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Iowa Families:

The Myths and Legends

Buffalo Bill, Chocolate, and Scottish Aristocracy

By Frances Hansen

 I have grown up with stories of be being related to the following people. 

 No. 1: I am related to Buffalo Bill.  As close as I can get to that one is one of my grandfather's uncles married a lady named Cody.  This marriage was in Oregon. 

 No. 2: Hershey.  I have hunted for a Hershey connection, and there doesn't appear to be one.  However, my Grandmother Elizabeth Burson McCrea Bailey said herself she was related to the Candy Making Family and had  received invitations to their family reunions.  Grandma  was born in PA..

 No. 3: And the other one is a direct line to the Duke of Argyle in Scotland.  My great great Grandmother had come from Ireland and a generation before the family had lived in Scotland.  I don't know where to start on this one. It was a Bailey family, settled in Coal Valley, Illinois. 

 The Iowa connection in that I was born and have lived my entire life in Iowa.  I have ancestors who were great family historians, but these things were all oral tradition. 


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