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Annals of Iowa

1865 - 1879  1880 - 1899   1900 - 1925

ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume I, No. 5, July 1882

Memoir of Col. Wm. G. Coop

Recollections of the Johnson County County Bench and Bar

Thought in Education

Observations on Tornadoes in Iowa



ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume III, No. 1, January 1884

A Memoir of Indian Names in Iowa with Their Significance

Early Schools in Iowa



My Schools and Scholars No. IV

Mrs. Dr. Dunlap Instantly Killed

Books and Publications of the Day



ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume III, No. 5, July 1884

Iowa and Andersonville

Two Prominent Iowans

Alexander Clark's Admission

Historical Fragments, Historical Grounds

Iowa at the World's Fair

History of Red Polled Cattle


ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume III, No. 4, October 1884

Women in Iowa

The World's Exposition at New Orleans

First White Men on Iowa Soil

The Dead of 1884



ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume I, No. 2, July 1893

General Nathaniel B. Baker

The Charge on Battery Robinet

Lost in a Snow Storm

The Twenty-Fourth Iowa Volunteers from Muscatine to Winchester

Historical Sketches-Northwestern Iowa

A Pioneer of Territorial Times. Reminisces of Kishkekosh County.



ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume I, No. 5, Des Moines, Iowa City, April 1894, Third Series

Senator James B. Howell

The Des Moines River Land Grant

Lauman's Charge at Jackson

The Great Blizzard of 1856

An Indian Treaty and Its Negotiation

Zimri Streeter, "Old Black Hawk"

Recollections of C.F. Clarkson Declining a Nomination



ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume Il, No. 1, Des Moines, Iowa City, April 1895, Third Series

Major General John M. Corse, First Papers

Notes on the Source of the Mississippi
General S. A. Rice at Jenkin's Ferry Twenty Fourth Iowa Volunteers Keokuk's First Village in Iowa
Destruction of Iowa Lakes Early Recollections of Keokuk County The Spirit Lake and Okoboji Monument
Articles and Portraits Notable Deaths New Publications


ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume III, No. 5-6, Iowa City, April - July 1898

Institutional Beginnings in a Western State

Reminiscences of Gen. James C. Parrott

Constitution and Laws for the Government of the Citizens of Johnson Co. in Making and Holding Claims as Adopted March 9, 1839

Fort Des Moines (No. 1), Iowa

Letters of Henry Dodge to George W. Jones (cont.)

Death of John B. Newhall

The Battle of Pleasant Hill

Major General Frederick Steele

Attention Muscatenians!

Another Chapter of Pioneer History

The Early Schools and Teachers of Iowa


ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume IV, No. 3, October 1899

Fort Des Moines No. 2

Early Homes and Homemakers of Iowa

Tama County Indians

Clark Dunham, Sometime Editor of the Burlington Hawk Eye

Life of the Pioneer Farmer

New Papers in Iowa

William B. Allison and the Presidency in 1888

The Climate [1847]







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