1907 Henry County Postal Service Employees

Coppock:Essley, ClaudePostmaster$135
Hillsboro:Ferree, William E.Postmaster$644
Early, OrrRural DeliveryIN$900
Sanderson, Guilford E.Rural DeliveryIA$810
Syphers, Jacob R.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Lowell:Watton, Le Roy T.Postmaster$119
Mt. Pleasant:Kopp, William F.Postmaster$2,300
Wright, Hiram M.Ass't Postmaster$1,100
Perrine, Miss CoraClerkIA$900
Virden, Harry E.ClerkIA$900
Fairchild, Fred S.CarrierIA$800
Leedham,Charles G.CarrierIA$800
Shepp, Winfield S.CarrierOH$900
Swick, William S.CarrierIA $900
Bartlett, Walter C.Rural DeliveryIA $900
Bartlett, Will L.Rural DeliveryIA $900
Boyd, Ross C.Rural DeliveryIA $630
Chrisinger, William F.Rural DeliveryIA $900
Gass, WilliamRural DeliveryIA $900
Gearhart, James B.Rural DeliveryIA $900
O'Connor, MauriceRural DeliveryIA $900
Ogg, Charles B.Rural DeliveryIA $900
Parker, George H.Rural DeliveryIA $900
Mt. Union:Mathews, Jeston A.Postmaster$496
Anderson, Otto W.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Zion, Charles C.Rural DeliveryIA$900
New London:Hilleary, Roger W.Postmaster$1,300
Hilleary, Chase M.ClerkIA$130
Cornwell, Arthur M., jr.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Cornwell, John D.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Greenfield, DeLoss R.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Johns, Edward L.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Wasson, William E.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Olds:Eveland, John W.Postmaster$442
Adams, John C.Rural DeliveryIA$720
Rome:Dicus, Mrs. Margaret J.Postmaster$491
Harter, Mrs. Melissa E.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Swailes, Robert W.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Salem:Stevens, Charles A.Postmaster$905
Bunker, Lawrence A.Rural DeliveryIA$810
Randolph, FrankRural DeliveryIA$900
Wilmeth, George L.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Swedesburg:Lindeen, WalfordPostmaster$107
Trenton:Morrison, Mrs. TabithaPostmaster$190
Wayland:Allen, William J.Postmaster$689
Clark, Harry H.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Shepherd, Charles J.Rural DeliveryIA$810
Winfield:Browning, William S.Postmaster$1,300
Browning, Jay S.Ass't Postmaster$108
Duncan, James R.Rural DeliveryIL$900
Jaggard, Charles L.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Johnston, Elmer C.Rural DeliveryIA$900

Source: Official Register of the United States, 1907: Vol. II, The Postal Service, pages 144-160
Transcribed and contributed anonymously January 2020.

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