Alphabetical List of Names

NOTE – “R” stands for renter, “O” for owner. All persons over eighteen years of age have individual listings.
Children under 18 years, given name, age, year in school, listed with parent.
FANKHAUSER C R (Edna) partner Fankhauser 204 E Henry St (O) ph 518-Red Shallimar 9 yrs 5th gr M P Jr H S.
FANKHAUSER DAIRY 112 N Main St dairy products dealer De Laval Cream Separators ph 123 partners A W Fankhauser C R Fankhauser.
FANKHAUSER Glenn C (Ina) emp Fankhauser Dairy 1000 W Henry St (O) ph 277-Green – Glenda Lou 2¼ yrs.
FANSHER Harriet Miss sr Ia Wes Coll 605 Broadway St (R) ph 105 Hershey Hall.
FARMAN Doris Miss steno NYA 606 W Clay St (R).
FARMAN Irene Miss 606 W Clay St (R).
FARMAN John (Florence E) retired farmer 606 W Clay St (O).
FARMAN Paul single farmer 606 W Clay St (R).
FARM SECURITY ADMN (ofc) 110 E Washington St 2nd floor (Henry Co Courthouse) ph 453 R R supervisor A M Wettach.
FARMERS UNION SHIPPING ASSOCIATION 311-313 Vernon St feeds coal produce shippers of livestock mgrs Art Young Harry Carper – ph 103.
FARMERS UNION SHPING ASS’N Board of Directors Room 313½ Vernon St officers pres C E Carnahan v pres Joe Timmerman sec and treas Walter Rohde directrs Horton Gilbert Guy Mathews.
FARNUM Roy single tractor mechanic Guthrie & Johnson Constr Co Burlington Ia 608 E Clay St (R) ph 436.
FARR Kate Mrs widow of H M housekpr 408 W Washington St (O) ph 558-Red.
FARR Malcolm (Lucille) employee City Light Plant 422½ N Adams St (R).
FARR Rachel Miss housekpr 408 W Washington St (R) ph 558-Red.
FARROW Laura Bell Miss soph Ia Wes Coll 605 Broadway St (R) ph 105 Hershey Hall.
FAULKNER C E (Nellie) boilermaker CB&QR W Burlington Ia 608 S Jackson St (R) Marie 16 yrs jr Mt P H S Marjorie 14 yrs frosh Mt P H S.
FEEHAN Alice Miss waitress Hamburger Inn 106 N Adams St (R) ph 516-Black.
FEEHAN Ellen Miss waitress Walter’s Texaco Service 1300 Broadway St (R).
FEHY John (Bertha) com laborer 600 S Jackson St (O).
FELGAR Ed H (Mary) clrk Benteco Food Store 302 S Main St (O) ph 159-Blue.
FELLMER Willhelmine Mrs widow of Carl retired 107 W Second St (R) ph 530-Green.
FENN Milo (Emma) employee Ia St Hgwy Com 103 S Harrison St (R) ph 549-Blue.
FENTON Betty Miss jr Mt P H S 308 Division St (R).
FENTON Leila Mrs widow of Howard housekpr 303 N White St (O).
FENTON W J (Ruth) caretaker Forest Home Cemetery 912 S Walnut St (R) ph 314-Blue.
FERGUSON Daisye Miss seamstress 300 S Jefferson St (R).
FERGUSON Margaret Mrs widow retired 601 W Monroe St PEO Home ph 581.
FERGUSON Wm Mrs widow retired 409 W Monroe St (O) ph 316-Green.
FERREL Roy (Naomi) employee St Hiwy Comn 609 S Jefferson St (O) ph 551-Green Barbara 8 yrs 3rd gr Saunders Richard 5 yrs kindgrten Saunders Donna Mae 1 yr.
FERREL W P (Ida Mae) carpenter 609 W Monroe St (O).
FETT D C (Caroline) retired farmer 508 E Monroe St (O) ph 178-Green.
FICKEL Cora Mrs widow of Will housekpr 297 S Jackson St (O).
FIDLER Marietta Miss soph Ia Wes Coll 605 Broadway St (R) Hershey Hall ph 105.
FIIALKOWSKI Joe (Bertha) retired farmer 805 E Henry St (O).
FINGER Pearl (Anna) meat cutter 415 N Van Buren St (O) ph 280-Red.
FINKE Avon Miss sec Ia Wes Coll 605 Broadway St (R) ph 105 Hershey Hall.
FINLEY F S (Kathrine) lawyer 508 E Washington St (O) ph 492.
FINELY F S Attorney (ofc) 130½ S Main St – ph 13.
FIREBAUGH Mary L Mrs widow retired 406 E Monroe St (R) ph 85.
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 201 N Main St pastor Rev M C Carstenson ph 333.
FIRST METHODIST CHURCH 309 N Main St pastor Rev J Randolph Sasnett ph 499.
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 125 N Main St pastor Rev E L Jeambey ph 564-Red.
FITCH Leo single deliveryman Bennett Gro 704 S White St (R) ph 162-Green.
FITCH Oral (Ferne) disabled 704 S White (O) ph 162-Green Lela 7 yrs 2nd gr Saunders.
FITZPATRICK Claire Miss bkkpr Ia So Utilities 103½ W Monroe St (R) ph 601 (3rd floor).
FITZPATRICK Francis Miss steno Central State Ins 407 S Jackson St (R) ph 124-Green.
FITZPATRICK Helen Miss steno AAA 128½ S Main St (R) ph 231 apt 17 Louisa bldg.
FITZPATRICK John (Margaret) retired 407 S Jackson St (O) ph 124-Green.
FITZPATRICK Rose Miss housekpr 407 S Jackson St (R) ph 124-Green.
FITZ SIMMONS Mary Miss frosh Ia Wes Coll 507 E Madison St (R) ph 109.
FLAGEL Nellie Miss slsldy Avon Products Co 501 W Monroe St (R) ph 212-Black.
FLEENOR APTS 112½ W Washington St owner Roy E Fleenor.
FLEENOR PONTIAC CO 215 W Monroe St – Pontiac sales & service owner Roy E Fleenor ph 423.
FLEENOR Roy (Luella) owner Fleenor Pontiac Co 409 N Main St (O) ph 533-Green Juanita 15 yrs 8th gr Mt P H S.
FLICKINGER Leo (Gertrude) rep Ralston Purina Co 205 E Henry St (O) ph 420 Sanford 17 yrs jr Mt P H S Frank 6 yrs 1st gr Mt P Jr H S John Wm 3 yrs.
FOLKER Glen R (Arlene) partner Folker – Shuey Ser Sta 404 S Jefferson St (O) ph 161-Black Betty Lou 13 yrs 8th gr Mt P Jr H S Charlotte 3 yrs.
FOLKER & SHUEY SERVICE STATION 700 (block) W Washington (on Hgwy 34) Glen Folker Giff Shuey owners.
FORD Ada Mrs widow of Alfred retired 209 W Broad St (O) ph 171-Green.
FORD Florence Miss instr W Highland schl 900 Broadway St (R) ph 110-Red.
FORD Floyd (Velma) clrk Hunt’s Greenhouse 1108 N Main St (R) Richard 3 yrs Charlotte 16 mos.
FORD GARAGE (See Universal Motor Co.) 215 E Monroe St ph 305 mgr Geo B Rochefort service mgr L E Close.
FORD Harlan single employee City Light Plant 209 W Broad St (R) ph 171-Green.
FORD Jessie Mrs wife of Omar seamstress WPA Sew Room 406 W Madison St (R).
FORD Jim single retired 129½ S Jefferson St (R).
FORD J R (Aeziah) retired farmer 610 N Adams St (O) ph 347-Green.
FORD Lillian Miss steno Scarff Produce & Fuel 210 S Locust St (R) ph 292-Blue.
FORD Lucille Miss housekpr 305 W Clay St (R).
FORD Merna Miss bkkpr Lubelchek Motor Co 407 S Main St ph 193-Black.
FORD Omar (Jessie) com laborer 406 W Madison St (R) Betty 10 yrs 5th gr Mt P Jr H S.
FORD Ray (Leota) farmer 900 Broadway St (O) ph 110-Red Harold 12 yrs 4th gr Saunders.
FORD Robert Jr single asst mgr Ia So Utilities 805 Lincoln St (O) ph 190-Black.
FORD Robert (Hattie) retired 805 Lincoln St (R) ph 190-Black.
FORD Roy (Margaret) truckdriver City Mt Plst 405 E Harlan St (O) ph 263-Green.
FORD Warren H (Nellie) mail messenger U S P O 609 Lincoln St (R) Larry 3 yrs Jas 2 yrs.
FORMAN J J single retired 801 Broadway St (O) ph 269-Green.
FORMAN Lavra Mrs widow housekpr 801 Broadway St (R) ph 269-Green.
FOSS Orville E (Alcidene) partner Vorhies & Foss 704 S Jackson St (O) ph 551-Red Delbert 7 yrs 1st gr Saunders Beverly 6 yrs 1st gr Saunders Sandra 2 yrs.
FOSTER Chas Rev (Mary) retired minister 105 E Henry St (O).
FRAZER L A Dr (Carol) U S Fed Inspector 704 N White St (R) ph 220-Green Rex 9 yrs 3rd gr Saunders Roy 7 yrs 2nd gr Saunders Ray 6 yrs 1st gr Saunders.
FRAZER Manly G (Ida M) owner Frazer Blacksmith 218 E Monroe St (O) ph 525-Blue.
FRAZER Manly G Blacksmith 212 E Monroe St genl blacksmithing and welding.
FREEHILL Agnes Miss tele opr Mt P Tele Co 509 W Clay St (R) ph 502-Blue.
FREEHILL John E single truckdriver Mt Plsnt Lndry 509 W Clay St (R) ph 502-Blue.
FREEHILL J T widower retired 509 W Clay St (R) ph 502-Blue.
FRESCOLN L R single partner Frescoln-Smith Motor Co 309 W Washington St (R) ph 86 - Homestead Hotel.
FRESCOLN- SMITH MOTOR CO 114 E Monroe St Chrysler & Plymouth Sales & Service owners L R Frescoln Leo G Smith ph 49.
FRICKEY Sarah Mrs widow of Adolph housekpr 502 S Jackson St (O) ph 164-Black.
FRITZ Ida Mrs widow of J Albert dressmaker 114½ N Main St (R) phone 472-Black.
FRITZ, IDA Dressmaker 114½ N Main St phone 472-Black.
FULLER BRUSH CO Agency 512 N Adams St (Barnes Apts) ph 116-Black agnt Geo Steele.
FULTON Wes single retired 406 S Jackson St (R).
FURNITURE MART 116 W Washington St phone 16 owner A E White.
FYE Frances Miss housekpr 209 S Locust St (R) ph 292-Black.
FYE Geo (Amelia) retired 209 S Locust St (O) ph 292-Black.
FYE J W (Dora) retired 307 N Adams St (O) ph 375-Red.
Resource provided by Henry County Heritage Trust. Transcription done by James Peters, University of Northern Iowa Public History Field Experience Class, April 2021; added to Henry County IAGenWeb, Nov. 2021..

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