1880 Federal Non-Population Census Schedules, Henry County, Iowa


1880 Supplemental Schedule 7, for the Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes

The object of this Supplemental Schedule is to furnish material not only for a complete enumeration of the prisoners, but for an account of their condition. It is important that every inquiry respecting each case be answered as fully as possible. Enumerators will, therefore, after making the proper entries upon the Population Schedule (No. 1), transfer the name (with Schedule paper and number) of every idiot found, from Schedule No. 1 to this Special Schedule, and proceed to ask the additional questions indicated in the headings of the several columns. In addition to the enumeration of prisoners required in this Special Schedule, enumerators will also, in all cases (even though there should not be any prisoners in confinement upon the first of June), ask the warden or keeper of every prison, station-house, or lock-up in their respective districts the questions found below, at the bottom of the page, respecting the number of prisoners in confinement during the year ending May 21, 1880, and record the answers.

Number taken from Schedule No. 1
01 Number of Page
02 Number of Line
03 Name
Residence when at home. -(See note A.)
04 City or Town
05 County (if in same State), or State (if in some other State)
06 Place of imprisonment: (State penitentiary or prison, county penitentiary or jail, work-house, house of correction, city prison, station-house, lock-up, or calaboose.)
07 Is this person a United States, State or city prisoner? (if United States, say "U.S.")
Why in prison. (See Note B.)
08 Is he or she awaiting trail?
09 Is he or she serving a term of imprisonment?
10 Is he or she serving out a fine?
11 Is he or she awaiting execution (death)?
12 Is he or she sentenced to some higher prison and awaiting removal?
13 Is he or she held as a witness?
14 Is he or she imprisoned for debt?
15 Is he or she imprisoned for insanity?
16 Date of incarceration. (Give day of month and the year, the latter in two figures, thus: Jan. 15, '79.)
17 Alleged offense.
18 Amount of fine imposed.
19 Number of days in jail or work-house.
20 Number of years in penitentiary.
21 Is this prisoner at hard labor? If yes, what? (Shoe shop, cigar shop, cooper shop, stone cutting, prison duties, mining, labor on farm or plantations, etc.)
22 If at hard labor, is he or she working inside or outside the prison walls?
23 Is his or her labor contracted out?

NOTE A –Prisoners may not be residents of the county or State in which the prison, station-house, or lock-up is situated, and in that case their residence when at home, or the place where they were arrested or tried, should be stated, in order that they may be accredited to the State or county to which they properly belong, and that the county in which the prison, station-house, or lock-up is situated may not be charged with more that its due proportion of prisoners.
NOTE B – In making entries in columns 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15, an affirmative mark only will be used, thus: /.

Mt. Pleasant, Center Twp Supervisor's Dist No:1; Enumeration Dist No:96; Enumerator: Care, Hannah I
12345678 9101112131415 16171819202122 23Notes
544Garrett EdwardMt PleasantHenryCounty JailStatexxSelling Whiskey5030nono
545Shafer DavidHenryCounty JailStatexMay 31Larcenynono
5140Resor BenjaminMt PleasantHenryState Reform SchoolStatexOct 20/78Larceny & C5yswork in gardenoutno

Additional Questions to be asked of the chief executive officer of each and all prisons in the United States.
Question 1 – What is the total number of persons who have been imprisoned in the _County Jail_ (a), in the county of _Henry_, State of Iowa___, during the year ending May 31, 1880? Answer: _46_
Question 2 – Of this total number, how many have been imprisoned in the said prison to serve out sentences imposed for crimes and misdemeanors? Total _36_. Native white males, _25__; native colored males, _12__; native white females, _none__; native colored females, _none_; foreign males, 4_; foreign females, _none__.
Question 3 – How many have been held upon other grounds, as debtors, witnesses, insane, or pending trial, without having been convicted of any offense? Total_5_. Native white males, _3_; native colored males, _2_; native white females, _none_; native colored females, _none_; foreign males, _none__; foreign females, __none.
Question 4 – What is the total number of day’s imprisonment during the year ending May 31, 1880, of all persons who have been confined in this prison? _622_. (This number is to be found by adding the number of days’ imprisonment of each prisoner and stating the sum.)
Question 5 – Is payment made for maintenance of prisoners by a per diem allowance to the sheriff, jailor, or keeper? _yes_; and if yes, how many cents a day? _50_; what was the total amount of this per diem allowance during the year ending May 31, 1880? $ _311.00 - If no such allowance is made, state the actual cost of maintenance of prisoners during the year. $ ___________.
a.) Name of prison

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