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Iowa Gazetteer and Business Directory 1884-1885

BOYLESTON. A post office in Henry county, 10 miles south of Mount Pleasant, the county seat, and 5 southeast of Salem, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Population, 20. Mail, semi-weekly.

COPPOCK. A post office on the B. & N.W. Ry and on the E. div of C.I. Ry, in Henry county, 18 miles southwest of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat, and 7 southeast of Brighton, the nearest banking point. Population, 20. Exp., Am. and U.S. Mail, daily.

COTTON GROVE. A discontinued post office in Henry county.

HILLSBOROUGH. A village on the Ft. M. & N.W. Ry, in Salem township, Henry county, 140 miles southeast of Des Moines, 16 southwest of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat, and 5 southwest of Salem, the nearest banking point. It contains Baptist, Methodist and Congregational churches, a good public school and ships produce. Stage daily to Salem; fare 50 cents. Population, 250. Tel., W.U. Exp., Am Mail, daily. W.M. Galer, postmaster.

Allen J B, physician.
Alton & Rockey, lumber
Beach Mrs. C, railroad agent.
Ben Joseph, shoemaker
Converse G V, physician
Cox David, coal miner
Crane M, apiarist.
Davidson Albert, blacksmith and livery.
Davidson John, blacksmith.
Davidson J R, lawyer.
Ferree W E, justice of peace.
Freeland Rev (Methodist)
Lester G B, General Store.
Lowry W, carpenter.
Percival C S, carpenter.
Percival M N, harnessmaker.
Percival W O, carpenter.
Philabour Alonzo, blacksmith
Pope Miss E, hotel and livery.
Rice T, coal miner.
Wiegand F L, general store.
Wood Daniel, blacksmith
Wood W, wagonmaker.

KETCHUM'S SIDINGS. Henry county. See La Hoyt.

LA HOYT. A post office on the C.B. & Q.R.R., Henry county, 8 1/2 miles west of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat and nearest banking point. Population, 30. Mail, daily.

Durk Levi & Bros, grocers.
Ketcham L & Bro, lumber.

LOWELL. A village on the Skunk river, a good water power stream in Baltimore township, Henry county, 132 miles east of Des Moines, 12 southeast of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat, 8 south of New London on the C., B. & Q.R.R., the nearest railroad station, and 10 east of Salem, nearest banking point. Settled in 1834, it contains a flouring mill and ships wool, flour, and produce. Stages to New London and West Point. Population, 240. Mail tri-weekly by stage from Danville, 10 miles northeast. A. Williamson, postmaster.

Clement Dr. H E, druggist.
Cramblat S, cooper.
Eator J B, cooper.
Gray J, constable and shoemaker.
Gray James, miller.
Gray J G, barber.
Gray Wm J, meat market.
Grubb Mrs. J, agent patent medicines.
Gregg J W, railroad agent.
Jackman C, flour mill.
Jackman Wm, Hotel Propr.
Lewis & Hobb, flour mill.
McFarland C, justice of peace.
Smith J W, carpenter.
Trump J, blacksmith
Williamson A, General Store.

MARSHALL. Henry county. See Wayland.

MOUNT PLEASANT. The judicial seat of Henry county, is pleasantly located on the C., B. & Q.R.R., and is the northern terminus of the St. L., K. & N. W. Ry, 28 miles northwest of Burlington, 235 southwest of Chicago, Ill. and 140 southeast of Des Moines. It contains 13 churches, representing the leading religious denominations, a high school, a German college, a Wesleyan university, an academy, good public schools, 2 banks, gas works, a plaining mill, an organ factory, scale works, 2 grain elevators and three weekly newspapers, the Free Press (Ind.), the Herald and the Journal (Rep.). Cattle, hogs, corn and hay are the principal shipments. Stages daily to Hillsborough and tri-weekly to Marshall, Swedesburgh and Trenton. The greater portion of the town was destroyed in 1883 by fire, but is now being rebuilt. Tel, W.U. Exp. Am. Population, 4500. Mail, daily.

Allen G W S & Co (George W S Allen), clothing.
Alsup John C, carpenter.
Amblers & Campbell (Henry and Richard Ambler, Wm H Campbell), lawyers.
Anderson Albert, jeweler.
Andrews M L, clerk of court.
Andrews Nelson B, crockery.
Arnold & Lyon (Columbus V Arnold, Smith Lyon), druggists.
Baldwin Noah A, railroad agent.
Ball J O, dentist.
Bartruff Miss Stella, dry goods.
Batchelder G H & Co (George H Batchelder), grocers.
Beason Benjamin, marshal.
Beckwith, Winters & Porter (Warren Beckwith, John Winters, Frank P Porter), railroad contractors.
Beers Theodore L, dentist.
Bereman Thomas, lawyer.
Bird Hiram T, furniture.
Bleakeney Rev J B (Methodist)
Booker James, carpenter.
Bowman & Kaufman (Henry M Bowman, Andrew J Kaufman), grain
Boyles Mrs. Eva M, restaurant.
Brazelton House, E Stahl, propr.
Breazeale Wm. M, Propr Wiggins House.
Brown John L, lightning rod dealer.
Brown R C, propr Mt Pleasant Herald.
Buddle J G & Co (John G Budde, Andrew Singer), bakers.
Burton John W, hotel.
Carter Robert, furniture.
Chaflin Miss Belle, music teacher.
Clark Bros (Charles M and Thomas P), grocers.
Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, clothes cleaner.
Coiner W B, mayor.
Colby Mrs. Kate B, dressmaker.
Cole Bros. (James W Cole Pres, John J Cole Sec), Lightning Rods and Pumps
Commodore & Delaware Mining Co, J B Coate sec.
Comstock Scale, Foundary and Machine Co, T. Whiting pres. A P Mason sec.
Cozier & Tiffany (Benjamin L Cozier, Palmer C Tiffany), furniture.
Crane Baron H, hardware.
Crane Hervey N, jeweler.
Davis James, barber.
Dougherty James, mnfr washing machns.
Drake J H, physician.
Dwyer James, sheriff.
Eicher Samuel, shoemaker.
Elliot John, physician.
Elliott J & Son (John and Lyle Elliott), physicians.
Eshelman Mrs. Anna B, milliner.
Eshelman John & Co (John Eshelman), clothing.
Eshelman Reuben, clothing.
Everett George F & Co (George F Everett, James A Clark), creamery.
Farmers' Hotel, Henry C Thomas propr.
Faulkner & Ball (Oscar F A Faulkner, Aaron S Ball), Dealers in General Mdse. Auctioneers and Commission Parties.
Fehse Wm H, cigar mnfr.
First National Bank (Capital, $100,000), P Saunders Pres, T H Van Horn Cash.
Fort Theodore, meat market
Free Press, James A Throop propr.
Fuller & Prince (Mrs. Rebecca Fuller, Miss Lida Prince), dressmakers.
Garvin Miss Sallie E, milliner.
Garvin Samuel W, dry goods.
Gass George S, treas.
German College, Wm Balcke pres, R Havinghorst vice-pres.
Gimble Oswald J, grocer.
Glenny & Gladden (Wm C Glenny, Wm Gladden), farm impts.
Goan Andrew, lawyer.
Goolden Mrs. Margaret, milliner.
Grant Mrs. Jennie A, milliner.
Greusel John O, butter and eggs.
Griffith & Throop (Oliver F Griffith, James A Throop), hardware.
Gunyon John, meat market.
Hammer Charles W, restaurant.
Hampton James W, clothing.
Harbin James J, real estate.
Hargrave Thomas E, dry goods.
Harlan House, Edward Stahl, propr.
Harrison Harry, meat market.
Harter Sylvester, wagonmaker.
Henne & Schmitz (Jon Henne, Mathias Schmitz), restaurant.
Hettich August, restaurant.
Higgins & Co (James O Higgins, Charles W Whittaker), blacksmiths.
Hollowell Mary A, restaurant.
Hormell Elliott, wagonmaker.
Houseman John F, general store.
Howard, Rev D C (Episcopal)
Howe Seward C, prin Howe's Academy.
Howe & Sutton (Charles S Howe, Sue Sutton) , grocers.
Hunter Alexander M, tailor.
Hunter Alexander S, dry goods.
Iowa Hospital for the Insane, H A Gilman M D, supt.
Jericho Gustav, painter.
Jericho Peter, justice of peace.
Kauffman P W, supt of schools.
Ketcham L & Bros (L, F, H, W, B and Winfield), flour mill.
Kinkead Albert W, lawyer and notary.
Koch & Schnurr (John G Koch, Wm Schnurr), boots and shoes.
Lappan Rev D S (Presbyterian.)
Lash Thomas, dry goods
Lee George H, Express agt.
Leech John F, lawyer and justice.
Leedham Charles J, dealer in lightning rods and pumps.
Leedham Miss Linnetta, dressmaker
Leedham W D, justice of peace
Leedham & Baugh (Horatio K Leedham, Louis G Baugh), planing mill.
Leisenring W K & J R, photographers
Lyon Smith, physician
McAdam Bros (James and Wm A), photographers
McAdam & Palm, proprs Mt Pleasant Journal.
McClaran John T, blacksmith
McClure Andrew W, physician
McCoy Mrs. Kate, dressmaker.
McCracken & Dortch (Samuel McCracken, Thomas Dortch), barbers.
McDonald Mrs. Caroline, milliner.
McLaren C L, dry goods
McMillen Misses (Alice and Martha), dressmakers
Marsh Charles F, physician
Marsh Dr. Wm S, druggist
Melcher P & Son (Peter and Wm) marble dealers.
Miller Mrs. Olie, dressmaker
Mills Joseph H, grocer
Mills Levin P, grocer
Millspaugh Benjamin F, harnessmaker.
Mosley John H, barber
Mt Pleasant Herald, R C Brown, propr
Mt Pleasant Journal (weekly), McAdam & Palm proprs.
Mt Pleasant Telephone Exchange, Walter L Gamage mngr.
Mountain Monarch Silver Mining Co, J B Coate sec.
Murphy Rev Dr (Baptist)
National State Bank (capital $100,000; surplus, $50,000), T Whiting pres, J H Whiting cash.
O'Farrell Rev John J (Catholic)
Ogg E F, livery and sale stable.
O'Hare Hugh, grocer
Owen George A, telegraph operator.
Palmer L G & L A (Leroy G and Leroy A), lawyers
Parmalee Mrs. Rilla, dressmaker
Patch Joseph T, lawyer
Peifer Fred J, clothing
Penn Edward L & Co (E L Penn), shoes
Penn & Holwick (Edward L Penn, Charles A Holwick), dry goods
Pennebaker Uriah B, Dealer in Fresh and Salt Meat Sausage, Bologna and Dressed Poultry
Peters Charles H, livery
Phillips Miss Nettie, music teacher
Phillips Uriah L, farm impts.
Pittinger F V, nursery
Pixley Benjamin F, wagonmaker
Prince Charles, machinist
Pyle Samuel L, druggist
Rhodes J M, pump dealer.
Risser Daniel sr, shoemaker
Robertson Frank A, Mnfr of Cigars and Dealer in Tobacco.
Rock Francis, shoemaker
Rodgers Rev (Congregational)
Rommel Alexander, Director of Iowa Conservatory of Music
Rommell & Perry (A Rommel, Samuel R Perry), Organ Mnfrs.
Ross B F & Bros (Benjamin F and John L), lumber.
Rukgaber, McGregor & Baines (Charles B Rukgaber), hardware
Sanquist John A, tailor
Sargent James F, jeweler
Satterthwait Joshua W, druggist
Saunders Henry C, real estate
Saunders Smith, dry goods
Schliep Wm H, Mnfr Cigars Wh and Retail Dealer in Tobacco
Shannon Mrs Sarah E, confectioner
Shean John S, watches, clocks and jewelry
Shepp Cary S, billiard hall.
Smith George E, physician
Smith Mrs. George E, music teacher
Snider Charles & Co (Charles and Howard Snider), druggists.
Snyder Chastain M, grocer
Snyder L C & Co (L C Snyder), butter and eggs.
Spahr George H, clothing
Spry John H, livery
Stahl Edward, propr Harlan house and Brazelton house.
Stowe Ebenezer C, Photographer
Summers Philip, groceries, flour and feed.
Taft Edward E, trunk maker.
Templin & Woods), dry goods
Teter George H, dry goods
Thomas Henry C, propr Farmers' hotel.
Thomas Owen, livery and carriagemaker.
Thompson Samuel N, crockery and glassware.
Throop James A, propr Free Press
Tilghman Bereman, auditor
Timmerman H L & Co (Henry L and Margaret D Timmerman), boots and shoes
Timmerman Wm, boots and shoes.
Troughton Henry, meat market.
Twinting Peter T, grocer.
VanAllen George C, lawyer
VanCise Edwin G, physician.
VanCise & Co (Edwin G and Isaac P VanCise) druggists.
Virden Albert E, druggist
Virden R & Son (Ross and John L), grocers.
Walker Henry D, insurance.
Wallbank John H, boots and shoes.
Walters Harry B, Merchant and General Tailor, Cutting and Fitting a Specialty.
Walz Raymond, restaurant
Warwick Wm M, dry goods.
Wells George G, express agent.
Wells, Miss Mattie, recorder.
Western Wheel Scraper Co, C H Smith general manager.
Wheeler John, confectioner
Whitford James C, livery
Wiggins House, Wm M Breazeale Propr.
Wilder George, restaurant.
Willard Lucian F, harnessmaker.
Williams Arthur E, horseshoer
Wingate Jesse, gunsmith and sew mach.
Woolson & Babb (J S Woolson, W I Babb), lawyers.
Zuhn Herman A, wagonmaker.
NEW LONDON. A town on the C.B. & Q. R.R. in New London township, Henry county, 148 miles southeast of Des Moines and 9 southeast of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1835, it contains Methodist, Presbyterian and Methodist Episcopal churches, a public school and ships grain and live stock. Population, 560. Tel. W.U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. A. Chandler, postmaster.
Baker L R, blacksmith
Cornwell A M, justice of peace.
Davey & Keiser, hardware
Dickerson O, hotel.
Fowler Mrs. J, milliner.
Frank P. & Son, boots and shoes.
Hampton Henry, blacksmith
Hitchcock C, notary.
McClelland James, General Store.
McClintock Rev A (Methodist)
Mehler F C, physician.
Magers Thomas & Son, blacksmiths.
Peterson R H, general store.
Philpott J H, physician
Reppert J H, railroad and tel agent.
Seymour James, wagonmaker.
Shanar George & Co, general store.
Smith David, harnessmaker.
Sparks Rev Wesley (Methodist)
Stevenson E H, Druggist.
Tomlinson W E, flour mill.

OAKLAND MILLS. A village on the Skunk river which gives good power, and on the St. L. K. & N.W. Ry, in Tippecanoe township, Henry county, 130 miles southeast of Des Moines, 4 southwest of Mount Pleasant, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1888, Population, 50. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. N.E. Armstrong, postmaster and grocer.

SALEM. An incorporated town on the St. L.K. & N.W. Ry, in Salem township, Henry county, 138 miles southeast of Des Moines, and 10 south of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat. Settled in 1848, it contains Methodist, Baptist, Friends and Congregational churches, a college, a public school, 2 banks, and ships grain and live stock. A weekly newspaper, the News is published. Stages daily to Hillsborough, 5 miles southwest. Population 900. Tel. W.U. Exp., U.S. Mail, daily. W.B. Donaldson, postmaster.

Arnold P.C., hardware.
Bank of Salem, W.H. Bliss cash.
Banta W V, meat market.
Bicksler J, wagon and harnessmaker.
Breese L.S., boots and shoes.
Carroll T, grocer.
Collatt J.H., hardware.
Evans J.M., physician.
Farmers' Co-operative Store, D Burden genl mngr.
Fisher A.W., confectioner.
Fisher J.W., flour and feed.
Hagan A.N., hardware
Hager A.D., grocer
Hoyt R.E., railroad and exp agt.
Kettle Wm, General Store and Hotel.
Lewis S.H., grocer.
Marsh A.B., general store.
Matthews J.W., hotel propr.
Meier M, baker.
Reeves I.C., druggist.
Rogers L.J., physician.
Shampnoi T., shoemaker.
Siveter Thomas, surgeon.
Spurrier R, general store.
Steinmetz J.H., harnessmaker.
Stephens C.A., wagonmaker.
Tomlinson M., grocer and druggist.
Triplett J.M., general store.
Williams E.T., druggist.

SWEDESBURGH.  A village in Wayne township, Henry county, 140 miles southeast of Des Moines, 9 north of Mount Pleasant, the county seat, 2 south of Olds, on the C.I. Ry, the nearest railroad station, and 8 southwest of Winfield, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1868, it contains a Lutheran church, and ships live stock, grain and produce. Stage with mail to Mount Pleasant tri-weekly; fare 50 cents. Population 100. S.L. White, postmaster.

Anderson C J, boots and shoes.
Anderson T L, wagonmaker.
Cohner C J, livery.
Franzen Rev J (Lutheran)
Holm Bros, blacksmiths
Liff A J, shoemaker.
Lilliedahl P. blacksmith.
McCaw W H, physician.
Miller J R, hotel propr and live stock.
Olson C V, general store.
White S L, General Store.

TRENTON. A village near the Skunk river, in Trenton township, Henry county, 130 miles southeast of Des Moines, and 9 northwest of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point, from whence it receives tri-weekly mail by stage. It contains a Presbyterian church, a school and ships live stock and grain. Population, 80. J. Morrison, postmaster.

Byran C A & Co, flour and carding mills.
Douthast J I, physician.
Goldsmith B M, general store.
Jeffrey John, blacksmith.
Johnson B, general store.
Leeper J A, physician.
Morrison J, General Store.
Turney J & Sons, wagonmakers.
Wilton A J, hotel propr.

WAYNE. A country post office and station on the B. & W. Ry, in Wayne township, Henry county, 135 miles southeast of Des Moines, 13 north of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat, and 4 west of Winfield, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1840. Ships grain, live stock and produce. Tel., W.U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. Sylvester Smith, postmaster.

Martin M B, constable.
Roth D, railroad and express agent.
Smith Sylvester, Justice of Peace.

WINFIELD.  An incorporated town on Crooked creek, at the crossing of the B. & N.W. and C.I. Rys, in Scott township, Henry county, 140 miles southeast of Des Moines, 18 northeast of Mt. Pleasant, the county seat. Settled in 1850 it contains United Presbyterian, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches, a public school, a bank, etc., and ships livestock and grain. Two weekly newspapers, the Transcript and the Beacon, are published. Stage to New London. Population 450. Tel., W.U. Exp. Am. and U.S. Mail, daily. John H. Goodspeed, postmaster.

Anderson Frank J, shoemaker.
Barkhoff W H, blacksmith.
Braniger & Smiley, live stock and hardware.
Burge J K, livery.
Clark S G, druggist.
Cook, J P. propr Central house.
Criss Mrs., milliner.
Culbertson H, propr Hawkeye house.
Glass H L, meats, feed and dentist.
Goodspeed J H, Railroad and Exp. Agent.
Green & Wallbank, general store.
Hanna J W, druggist.
Hickman Bros, meat market.
Hinkle E C, editor Winfield Beacon.
Kimmel B G, physician.
Lamme & Campbell, hardware.
Lindly B B, justice of peace.
Messenger, McAlheny & Co, general store.
Myers J L, blacksmith.
Myers W M, blacksmith
Osborn J N, carpenter.
Paul & Clark, restaurant.
Pierce L B, tile mnfr.
Pratt J E, harnessmaker.
Rhodes & Harper, general store.
Rittenhouse T C, carpenter.
Rittenhouse & Peck, live stock.
Sewell E R, restaurant.
Snelson A P, flour mills.
Swisler R C, barber and restaurant.
Tuttle Rev G M (Methodist.)
Weaver T C, banker.
Wertz J, editor The Transcript.
Wirtz G, physician
Wise & Vansyoc, clothiers.
Woodworth R L, lawyer.

WINONA. A discontinued post office in Henry county and a station on the B. & N.W. Ry.


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