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    Farmers' names are listed alphabetically by last name, followed by first name or initial, 

Post Office Address, Route number and name of Township--then comes the Section number, and "O" or "R" for Owner or Renter.


Crawfordsville Cra.   Olds Olds
Danville Dan. Rome Rome
Hillsboro Hill. Salem Sal.
Lockridge Lock. Swedesburg Swe.
Mt. Pleasant M.P. Wayland Way.
Mt. Union M.U. West Point W.P.
New London N.L. Winfield Win.


Baltimore Bal.   New London N.L.
Canaan Can. Salem Sal.
Center Cen. Scott Sc.
Jackson Jack. Tippecanoe Tip.
Jefferson Jef. Trenton Tre.
Marion Mar. Wayne Way.


- A -

Aronhalt, Roger, Win 2, Sc, 2-R
Abbott, A.F., Win 1, Sc, 17-O Asby, Howard, MP 1, NL, 31-O
Abrahamson, Paul, Win 1, Way, 34-R
Abriz, Herbert, Win 1, Sc, 16-

- B -

Adams, Lloyd, M.U. 1, Can, 21-O Bailey, Hanmber, Sal 1, Jack, 18-
Aikman, Marilyn, M.P. 3, Tip, 22- Bailey, L., Dan 1, Bal, 24-
Alden, W.T., M.U. 1, Sc, 35- Bain, Roscoe, Way 1, Jef, 30-R
Alexander, Illif, M.P. 2, Tre, 14-O Baine, Willis, Sal 1, Sal, 17-R
Aller, Albert, M.P. 5, Mar, 23-O Baker, Gene, Win 1, Say, 36-R
Allen, C.M., N.L 1, N.L., 32 Baker, Horace, M.P. 5, Mar, 21-O
Allen, Dean, M.P. 2, Mar, 23-O Baker, Willis, MU 1, Can, 16-R
Allen, Herbert, Sal 1, Jack, 34-O Ball, Wendall, NL 2, NL, 11-R
Allen, Jno. N.L. 2, NL, 26-R Bank, Herbert, Sal 1, Sal, 21-R
Allen, Lynn, M.P. 2, Mar, 29-O Barney, Ben, MP 1, Jack, 23-R
Allen, Wilbur, M.P. 5, Way, 16-R Barquist, Lawr., MP 5, Way, 9-R
Allender, Elmer, MP 5, Mar, 6-O Barr, Kenneth, MP 5, Mar, 32-
Allender, W., MP 5, Tre, 1-O Barr, Leslie, MP 5, Mar, 10-O
Allender, Wayne, MP 2, Mar, 11-R Barr, Richard, MP 2, Mar, 32-
Allender, Wilbur, MP 5, Mar, 6-O Barton, B, MP 3, Tip, 18-R
Alliman, Daniel J, MP 5, Jef, 18-O Barton, J.F., MP 4, Tip, 29-
Almond, L, MP 1, Jack, 9-O Barton, Kenneth, MP 4, Tip, 19-
Almond, Ralph, Sal 1, Sal, 14-R Barton, Rex, Lock 3, Tip, 30-R
Alred, W.E., Way 2, Jef, 18-O Barton, Roy, MP 4, Tip, 16-O
Alter, Leslie, MP 2, Tre, 15-R Barton, Tom, Lock 2, Tip, 19-
Altizer, Don, Can 1, Bal, 27- Barton, W, MP 3, Tip, 16-O
Alvin, Jno, Win 1, Sc, 19- Barton, Walter, Sal 1, Sal, 23-O
Alvine, Henry, MP 5, Way, 19-O Bates, B.K., MP 2, Tre, 1-
Alvine, Malcom, Win 1, Way, 14-O Bates, Jas., MP 5, Mar., 6-
Alvine, Swan, MP 5, Way, 19-O Bates, Mrs. N, MP 2, Tre, 24-
Anderson, Axel B, MU 1, Can, 22-O Batey, Chester, MP 4, Sal, 5-
Anderson, Bernard, MP 3, Tip, 16-R Bauer, Arthur, Dan 1, Bal, 23-O
Anderson, Carl, NL 1, NL, 32-O Bauer, R.M., NL 1, Bal, 28-
Anderson, Chester, MU 1, Can, 25-R Bayles, Phillip, NL 1, Bal, 28-
Anderson, Clinton, Win 1, Sc, 29-O Beachy, Jos, Way 2, Jef, 20-R
Anderson, Dale, MP 2, Mar, 24-R Beach, Paul, NL 2, NL, 36-O
Anderson, Duane W, MU 1, Can, 22-O Beard, Herbert, MP 4, Cen, 30-O
Anderson, Ellsworth, MP 5, Way, 8-O    Bean, Mr., Way 1, Tre, 6-R
Anderson, Gerald, MU 1, Can, 7-O Beattie, Mrs. Geo R, MP 1, NL, 7-O
Anderson, Guy, MU 1, Can, 7-O Beattie, Raymond, MP 1, NL, 8-R
Anderson, Harold, MP 5, Way, 30-R Beattie, Robert, MP 2, Cen, 5-R
Anderson, Howard, NL 1, NL, 25-R Beattie, Walter, NL 1, NL, 8-R
Anderson, Jesse, MU 1, Mar, 12-O Beattie, Wendell, MP 2, Can, 32-R
Anderson, Jno., Can 1, Bal, 26-O Beauchamp, Russell, Win 1, Sc, 15-O
Anderson, Lee, MP 3, Tip, 3-O Becker, Bernard, Sal 1, Sal, 25-R
Anderson, Leslie, Win 1, Say, 14-R Becker, E, Sal 1, Jack, 5-R
Anderson, Paul E, MP 5, Way, 16-O Becker, Frank, Sal 1, Jack, 5-R
Anderson, Paul Ed, MP 5, Way, 33-O Beckler, Truman, MP 5, Way, 19-R
Anderson, Paul, MP 1, NL, 8-O Beckman, Linus, MP 1, Cen, 36-O
Anderson, Ray, MU 1, Can, 24-O Beechy, Willie, MP 5, Way, 19-R
Anderson, T.A., Win 1, Sc, 19-O Bell, Richard, Sal 1, Jack, 22-O
Anderson, Verle, MU 1, Mar, 12-R Bencke, Elmer, MP 2, Tre, 15-O
Anderson, Verle, MU, Can, 17-O Benson, Baron, Win 1, Way, 23-R
Anderson, W, NL 1, Bal, 21- Bergstrom, Gilbert, MP 5, Way, 32-O
Anderson, W.P., MP 3, Tre, 35-R Bergren, J, MP 3, Tip, 16-O
Anderson, Walter C, MP 3, Tip, 2-O Bergstrom, Melvin, Win 1, Way, 26-R
Anderson, Wesley, MP 1, Jack, 14-O Berrie, Earl, Sal 1, Sal, 16-
Anderson, Wm, MP 1, Jack, 14-O Berry, J.M., Mp 1, Jack, 26-R
Arbogest, Jno, Way 1, Jef, 10-O Berry, Minnie, MP 2, Tre, 15-O
Arbogast, Jno, Way 1, Jef, 10-O Berry, Willie, Dan 1, Bal, 15-O
Armstrong, C.M., Hill 1, Sat, 19-R Billingsley, Howard, Hill, Sal, 32-R
Aronhalt, Ralph, Win 2, Sc, 1-O Billingsley, Jno, MP 5, Way, 9-R


Black, Leslie, Sal 1, Sal, 7-O Brown, Charlie, MP 5, Cen, 3-R
Black, Roy, Win 1, Way, 12-R Brown, Chester, MP 4, Sal, 2-O
Blakely, Jos, Sal, Sal, 22-R Brown, E.M., Sal 1, Sal, 15-O
Blint, Geo, Jr., NL 2, NL, 24-R Brownell, Everett, MP 3, Tre, 25-R
Bloom, Waldo J, Win 1, Sc, 31- Brown, Fred, MP 4, Sal, 2-
Blosser, Laverne, Way 1, Jef, 14-R Brown, G., MU 2, Can, 22-R
Blossey, Virgil, Way 1, Jef, 33-O Brown, Lloyd, MP 5, Mar, 17-O
Blucher, Lloyd, Sal 1, Tip, 30-O Brown, Ray C, MP 2, Mar, 7-O
Blythe, Geo, MP 4, Tip, 21-O Brown, Rex, MP 4, Sal, 3-R
Blythe, J, MP 4, Tip, 21-O Bruer, Hugh, Hill 1, Sal, 29-R
Boal, Dean, MP 5, Way, 17-R Bruggemeyer, Chas, MP 1, Jack, 3-O
Boal, Robert, MP 5, Way, 32-R Bruggemeyer, Ralph, MP 1, Jack, 2-R
Bodison, Ray, MP4, Cen, 33-O Bruhn, F.C., MP 4, Tip, 24-O
Boecker, H, NL 1, Bal, 21- Bryant, Harry, MP 5, Mar, 21-R
Boecker, H, Hill 1, Sal, 27-R Bryant, Walter, MP 5, Mar, 33-O
Boese, Albert, Way 2, Jef, 5-O Buck, Cecil, Hill 1, Sal, 32-
Boese, Orlie, Way 1, Jef, 14-O Buck, Earl, MP 3, Tre, 35-R
Boezel, Geo, Way 2, Jef, 5-R Buck, Leslie, MP 2, Tre, 35-R
Bontrager, Harold, Win 1, Way, 3-O Budde, Chas J, MU 1, Can, 27-O
Borders, Walter, MP 3, Tip, 1- Budde, Richard, MU 1, Can, 24-O
Boshart, DN, Way 1, Jef, 14-R Budde, Samuel H, MU 2, Can, 22-O
Boshart, Dennis N, Way 1, Jef, 14-R    Buffington, Berch B, MP 2, Can, 31-O
Boshart, Dillion, Way 1, Jef, 23-O Bunker, Ralph, Sal 1, Jack, 21-O
Boshart, Don, MP 5, Way, 7- Burden, Floyd, MP 5, Mar, 21-O
Boshart, Elon, Mp 5, Way, 7-O Burden, Jack, MP 2, Tre, 14-
Boshart, Roy, Way 1, Jef, 10-R Burden, Kenneth, MP 3, Tre, 24-O
Box, A, MP 1, Jack, 28-R Burden, Lowell, MP 2, Tre, 12-O
Box, Lawr, Sal 1, Sal, 36-O Burden, Robert, MU 1, Can, 20-
Bradley, L.Z., MP 4, Sal, 12- Burgraf, Henry, Way 1, Jef, 15-O
Brannon, Chas., MP 3, Tre, 25-O Burk, Leroy, MU 1, Can, 33-
Breazeale, Ben, MP 4, Tip, 25-R Burke, Bill, MP 1, NL, 7-R
Breazeale, E.W., Sal 1, Jack, 20-O Burkey, Howard S, MP 1, NL, 30-O
Breazeale, Ed, MP 4, Tip, 36-O Burkey, Ken, MP 4, Sal, 10-
Brenizer, Marion, MP 4, Sal, 12-O Burkey, Kenneth, Sal 1, Sal, 15-
Brenneman, Mrs. E.R., Way 1, Jef, 26-O Burkholder, Bob, Way 1, Jef, 25-R
Brenneman, LLoyd, MU 2, Can, 32-R Burkholder, S, MP 2, Mar, 4-
Breuer, David, MP 2, Can, 32-R Burns, Andy, MP 4, Cen, 28-O
Brewster, Mark, MP 3, Tre, 13-R Burns, Anna, MP 4, Cen, 33-R
Brewster, Warren, MP 2, Tre, 13-R Burns, Clark, MP 2, Mar, 2-O
Brickmeyer, Martin, Dan 1, Bal, 34-R Burns, Domien, MP 4, Cen, 33-R
Brimhall, Keith, Way 1, Jef, 35-R Burns, Richard, MP 2, Tre, 13-O
Brissey, Leo, NL 1, Bal, 4-O Burns, Warren, MU 1, Mar, 1-R
Broeker, Fred, MU 1, Sc, 26-R Butcher, Bert, MP 5, Way, 20-R
Broeker, Orval, NL 2, NL, 24-R Byrley, Everett, MP 1, Jack, 16-O
Brombaugh, Chas., MP 2, Mar, 32-R Byrum, Carl, MU 2, Can, 26-
Brown, Boyd, Sal 1, Sal, 15-O



- C -

Cannon, Chas, Swe, Way, 27-R
Cannon, Bob, MU 1, Can, 24-R
Cahill Bros, MP 4, Cen, 22-O Caplin, Kenneth, MP 1, Cen, 36-
Caldwell, Mrs. A.C., MP 4, Tip, 22-O Carden, Chas., MP 5, Way, 15-O
Caldwell, Wayne, Rome, Tip, 5-O Carden, W.W., Win 2, Sc, 27-R
Calhoun, Edman, MP 3, Tre, 26- Carden, Wade, Win 2, Sc, 27-O
Calhoun, Frank, Dan 1, Bal, 26-O Carden, Willard, MP 4, Tip, 12-O
Calhoun, Victor, MP 3, Tip, 13- Carden, Wm F, Jr, Win 2, Sc, 28-O
Calhoun, Victor Sr, MP 3, Cen, 18-R Caris, Merle, NL 1, Jack, 25-O
Calloway, David R, NL 1, NL, 35-O Carnahan, Hugh, MP 2, Cen, 8-O
Camby, Arthur, MU 1, Sc, 33- Carlson, Carl, MP 2, Mar, 3-
Cammack, Dale, Sal 1, Sal, 24-R Carlson, Clifford L, MU 1, Sc, 36-O
Campbell, Mrs. Anna, Way 1, Jef, 32-O Carlson, Everett, MU 1, Sc, 36-O
Campbell, Arthur, Way 1, Tre, 6-O Carlson, Mrs. Laura, Win 1, Sc, 35-R
Campbell, Glen, MP 1, Cen, 12-O Carlson, Myron, MU 1, Sc, 36-O
Campbell, M, MP 3, Tip, 18- Carlson, R, MP 4, Cen, 21-O
Campbell, Paul, MP 2, Can, 31-O Carlson, Robert, Win 1, Way, 3-O
Canby, Allen, MP 5, Way, 35-O Carlson, Rupert, MU 1, Can, 18-O
Canby, Andrew, MP 5, Way, 35-O Carper, Donald, MP 2, Can, 30-O
Canby, Chas, MP 2, Mar, 2-O Carper, Stacy, MP 2, Tre, 15-O
Canby, Floyd, MU 1, Can, 6-O Carson, Herbert, NL 1, Bal, 22-
Canby, Jay R, MU 2, Can, 12-O Carter, C.J., ML 1, NL, 23-R
Canby, Ralph, MU 2, Can, 12-O    Carver, D, MP 3, Tip, 14-O
Canby, Rex, MP 2, Mar, 2-O Carver, Frank 


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