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"The Medical and Surgical Directory of the State of Iowa,"

Compiled by Charles H. Lothrop, M.D., J. C. Hopkins, Printer, Lyons, Iowa 1876

Henry County, Iowa Listing

Bassett, H.M.Mount PleasantWestern Reserve College, Cleveland, OH1863RegularAsst Physician for the Iowa Hosp for the Insane, Mt. Pleasant
Bird, WellingtonMount PleasantJefferson Medical College, Philadelphia1841RegularU.S. Examining Surgeon for Pensions
Chandler, J.N.New London
Cleaves, M. AbbieMount PleasantMedical Dept Iowa State Univ, Iowa City1873RegularAsst Physician for the Iowa Hosp for the Insane, Mt. Pleasant
Douthans, J.J.Rome
Eliott, J.Rome
Hobbs, W.C.New London
Kimmell, B.G.WinfieldRegular
Marsh, W.S.Mount PleasantMedical Dept Iowa State Univ, Keokuk1854Regular
Marsh, Charles F.Mount PleasantMedical Dept Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor1869RegularUS Examining Surgeon for Pensions
Mehler, F.C.New LondonRush Medical College, Chicago1863Regular
McCannaughey, D.S.MarshallCollege Physicians & Surgeons, Keokuk1867Regular
McClure, A.W.Mount PleasantOhio Medical College, Cincinnati1853
Medical Dept Univ of Pennsylvania1860Regular
Pitcher, A.O.Mount PleasantHomeopathic
Phlipot, F.B.New LondonSt. Louis Medical College1866Regular
Pearson, C.Mount PleasantHomeopathic
Porter, J.J.Sweedesburgh
Ranney, MarkMount PleasantVermont Medical College1849RegularSupt. Iowa Hospital of the Insane, Mt. Pleasant
Lecturer on Insanity in the Medical Dept of the Iowa State Univ, Iowa City
Member of Iowa State Medical Society
Robinson, D.W.Mount PleasantRegular
Roberts, _Mount PleasantEclectic
Shockey, B.M.Winfield
Shidler, G.W.SweedesburghCollege Physician & Surgeons, Keokuk1873Regular
Simons, L.A.Mount PleasantHomeopathic
Siveter, ThomasSalemRegular
Smutz, S.A.HillsboroCollege Physician & Surgeons, Keokuk1876Regular
Twining, E.T.MarshallChicago Medical College, Chicago1867Regular
Wilson, George W.New LondonMedical Dept Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor1870Regular
Wertz, JohnWinfieldCollege Physicians & Surgeons, Keokuk1864Regular
Wright, B. AaronNew LondonCleveland Medical College, Cleveland, Ohio1846Regular

Transcribed and formatted by Conni McDaniel Hall, Nov 2019.

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