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Weddings Which Took Place in 1900

As Recorded in the Henry County Clerk's Office.


This week we publish the total number of marriage licenses issued from the office of the clerk of the district court here for the year 1900.

The following shows the complete list with names and date of issuing license:


2nd. Alfred Davis and Anna M. Best

2nd. Andrew J. Lee and Sophronia McClellan.

2nd Paul C. Spearman and Birdie C. Moran.

3rd. Christian O. Leo and Myrtle C. Jennings.

3rd. William Hobson and Jennie Doan.

8th. F. G. Rich and Lydia M. Eicher.

8th. Millard G. Nicholas and Ella Dell Runyon.

10th. Ben Nicholson and May Thorn.

10th. John R. Walker and Daisy J. Craig.

13th. Charles Floyd and Anna A. Farman.

14th. Harry J. Olliver and Stella White.

16th. Charles L. Nickerson and Annie Pangborn.

16th. Ed Jennings and Myrtle Black.

16th. J. F. Allendar and Ida Allendar.

16th. Joseph W. Conner and Esther Russell.

17th. Edgar Robinson and Margaret D. Robertson.

23rd. John Alvin Messer and Nellie May Bates.

24th F. M. Smith and Esther Funk.

24th. Elmer McClaren and May McDowell.

27th. Frank Allendar and Nellie Miller.

27th. John O. Chandler and Effie Mathews.

27th. Payton Wilson and Dora B. Giberson.

30th. John Eastman and Alma Adolphson.

31st. Benjamin M. Turnbull and Sarah L. Smith.

31st. Everet Whaley and Ella Perrine.


3rd. Oscar F. Lunquist and Mary L. Hannum.

5th. Lyman Bergh and Noami Miller.

6th. C. F. Mullen and Linnie Skinner.

7th. Wm. Dougherty and Margaret O'Connor.

7th. Thomas E. Hawksworth and Myrtle E. Wilt.

10th. John Brandmeyer and Claudia Courtney.

12th. George Norton and Susan Hyde.

13th. E. G. Coplin and Lorana Little.

15th. Ole Goe and Marian Metz.

16th. Joseph H. Graber and Lizzie Foth.

17th. George E. Evans and Minnie Cooper.

21st. Doty W. Synder and Alvira Moran.

22nd. Daniel J. Cookley and Della M. Ambrose.

22nd. Chas. W. Schryer and Nettie Fleenor.

27th. Henry C. Hanks and Mary Parks.

28th. James Conaro and Henrietta Wilder.


1st. E. S. Fetterman and Julia Porter.

5th. P. H. Rosenhalm and Anna Kean.

6th. Martin E. Bennis and Henrietta Schaffer.

8th. Delbot H. Palmer and Callie B. Becker.

8th. Hugh E. McCoy and Lucinda E. Boley.

8th. Joseph E. Lindeen and Hedwig S. Hulquist.

10th. J. H. Miller and Carrie Steel, Abraham.

12th. John Hauf and Anna Brotzer.

13th. George G. Wright and Mary Abraham.

13th. Alfred J. Wilson and Jessie P. Nihart.

13th. Floyd M. Church and Blanch Percival.

14th. J. M. Evans and Myrtle E. Balsley.

19th. Daniel Anderson and Emma S. Aspengren.

19th. Frank Barr and Nettie E. Canby.

20th. Willie Shaffer and Della E. Spafford.

21st. Wm. W. Parott and Fannie M. Davie.

24th Frank C. Milhone and Alice Umbanhower.

24th. Charles L. Brown and May Hall.

26th. James E. Tucker and Abbie Scott.

27th. W. M. Boshart and Mollie Bereman.


5th. Robert C. Taylor and Kate L. Bayles.

7th. Willis W. Vandoren and Evaline Dunlap.

9th. R. C. Dutton and Bessie H. Hulme.

10th. Albert C. Liebendorfer and Susie Underhill.

14th. James S. Brown and Olive J. Smith.

16th. William F. Rice and Electa Z. Willeford.

18th. Joseph Mussack and Naomi Jacobs.

24th. Fred Hampton and Mary Dobozy.


4th. George E. Thompson and Maggie Tucker.

5th. George F. Tucker and Laura Hollis.

9th. Hugh S. Jamison and Lily M. Hill.

11th. J. H. Endersby and Eldea E. Blunda.

16th. John W. Sarber and Jennie M. Dodds.

18th. Frank Young and Laura M. Allen.

22nd. Charles G. Ricketts and Laura M. Coad.

22nd. Frank C. Brown and Lena V. Berrie.

23rd. Willis B. Newbold and Emily D. Whittaker.

28th. William O. Rogers and Esther ?. Bumgardner.


6th. James S. Brown and Olive J. Smith.

6th. Algernon H. Masden and Minnie L. Britton.

6th. Lee P. Ketcham and Nina S. Garvin.

13th. H. M. Mosier and Clemma M. Deal.

13th. David Rich and Naomi J. Kinney.

14th. Chas. W. Moor and Luella Jordan.

16th. Ben M. Detrick and Vella Hill.

19th. Peter Christner and Lydia Conrad.

20th. Louden S. Trump and Grace Pickard.

20th. James F. Pierson and Ina B. Stage.

20th. John B. Walker and Harriett Hobart.

23rd. Roland Howe and Capitola B. Higgins.

27th. Luric T. Stout and Jessie F. Prickett.

28th. William J. Knauer and Mary Abbie McGahey.


7th. Barrow Moscrop and Mattie E. Edger.

7th. Thomas J. Smith and Mary E. Smith.

10th. James H. Smith and Ella M. Brown.

11th. Lewis R. Nugen and Matilda A. Dickey.

11th. William B. Dover and Jennie Fullhart.

12th. Harvey Doolin and Mildred Volineer.

12th. John H. Shepard and Mollie Peterson.

16th. James F. Forbes and Josephine Hoaglin.

17th. Arthur Chapman and Nora Daniels.

20th. Jesse Friend and Alice McDowell.

21st. Elmer Hawk and Amanda Hardy.

25th. Ralph E. McFarland and Etta M. Van Winkle.

26th. W. S. Kester and Edith Almond.

28th. Dan Harrison and Artie May Jimmerson.


1st. Charles A. Johnson and Gertrude Aspergren.

8th. John E. Lindberg and Hanna M. Schutz.

13th. F. B. Thompson and Marguerite C. Wise.

15th. Robert C. Coenberg and Elizabeth Weigand.

16th. W. E. Shafer and Ruby Monroe.

16th. F. P. Austin and Mary Frels.

22nd. Chas. N. Wilson and Barbara Shantz.

27th. Chas. Ballard and Mary Shiveley.

29th. E. C. Lynn and Mabel L. Harlan.

29th. Nels P. Barr and Cora M. Losh.


1st. Emmer L. Enke and Cora B. Chandler.

4th. Jesse C. Neff and Ida N. Bain.

4th. Herman B. Miller and Laura E. Howe.

5th. James Whipple and Emma M. Sammans.

5th. John Helmers and Louise Weseman.

12th. Fred W. Cummings and Jessie Ball.

12th. Arthur C. Jaeger and Allie B. Johnson.

14th. H. W. Bolar and Laura Shepherd.

15th. G. T. Conner and Mary J. Scott.

17th. James Wm. Brannen and Jennie B. Hinkle.

18th. Samuel W. Hehner and Lillian L. Hamilton.

18th. F. O. Olson and Nellie Benson.

19th. DeLoss R. Greenfield and Viola B. Hooten.

24th. Louis P. Diemer and Anna R. Bruhn.

24th. Chris R. Wyse and Mary Miller.

24th. Dan's W. Orendorff and Mollie Gerig.

28th. George Hoggatt and Florence McDowell.


2nd. Jesse O. Kirk and Elsie Calhoun.

3rd. John Warren and Alice Summers.

4th. William Rice and Dora Smith.

9th. Marion W. Yargus and Ola M. Clester.

10th. Charles H. Harris and Isabelle M. Chandler.

10th. John F. Winters and Minnie Jericho.

10th. Albert Bain and Ella M. Kinney.

11th. William Haggerson and Elizabeth Detrick.

11th. M. E. Campbell and Jessie D. Courtney.

20th. Benjamin W. Alvin and Rilla Plants.

23rd. Ed Cummings and Maggie McCormick.

23rd. Bert A. Jay and Susie Mills.

23rd. Pearl Maley and Hattie E. Alberson.

24th. J. P. Danielson and Peggie A. Newburg.

25th. Frank LaGrow and May Cresap.

27th. Warren Ledbetter and Anna L. Hummell.

29th. Chester Smith and Carrie Beatty.

30th. James Doughterty and Susie G. Willey.

30th. John Hyde and Mariette Turner.

31st. William Strubreiter and Flora Bell.


1st. William Carter and Isabelle Heater.

1st. Len F. Rose and Florence Schryer.

5th. W. E. Wood and Bertha M. Roth.

6th. Frank Adams and Eva Ross.

7th. Charles P. Frantz and May E. Arnold.

7th. C. E. Sampson and Lucy J. Dugdale.

13th. L. L. Twinam and Florence E. Reed.

13th. Jacob Refior and Myrtle Price.

13th. Martin A. Harshbarger and Anna M. Tull.

14th. Fulton A. McFarland and Katie Walter.

17th. Charles C. Conner and Minnie B. Still.

17th. C. C. Harper and Eliza Wright.

20th. George B. Owens and Cora L. Marshall.

20th. Byron W. Barger and Ollie M. Hibbett.

22nd. William S. McCoy and Ida B. Smith.

26th. Chas R. Braumeyer and Pearl Shurts.

26th. Orval I. Van Syoc and Edith R. Carden.

28th. Charles Crowl and Maggie Ross.

28th. Fred B. Green and Grace E. Byrum.

28th. W. J. Wood and Jennie A. Bushnell.


3rd. Carl Alvine and Jennie Sponburg.

6th. Cyril S. Enslow and Edith Gladman.

10th. Fred T. Buck and Lizzie Roth.

10th. Abner Wells and Stella Freeman.

12th. Frank M. Jarrard and Mary Troutman.

13th. Joel S. Guengerich and Lena C. Yoder.

18th. George M. Tuttle and Loue F. Baines.

18th. Harvey A. Jennings and Priscilla Black.

18th. Chas. M. Trueblood and Minnie Bogue.

19th. John A. Kauffman and Alice M. Allender.

19th. Wm. M. Payne and Eva C. Loeffler.

21st. L. W. Barton and Clara Mosher.

21st. L. W. Barton and Clara Mosher.

22nd. H. M. Evans and Clara Hall.

22nd. Joseph L. Packer and Mary W. Pittman.

24th. J. E. Metcalf and Laura Fell.

24th. Rex V. Graves and Grace I. Magel.

24th. Amos M. Mosher and Myrtle Barton.

24th. Clark R. Ibbotson and Kate I. Werner.

24th. Albert A. Compton and Ethel E. Taylor.

26th. C. E. Blodgett and Irene R. Osgood.

26th. Harry U. Yohe and Nellie A. Blodgett.

26th. James Reid and Jennie E. Baldwin.

28th. W. C. Bunker and Nellie H. Detrick.

31st. Lee Ernst and Grace E. Pratt.

Article from "The Free Press", Thursday, January 17, 1901, Page 6, found in the scrapbooks of Mary [Blaut] Abraham, wife of Captain Lot Abraham; the scrapbooks are currently owned by their great-granddaughter, Martha [Wright] Allen, Mt. Pleasant, IA. [June 2006]

Transcribed by Pat Ryan White.

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