Alphabetical List of Names

NOTE – “R” stands for renter, “O” for owner. All persons over eighteen years of age have individual listings.
Children under 18 years, given name, age, year in school, listed with parent.
McALLISTER Maude Miss companion 300 N Adams St (R) ph 518-Blue.
McBETH Erma Miss rural schl tchr 308 S Harrison St (R).
McBETH Ira (Ina) slsmn P J Hurley & Son 512 N Main St (R) Mary Frances 14 yrs soph MPHS.
McBETH Stanley (Helen) assnt mgr Cash Feed & Grocery 605 W Washington St (O) ph 478-Green Richard 12 yrs 7th gr MPJrHS Joan 4 yrs kindrgarten Saunders Larry 2 yrs.
McBETH Wadel (Bertha) investigator Old Age Assistance 308 S Harrison St (R).
McBRIDE Ida Mrs widow retired 601 W Monroe St (R) PEO Home ph 581.
McCABE B L (Annie) com laborer 400 E Henry St (R) ph 421-Green Charlotte 13 yrs frosh MPHS.
McCABE Ferne Miss night nurse Mem Hosp 609 N White St (R) ph 296-Black.
McCABE Jas single frosh Ia Wes Coll 405 E Monroe St (R) ph 51.
McCABE John single druggist Brau’s Pharmacy 200 N Adams St (R) ph 441-Blue.
McCABE Keeth single clrk Roederer’s Bakery 400 E Henry St (R) ph 421-Green.
McCABE Tom Dr (Mary) veterinarian 405 E Monroe St (O) ph 51 Tommy 14 yrs frosh MPHS.
McCABE Will (Nita) farmer 609 N White St (O) ph 296-Black.
McCAHN Daisy Mrs widow of David retired 809 Broadway St (O).
McCARTY Floyd (Anna) com labrr 204 W Orange St (R) Ruth 9 yrs 2nd gr JrHS Virginia 2 yrs Lois 7 yrs 1st gr JrHS Donald 4 yrs.
McCARTY Ralph single sr Ia Wes Coll 300 N Main St (R) ph 355 (Phi Delta Theta).
McCHORD Abbie P Mrs widow of Loss retired 708 Broadway St (O) ph 487-Green.
McCLARAN Pearl (Bessie) tinner Taft & Sons 808 S Walnut St (O).
McCLARAN Will (Olive) city mail carrier 711 E Henry St (O) ph 151-Red.
McCLURE Fanchon Mrs widow retired 601 W Monroe St (R) PEO Home ph 581.
McCLURE Martha Miss retired 302 E Monroe St (O) ph 107.
McCLURE Robt sngle sr MPHS 415 Broadway St (R) ph 156-Red.
McCOID Eugene (Roberta) attorney 502 E Monroe St (O) ph 488 Robt 2½ yrs.
McCOID J C (Mary) lawyer 702 E Washington St (O) ph 9.
McCOID & McCOID Attorneys 103½ W Monroe St ph 33 partnrs J C McCoid Eugene C McCoid.
McCOID Paul Hon (Elizabeth) judge 700 E Washington St (O) ph 24 Allan 14 yrs soph MPHS John 11 yrs 8th gr JrHS.
McCONNAUGHEY J T Dr (Olive) physician and surgeon 103 E Henry St (O) ph 139½.
McCONNAUGHEY J T Dr (ofc) 111½ W Monroe St physician surgeon ph 139.
McCONNELL Emily Mrs retired 209 N Adams St (O) ph 266-Blue.
McCOY Ursa (Marie) clrk USPO 307 S Harrison St (O) ph 257-Red Jas 10 yrs 5th gr JrHS Edw 6 yrs 1st gr JrHS.
McCORMICK-DEERING STORE 124-128 N Jefferson St 483 mgr I T “Prunes” Nelson.
McCORMICK Florence Mrs widow of Guy slsldy Hoaglin Inc 203 S Main St (R) ph 545-Blue.
McCORMICK Kathryn Miss steno Co Agnt 128½ S Main St (R) Apt 17 Louisa Bldg ph 231.
McCORMICK Nannie Mrs widow retired 300 S Jefferson St (R) ph 463-Red.
McCRACKEN Sam single owner McCracken Barber Shop 209 S Jackson St (O).
McCRACKEN Sam Barber Shop 209 S Jackson St owner Sam McCracken.
McCREARY F M widower retired 504 Hamlin St (O).
McCUNE Jas single retired railroader 502 Hamlin St (R) ph 502-Green.
McCUNE John single retired 502 Hamlin St (O) ph 502-Green.
McCUNE Lizzie Miss retired 502 Hamlin St (R) ph 502-Green.
McCULLOUGH Joe (Vernellda) transfer driver McCullough Transfer 701 E Henry St (R) Jolene 3 yrs Richard De Wayne 3 mos.
McCULLOUGH Mabelle Miss bkkpr McCullough Transfer 701 S Locust St (R) ph 135½.
McCULLOUGH Martha E Mrs widow of Merritt housekpr 708 S White St (O) ph 162-Black.
McCULLOUGH Thomas E (Martha) owner McCullough Transfer 701 S Locust St (O) ph 135½ .
McCULLOUGH TRANSFER 206 E Monroe St ph 135 owner Thomas E McCullough.
McDONALD Mary Mrs housekpr 402 S Jackson St (O).
McDONALD Virginia Miss asst sec Farm Credit Ass’n 402 S Jackson St (R).
McDOWELL Irvin (Olive) com laborer 801 E Henry St (O) Evelyn 7 yrs 2nd gr JrHS Rachel 5 yrs kindrgarten James 3 mos.
McDOWELL John (Emma) welder Industrial Sch Bldg Burlington Ia 506 Sycamore St (O) Betty 12 yrs 5th gr JrHS Stella 9 yrs 4th gr JrHS Ella 9 yrs 4th gr JrHS John Jr 6 yrs 2nd gr.
McELDOWNEY Edna Mrs widow of Wm housekpr 602 E Washington St (O) ph 532-Black.
McELROY H K (Willa) gas fitter 409 E Webster St (O) Joe 15 yrs soph MPHS Jim 14 yrs frosh MPHS.
McGAVIC Anna Mrs 413 N Main St (R) ph 81.
McGEER Margaret Miss retired 507 S White St (O) ph 369-Red.
McGEER Wm single retired 507 S White St ph 369-Red.
McGOHAN C M (Eva D) retired farmer 511 E Washington (O) ph 510-Blue.
McGOHAN Nona Jane Miss reporter Mt Pl News 511 E Washington St (R) ph 510-Blue.
McGREW Harry (Rose) ins agent 303 N Main St (O) ph 112-Red.
McGREW INSURANCE SERVICE 303 N Main St ph 112-Red agt Harry McGrew.
McGUIRE S A widower com laborer 906 S Adams St (O).
McINTOSH Florence Miss housekpr 800 E Monroe St (R).
McINTOSH Gladys Miss houseworkr 800 E Monroe St (R).
McINTOSH Lela Miss housewrkr 800 E Monroe St (R).
McINTOSH Sara Mrs widow housekpr 800 E Monroe St (R).
McKEE Nellie G Mrs widow of E E housekpr 405 W Monroe St (O).
McKENZIE Clyde (Laura) contrctr & builder 702 W Washington St (R) ph 209-Green Clyde Jr 13 yrs 8th gr JrHS.
McKENZIE Frank (June) carpenter 406 E Washington St (R) Logan Apts ph 250-Black 109 S Van Buren St (O) ph 193-Green.
McKIBBIN Florence Mrs widow of G W retired.
McKIBBIN Stella Mrs widow of G P retired 109 E Monroe St (R) Colonial Apts ph 143.
McKINLEY C G (Goldie) mgr Nat Tea Food Str 305 N Jackson St (R) ph 290-Green Errol 9 yrs 4th gr Saunders Carol Ann 3 yrs.
McKINNON Jerry single soph Ia Wes Coll 300 N Main St (R) Phi Delta Theta ph 355.
McKINNON Muriel Miss sr Ia Wes Coll 605 Broadway St (R) Hershey Hall ph 105.
McKNIGHT Grace Miss housekpr 300 S Harrison St (R).
McLEAN Guy E (Esther) super MPHS 803 N Main St (R) ph 515-Green.
McLERAN Catherine Mrs widow of C E retired 219 W Monroe St (O) ph 334.
McLERAN Harold (Florence) Co Atty Henry Co 109 W Broad St (R) ph 5 Robert Harold 9 mos.
McLERAN Harold F Co Atty (ofc) 106½ S Main St abstractor-lawyer ph 68.
McLERAN Kathryn Mrs wife of Thornton clrk McLeran Music Store 208 Franklin St (R) ph 542-Green.
McLERAN MUSIC STORE 221 W Monroe St ph 334 Electrical Appliances-Musical Instruments Sewing Machines Mgr Thornton McLeran.
McLERAN Thornton (Kathryn) mgr McLeran Music Store 208 Franklin St (O) ph 542-Green.
McMILLAN Chas single mech CB&QR W Burlington Iowa 308 S Main St (R) ph 236-Red.
McMILLAN Dorothea Miss private duty nurse 308 S Main St (R) ph 236-Red.
McMillan Elizabeth Mrs widow Geo housekpr 308 S Main St (O) ph 236-Red.
McMILLAN Elmer (Vera) truckdrvr St Ins Hosp 612 E Henry St (R) ph 151-Black Jas Harris 9 yrs 3rd gr JrHS Janet Harris 8 yrs 3rd fir JHS.
McMILLAN Frank single retired 112½ W Washington St (R) Fleenor Apts.
McMILLAN Harold (Helen) com laborer 508 Broadway St (O).
McMILLAN Helen Mrs wife of Harold bkkpr for Staats & Co 508 Broadway St (R).
McMILLAN Joseph single owner Brazelton Hotel 308 S Main St (R) ph 236-Red.
McMILLAN Mable Mrs retired 205 S White (O).
McMILLAN Orpha Mrs widow of T B housekpr 308 W Pearl St (O) ph 413-Black.
McNESS F W Products Agency 1006 E Madison St stock preparations-remedies agt David Kemery
McPIKE Jas (Geraldine) com laborer 309 East St (R) Dean Gerald 6 mos.
NOTE: Resource provided by Henry County Heritage Trust; transcriptions done by Hayley A. Hopper, University of Northern Iowa Public History Field Experience Class, May 2022.

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