R. L. Polk's Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918-1919

Henry County
Population, 140. An incorporated town on the C., B. & Q. and M. & St. L. Rys. and on the Skunk river, in Jeffer son township, Henry county, 22 miles northwest of Mount Pleasant. the judicial seat, and 3 1/2 from Waylan, the nearest banking location. Has a Christian church, saw mill and grain elevator. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U. Fred Dold, postmaster.
Cochran W. S. saw mill
Dold Bros, General Store
Farmers Elevator Co
Frey E. J, r r, exp and tel agt

Population, 300. Settled in 1838. On the Burlington Route in Salem town ship, Henry county, 16 miles southwest of Mt. Pleasant, the judicial seat. Has Baptist, Disciples and Methodist Episcopal churches. 2 banks and a sawmill. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. W. S. Ferree, postmaster.
Benn Belle Mrs, milliner
John J. E. jeweler and musical mdse
Rillingsley Kate Mrs, milliner
Boley G. W., general store
Bryson L E, hotel
Carter John, live stock
Copeland Bros. hardware
Davidson A. R. Fr. exp and tel agt
Early E E, building blocks
Fairchild A. W., general store
Farmers’ Telephone Co
FARMERS’ & TRADERS', SAVINGS BANK (Capital $25,000), W A Tade Pres, H D Tade Cashr
Ferree W. S. postmaster
Fox's Restaurant
German American Telephone Co
Graves C E, dentist
Harlan H. A., dentist
Hillsboro Auto Co
Hillsboro Savings Bank (capital $20, 000), P A Blackford pres, C C Watts cashr
Hillsboro Telephone Co
Hixson Ray, livery
Hixson T R, sawmill
Hoaglin C F, general store
Howe J M, physician
Hutchison M B Lumber Co
Iowa Telephone Co
Page J R, meats
Plumer G G, general store
Plumer Pitt, horse buyer
Ryan John, coal and lumber
Sanderson G. E. hardware and implts
Smutz W A, druggist
Tade H D, cashr Farmers & Traders Savings Bank
Thornton & Lee, live stock
Watts C C, cashr Hillsboro Savings Bank
Wirsig A. O., physician
Wyatt J N, furn and undertaker
Yost & Workman, grain and coal

Population, 4,300. An incorporated city, located on the C. B. & Q. R. R. in Henry county, of which it is the judicial seat, 28 miles northwest of Burlington, and 150 southeast of Des Moines. The city is equipped with all modern improvements, gas, electric light, water works, fire department, telephone facilities, a Y. M. C. A. building, a public library building, churches of the leading denominations, up-to date public schools, and is the seat of Iowa Wesleyan University with an auxiliary academy. This is the location of the Iowa State Hospital for the Insane. The press is represented by the News (daily and weekly), and a weekly, the Free Press. There are four banks, planing mill, brick and tile works, glove and mitten factory, gas and electric light plant, etc...Tel. W. U. Exp., Adams. Stanley Miller, postmaster.
Allen Louis B, physician
Auditorium Theatre, E H Helms mngr
Bennett Ina, county recorder
Bird & Crane (H T Bird, R K Crane), furniture and undertakers
Brown R & Co (Roderic and F F). meats
Budde J P, cashr National State Bank
Burd James M, shoes
Burkett W. F. & Co (W. F. and N Burkett), hardware
Campbell Bros (M E and R C), real est
Campbell Carolyn, county supt of schools
Campbell Hugh, grocer
Campbell James C, cheese manufacturer
Carlson A A, grocer
Carnegie Free Public Library, Lena Budde librarian
Carpenter Arthur A, real estate
Carrigan Anna, milliner
Carter C W, garment mnfr
Chronister Albert C, harnessmaker
City Electric Light Plant, T M. McMillan supt
Clark J A, county treasurer
Clawson Berchem F, restaurant
Coles A V, meats
Collins Oil Co, S L Collins mingr
Cookes D. L., undertaker
Courtney Wm, live stock dealer
Crane Fred B, jeweler and books
Crane George E & Co, hardware
Crane R K, county coroner and furn dealer
Davis Evan, insurance
Deck J M, restaurant
DeWitt Homer, clerk of court
Dugdale A T, livery
Dugdale J M, drugs
Depot Hotel, F G Tovrea propr
Desh Daniel R, harnessmaker
Duncan J C, stock food
Dutton R Clyde, live stock
Dyall Charles H. photographer
Dyall T Will, photographer
Edwards Frank M. dentist
Elger Herman E. lawyer
Ely & Son (Robert & Ray), clothing
Eshelman R & Son, clothing
Evans W. H. cashr Henry County Savings Bank
Farmers Co-operative Store, F A Bird mngr., general store
FARMERS’ & MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS BANK (Capital $50,000, Surplus and Profits $30,000), H C Weir Pres, H. A Geeseka V-Pres, Ross Walker Cashier, F C Woodson Asst Cashier
Felgar George E. restaurant
Finley Frans S, lawyer
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital $100,000, Surplus and Profits $80,000), G H Spahr Pres, H. L. McGrew Cashier, Fred Van Hon Asst Cashier, C Van Brussel Asst Cashier, United States Depository Mercantile Collections
Galer & Galer (Roger s, Paul B), lawyers and abstracts
Geeseka Otto A, physician
Gheen Fuel & Ice Co (Enos, Fred and John Gheen)
Gilfillen Homer J, physician
Gillis James R, insurance
Gloeckler Charles G & Co (Charles G, Henry Traut), monuments
Goe Charles B, livery
Grant Jennie A Mrs, milliner
Grau Gustav A. cigar manufacturer
Gray John V, lawyer
Grooms Piano Co (T A Grooms)
Hall James L., live Stock
Hall Melvin C, lumber
Hampton Clarence E. real es
Hansen Wm S, grocer estate
Harrison Millinery Co (Hattie McCormick, Alice Corchoran)
Hayes A D Co (New London), Charles Cormick mngr, feed mill
HAYZLETT GEORGE B, “The Leading Land Man” Iowa Farm Lands, Corn Lands, City Property and Exchanges Monroe, on the Square. (See page 1144)
Helphry Jessie, photographer
Henry County Farmers' Mutual Ins Co (J R Gills) Henry County Savings Bank (capital $36,000), George H. Spahr pres, W. H. Evans cashr
Henry County Telephone Co, Charles Quillan mngr
Hill George T, county auditor
Hoaglen Wm, dry goods
Holland J. E., drugs
Hotel Grand, Dick Moore propr
Howe Bros, drayage
Huling Ralph, notions
Hunt Clarence E. vet surgeon
Hunt John P, dentist
HUNTER ALEX M. Up-to-Date Tailoring (See adv below)

Alex M. Hunter THE LEADING TAILOR A Full Line of Samples in Season All Work Guaranteed MT. PLEASANT, IOWA
H U R LEY PATRICK J, Iowa's Leading Landman, 300 Iowa Iowa (sic) Corn Farms for Sale. See page 1144)

Independent Telephone Co, Quillen supt
Iowa State Hospital for the Insane, Dr Frank Applegate supt
Iowa Wesleyan University, A L Eaton registrar
Jericho J H & Co, drugs
Jericho Wm H, jeweler
Jerrel Clint O, dentist
Johnson F. V., farm implements
Kean O F, hog breder
Kinkead Albert W, lawyer and abstracts
Koch John G, shoes
Kopp Wm F, lawyer
Laird John, physician
Lauger John A, clothing
Lauterbach John, notions
Leech Belle R Mrs, insurance
Lesinger Wm S, physician
Lindsay G. H., insurance
Lines Edgar, jeweler and books
Loper George, grocer and feed
Luberger George, baker
McAdam Thomas M. lawyer and county attorney
McCord John C. lawyer
McGrew H. L. cashr First National Bank
McKibbin George P. dentist
McLeran Charles E, pianos
Manning C E, vulcanizer
Martin Jess L, confectioner
Melcher Granite & Marble Co., (Karl Melcher),
Miller A. W., county supervisor
Miller Leslie, plumber
Miller Stanley, publr Mt Pleasant Free Press
Miller T H, grocer
Mitchell Charles A, harnessmaker
Moore Edward, grocer
Morony & Lee (Dennis Morony, Charles Lee), real estate
Morris Vieri D, optometrist
Morrison E V Mrs, milliner
Morrow John, grocer
Mt Pleasant Auto Co The (W. F. Morris, C C Case), automobiles and supplies
Mt Pleasant Bottling Works, Guy Mason mngr
Mt Pleasant Brick & Tile Mnfg Co (J T Whiting)
Mt Pleasant Canning Co., A Loveland mngr.
Mt Pleasant Commercial Assn., C E McLeran pres
Mt Pleasant Creamery Co., R J Johnston mngr
Mt Pleasant Free Press, Stanley Miller publr.
Mt Pleasant Gas Light Co, Frank Haubenchild mngr
Mt Pleasant Hotel, Wm Mason propr
Mt Pleasant Ice Co, Fred Traut mngr
Mt Pleasant News, C S Rogers publr
Mt Pleasant Plumbing Co (Beverly and F E Jones)
Mt Pleasant Produce Co, Adam Weir propr
Mt Pleasant Stone Co, S M Hall mngr
Mt Pleasant Telephone Co, C A Gregg sec
Nagle V & Son , planing mill
National State Bank (capital $100,000), James T Whiting pres, J P Budde cashr
New Brazleton Hotel, Mrs Eva Maloney propr
O'Connor Wm, grocer
Pastime Theatre, Pauline Beckwith mngr
Payne J. E. physician
Petersen Eleck, live stock
Phillips Thomas J, dry goods
Pitcher Jay, physician
Price Frank, furniture
Reinhart Chris, baker
Richmond Emanuel, express
Rogers Charles S, publr Mt Pleasant News
Rukgaber Henry E, automobiles
Ross George U, livery and bus line
Schleip Frank, cigar mnfr
SCOTT J L & CO, Ford Automobiles Auto Garage, Full Line of Tires, Accessories, Etc., Day and Night Service
Shepherd James, sheriff
Shepp Walter E, produce
Shepp Winfield S. shoes
Sinska Frank, physician
Siver J. L. chiropractor
Smith C. E. county engineer
Smith G. E. physician
Smith H K & Sons (Harry K, Ora S and Ira J.), garage
Smouse Bros, florists
Spahr, G H & Son (G H and W W), clothing
Speaker M. F. vet surgeon
Staats E G & Co, Ed Lines sec and treas, F O Hagle mngr, pennant mfrs, wholesale only
Staebler C. W. grocer
Standard Oil Co. Floyd Edwards agt
Sternberg Walter A, physician
Stewart Wm, real estate
Swan Solon, poultry breeder
Stiles Bros, grocers
Taft E E & Sons, hardware
Taylor Clyde M, electrician
Thomas George, plumber
Thompson Joseph W, florist
Thorson T O, tailor
Todd & Begolty (J T Todd, W. F. Begolty), laundry
Tomlinson G. L., printer
Traut Fred, ice
Van Allen Alfred M, lawyer and abstracts
Virden J. L., grocer
Vorheis A. J., confectioner
Waibel Charles, cigars
Walker Charles, drugs
Walker Ross , cashr Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank
WALLBANK J H & SONS (James W and John A), Clothing, Shoes and Men's Furnishings
Watts James, chiropodist
Waugh H. T. drugs
Weir Edward L, live stock
Weir Henry C, real estate
Westfall Elmer E, osteopath
Whitney & Burgdahl, contractors
Willeford Charles, wall paper
Wilson B H, notions

Population, 210. On the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Canaan township, Henry county, 15 miles northeast of Mt. Pleasant, the judicial seat. Has Baptist and Methodist churches and a bank. Tel. W. T. Exp., Adams. Mrs. Lena. Cornic, postmaster.
Bloomer George, hardware
Buchanan W. E. cashr Mt Union State Bank
Cleveland C D, general store
Cornic C B, drugs
Eastburn Arthur, garage
Farmers Co-operative Store Farmers' Elevator Co, grain
Gray J A, hotel
Hayes A D Co., grain
Johnson Bros, harness
King H. G., lumber and coal
McConahay John, r r, exp and tel agt
Mt Union State Bank (capital $25,000), W H Buchanan pres, W E Buchanan cashr
Oberman H. M., restaurant
Oberman L, live stock
Ware W F, physician

Population. 1,200. An incorporated town, located on the C. B. & Q. R. R. in New London township, Henry county, 9 miles s.e. of Mt. Pleasant, the judicial seat. Has 5 churches, good schools, electric light, water works, 3 banks and a weekly newspaper. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. H. E. Chichester, postmaster.
Almo The, D M Livingston propr, moving pictures
Andrew's George J, dentist
Barney & Willis (Allan Barney, Robert Willis), contrs
Boggs J N, physician
Breneman V Z, cashr Farmers' State Bank
Brown D W, grocer
Carlson C H, cashr Iowa State Bank
CHICHESTER H E, Postmaster
Chichester H E Mrs, milliner
Chichester & Reece, garage
City Hotel, Ed Shipley propr
Clawson Frank L, insurance
Clawson H. W. & Son (Harry W and Frank L), tinsmiths
Clement T. J., insurance
Cook Carroll E, physician
Cook & Snook, plumbers
Cook's Hospital (Dr C E Cook)
Countryman George C, undertaker
Courtney D E, garage
Dameron Frank, clothing
Daubendick F. W., blacksmith
Denney E, grocer and meats
Edgar Joseph w, live stock breeder, 3 miles nw
Farmers' Elevator Co, Charles Shipley mngr
Farmers' State Bank The (capital $25, 000), J T Laughlin pres, V Z Brene man cashr
Featherly & Ranscher (Alfred H Feath erly, H M Ranscher), farm implts
Firemans Opera House, Lawrence Willey mngr
Fleagel Frank R, insurance
Foltz C D, r r and exp agt
Francy Frank, live stock
Gabbert C. H. blacksmith
Gabbert D G, wagonmaker
Hanks & Bishop, hog breeders, 3 miles ne
Hayes A D & Co, grain
Henry County Telephone Co, J B Woodside mngr
Iowa state Bank (capital $50,000), W H Bangs pres, C H Carlson cashr
Johnson Andrew, cement blocks
Johnson Frank H, restaurant
Kuhlenbeck John, county supervisor
Larkin O M, tire repairer
Lessenger E J, physician
Linkin Fred, grocer
Lyman Emma J Mrs, tailor
McCune James P, real estatae cashr New London Natl
Magers Ellen Mrs milliner
Majors T F, restaurant
Mehler Frank C, physician
Mehler Frank R, physician
Morrow Emmett R, dry goods
Morrow E R Co, furniture
Nelson F O, jeweler
New London Electric Plant, J W Harding mngr
New London Journal, W A Smith
New London National Bank (capita $35,000). F. N. Smith pres, E E McKee cashr
Nugen Frank, real estate
Palace Hotel, Oscar Nelson propr
Pettis Drug Co, Walter Pettis mngr
Rauscher Carl, harness
Rhodes Thomas E, city clerk
Ritchey Carl E, dentist
Ritchey Ray, grocer
Roederer E A, baker and confr
Shaner Isaac V, books and notions
Shaner Wm T, photographer
Shipley Leroy, blacksmith
Smith W A, publr New London Journal
Snelson Joseph, house mover
Spahn & Rose Lumber Co, F I Ward mngr
Standard Oil Co, Ralph McKinnon agt
Strack John, cigar mnfr
Swan C W, real estate
Tyner H E, physician
Van Ausball George M, physician
Van Hyning John L. VanSyoc & Alsup, auctioneers
Vincent W E, garage
Wagner Mary A, restaurant
Wallar Leonard, contractor
Walters F. W, lawyer
Willey S, cabinetmaker
Williams D E, grocer
Willis Elmer, contractor
Wind Nelson, automobiles
Wright & Holland (Fred Wright, Willis Holland), hardware
Yard D H, garage

Population, 165. In Wayne town ship, Henry county, on the M. & St. L. Ry., 12 miles north of Mt. Pleasant, the judicial seat. Has a Congregational church and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. A. E. Carper, postmaster.
Abrahamson & Eveland, insurance
Bell C C, physician
CARPER A E, Drugs and Postmaster
Danielson J P, furniture
Farmers Elevator Co
Hissong & Son, garage
Long & Wright, garage
Martin H E, newsdealer
Miller Bros, live stock
Morgan F A, cashr Olds Savings Bank
Morgan F. L., blacksmith
Olds Savings Bank (capital $30,000), Nels Peterson pres, A Morgan cashr
Olson O E, real estate
Orris Mercantile Co, general store
Owens Ira, restaurant
Peterson E A, general store
Reed J. L., livery
Rodgers C L, hardware
Shepherd C J, r r, exp and tel agt
Spahn & Rose Lumber Co

Population, 175. An incorporated town on the Skunk river and on the C. B. & Q. Ry., in Tippecanoe town ship, Henry county, 7 miles west of Mount Pleasant, the judicial seat. Has a Baptist church and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams
BELL W M, wagonmaker
Carlson C J, general store
Clauson J B & Sons, blacksmiths
Dicus M, general store
Dold A. R. general store
Hayes A D Co, grain elevator
Hill F. A. cashir Rome savings Bank
Kissinger C. S, feed mill
Kissinger H. A., automobiles
O'Laughlin J J, general store
Rome Band
Rome Savings Bank (capital $12,500), J. T. Whiting pres, F A Hill cashr
Rome Telephone Co

Population, 550. Settled in 1839. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in Salem township, Henry county, 10 miles south of Mt. Pleasant, the judicial seat, and 138 miles from Des Moines. Has an electric light plant, Congregational, Friends and Methodist churches, 2 banks, and a weekly newspaper, the News. Exp., Adams. Tel. W. U. Warren L. Hoggatt, postmaster.
Barnes E. E. drugs
Berry Enoch, live stock
Brody P, general store
Collatt Annie, queeensware
Collatt John H., hardware
Collins O A, real estate
COOK C H., Cashier Farmers' Savings Bank
Cowell D. M. general store
Crown Soda Works, A A Banta propr
Davidson C W, jeweler
Dilts J J, physician
FARMERS" SAVINGS BANK (Capital $25,000), Owen Hourihan pres, C H Cook Cashr
Foss J W & Sons, coal and fuel
Friend Jesse, gardener
Goldsmith J R, feed mill
Goldsmith J R Mrs. poultry breder
Hartley D A & Son, meats
Hartley Linn M, live stock
Hoggatt W. L. postmaster
Keeler O S, drayage
Keller E J, ten cent store
Kirkpatrick M, publr Salem News
Kittle House, Lewis A Kittle propr
Lamm A, grocer
Long John, implements
Lyon W. K., hardware
McMaster J. O. contractor
Masden Sisters (Emma and Mary), mil liners
Matthews J D, live stock
Morrow W T, general store
Pittman Carson W, physician
Rawhouser C A, dentist
Salem Concert Band
Salem Light & Power Co, R. W. Foss propr
Salem News (weekly), M Kirkpatrick publr
Salem Opera House, C. W. Davidson mngr.
Salem Produce Co, I L. Guy propr
Salem Telephone Co
Savings Bank of Salem (capital $25, 000), R S Pease pres, O H Tyner cashr
Schwarz O A, grocer and meats
Seamans E. D. live stock breeder
Simkin & Edwards, implts and lumber
Smith Leon, r r, exp and tel agt
Sprott L S. restaurant
Stevens Charles A, furniture and undertaking
Stewart E. A. physician
Stringer F. F. auto livery
Turner Zoe Mrs, milliner
Tyner C O, garage
Tyner O H, cashr
Savings Bank of Salem
VanTrump J E & Son, blacksmiths
Van Winkle C O, vet surgeon
White Thomas, county supervisor
White & Berry, live stock
Wilmeth Bros, garage
Wilmeth Richard, horse dealer
Wilmeth W. T. marble

Population, 80. In Wayne township, Henry county, 10 miles n. of Mount Pleasant, the judicial seat, and 2 miles n. of Olds, the nearest shipping point. Has a bank. Verner L. Lauger, postmaster.
Farmers' Savings Bank (capital $15. 000). Waldorf Lindeen pres, J. E. Stuckey cashr
Lauger Ed & Son, general store
LAUGER WERNER. L., Postmaster
Stuckey J. E, cashr Farmers' Sav Bank

Population, 100. In Trenton township, Henry county, 9 miles northwest of Mount Pleasant, the judicial seat, and 7 from Wayland, the nearest rail road station and banking point. R. D. from Mt. Pleasant.
Burkey Henry, horse breeder
Felgar George N, general store and agrl implements
Morrison A & T C, general store
Wilson & Co, general store

Population, 600. Formerly known as Marshall, is an incorporated town on the M. & St. L. Ry., in Jefferson township, Henry county, 17 miles northwest of Mount Pleasant, the judicial seat, and 60 from Des Moines. Has Mennonite and Methodist churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Wayland News. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Jacob Wenger , postmaster.
Allen E C, physician
Allen W. J., insurance
Bergh Samuel, tinner
Holler Furniture Co
Boller W. E., undertaker
Boshart Bros, drugs
Cook C V, osteopath
Doubenberg C O, r r, exp and tel agt
Eicker E J, cashr Wayland Savings Bk
Farmer L T, live stock
Farmers' State Bank (capital $35,000), H E Davis pres; J N Hillman cashr
Goldsmith H. J. restaurant
Graber P. W. restaurant
Henss W K, cattle breeder
Hindman J. N. cash Farmers' State Bank
Iowa Electric Light & Gas Co
Kauffman J A. real estate
Roebel Bros, hog breeders
Langen Walter Dr. physician
McClintic J. N. hardware and garage
McConnaughey D S, phys
Magdefrau H, general store
Merchants' Hotel, J. M. McClintic prop
Neff J. C., feed
Peck S, grocer
Rettler E G, dentist
Roth C. M. general store
Schantz & Koebel, garage
Schlatter C. W. garage
Schowaiter Co, feed
Shafer W. A. harness
Sinclair Max M. veterinary surgeon
Sodergren C A, wagonmaker
Stewart C. O. meats
Unzicker M C, garage
Vesey M, milliner
Wayland Cornet Band
Wayland Lumber & Cement Product Co
Wayland News, W J Allen pub
Wayland Savings Bank (capital $40, 000), C C Wenger pres, E. J. Eicker cashr.
Wayland Telephone Exchange
Wenger C C, clothing
WENGER JACOB, Postmaster
Wenger John, auctioneer
Wenger & Boller, real est and loans
Widmer P G. clothing
Wittrig J W & Co, hardware
Wyse P. P. livery

A discontinued postoffice on the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Wayne township, Henry county, 13 miles n. of Mount Pleasant, the judicial seat, and 1 from Olds, the nearest banking point. Has rural delivery from Olds.

Population, 1,200. Located at the junction of the C., B. & Q. and the M. & St. L. Rys. (depots 34 mile apart), is an incorporated town in Scott town ship, Henry county, 18 miles n. e. of Mt. Pleasant, the judicial seat, and 34 n. w. of Burlington. Has 3 banks, a weekly newspaper, 3 churches, an opera house, water works, electric light, etc. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. John W. Hanna, postmaster.
Allen Clayton, restaurant
Babcock James W, restaurant
BANK OF WINFIELD (Capital $25,000) B B Lindly pres, J M Lindly cashr.
Barton Merritt C, furn and undertaker
Benson Wm, restaurant
Bloomer George, hawe and agrl implts
Bower Frank A, jeweler
Carlson & Lundgren, clothing and shoes
Carter George H & Co, grocers and meats
Cochrayne C E, billiards
Cochrayne R_H, auto garage
Commercial Hotel
Cook D L, restaurant
Coonrad J C, cashr Winfield State Bank
Corsbie Grant, grocer
Deal W H, county supervisor
Dimick & Green, lumber
Duffy C H., blacksmith
Duncan Warren J, dentist
Electric Theatre, moving pictures
Farmers' Elevator Co, A. L Thomas mngr, grain and coal
Farmers' Lumber & Supply Co., W I, Holden mngr
FARMERS’ NATIONAL BANK (Capital $50,000), R P Davidson Pres, O I, Karsten Cashier
Fiscus F. J. blacksmith
Gardner Charles W., physician
Glass M ID, plumber
Glass & Wise (Henry I, Glass, Wm. H Wise), real estate and automobiles
Haight Edward F, wagonmaker
Haight Harry, r r and exp agt
Haight & Myers, blacksmiths
HANNA JOHN W, Physician and Post master
Harrison Edward W., physician
Hinkle E C & Son, publr Winfield Beacon
Huston J Ed, drugs and stationery
KARSTEN 0 L, Cashier Farmers National Bank
Larkin Jay, ins and notary
Lindly Bayard B, drugs
LINDLY. J. M., Cashier Bank of Winfield
Lofgern Bros, jewelers
McConnaughey J. T., physician
McCullen D W, hotel
Merrillat Culvert Core Co, P C Merrillat pres, H E Reece v-pres, C C Merrillat sec, G C Merrillat treas
Miller Joseph, auto garage
Nelson Otto J, clothing
Nesbet Milton, garage
O'Loughlin Leo, dentist
Perrenoud Lydia Mrs, milliner
Pierce I, B, brick and tile mnfr
Pratt G E & Son (George E and Ralph E), harness
Pratt & Co, motion pictures
Renshaw Ray, planing mill
Roderick Ira N, drayage
Ruthenberg Clothing (Charles Ruthenberg)
Schmitt Bros, meats
Schooley & Crawford, grocers and bakers
Smiley E. V. Mrs. milliners
Van Dyke Benjamin F, real estate.
VanSyoc & Schmoker (Joseph I VanSyoc, A J Schmoker), real estate
Vesey Mary E. milliner
Ward H I & Co, dry goods
Wilson Jay M, vet surgeon
Winfield Beacon (weekly), E C Hinkle & Son publrs
Winfield Elevator & Supply Co
Winfield Lighting Plant. H Spafford mngr
Winfield state Bank (capital $25,000), J C Green pres, J C Coonrad cashr
Winfield Telephone Co, J N Hanna pres, J. E. Huston sec
Wood & Bailey (Daniel Wood. Herman H. Bailey), hardware and agrl implts
Source: Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918-1919, Published Biennially by R. L. Polk & Co., Des Moines, Davenport and Detroit. Transcribed and contributed by Conni McDaniel Hall, 05 April 2020.
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