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The Methodists of Wayland 


Methodism was established with the early pioneers in Iowa Territory. The different classes were served by itinerant ministers. The Marshall Class (note: Wayland was first named Marshall) was organized by Rev. J. L. Kirkpatrick in 1840. The eight members of the class were Thomas Gaskill Sr., his wife Nancy, and daughter Sarah, George Warren, Sally Warren, Ruth Warren, William A. Warren, and Elizabeth Warren. 

The first church in Marshall was built of logs in 1844 and stood near the north part of the present cemetery. The plot of ground was deeded by Sarah Warren to the Trustees of the church, and was dated March 5, 1846. 

The second church was built on the site of the present church and was dedicated January 9, 1856. After a number of years this building was moved across the road and made into a community building. Later it burned down. 

The present church (October 28, 1990) was dedicated December 4, 1892, after the town’s name had been changed to Wayland. The congregation was known as Methodist Episcopal until 1939 when it became Wayland Methodist. 

The first parsonage was built in 1871, the location being on what is now Main Street. The building was sold and moved to Second Street to make possible the construction of the second parsonage at the same location in 1907. 

After the merger of the United Brethren and Methodist congregations in 1968, the name of the church and its congregation became the First United Methodist Church of Wayland. 

In 1975, four congregations, Finley Chapel, Cotton, Trenton and Wayland formed the New Life Parish. The parsonage property on Main Street was sold in 1979. On May 31, 1981, a new parsonage for the parish was dedicated. It is located in Brooks Addition. 

Ministers – Marshall Mission

William Armstrong –     1854
L. C. Woodford           1855
H. W. Thomas              1856-1858
P. F. Holtzinger            1859-1860
J. H. White                   1861-1862
H. Darrah                     1863 
W. Simpson                 1864
James Gasner               1865-1866
L. B. Dennis                 1867
James Haynes               1868-1869
J. B. Hill                       1870
Thomas Stephenson      1871-1872
John Harris                   1873
Nelson Weels               1874
John Kendricks            1875-1877
E. J. Pike                      1878-1880


Ministers – Wayland 

G. Nulton                     1881
F. R. Holcolmb            1882-1884
W. A.  Black                1885-1887
M. J. Pusey                  1888-1890
John LaCornu               1891
E. S. Dailey                  1892
S. F. Bishop                 1893-1894
George Schlenker         1895-1897
G.  F. Cannon              1898-1901
C. R. Zimmerman         1902-1904
E. T. Robison               1905-1906
D.W. Witham               1905-1906
R. Collier                      1907-1909
J. P. Hehner                 1910
J. W. Carson                1911-1913
W. B. Ireland               1914-1915
C. W. Cochran             1916-1918
W. H. Shlack               1919-1920
Walter Samp                1921-1923
J. B. Pritchard              1924-1925
J. J. Pritchard               1926-1935
O. J. Fix                       1936
E. J. Shook                   1937-1942
J. B. Pooley                  1942-1945
D. Harper                     1945-1947
V. Henderson               1947-1949
Florence Jardine           1949-1951
Paul Textor                   1951-1954
Martin Greer                 1954-1959
Fred Martin                   1959-1962
Harold Nichols              1962-1966
Delbert Terry                1966-1969
Knofel Staton                1969-1970
Herbert DeMello           1970-1974
Art & Nancy Allen        1974-1977
Frank & Nancy Schultz 1977-1980
Keith Hamilton              1980-1982
Richard Dunn                1982-1985
Don Coffin                    1985-1990
Norman Walter             1990 (the year this was written)


Transcribed and uploaded to Henry County GenWeb with permission of Della Boshart, researcher and writer of the above for the special services of The Methodist Church of Wayland 1840-1990 


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