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   DIRECTORY of the Mount Pleasant [IOWA] Telephone Company, September 1918 

F.B. Montgomery, President
C.S. Smith, Vice President
Fred Van Hon, Treasurer
Chas. A. Gregg, Secretary
F.B. Montgomery
Maurice Green
Chas. A. Gregg
Fred Van Hon
C.S. Smith
C.W. Quillen, Manager
Telephone directories will be issued semi-annually if the number of additions and changes warrant same. Use the current 
issue to obtain correct numbers. The company assumes no liability for damages arising from errors or omissions in making up 
or printing of the directory. 
CALL CENTRAL by removing the telephone receiver from the hook.
When the operator answers by saying, "Number?" give her the desired telephone number distinctly, one figure at a time, thus: 
One--seven--four, 174.
TO CALL the OPERATOR for a second connection or to correct an error, move the receiver hook SLOWLY up and down a few times. 
This flashes a small electric signal in front of the operator, but if done too quickly she may not notice it.
Subcribers will be held responsible for the payment of fees upon all messages sent over the Toll or Long Distance lines from 
their telephones.
Do not engage the operators in conversation while they are on duty. Their constant attention is absolutely necessary to 
facilitate promptness in handling calls.
Music on the lines is strictly prohibited.
What Telephone Users Can Do To Help The Service
There are three parties to a telephone call---the person making the call, the Telephone Company and the person called. It is 
not sufficient that one or two of the above parties do their work properly; the co-operation of all is necessary.
Telephone Users May Help The Service......
By consulting the telephone directory before making calls, thus obviating the many errors due to calling numbers from memory.
By speaking directly into the transmitter, in a clear, distinct voice.
By holding the telephone receiver to the ear until the called party answers, or some report is given from central office.
By being ready to talk when the called party answers. As a matter of courtesy, the person making the telephone call should 
not oblige the called party to wait his convenience.
By answering telephone calls promptly.
In telephone operating, the human element must be considered. The public is human, telephone operators are human. The 
hastily spoken word and its inflections, conveys whatever impression each gets of the other. Under such conditions, courtesy 
both on the part of the operating force and the public is like oil to machinery---necessary to prevent friction.
NOTE: Address given is 'residence', unless noted otherwise. Phone numbers are not transcribed, but are available upon 
request. Original Directory in possession of Transcriber Pat Ryan White, December 2003 [pwhite6024@aol.com], Camarillo, CA
DIRECTORY of the Mount Pleasant [IOWA] Telephone Company, September 1918 
Adams Express Co, Office, 109 N Main
Allen, Dr LB, 407 S White
Allen, Dr LB, Office, Cor Main & Monroe
Allen, GWS, 209 E Henry
Allen, Mrs QV, Harlan Apartments
Allen, Robert, N Main
Allender, James, 404 W Monroe
Allender, Jas, Restaurant, East Side Square
Alcott, WJ, 302 S Adams
Alpha Xi Delta, Chapter House, W Broad
Alsup, Harry, 209 S Walnut
Alter, US, 907 E Henry
Alvine, BW, 501 W Saunders
Anderson, Axel, 306 N Jefferson
Anderson, Carl, 512 N Adams
Anderson, CC, 411 Broadway
Anderson, Chas F, 911 N Lincoln
Anderson, John F, E Madison
Anderson, Mrs Emma, 1007 E Madison
Anderson, LE, 917 N Lincoln
Andrews, AD, 807 S Main
Antrim, L, W Race
Arnold, Mrs Fred, 701 S Jefferson
Arnold, FD, N Jay
Arnold, Mrs XH, 207 S Van Buren
Athenian Club, North Main
Atkins, Mrs MC, W Madison
Auditorium, E Monroe
Austad, JW, 345 Hospital Ave
Abraham, Lot, 5 1/2 miles Southeast
Abraham, JG, 9 1/2 miles Southeast
Abraham, Fred, 7 miles Southeast
Alden, WF, 9 miles Southeast
Alexander, James, 9 miles Northwest
Allender, Osbert, 8 miles Northwest
Allender, Asbury, 4 1/2 miles Northwest
Allender, CH, 5 1/2 miles Northwest
Allender, Frank, Painter & Paperhanger, 
4 1/2 miles Northwest
Allender, WH, 5 1/2 miles Northwest
Allender, WH Jr, 3 1/2 miles West
Allender, John, 6 miles Northwest
Alter, PF, 7 miles Northwest
Anderson, AH, 6 1/2 miles Northwest
Anderson Brothers, 5 1/2 miles Southeast
Archibald, Roy, 4 1/2 miles Southwest
Arthur, JW, 4 1/2 miles Southwest
Baker, Jno, 315 Jay
Baker JC, 305 N Jefferson
Baker, LK, 110 W Pearl
Baker, Wm, 1 mile N
Bakery, Luberger's, North Main
Bakery, Reinharts, 125 N Jefferson
Bank, Farmers & Merchants, 107 W Monroe
Bank, First National, 101 S Jefferson
~HL McGrew, Cashier.
~Fred Van Hon, Asst Cashier
~M Van Brussel, Asst Cashier
Bank, National State
~Jas T Gillis
~Jas T Whiting
Bank, Henry County Savings, S Main & E Monroe
Baptist Church, Cor Main & Madison
Barry, JR, E Monroe
Barry, Mrs Pat, 205 W Henry
Barker, HC, 300 S Harrison
Barnes, Sumner, 511 E Webster
Bartlett, Mrs JD, 501 S Main
Barton, Albert, S Harrison
Barton, Mrs Lydia, 200 W Second
Bates, Wm, Scott's Lane
Baugh, Mrs Jane, 207 N Harrison
Beaber, AW, N Lincoln St
Beaber, JD, S Walnut
Becker, E, 1301 E Washington
Becker, Jasper, 416 N Adams
Beckwith, Orville, 609 W Monroe
Beery Sisters, 308 E Washington
Begolty, Fred, 410 E Henry
Begolty, Mrs George, 407 E Madison
Begolty, Will, E Madison
Bernstein, JL, 806 E Washington
Berrier, Mrs Chas, 305 W Henry
Bergdahl, KA, 309 N Van Buren
Bickenbach, Mrs Lucy, 109 N Adams
Bigler, Mrs Theo, N Hamline
Bird, FA, 701 E Washington
Bird, HT, 303 N Main
Bishop, Mrs, 703 Broadway
Bishop, SF, 207 W Broad
Blakemore, Jesse, 612 E Henry
Bonifield, Frank, 215 S Jackson
Bowman, Henry M, 412 N Main
Boyd, Sanford, W Washington
Brandel, DE, N White
Brandel, JA, 807 E Washington
Brazelton Hotel, Hotel, N Main
Britton, Frank, 1009 E Washington
Britton, Roy, W Washington
Brown, CA, 400 N Lincoln
Brown, Howard J, Broadway
Brown, Jno E, S Main
Brown, PL, 407 S Adams
Brown, PW, N Jay St
Brown, R & Co, Meat Market, 132 N Main
Brown, Roderick, 310 N Jefferson
Brown, Stephen, 313 East St
Bruhn, FA, S Harrison
Bruinekool, C, Collins Oil Co, 508 Broadway
Bruinekool, C, W Broad
Bruggemeier, Frank, 44 E Division
Brumm, OC, 401 S Jefferson
Buck, NC, North Lincoln
Budde, DA, 506 E Clay
Budde, John, Cor Henry & Van Buren
Budde, Mrs Rosina, 409 S Main St
Burd, JM Shoe Co, Store, 122 S Main
Burd, James, E Washington
Burke, John, 1005 E Washington
Burkihiser, WO, 506 Webster
Burket, WF & Co, Hardware, 145 N Jefferson
Burket, WF, 206 N Harrison
Burket, Emery G, 104 N Harrison
Burlington Route, Passenger Station
Burlington Route, Freight Depot
Burnaugh, Harry, Cherry St
Burnaugh, Wm, 1004 E Henry
Business Men's Rating Association, North Side Square
Backus, Miss Mary, 2 miles Northeast
Bank, Rome Savings, Rome
Bard, Hagar, 2 miles Northeast
Barker, Chas A, 10 miles Southeast
Barry, FA, 4 1/2 miles Southeast
Bartlett, Walter, 5 miles Southeast
Barton, Earnest, 4 miles Southwest
Bates, DM, 1/2 mile west of Trenton
Bates, I, 8 1/2 miles Northwest
Bates, John E, 7 miles Northwest
Bates, James, 8 miles Northwest
Bates, Neal, 7 1/2 miles Northwest
Baust, Ed, 1 1/2 miles South of Trenton
Beck, Antone, 4 miles Southwest
Becker, J, 4 miles East
Beery, Frank, 1 mile South of Trenton
Beery, Mrs WH,, 2 1/2 miles East
Beight, Menno, 5 1/2 miles Northwest
Belknap, EH, 4 1/2 miles Southeast
Bird, GW, 5 miles Northeast
Black, Elias, 7 miles Northwest
Blackmore Brothers, 2 miles East
Blythe, Walter, 4 miles Southwest
Bogue, H, 4 1/2 miles Northeast
Boyd, Earl, 6 miles Southeast
Boyd, Ross, 4 miles East
Brereton, Frank, 10 1/2 miles Southeast
Brewster, Chas, 7 miles Northwest
Brewster, Mark R, 5 miles Northwest
Briggs, CE, 1 1/2 miles Southwest
Brotzer, Harold, 9 1/2 miles Northwest
Brown & Co Farm, 2 miles South
Brown, Chas, 7 miles Southwest
Brown, Ray C, 8 miles Northwest
Brown, RM, 6 miles Northwest
Brownell, AJ, 4 1/2 miles Northwest
Buck, FT, 2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Buck, NC, 5 miles East
Bunker, GW, 10 miles South
Burge, AC, 9 1/2 miles Southeast
Burke, Wm, 4 1/2 miles South
Burns, Mrs D, 4 miles South
Burns, Tom, 6 miles Northeast
Burns, Mrs Margaret, 3 1/2 miles South
Burkey, Fred, 1/2 mile West of Trenton
Burkey, F & E, Shop, Trenton
Burkey, Henry, 10 miles Northwest
Burkhart, AF, 6 1/2 miles Southeast
Burkhart, Clyde, 10 1/2 miles Southeast
Byers, OL, 5 miles Southwest of Trenton
Byrum, Lloyd, 12 miles Southeast
Caldwell, Mrs EJ, S White
Caldwell, Joseph, 311 E Washington
Caldwell, Marion, Winfield Ave
Campbell Bros, Office, 105 1/2 W Monroe
Campbell, Hugh W, Groceries, 801 E Washington
Campbell, ME, 304 E Washington
Campbell, TF, 307 S Harrison
Campbell, Mrs Wm, Cor White & Broad
Caris, EB, 1002 E Washington
Carnehan, Mrs CH, 713 E Monroe
Carnehan, Mrs Anna, 308 N White
Carpenter, AA, E Clay St
Carrigan, Miss Anna, Milliner, South Jefferson
Carrigan, Miss Anna, 103 S Van Buren
Cartwright, FW, 409 Broadway
Carter, CW, Garment Factory, N Jefferson
Carter, JE, 105 W Second
Case, CC, 306 E Monroe
Case, SS, 301 E Madison
Caulk, CM, 610 W Monroe
Caulk, Walter, 207 N McCoy
Cavanee, Sol, 408 E Madison
Cavanee, Mrs O, 705 Broadway
CB & Q RR, Freight Depot, North Jay
CB & Q RR, Passenger Station, N Adams
Central School, East Monroe
Chambers, Clifford, South Jefferson
Chamberlain, John, 109 N Adams
Chandler, Frank, 705 E Henry
Chrissinger, WF, 900 N Main
Chronister, AC, 703 E Madison St
Church, Mrs WH, 210 S Locust
Church, First ME, North Main
City Cemetery
City Electric Plant, North Adams
City Water Works, North Adams
City Library, North Main
City Mayor's Office, North Jefferson
City Fire Station, North Jefferson
Clark, Mrs Anna, 503 S Main
Clark, JA, 201 N Jackson
Clark, CE, 506 W Clay
Clawson, CF, Pay Station, CB & Q Ave
Cobb, Mrs Lyman, 603 E Henry
Cobb, WB, 208 S Adams
Coe, Frank, 206 N White
Coe, Mrs James S, 407 S Main
Coe, SN, 303 S Main
Coen, Clarence, 501 State St
Coen, PL, E Monroe
Coffman & Dunne Merc. Co, S Main
Coffman, DB, S Jefferson
Coleman, FR, 600 W Clay
Coles, AV, 403 S Jefferson
Coles, AV, Meat Market, 117 N Jefferson
Cole, EW, 609 E Monroe
Collins, EW, East Street
Collins, SL, Oil Co, 508 Broadway
Conkle, AZ, 502 East
Conner, CJ, 106 N Adams
Conner, Emery, 706 E Monroe
Conner, Geo W, 611 W Madison
Conover, Ed, 807 N Main
Conover, I, North Main
Cookes, DL, 308 S Jackson
Cookes, DL, Undertakers, 117 N Main
Cooper, Earl, 509 W Washington
Corcoran, Mrs Alice, 107 N Jackson
County Agent's Office
County Attorney
County Auditor's Office
County Clerk's Office
County Coroner, 310 E Washington
County Draft Board, 2d Floor Court House
County Engineer
County Poor Farm
County Recorder
County Sheriff's Office
County Supt's Office
County Treasurer's Office
Courtney, AG, 508 E Warren
Courtney, Miss Maggie, 408 Webster
Courtney, Wm & JV, N Main
Cox, Miss Emma, 307 W Pearl
Cozier, Mrs AL, 204 S Jefferson
Cozier, Miss Mary, 102 N Harrison
Craig, AJ, 513 E Division
Craig, ES, 406 E Clay
Craig, George E, 1000 W Henry
Craig, Harry, 509 Sycamore
Craig, Harry, Painter, Cherry St
Craig, Stewart, S Harrison
Crain, JP, 108 N Walnut
Crandell, WB, Hospital Ave
Crane, FB, Jeweler, 110 W Monroe
Crane, FB, 608 E Monroe
Crane, Geo E & Co, Hardware, 108 S Main
Crane, Geo E, 501 E Washington
Crane, Ralph, 310 E Washington
Crane, Ralph K, Undertaker, N Jefferson
Crawford, John, 303 N Van Buren
Cruikshank, Prof, 308 N Adams
Culler, MJ, S Locust
Calkins, Calvin, 1 mile South
Campbell, Albert, 3 miles East
Campbell, Clark, 5 miles North
Campbell, Frank, 2 1/2 miles East
Campbell, Will, 4 miles Southeast
Caris, MC, 7 miles Southeast
Carlson, CJ, Rome
Carnehan, CE, 3/8 miles West
Carper, Stacy, 1 3/8 miles South of Trenton
Carper, SW, Trenton
Carper, Harry L, 8 miles Northwest
Chandler, JT, 4 miles East
Chandler, Mrs RA, 4 miles West of Trenton
Christner, Amos, 4 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Christner, Nick, West of Trenton
Church, AE, 6 3/4 miles Southwest
Clair, LL, 7 miles Southwest
Club, Short's Island, 3 miles Southwest
Coe, James R, 7 miles Northeast
Colby, Frank, 5 miles Southeast
Collins, CS, 6 1/2 miles West
Collins, EH, 8 miles Southwest
Collins, JH, 5 miles Southwest
Connor, CE, 7 miles Northwest
Connor, JN, 5 1/2 miles North
Coppock, GR, 2 miles West of Trenton
Cornick, A & J, Southeast
Cornick, Harry, 2 1/2 miles East
Cornick, James, 2 1/2 miles East
Courtney, Miss Sadie, 5 miles Northeast
Country Club, 5 miles South
Crile, Ben, 3 1/2 miles West of Trenton
Crowl, Mary J, 2 miles West of Trenton
Cummings, EH, 1/2 mile West of Trenton
Dairy, Pleasant Hill, N Main
Dallner, Hugh, North White
Dallner, PA, 507 W Saunders
Daniels, WB, 306 W Saunders
Dann, Frank, 102 W Pearl
Dameron, Mrs Ray, E Henry
Darnell, Chas, 710 E Henry
Davis, Evan, 301 North Adams
Davis, Miss Ida, 309 S Adams
Davis, Mrs Nelson J, 406 N Main
Davidson, Asa, 300 W Pearl
Davidson, R, West Pearl
Dawson, Wm, 1009 S Jefferson
Day, EW, 608 N Lincoln
Deal, Mrs Ed, 710 N Lincoln
Dean, JW, 106 W Pearl
Deck, JM, Restaurant, W Monroe
Decker, E, 701 S White
Delavin, Art, N Jefferson
Depot, Passenger, North Adams
Depot, Freight, North Jay
Desh, Dan R, Harness, N Main
Desh, Dan R, 402 N Main
DeWitt, Homer, 609 E Monroe
Dodds, OE, RFD No 1
Dodds, Ed, 404 E Henry
Doe, CR, 517 N Main
Douglas, John, 309 S Jackson
Driffill, Roy, 405 Harlan
Dugdale, AT, Livery, 210 E Monroe
Dugdale, Art, East Clay
Dugdale, Jack, W Henry
Dugdale, JM, Drugs, 114 N Main
Duncan, JC, 600 E Washington
Dunn, JJ, 304 S Walnut
Duteweiler, Glenn, 410 N White
Dutton, Clyde, 708 E Washington
Dyall, C Herbert, Studio, 119 N Main
Dyall, C Herbert, E Monroe
Dyall, Will, North Main
Danielson, Chas, 7 miles South
Danielson, JO, 8 miles Southwest
Davis, AH, 4 miles East
Davis, Rev John, 1 1/2 miles South
Decker, Amos, 6 miles North
Dey, WS, 1 1/2 miles South
Doan, Zach, 8 miles South
Dold, AR, Store, Rome
Dusenberry, CE, 4 1/2 miles Southwest
Dutton, RC, 4 miles North
Dutton, RC, 5 miles West
Dyer, Will, 5 miles North
Eaton, Prof AL, 801 N Main
Edgar, Bert, E Henry
Edwards, Floyd, E Madison
Edwards, Fred, 301 S White
Edwards, FJ, E Madison
Edwards, Dr FM, 506 E Washington
Edwards, Dr FM, Dental Parlors, 116 N Main
Eighmy, WD, S Locust
Electric Light Plant, North Adams
Elgar, HE, 207 N Jefferson
Elgar, HE, Office, Nat'l State Bank Bldg
Elliott, Albert, Lee Street
Elmore, Frank, 313 N Pine
Ely, Robert & Son, Groceries, 118 N Main
Ely, Ray, 303 N Adams
Enslow, T, 400 E Henry
Erickson, James, 512 Sycamore
Ernst, Chas, 403 N Adams
Ernst, Lee, 301 E Washington
Ernst, Mrs SE, 403 S Jackson
Eshelman, Ralph, N Van Buren
Eshelman, R & Sons, Clothiers, 110-112 S Main
Eshelman, R, 308 W Monroe
Estes, Frank, N Harrison
Evans, Miss Gussie M, 409 N Main
Evans, Wm H, 206 N Jefferson
Everts, PE, 811 Broadway
Earnest, AL, 5 miles Southeast
Earnest, JB, 6 miles Northwest
Eddingfield, Harry, 5 miles Northwest
Egli, Herman, West of Trenton
Egli, Jonah, 3 1/4 miles Southwest of Trenton
Ellyson, Alvin, 5 miles North
Evans, W, Trenton
Fair Store, 105-107 S Jefferson
Fairchilds, FA, 606 E Washington
Fann, Mrs Willa, 1107 E Washington
Farr, Frank, S Harrison
Farr, Dr HM, 408 W Washington
Farmers Co-Operative Exchange, W Monroe
Farmers Co-Operative Exchange No 2, N Jefferson
Farmers & Merchants Bank, 107 W Monroe
Faulkner, Mrs Mary E, 1007 E Henry
Feldman, FH, 201 W Second
Felgar, Geo, 212 N Adams
Felgar & Stevenson, Groceries, 144 N Main
Felton, Mrs Ella M, 512 W Monroe
Feidler, DW, 704 Broadway
Fidler, Joe, 317 N Adams
Finley, FS, 508 E Washington
Finley, FS, Office, North Main
Firebaugh, Mrs, 108 W Pearl
First National Bank, 101 S Jefferson
Fish, Don E, Soil Expert, Court House
Fish, Don E, 210 S Jackson
Fitzpatrick, John, 407 S Jackson
Fleagle, Wm, 308 Broadway
Ford, Al, 209 W Broad
Forest Home Cemetery
Ford, FM, 813 College Ave
Ford, Jobe, South Main
Ford, John, 610 N Adams
Ford, Omer, West Vine
Foreman, John, 801 Broadway
Foster, Rev Chas, 300 N Adams
Foster, Horace, 809 N Lincoln
Foster, James, 402 S Jefferson
Fouche, Miss Barbara, 601 S Jackson
Fraker, Rev JW, 704 N Palm
French, WP, N Walnut
Free Press, Office, 122 N Main
Fricke, Fred, 1207 E Washington
Friedman, F, Market & Grocery, SS Square
Fye, JW, 307 N Adams
Farman, John, 7 miles West
Farr, Leslie, 7 miles Southeast
Farr, George, 6 miles Southeast
Farr, Miss Hattie, 6 1/2 miles Southeast
Farrier, IV, 4 miles Southwest Trenton
Favre, Ulysses, 5 miles Northeast
Feehan, JJ, 2 1/2 miles Southwest
Felgar, Ed, 8 miles Northwest
Felgar, George, 9 miles Northwest
Fenton, Howard, 7 1/2 miles Northeast
Fickle, JL, 3 1/2 miles Northwest
Finch, DH, 4 miles Northeast
Fitch, Oscar, 4 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Fitch, WJ, 5 miles Southwest of Trenton
Forbes, EL, 3 1/2 miles Southeast
Frary, Mark, 5 miles South
Frary, JE, 6 miles South
Frary, Loren, 6 1/2 miles South
Freeman, Harry, 3 1/2 miles Southwest
Freeman, Warren, 3 1/2 miles Southwest
French, LE, 5 miles Southwest
Fricke, Louis, 2 miles East
Galer, Paul, E Madison
Galer, RS, Lawyer, 120 S Main
Galer, RS, 403 E Washington
Gas Office, East Side Square
Gas Plant, West Monroe
Gass, Will, 306 N Adams
Garvin, GW, 405 E Washington
Garvin, SW, 501 W Monroe
Gatts, RN, 710 S Locust
Geeseka, HA, Broadway
Geeseka, Dr OA, 401 N Main
Geeseka, Dr OA, Office, YMCA Bldg
George, JK, 507 Broadway
Gheen, Mrs E, N Adams
Gheen Fuel & Ice Co, Office, N Main
Gheen, Fred, E Madison St
Gheen, John, N Adams
Gholson, GW, 708 N Lincoln
Gilbert, Rev HF, 809 Broadway
Gillis, H Wade, N Jefferson
Gillis, James R, 103 S Harrison
Gillis, James R, Office, Brazelton Block, E Monroe
Gillis, James T, 1300 E Monroe
Gillis, Mrs Robert S, 1300 E Monroe
Glashine, C, E Monroe
Glashine, Frank, W Henry
Glattly, Charles, North Main
Gloeckler, CG, 304 S Main
Glore, Theron, W Monroe
Goe, CB, Livery, 122 N Jefferson
Goe, Charles, 302 S Main
Grant, Mrs JA, S Jefferson
Gray, JV, 507 E Washington
Gray, JV, Lawyer, South Main
Grau, GA, 400 S Jackson
Gregg, CA, Office, Nat'l State Bank Bldg
Gregg, Charles, 205 N Adams
Green, M, W Orange
Green, Mrs Samuel, 503 W Monroe
Greenup, John, 904 N Palm
Griest, Mrs Dora, Cor Henry & Jackson
Griest, Ernest, 504 S Jefferson
Griffin, WS, E Madison
Grooms Piano Co, N Main
Grubb, JN, 804 E Monroe
Guss, Frank, 208 S Locust
Garrels, AL, 7 miles Northwest
Garrels, LA, 4 1/2 miles North
Gass, George S, 1 1/2 miles North
Gholson, Homer, 4 1/2 miles West
Giblin, James, 5 miles Southeast
Gilbert, Horton, 2 1/2 miles East
Gill, Nira, 3 1/2 miles Northwest
Gill, Rollie, 8 miles Southeast
Gillaspey, GW, 1 1/2 miles South
Gillis, AL, 3 miles Southwest
Gilyeart, Bert, 1 1/2 miles Northeast
Glashine, TJ, 6 miles North
Glandsman, AF, 7 miles North
Glandon, Howard, Southwest
Goldsmith, BM, Trenton
Graber, JW, 2 miles West of Trenton
Graber, Jacob, 2 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Gray, Clint, 4 miles Northeast
Green, Maurice, 2 1/2 miles Northeast of Trenton
Greenlee, AP, 4 miles West
Grubb, Everett, 7 miles Northwest
Hagie, FR, W Broad
Haines, Harlan, 305 S White
Haley, Morris, S Walnut
Hall, JL, 414 Broadway
Hall, MC, Lumber, North Jackson
Hall, MC, 407 E Washington
Hall, SM, 209 N Adams
Hallowell, GA, 505 S Jefferson
Hallowell, L, Grocery, 506 Broadway
Hamilton, Mrs WJ, E Henry
Hankins, EM, 206 State
Hansen, WS, Groceries, Madison & Walnut
Harshbarger, JF, 104 W Pearl
Harshbarger, Martin, 403 S White
Harshbarger, Mahlon W, 300 W Monroe
Harrison, JW, 504 Cherry
Harrison, T & Co, Millinery, North Jefferson
Hartquist, AL, RFD No 2
Hauff, Louis, W Henry
Haubenchild, Frank, E Washington
Haupt, HL, 207 N Adams
Haviland, Mrs Mary E, 806 S Walnut
Hawkins, Misses, 115 E Washington
Hayward, Harry, 1010 E Monroe
Hayes, AD Co, Office, 419 N Lincoln
Hayzlett, George, 904 E Washington
Hayzlett, Geo B, Office, Over N Side Restaurant
Hazen, Glenn, Room, YMCA
Hedges, Guy, W Warren
Hebel, Miss Emma, 404 S Main
Helphrey, FP, 404 E Monroe
Helphrey, Miss Jessie, Office, East Monroe
Helser, John, 614 N Lincoln
Henderson, Frank, 415 N Lincoln
Henry Co Savings Bank, Cor Main & Monroe
Henry Co Mutual Ins Co, Office, East Monroe
Herman, Mrs A, College Ave
Hershey Hall, Broadway
Heuer, Miss Dora, W Clay
Higgins, Fred, 206 S Van Buren
High School, North Adams
Hill, Chas E, 708 W Clay
Hill, George T, 307 W Monroe
Hill, GW, 801 E Monroe
Hills, ST & Son, 209 W Madison
Hills, HH, [no address listed]
Hinchman, JB, 205 S Jackson
Hord, MB, 309 N Lincoln
Hoaglin, Karl, 303 E Washington
Hoaglin, Wm, Dry Goods, 103-113 N Jefferson
Hoaglin, Wm, Up-Stairs Phone
Hobert, WK, 415 N White
Hobbs, Roland, 702 E Monroe
Hobbs, JW, 403 N White
Hobbs, Mrs Melvina, Over Burket's Store
Hobson, JW, 405 N Main
Hobson, Wm, 1009 S Jefferson
Hockett, CA, County Farm
Hodson, George, Route 7
Hoffman, OJ, 315 Division
Hoffman, Bert, Scott's Lane
Hogle, Mrs Mary L, E Monroe
Holland, AW, E Green
Holland, Dr JE, 309 N Jefferson
Holland, Mrs JM, 306 N Adams
Hollis, John, 400 W Washington
Holmes, Louis N, W Side Square
Holton, John, 511 E Monroe
Hornby, WL, 1200 N Main
Hospital, Iowa State, E Washington
Hotel Grand, 309 W Washington
Housel, L, W Henry
Howe Bros, Transfer line, 205 W Washington
Howe, CR, 311 S Main
Howe, FS, S Jackson
Huffman, QR, 412 N White
Hughes, Mrs JL, 401 N White
Hughes, JR, West Broad
Hulings Variety Store, N Jefferson
Hulings, Ralph, 401 S Main
Hunt, Dr CE, Veterinary, E Monroe
Hunt, Dr CE, E Monroe
Hunt, Dr JP, Dental Parlors, W Monroe
Hunt, Dr JP, 309 E Madison
Hunter, Mrs M, E Madison
Hurley, Mrs Mabel Arnold, 800 N Lincoln
Hurley, PJ, S White
Hurley PJ, Real Estate, Cor Washington & Main
Huston, MB, 305 N Main
Hurst Silo Co, Plant, West Monroe
Haines, JB, 2 miles South of Trenton
Haines Brothers, 6 1/2 miles Northwest
Hallowell, CL, 6 miles Southwest
Hallowell, George, 7 miles Southwest
Hallowell, John, 8 miles Southwest
Hallowell, Howard, 8 miles Southwest
Halleck, Everett, 2 miles West Trenton
Haley, Dennis, 4 miles South
Hall, Fred F, 5 miles North
Hall, Warren J, 6 miles Northwest
Hannah, Frank, 5 1/2 miles South
Hannah, Leo, 8 miles South
Hannah, Raymond, 6 miles South
Hannah, Robert F, 9 miles South
Hannaphy, JS, 2 1/2 miles South
Harshbarger, AJ, 8 miles South
Harshbarger, Mrs WA, 3 miles Southwest
Harshbarger, Marion F, 7 miles Southwest
Harter, Mrs ME, 7 miles West
Hatch, James, 2 miles Northwest
Hayes Elevator, Rome
Hazen, H, 2 miles Northeast
Heater, Gibson, 8 1/2 miles Northwest
Hedlund, JP, 5 miles West
Hedlund, Fred, 7 miles Southwest
Hedden, Samuel, 5 1/2 miles Northeast
Henry, Mrs Maud, 4 miles West
Herzog, A, 7 miles Southeast
Hester, Isaac, [no address listed]
Hilbrant, HE, 5 miles West of Trenton
Hill, John, 4 miles West of Trenton
Hills, SA, 7 miles West
Hinkson, AC, 4 1/2 miles South
Hite, Clarence, 1 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Hockett, MS, 1 1/4 miles Southwest
Hodson, RL, 2 1/2 miles West
Hollingsworth, AB, 3 miles South
Holtcamp, John, 5 miles Northeast
Hoover, Andy, 4 1/2 miles Southwest
Hookom, Charles, 4 1/2 miles Northeast
Horney, CO, 7 miles Northeast
Housel, Ed, 3 1/2 miles West
Huffman, Mrs Tyler, 4 1/2 miles West of Trenton
Hummel, George, 4 1/2 miles Southwest
Hunting, Guy, 8 miles South
Hunting, Julius, 7 miles South
Hunting, Lawrence, 7 1/2 miles South
Hurley, John, 6 miles Northwest
Hurley, Peter, 5 miles Southeast
Iowa Wesleyan College, Main & Broadway
~Harlan House
~President's Office
~Auditor's Office
~Elizabeth Hershey Hall
Iowa Power Company, Oakland Mills
Iowa State Hospital, East Washington
Iles, RA, 7 miles Northwest
Ingwersen, JJ, 1 1/2 miles South of Trenton
Ives, EK, 7 miles Northwest
Jackson, GW, 306 N Marion
Jackson, JC, Dodge-Hupp Agency, 140 N Main
Jackson, JW, E Harlan
Jacobs, Lawson, S White
Jail, South Main
Jaques, HE, 506 N Adams
Jay, Asbury, 406 S Jefferson
Jay, Bert, W Warren St
Jay, JC, 1204 Broadway
Jeffreys, HA, Vine St
Jericho, JH & Co, Drugs, 100 N Main
Jericho, JH, 302 N Main
Jericho, GB, 414 N Adams
Jericho, WH, Jeweler, South Main
Jerrel, HS, 303 S Jackson
Jericho, WH, 309 S Jefferson
Jerrel, Dr CO, Dental Parlors, N Side Square
Jerrell, Dr CO, S Adams
John, Mrs James, N Adams
Johnson, Chauncy, 205 S Harrison
Johnson, Fred V, 500 E Henry
Johnson, Fred V, Implement Store, W Side Square
Johnson, Edwin, 603 E Washington
Johnson, John, 306 S Walnut
Johnson, John, 307 W Clay
Johnson, Luther, 501 E Green
Jones, B, East Green
Jones, Chas A, E Orange
Jones, FE, 108 N Van Buren
Jones, Mrs Thomas, 501 E Henry
Jones, Mrs WA, 309 S Main
Jordan, Cyrus, 108 E Orange
Jordan, EN, 508 W Clay
Jordan, JB, 514 N Adams
June, Jay, S Main
Jackson, ET, 5 1/2 miles Northeast
Jarrard, B, 5 miles Southwest of Trenton
Jay, Alvin, 6 miles Northwest
Jeffrey, Mrs John, Trenton
Jennings, WB, 8 miles South
Jerrel, John, 6 miles Northwest
Jewett, CC, 7 1/2 miles Northeast
Johnson, Aaron, 7 1/2 miles Northeast
Johnson, Gus, 8 1/2 miles North
Johnson, Fred, 3 miles Northeast
Jones, John, Southwest
Karrer, EM, Hospital Ave
Kassel, Jacob, 402 E Monroe
Kauffman, Miss Laura, 200 N Adams
Keesey, Rev WR, 302 N Adams
Keith, OH, 206 S Jefferson
Keith, Wm, Vernon St
Ketcham, Jess, N Main
King, Mrs Fred, 913 E Madison
King, Miss MB, 107 E Second
Kinkead, AW, Office, W Monroe
Kinney, JH, 601 E Henry
Kinney, Frank, S Jackson
Kinsinger, CM, 602 N Adams
Kitch, JB, 715 Broadway
Kitch, Will, 301 N Jackson
Kitchen, EN, 709 E Washington
Knapp, Mrs CF, 403 N Main
Koch, John G, Boots & Shoes, 127 W Monroe
Koch, John G, 713 Broadway
Kopp, WF, N Main
Kopp, WF, Office, S Main
Kauffman, Press, 4 miles Northeast
Keeley, LW, 2 1/2 miles Northwest
Kelley, Lloyd, 4 miles North
Kerfus, Jacob, 6 miles Southwest
Kessinger, HA, Garage, Rome
King, HD, 6 miles Northeast
King, John, 3 miles North
Kinney, Chas, 4 miles North
Kinney, Ellis, 4 miles Northeast
Kisling, Clyde, 8 miles South
Kitch, George, 6 miles North
Klopfenstein, Eli, 2 miles West of Trenton
Klopfenstein, Peter, 5 miles Northwest
Knapp, AL, 1 mile West
Knedler, DE, 7 miles Northwest
Kopp, JF, 3 1/2 miles Northeast
Krum, Ed M, 6 miles North
Kudobe, Charles, 8 miles Southeast
LaBreck, Mrs Paul, 908 E Henry
Laird, Dr John, Office, North Main
Laird, Dr John, 306 S Main
Laird, GW, 613 E Monroe
Lankford, Frank, 304 E Madison
Lasely, Wm, 510 Sycamore
Lathrop, UC, W Broad
Lauer, FW, 401 S White
Lauger, John A, Clothier, 107 W Monroe
Lauger, John A, 310 S Main
Laundry Company, Office, 209 W Washington
Lauterbach, JG, 609 N White
Lauterbach, John, 141 1/2 N Jackson
Lawson, AL, N White
Leach, Elmer, 109 N White
Leach, WV, 501 S Jackson
Ledger, MA, 901 E Henry
Lee, Iliff, 403 Poplar
Lee, Chas, E Washington
Leedham, WH, 310 S Adams
Leedham, Misses, 412 S White
Leedham, Bert, 604 S Jackson
Leist, Prof HG, 502 College Ave
Lessenger, JH, W Courtland
Lessenger, Dr WS, Office, W Monroe
Letts, EC, Harlan Apartments
Library, Public, NE Corner Main and Madison
Lindley, Mrs AT, West Side Square
Lindsay, GH, 404 N Main
Lindsay, GW, S White
Lines, E, 402 E Washington
Lines, E & Co, Jewelry & Books, North Main
Linn, Mrs Fannie, 300 N Jefferson
Lloyd, Mrs AH, Broadway
Lobdale, Wm, 305 E Green
Logston, JS, 208 S Locust
Logsdon, GC, Painter etc, 310 E Exchange
Logan, CE, 807 Broadway
Logan, Mrs, 415 E Madison
Long, AE, RFD No 5
Long, SO, W Saunders
Loper, George, Groceries, 147 S Jefferson
Loveland, AS, 301 N Main
Loving, JE, 305 S Jackson
Luellen, JE, 707 College Ave
Luberger, George, Bakery, North Main
Luberger, George Sr, 214 Broadway
Luberger, George Jr, 114 N Main
Lute, Mrs JH, 706 Broadway
Luzadder, WA, 613 Palm
Linch, John, S Jefferson
Lyons, JB, 609 E Madison
Lynchard, Charles, 805 N Lincoln
Lamme, HC, 6 miles Southwest
Lampe, Theodore, 7 miles Northeast
Lane, FL, 3 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Lane, OR, 3 miles Southwest of Trenton
Lane, Frank, 4 miles Northwest
Lane, JC, 5 miles Southwest of Trenton
Lane, John, 5 miles North of Rome
Larson, Gus D, 8 miles Southwest
Lauger, Victor, 7 miles North
Laughlin, WL, 1/2 miles Northeast
Lawrence, Mark K, 4 1/2 miles West
Lawrence, Robt, 3 miles West
Linch, Joe, 6 miles Northeast
Lines, Clyde, 5 miles Southeast
Lines, Margaret, 1 1/2 miles North
Litzenberg, Ben, 3 1/2 miles Northeast
Litzenberg, Mrs Wm, 3 1/2 miles Northeast
Loefler, LH, 4 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Logston, LF, 6 miles Northwest
Lee, John, Southeast
Long, Frank, 7 miles Northwest
Long, Geo B, 3 miles West
Long, JH, 3 1/2 miles Southwest
Lute, GW, 7 1/4 miles Northwest
Lyon, Frank, 7 1/2 miles Northwest
Lyons, Charles, 4 miles West of Trenton
Lyons, FH, 5 miles West of Trenton
Lyons, John, 2 1/2 miles West of Trenton
Lyons, Paul, 3 miles Southeast
Magdefrau, Mrs Julia, 501 E Madison
Magdefrau, Carl, 406 E Henry
Mahoney, Mrs Rose, 307 East St
Mallams, JW, 408 S Jefferson
Manning, CE, Shop, E Monroe
Marolf, GF, Broadway
Marshall, Chas, S Adams
Martin, Jess L, Candy Kitchen, N Side Square
Martin, Mrs Clara, 909 W Henry
Martin, WB, 1001 W Henry
Mason, Hotel, South Side Square
Mason, Mrs GT, 607 W Clay
Mason, Guy, 310 N Adams
Masonic Hall, YMCA Bldg
Mathews, EC, West Pearl
Mathews, Mrs HS, 211 N Adams
Mathews, Mrs Frank, 209 S Walnut
Mauch, Charles, 612 N Lincoln
Mauch, David, Broad St
Mayor's Office, North Jefferson
Maynard, BF, 200 E Green
Meeker, GW, 803 College Ave
Mehl, JE, 401 S Main
Melcher, H, 209 N Jefferson
Melcher, Henry, Marble Shop, W Washington
Melcher, Miss CE, 302 N Jefferson
Messer, Calvin, 1101 Mulberry
Metcalf, JE, 500 Webster
Michener, Bert, S White
Miller, AW, Second St
Miller, HA, 1200 Broadway
Miller, Mrs CF, 401 S Walnut
Miller, TH, Groceries, 420-422 N Adams
Miller, Leslie, E Henry
Miller, Leslie, Plumber, N Main
Miller, Stanley, 205 E Washington
Miller, Mrs JS, W Warren
Mills, JH, 309 Division
Mintier, John, S Locust
Monger, WL, 601 S Walnut
Montgomery, EC, 108 N White
Montgomery, FB, W Monroe
Moore, Ed, Groceries, North Main
Moore, Mrs Nellie, N White
Moore, HW, 712 Broadway
Morrow, Carl, W Pearl
Morrow, Henry, 613 S Locust
Morony, Dennis, Real Estate, East Side Square
Morony, Dennis, Cor Green & Harrison
Morris, VD, 501 S Main
Morris, VD, Optometrist, South Main
Morris, WF, 105 N Jackson
Morrison, Miss Edna, Millinery, 116 S Jefferson
Morrison, Mrs MN, 907 E Monroe
Moose Lodge, South Main
Moxley, Wm, North Main
Mutual Insurance Co Henry County
Myerdick, Augusta, 606 N Adams
Myers, Mrs MC, E Clay
Myers, Dr TJ, 307 N Main
McAdam, TM, Lawyer, W Monroe
McAdam, TM, 700 E Monroe
McAdam, Miss Hattie, 610 E Washington
McCabe, HR, 507 W Monroe
McCabe, Mrs JC, 707 Broadway
McChord, Mrs AP, 708 Broadway
McClain, JW, Poplar
McClaran, Mrs Sarah, 808 S Walnut
McClary, Mrs CA, 414 N White
McClure, Mrs AW, 302 E Monroe
McClure, Mrs MJ, 709 Broadway
McCoid, JC, Lawyer, W Monroe
McCoid, JC, 612 E Monroe
McConnell, RD, E Monroe
McCormick, EB, S Jackson
McGavic, Mrs, 1003 E Washington
McGrew, HL, 204 N Adams
McIntosh, John, 404 E Harlan
McKibbin, Dr GP, 407 N Main
McKibbin, Dr GP, Dental Parlors, 107 1/2 W Monroe
McLeran, CE, 211 W Monroe
McMillan, Geo, N Jefferson
McMillan, Mrs Mary, 308 W Pearl
McMillan, Thos W, Office, N Adams
Mt Pleasant Auto Co, 315 E Monroe
Mt Pleasant Auto Parts Co, East Monroe
Mt Pleasant Brick & Tile Co
Mt Pleasant Bottling Works, North Adams
Mt Pleasant Canning Co
Mt Pleasant Free Press, 122 N Main
Mt Pleasant Gas Office, Cor Main & Washington
Mt Pleasant Gas Works, W Monroe
Mt Pleasant Hotel, South Side Square
Mt Pleasant Ice Co, Van Buren
Mt Pleasant News, 118 E Monroe
Mt Pleasant Plumbing Co
Mt Pleasant Produce Co
Mt Pleasant Stone Co
Mt Pleasant Telephone Co
Mt Pleasant Veterinary Hospital
Marshall, WH, 5 1/2 miles Southwest
Martin, John, 10 miles Southeast
Martin, Thos, 11 1/2 miles Southeast
Maxwell, EJ, 7 miles Southwest
Mendenhall, JB, 7 miles Southwest
Messer, JW, 4 miles Southwest of Trenton
Messer, SH, 4 miles Southwest of Trenton
Miller, Dan, 1 1/2 miles North
Miller, Ed, 6 miles Northwest
Miller, Herman, 6 miles Northeast
Milligan, Mrs E, 5 miles South
Milner, OE, 5 1/2 miles Southwest
Mitchell, Chas, 5 1/2 miles West
Molander, Walter C, 7 1/2 miles Northeast
Monson, Albert, 1 1/2 miles West of Trenton
Monson, Frank, 3 miles West of Trenton
Moore, Howard, 6 miles Northeast
Moore, JD, 4 1/2 miles Northeast
Moore, Newell, 4 miles Northeast
Moran, E, 6 miles North
Morgan, RH, 8 miles Northeast
Morrison, Alvin, Trenton
Moyer, Dr RE, Trenton
Myers, AL, 9 miles South
Myers, EA, 10 miles Southeast
McBeth, Wm, Trenton
McCabe, Harry, 1 1/2 miles East
McCabe, Will, 3 1/2 miles Southeast
McClure, Ralph, 3 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
McCormick, FJ, 7 miles Northeast
McCormick, JN, 2 miles East
McCormick, Mrs Nannie, Trenton
McCray, Joseph, 1 mile West of Trenton
McCullough, HW, 6 miles North
McDowell, Harry, 5 miles South
McKee, JW, 8 1/2 miles North
McKee, LJ, 7 miles Northwest
McMillan, FE, 1 mile West
McPheron, I, 5 1/2 miles Northwest
McPheron, AS, 1 1/2 miles South of Trenton
McPheron, Roy, 4 miles Southwest of Trenton
Nagle, V, 501 S Walnut
Nagle, Wm, E Washington
Nagle, V & Son, Mill, Cor Henry & Lincoln
National State Bank, Cor Main & Monroe
Negus, GN, S Jefferson
Newell, Hugh, 603 East St
Newton, Mrs Jennie, 607 W Henry
Nicholson, CR, S Jefferson
Nicholson, JE, 209 N Van Buren
Nickolaus, Henry B, 609 E Washington
Nixon, Mrs EC, S Harrison
Noble JB, W Courtland
Northrup, Mrs Mary, Broadway
Nelson, Olaff, 9 1/2 miles Southeast
Newberg, CA, 6 miles Southwest
Nicholson, NP, 8 miles South
Nicholson, Wm, 3 1/2 miles West
Nicola, Earl, 5 miles Southwest
Niece Elmer, 1 1/2 miles South
Oatman, FW, 616 N Lincoln
O'Connor, MH, 506 S Jefferson
O'Connor, Morris, RFD No 4
O'Connor, Wm, S Jefferson
Odd Fellows Hall, W Monroe
Ogg, Chas, 301 N Jackson
Ogg, Mallie, 502 E Clay
Oldt, Charles, 415 N Van Buren
Olinger, Mrs Thomas, E Henry
O'Loughlin, Rev, 307 Front St
O'Neil, Mrs Jessie, 510 N Adams
Ott, Mrs Allen, 203 S Main
Owen, EC, 500 E Warren
Oakland Club, Oakland Mills
O'Connor, M, 2 1/4 miles South
O'Connor, TF, 2 miles South
O'Connor, JP, 1 1/2 miles South
Ogg, SJ, 5 miles North
Oldt, Fred, 5 miles Southwest
O'Laughlin, JJ, Rome
Oswalt, Isaac, 2 1/2 miles West of Trenton
Owen, EC, 2 miles West
Page, Mrs Lem, 201 E Second
Palm, John W, 504 S Walnut
Parker, TF, 806 E Madison
Patton, Mrs Jas, 412 E Madison
Payne, Dr JE, Office, Harlan House
Payne, Dr JE, 209 E Washington
Penn, Miss Ella, 408 Broadway
Penniwill, OD, 700 N Lincoln
Perrine, Mrs Martha, 401 W Monroe
Peterson, Mrs AE, 202 N White
Peterson, Ed, Saunders Grove
Peterson, Eleck, Stock Dealer, RFD No 1
Peterson, Ernest J, 701 E Henry
Peterson, FA, 403 E Henry
Phi Delta Theta, Chapter House, 300 N Main
Phillips, FM, 205 N Jefferson
Phillips, TJ, 301 E Monroe
Phillips, TJ, Fair Store, 105-107 S Jefferson
Pickett, Jerry, 208 N White
Pickworth, Rev Felix H, 200 E Washington
Piper, Frank, 710 W Monroe
Piper, SW, 400 E Monroe
Pitcher, Mrs AO, 301 S Main
Pitcher, Dr JJ, Office, 107 N Main
Pixley, Mrs Wm, 620 Lincoln
Pleasant Hill Dairy, N Main
Pool, Rev, E Broad
Porter, Asbury, 701 E Monroe
Porter, Mrs Fannie, N Lee
Poulter, ML, 1009 W Saunders
Pressnell, Will, W Monroe
Price, Frank, 405 N Lincoln
Price, Mrs TJ, 209 S Main
Public Library, N Main
Purdie, James, 508 Hospital Ave
Putnam, HC, 309 N Adams
Pyle, SM, S Locust
Packenham, JH, 7 miles Southwest
Page, George, Northeast Corner City Limits
Palmer, DH, 4 1/2 miles West
Payne, Jesse E, 6 miles Southeast
Pero, George, 8 1/4 miles North
Philpott, RS, 3 miles Southwest
Pickard, Arlo, Northeast
Pickard, TE, 5 miles South
Pittzer, Don, 1 1/2 miles West
Pound, Walter, 1 1/2 miles Northeast
Prottsman, WW, 5 1/2 miles Northwest
Putnam, HC, 7 miles Southeast
Quillen, CW, 604 N White
Quillen, CW, Office, N Main
Raines, Mrs EA, 406 S Jackson
Raines, TC, Lee St
Rasmus, TW, 201 Orange
Rauch, Rev CM, Pres Parsonage, 604 E Madison
Reams, WB, 306 East St
Red Cross, South Side Square
Reed, Clay, N Hamline
Reichelt, John, West Broad
Reinhart, Chris, Bakery, 125 N Jefferson
Rhineheimer, HE, 209 E Madison
Rhodes, IN, 606 N White
Rhodes, M, 110 N Van Buren
Rice, Mrs Electa, S Jefferson
Rich, Mrs DW, 714 Broadway
Richenberger, Joe, West Broad
Richmond, E, 309 East St
Richardson, HC, E Monroe
Reescer, Ed, E Mills
Risser, Emma & Nettie, 407 E Clay
Roberts, CH, Jackson & Saunders
Roberts, FE, S Main
Roberts, TL, 710 Broadway
Roberts, Mrs WW, 310 N Main
Roberts, Zualena, 401 N Adams
Robinson, Tiny, 316 N Jay
Rogers, CS, 511 E Washington
Rogers, BF, 400 E Madison
Rockey, Oscar, 204 S Jackson
Rommel, Dr A, 713 N Main
Ross, Geo U, Livery, 110 E Monroe
Ross, Geo U, 106 E Green
Ross, JN, West Saunders
Ross, SS, 709 S Main
Rothenstein, Mrs L, 311 Broadway
Rouse, Will A, 210 S Jefferson
Rouse, HR, 512 E Webster
Rugg, Jesse, North Lincoln
Russell, Chas L, 305 E Henry
Russell, Mrs GW, 320 Poplar St
Russell, Tom, 711 College Ave
Rukgaber, HE, Garage, East Side Square
Rukgaber, Henry, 809 E Washington
Rukgaber, Warren, E Washington
Rukgaber, Wm, 303 S Jefferson
Ramey, Geo W, 4 1/2 miles Southeast
Ramey, JS, 4 miles East
Ratliff, ZS, 1 1/2 miles East
Rediger, Ed, 2 1/2 miles Northeast
Reed, Elmer, 2 miles Northwest
Richenberger, Joe, 3 miles Northeast
Richards, John, 4 3/4 miles Southeast
Rohde, CF, 7 miles Southeast
Rukgaber, Albert, 2 1/2 miles Southwest
Rukgaber, Walter L, 4 miles West
Ridinger, John, 1 mile West of Trenton
Robb, CE, East Washington Street
Roberts, Carl, 3 1/2 miles South
Rogers, John, 8 miles Southwest
Rollins, Wm, 5 miles West of Trenton
Rome Savings Bank, Rome
Ross, Wesley, 3 miles Northwest of Trenton
Roth, Daniel, 2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Roth, Jacob, 2 1/2 miles West of Trenton
Roth, Mrs Jane, 1 1/2 miles West of Trenton
Roth, Mrs Peter, 1/4 mile West of Trenton
Russell, Frank, 3 1/2 miles South
Salzman, Pete, West Broad
Sater, Mrs AH, 307 S Locust
Saunders School, W Henry
Scarff, Tom, 804 Broadway
Scarff, WO, 501 S Jefferson
Schadt, Ed, 302 W Monroe
Schaffner, Mrs C, 112 E Pearl
Schaffner, Mrs John, N Jay
Schell, President EA, N Main
Schnurr, Miss Anna, 302 S Jackson
Schreiner, Mrs JA, 407 N Adams
Schreiner, John, 709 College Ave
Schreiner, Theodore (Pete), College Ave
Schriver, Will, 206 N Jackson
Schroder, Rob't, W Henry
Schwenker, Miss EL, 208 E Washington
Scott, JL & Co, Motor Car Co, NW Cor Square
Scott, JL, S Jefferson
Scott, JWL, 1001 E Monroe
Seeley, WB, 400 Broadway
Shafer, Tom, 507 E Madison
Shafer, Clint, West Madison
Shannon, Wm, 303 S Locust
Shelledy, Chas, 405 N Adams
Shelledy, S, S Locust St
Shepp, Walter E, Groceries, S Jefferson
Shepp, Walter E, S Van Buren
Shepp, WS, 208 S Jefferson
Shepp, Hervey, 410 N Adams
Shepherd, James, S Main St
Sheriff, S Main
Shook, Rev EJ, 311 E Henry St
Short, John, 812 S Walnut
Short, Mrs Rose, 1006 E Washington
Shriver, WH, 502 N White
Shuey, AL, 612 W Monroe
Shumaker, John, 506 S Jackson
Shumaker, Mrs Henry, E Monroe
Siberts, Mrs Myrtle L, 703 Broadway
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chapter House, 301 W Broad
Siver, Dr JL, Kiropractics, N Jefferson
Siver, Dr JL, E Washington
Sisters School, 609 S Jackson
Skipton, D, 804 N Main
Smouse Bros, Greenhouses, 1008 N Lincoln
Smouse, CW, 110 E Pearl
Smith, CE, 406 S Main
Smith, Chas P, 900 Broadway
Smith, C Sumner, 417 N Main
Smith's Dress Club Co, South Side Square
Smith, Ernie, 300 S White
Smith, Dr GE, Office, 116-118 N Main
Smith, Dr GE, 500 W Monroe
Smith, HE, 310 N Jay
Smith, Dr HH, Webster St
Smith, HK, 309 Poplar
Smith, HK & Sons, Garage, West Washington
Smith, Jess, 303 E Monroe
Smith, Mrs John, Clay & Van Buren
Smith, JW, N Adams
Smith, Olive Cole, 601 N White
Smith, Ora, 303 N Jackson
Snodgrass, John, 704 N Lincoln
Snyder, Miss Mary, 110 N Adams
Southwick, Mrs, 505 S Main
Spahr, Geo H, 401 Broadway
Spahr, Geo H & Son, Clothiers, 111 W Monroe
Spahr, Sam, RFD No 7
Speaker, Dr MF, Office, W Washington
Speaker, Dr MF, N Van Buren
Speaker, Lee, N Adams
Sprinkle, MM, 709 E Madison
Sprinkle, Pearl, 411 N Lee St
Spry, Mrs Ella, 200 N Adams
Staats, EG & Co, Regalia Factory, W Washington
Staebler, Rev D Schell, 606 E Madison
Stag Pantatorium, HB Spellman, N Main
Stall, EK, 400 E Washington
Standard Oil, E Madison
Steadman, Mrs, 405 W Monroe
Sternberg, Dr WA, Office, S Main
Sternberg, Dr WA, 606 E Monroe
Stevenson, CC, 403 E Monroe
Stewart, Dr Robt A, Hospital Ave
Stewart, Wm, Real Estate, 100 W Monroe
Stewart, Wm, 203 N Adams
Stice, AGF, 710 S Main
Stiles Bros, Groceries, W Monroe
Stiles EM, 705 E Monroe
Stiles Tom, S Van Buren
Stone, Dr JC, Office, Over First Nat'l Bank
Stone, Dr JC, West Monroe
Stover, Mrs Emily Putnam, 401 Lincoln
Stuart, Mrs James, 203 N Main
Swan, Herman, 508 E Monroe
Swan, Mrs OG & Son, 105 N Harrison
Swan, Solie, 503 Vine St
Swaney, Mrs Mary, 108 W Pearl
Swanson, PA, 801 E Madison
Swanson, CG, N Main
Sweet, Mrs Wm, 602 E Henry
Swick, Wm, 300 S Locust
Said, EA, 3 miles Southwest
Sammons, John, 7 miles West
Sampson, TM, 4 1/2 miles Southwest
Salzman, P, Merrimac
Saums, Ed, 9 miles Southeast
Saums, Oscar, 7 miles Southeast
Scarboro, GA, 5 miles Southeast
Scarff, JR, 3 miles South Trenton
Scarff, WI, 3 miles Southwest of Trenton
Scarff, FG, 5 miles Southwest
Scarff, John A, 2 1/2 miles South of Trenton
Schlarbaum, Jacob, 1 1/4 miles West of Trenton
Schadt, John, 3 miles Southwest of Trenton
Schadt, Dan, 3 miles West of Trenton
Schadt, Will, 3 1/2 miles West of Trenton
Schuerman, Mrs GH, 3 miles East
Seitz, Frank, 5 1/2 miles Northwest
Shafer, UG, 11 miles Southeast
Sheets, CM, 8 miles Southeast
Shorts Island Club, 3 miles Southwest
Shull, BH, 5 miles Southeast
Shumaker, RE, 4 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Simkins, Guy, 7 miles South
Simmons, Barton, 4 miles Northwest
Slattery, Dan, 3 1/2 miles South
Slattery, John, 4 miles South
Smith, Arlo A, 6 miles Southeast
Smith, Clarence, 4 1/2 miles Northwest
Smith, CW, 5 1/2 miles South
Smith, EP, 4 miles West
Smith, Geo H, 7 miles Southeast
Smith, Jacob, 1/2 mile West of Trenton
Smith, John 5 miles East
Smith, JM, 8 miles Northwest
Smith, Max, 3 1/2 miles West
Smith, Mrs LB, 1/2 miles Southwest
Smith, Penn, 8 miles Southwest
Smith, WJ, 4 miles Southwest
Smith, Wm Sr, 4 1/2 miles Southwest of Trenton
Snyder, FG, 2 1/4 miles West
Spearman, FC, 4 1/2 miles Southeast
Springdale Stock Farm, 1 mile West
Starkey, Earl, 4 1/2 miles South
Sterner, PA, 1/2 mile West
Stiefel, AW, 4 1/2 miles Southwest
Stonehouse, AJ, 5 miles South
Stoudt, Walter, 2 1/2 miles Southwest
Taft, EE & Sons, Hardware, 20-203 E Monroe
Taft, EE, S Locust
Taft, Claud, 405 S Adams
Taft, Ralph, N Lincoln
Talbot, Mrs Mary D, 401 S Jackson
Talbot, LJ, 405 S Main
Tallman, FC, 703 E Henry
Tash, Mrs N, 410 S Jackson
Taylor, LD, 300 S Jackson
Taylor, CM & Co, Electric Shop, 129 N Jefferson
Taylor, WE, 404 S Adams
Thomas, Mrs Cathryn, 612 N Adams
Thomas, George, 1000 E Monroe
Thomas, Rev, LR, Woodlawn
Thomas, Rev P, 509 Hamlin
Thompson, JW, RFD No 8
Thompson, JW, Greenhouses, RFD No 8
Thompson, Jas W, 415 Broadway
Thorne, WH, 701 E Henry
Thorson, TO, 208 S Adams
Throop, Jas A, 610 W Clay
Tile Factory, W Monroe
Timmerman, HL, 404 E Washington
Toalson, DE, 309 W Saunders
Todd, John Sr, E Monroe
Tomlinson, George, 307 S Jefferson
Tracy, Mrs, Broadway
Traut, Geo, 201 E Washington
Traut, Fred, Ice Co, Residence, S Van Buren
Traut, Henry, 410 W Monroe
Tribby, CH, 400 S Main
Tribby CH, Fair Assn, Over Nat'l State Bank
Traxler, LA, 702 E Henry
Tulk, Mrs Ida, 410 N Van Buren
Tarman, Mrs CL, 4 miles West
Thompson, CI, 5 1/2 miles Northeast
Tilford, Mrs Mary E, 6 miles Southwest
Tracy, JE, 6 1/2 miles Southwest
Tracy, Mahlon, 4 miles Southeast
Traut, Cecil C, 5 miles Northwest
Traxler, IN, 5 1/2 miles Northwest
Trueblood, CM, 8 miles Southwest
Trueblood, NS, 7 1/2 miles Southwest
Tulk, Ed, 6 miles Northwest
Upton, EC, 207 S Jackson
Upton, Mrs, 103 Hamlin
Underhill, CE, 7 miles Southwest
Upton, Will, 5 miles Northwest
Upton, IE, 3 1/4 miles Northwest
Upton, James E, 3 miles West
Van Allen, AM, Lawyer, 113 E Washington
Van Allen, AM, 502 W Washington
Van Brussel, C, 800 N Main
Van Brussel, H, 302 S White
Van Cise Sisters, 504 E Henry
Van Cise, Mrs LP, E Monroe
Van Dyke, Mrs Anna, 407 N White
Van Hon, Fred, 305 N Van Buren
Van Hon, Mrs TJ, 404 N Lincoln
Van Syoc, MM, 309 N Adams
Van Tuyl, Clarance, 606 E Warren
Van Winkle, Miss Hattie, 306 S Main
Virden, AE, Cor Pearl & Broadway
Virden, JL, Groceries, N Main
Virden, WH, Over Fair Store
Vorheis, AJ, College Grocery, 520 N Main
Vondersnick, Ivan, 2 1/2 miles Northwest
Van Winkle, Mrs Amos, Trenton
Wahlborg, A, 105 S White
Waibel, Chas, 307 S Main
Wait, Fred, 104 S Harrison
Wait, Fred, Office, [None listed]
Wallbank, Mrs JH, 413 N Main
Wallbank, JH & Sons, Clothiers, 102-104 S Main
Walker, Chas, Drugs, South Jefferson
Walker, Chas, 301 S Main
Walker, Jesse, 408 S Main
Walker, JF, 514 Webster St
Walker, Leo, S Jackson
Walker, Ross, 408 N Main
Walters, Mrs Maggie, 601 N Lincoln
Ward, JL N White
Warhurst, CC, 511 S Jackson
Warner, RW, 902 E Henry
Watters, TF, 106 S Van Buren
Watts, Prof Jas, Chiropodist, 203 N Marion
Waugh, HT, Drugs, 101 N Jefferson
Waugh, HT, 307 E Washington
Weaver, M, 1101 E Washington
Weed, Earnest, N Van Buren
Weir, A, Broadway
Weir, A, Office, 119 N Jefferson
Weir, Ed, Broadway
Weir, HC, Real Estate, N Jefferson
Weir, HC, 419 Broadway
Weir, J Russell, 501 E Monroe
Weir, Dr Samuel, 205 E Henry
Wells, Charles, 207 Franklin
Wells, Lowry, N Walnut
Wenger, LG, 707 E Washington
Werner, David, 108 W Second
Westfall, Dr EE, Office, YMCA Bldg
Westfall, Dr EE, 406 E Monroe
Weston, Rev FE, Baptist Parsonage, 205 E Broad
Weston, SE, 510 E Monroe
Western Union Teleg. Co, Office, Hotel Brazelton
White, Mrs Elizabeth, 512 Broadway
White, Mrs SL, S Jefferson
White, TL, W Broad
White, Wm, 614 W Monroe
Whitham, JB, North Jay St
Whitney, JL, Cor Jefferson & Clay
Whiting, Jas T, 209 E Henry
Whittaker, Chas, 409 S Adams
Whittaker, Earl, S Adams
Wicks, James R, Elizabeth St
Wiggins, Fred, 1011 E Henry
Wiggins, John, 809 E Henry
Williams, John, 606 W Clay
Willey, Mrs Levi, 301 E Warren
Wilkins, Chas, E Green
Williams, Ed, W Courtland
Williams, Elwood, 409 N Adams
Williams, Fred D, 406 E Washington
Williams, HK, E Green
Williams, USG, 609 N Lincoln
Williford, B, 302 S Locust
Williford, Chas, Wallpaper-Paints, 100 W Washington
Williford, WH, RFD
Willobank School, N Lincoln
Wilson, Ben H, 209 N Main
Wilson & Pease, Insurance, North Side Square
Wilson, Rev JA, 806 N Lincoln
Wilson, JC, S Harrison
Wilson, JM, 507 Webster
Wilt, HW, Harlan St
Winters, CL, East Division
Winters, John, 203 W Second
Winter, Julius F, W Monroe
Winters, Mrs Kate, S White
Withrow, Judge WS, 401 E Washington
Withrow, Judge WS, Office, Nat'l State Bank Bldg
Wolf, Art, 413 N White
Wolff, Addie G, 309 W Clay
Wolff, Harvey, S White
Wood, Miss Ada, Over Free Press
Wood, H, 404 S Jefferson
Woodman Hall, S Jefferson
Woodson, Fred, 409 W Washington
Woodson, WH, 218 E Monroe
Woline, Fred, 904 Broadway
Worthington, WD, 215 N Main
Wright, Geo, 308 E Henry
Wright, Inez, 308 W Washington
Wright, WL, 805 Broadway
Wright, WT, 608 E Washington
Walker, AU, 2 miles West
Walker, Isaac, 4 miles West
Walker, RN, 6 1/2 miles Northeast
Walters, WG, 5 1/2 miles North
Watts, Theo, 1 mile Northeast Trenton
Weir, EL, 3 miles Northwest
Welch, Mrs Phoebe, 3 1/2 miles West
Werner, Albert, 5 miles North
Wertenberger, J, 3 1/2 miles North
Wery, John, 3 miles West of Trenton
Wheatley, John W, 2 miles Northeast
Whisman, Wm, 2 1/2 miles Southwest
White, Will H, 1 1/2 miles West
White, TE, 8 miles Southwest
White, EE, 3 miles West
Wickham, JF, 8 miles Northeast
Wick, AF, 2 1/2 miles North
Williams, DE, 7 1/2 miles Southeast
Willits, Ledru, 3 miles Northeast
Willits, ET, 3 miles Northeast
Willits, Robert, 3 miles Northeast
Willis, Joe, 5 miles South
Wilson, Warren, 7 miles South
Wilson & Co, Store, Trenton
Wilson, Amos, 4 miles North
Wilson, Lawrence, Trenton
Wolin, Albert, 7 1/2 miles Northwest
Wood, Chas, 5 1/2 miles South
Woods, David, 11 miles Southeast
Woodland Stock Farm, 1 1/2 miles South
Wright, Elmer, 7 1/2 miles Southwest
Wright, Geo G, 6 1/2 miles Southeast
Wright, Homer, 4 miles South
Wright, VG, 2 1/2 miles West
Wright, WS & Ross, 4 miles Southeast
Wright, WT, 5 miles Southwest
None Listed
YMCA, Office, Jefferson & Madison
Yocum, EV, N Jackson
Young, Mrs EC, RFD No 4
Young, Mrs NAJ, 300 W Monroe
Young, Robert, 111 N Adams
Young, WP, 414 N Main
Young, Wm R, 108 S Adams
Yocum, WC, 1 1/2 miles Northeast
Young, DC, 6 1/2 miles North
Young, John W, 3 miles Northeast
Young, WE, 1 3/4 miles West
Zorn, Chas, East Monroe
Zigler, Jacob, 4 1/2 miles Northwest
Zink, Phil, 6 miles Southeast
Zuhn, WA, 4 miles Northeast
NOTE: Address given is 'residence', unless noted otherwise. Phone numbers are not transcribed, but are available upon 
request. Original Directory in possession of Transcriber Pat Ryan White, December 2003 [pwhite6024@aol.com] Camarillo, CA


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