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    Farmers' names are listed alphabetically by last name, followed by first name or initial, Post Office Address, 

Route number and name of Township--then comes the Section number, and "O" or "R" for Owner or Renter.


Crawfordsville Cra.   Olds Olds
Danville Dan. Rome Rome
Hillsboro Hill. Salem Sal.
Lockridge Lock. Swedesburg Swe.
Mt. Pleasant M.P. Wayland Way.
Mt. Union M.U. Winfield Win.
New London N.L.   


Baltimore Bal.          New London N.L.
Canaan Can. Salem Sal.
Center Cen. Scott Sc.
Jackson Jack. Tippecanoe Tip.
Jefferson Jef. Trenton Tre.
Marion Mar. Wayne Way.


- A -

Anderson, Duane, MU 1, Can, 24-R
Abrahamson, Paul, Win 1, Way, 34-R Anderson, Ellsworth, MP 5, Way, 8-O
Abriz, Herbert, Win 1, Sc, 1 Anderson, Gerlad, MU 1, Can, 22-O
Adams, Lloyd, MU 1, Can, 21-O Anderson, Guy, MU 1, Can, 7-O
Aicher, Alvin, MP 4, Sal, 3-R Anderson, Harold, Win 1, Way, 11-R
Aikman, Marlyn, MP 3, Tip, 22 Anderson, Herman, Win 2, Sc, 27-R
Alexander, Iliff, MP 2, Tre, 14-O Anderson, Howard, NL 1, NL, 35-R
Alicher, Dale, MP 2, Mar, 7-R Anderson, Jesse, MU 1, Mar, 12-O
Allen, C.M., NL 1, NL, 32-O Anderson, John, Can 1, Bal, 2-
Allen, Dean, MP 2, Mar, 23-O Anderson, Lee, Mp 3, Tip, 3-O
Allen, Donald, MP 5, Way, ?-R Anderson, Leslie, Win 1, Way, 14-R
Allen, Herbert, Sal 1, Jack, 34-O Anderson, Paul, Mp 1, NL, 8-O
Allen, John, NL 2, NL, 2-R Anderson, Paul E, MP 5, Way, 1-O
Allen, Wilbur, MP 5, Way, 1-R Anderson, Paul Ed, MP 5, Way, 33-O
Allender, Elmer, MP 5, Mar,?-O Anderson, R, MP 4, Cen, 19-
Allender, W, MP 5, Tre, 1-O Anderson, Raymond, MU 1, Can, 24-R
Allender, Wayne, MP 5, Mar, 11-R Anderson, T.A., Win 1, Sc, 19-O
Allender, Wilbur, MP 5, Mar, ?-O Anderson, Verle, MU 1, Mar, 12-R
Alliman, Daniel, MP 5, Jef, 1-O Anderson, W, NL 1, Bal, 21-O
Almond, L, MP 1, Jack, 9-O Anderson, W.P., MP 3, Tre, 35-O
Almond, Ralph, Sal 1, Sal, 14-R Anderson, Walter C, MP 3, Tip, 2-O
Alter, Leslie, MP 2, Tre, 15-R     Anderson, Wesley, MU 1, Can, 30-O
Alvin, John, Win 1, Sc, 19-R Anderson, William, MP 1, Jack, 14-O
Alvine, A., MP 5, Way, 19 Appelira, Frank, MP 4, Tip, 34-R
Alvine, Henry, MP 5, Way, 19-O Arbogast, John, Way 1, Jef, 10-O
Alvine, Malcom, Win 1, Way, 14-O Arbogast, Max, Way 2, Jef, 21-R
Anderson, Axel, MU 1, NL, 32-O Arbogast, Ray, Way 2, Jef,?-?
Anderson, Bernard, MP 3, Tip, 1-R Aronhalt, Roger, Win 2, Sc, 2-R
Anderson, Carl, NL 1, NL, 32-O Asby, Howard, MP 1, NL, 31-O
Anderson, Chester, MU 1, Can, 25-R
Anderson, Clinton, Win 1, Sc, 29-O

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