Fred Absconding
1110 Lopez, Joe Refusing to work and absconding
1125 Vaughn, Everett Drunkenness and bad conduct
1133 McConnell, Wm Refusing to work
1157 Siemmering, Geo Absconding
1179 Parmley, Harry Absconding
1189 Miller, Art Absconding
1222 Walters, Chester Drinking and assaulting his wife
1228 George, Elmer H. Drunkenness
1249 Campbell, Bertha Absconding
1295 Margerum, Geo. Absconding and larceny
1302 Burton, Harry D. Forging
1344 Vanderhoft, Wm. (colored) Absconding
1361 Franklin, Bert Drunkenness
1446 Faircloth, F.A. Absconding and assault to do great bodily damage
1303 Mapes, Orval, paroled by the judge to the Board of Parole. Parole revoked by the judge because of drinking and bad conduct.  
975 Bradley, H.E Breaking and entering
1041 Louneer, Hurley (colored) Assault to rape
1165 Gene, O. (Eugene Cahill) Larceny
1223 Kennedy, Edw. (Ed Sweeney) Forgery


Parole No. Name Parole No. Name
925 Zerbe, Luverne 1149 Sholl, Wm
930 Chaon, Mada A. 1158 McNamara, Albert
934 Gidley, Roy 1169 Steinhagen, Louis
947 Wegienek, John 1173 Bowie, Jasper
949 Simpson, F.B. 1174 Lawshe, Ralph
964 Jones, James (colored) 1184 Nazarook, Andrew
967 Edwards, Harry 1195 Brown, Frank
990 Hendricks, Roy 1202 Staschek, Joseph
991 Miller, John 1213 Rooks, Wm.
1015 Stone, Eugene (colored) 1233 Krueger, August
1019 Whitcomb, E.K. 1236 Crabtree, Daniel
1030 Carroll, Bert 1258 Kellar, James
1033 Knapp, Louis 1282 Martin, Melvin
1039 O'Neill, Frank 1283 McCarthy, James
1052 Mitchell, Sam (colored) 1284 Warren, Frank
1053 Miller, Albert 1286 Nelson, Bert
1057 Stevens, David 1289 Sales, James E.
1062 Smith, Ed. 1290 Hays, Roy
1068 Vandergrief, Geo. 1291 Barrington, Leon
1080 Carlson, Andsen 1312 Hadsell, Chas.
1083 Ellison, John J. 1313 Steadman, Walter
1084 Marcanio, Nunzio 1314 Griffith, Geo.
1092 Vardane, Joe 1322 Schenin, Leonard
1093 Miller, Wm. 1343 Harris, Thomas (colored)
1096 Barnes, Bert 1348 Cheeks, Gus
1097 Wilson, Joe 1356 Hoffman, Stewart
1106 Quintance, Arthur 1383 Seay, Carl
1121 Smith, Clarence 1384 Phillips, Joseph
1122 Fosha, Eugene 1386 Smith, Joe
1126 Robertson, Floyd 1389 Clark, Alfred
1128 Sheridan, John 1396 Miller, F.
1129 Vorehope, John 1404 Conway, Frank
1136 West, Henry O. 1408 Manning, Frank
1144 Kalinowski, Julius 1428 Foley, Ed
1146 Davis, Wm. 1455 Schneider, Anton


Parole No. Name Prison Crime
967 Edwards, Harry Folsom, Calif. Attempted burglary, first degree
1083 Ellison, John J. San Quentin, Calif. Burglary
1195 Brown, Frank Fort Scott, Kan. Charged with larceny and burglary
1196 Barnes, Bert. Canon City, Colo. Forgery
1258 Kellar, James Jail, Omaha, Neb. Breaking and entering

Prisoners Paroled During Biennial Period July 1, 1912, to June 30, 1914, Who Violated Parole Since Last Report

Parole No. Name Reasons for Revocations
715 Rhodes, J.A. Drinking, etc.
738 Coppock, A.E. Drinking, etc.
777 Nash, John Disorderly conduct, etc.
786 Adler, Fred Absconding
802 Hansen, Oluf Absconding
810 Haas, John Drinking, etc.
821 Abrams, DeClark Neglecting his work and petty larceny
840 Warth, C.W. Drinking and absconding
843 McCarl, Alice Absconding
849 Costell, Wm. Absconding
856 King, Robert Absconding
871 Drexler, James Adultery
872 Whipple, Clint Absconding
875 Peterson, Frank Absconding
890 Bacon, Oren Petty larceny, etc.
896 Brown, Harry Disorderly conduct, refusing to work
899 Wilson, John Absconding
911 Allen, James Absconding


Parole No. Name Parole No. Name
768 Jackson, Geo.
(Serving a life sentenced in Missouri for murder in the first degree)
903 Baker, Will
798 Gibler, Arthur 904 Schultz, Leon
(Serving a 2 to 14 years' sentence for forgery, in Michigan)
851 Rogers, Joe 907 Maupin, H.E.
(Serving an 18 months' sentence in South Dakota, for larceny)
891 Bruce, Earl
(Serving a sentence in Illinois for burglary)
908 Burke, Geo.
902 Peterson, John 922 Saunders, Harry


Names of all prisoners paroled between July 1, 1907 and June 30, 1914, who have previously been reported as having violated their paroles by absconding, and who were apprehended and returned to prison during the period between July 1, 1914 and June 30, 1916.

Parole No. Name Parole No. Name
89 Mantell, John 642 Hawkins, E.L.
190 Ketring, Wm. 680 Bell, Wm.
208 Murphy, John 686 O'Brien, Claude
239 Osborn, John 698 Ebersole, Geo.
408 Leveseur, Joseph 713 Neff, Chas.
498 Haines, Leory 764 Williams, Edward
565 Kinner, Geo. 780 Hayes, Harry
582 Ross, Harry 782 Brown, Ed.
607 Hale, Ed. 819 Elson, Anson
635 Bogues, Edward 866 McNavin, Frank

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