Mt. Pleasant Free Press, Thursday, June 3, 1897  

The graduating exercises of Howe's Academy will be held at the Grand Opera House, Friday evening, June 11, at 8 o'clock. Instead of the customary orations, a lecture will be given by Dr. Arthur B. Chaffee, president of Central University, after which the diplomas will be conferred. Admission free.


Howe's Academy will graduate a class of nine this year. Belle Hanna, Bert Jay and Wm. Refoir from the Latin course. Sylvia Branch, Edward Lynn and Cecil Hunter, from the Teacher's course. Harry Nixon, Leslie Dawson and Chas. Allender, from the Business course.


The Mount Pleasant High School Alumni Association held a delightful reception last evening at the home of Mrs. Baron Crane. The beautiful, spacious rooms were filled with a happy enthusiastic band of graduates, ranging from the class of '68 down to the present class of '97 in whose honor the reception was given.  

An excellent program was presented, consisting of an address of welcome by Mrs. R. S. Galer, a response by Miss Kate Stiles, a declamation by Miss Della Brooks, and a paper on 'The Old Graduates,' by Mr. I. P. VanCise. Beautiful music was rendered by Mrs. Anna Drummond, Miss Florence Miller and Mr. and Miss Dickenson. Light refreshments were served and after lingering until a late hour the happy crowd dispersed, feeling they had passed a well-spent evening.

Mt. Pleasant News - Wednesday, May 29, 1929  

~Commencement at Salem High School~  

~Exercises Held at Salem M. E. Church on Thursday Evening~  

The commencement exercises of the high school were held at the M. E. church Thursday evening. The church was decorated with the senior class colors of purple and gold, potted plants and cut flowers.  

Miss Florence McCracken played the processional while members of the class of 1929, the faculty, ministers, President of the school board and the speaker took their places on the platform.  

Invocation, Rev. M. J. A. Dalrymple.

Quartet, Raymond Smith, Richard Wilmeth, Florence McCracken, Emma Smith.

Address, James E. Coons, Pres. I. W. C.

Piano Solo, Florence McCracken.

Presenting of Class, Supt. Roy M. Senor.

Presenting of Diplomas, Victor Morrow, Pres. School Board.

Presentation of Medal, R. L. Kendall.

Benediction, Rev. R. L. Brown.  

June Faulkner and Raymond Brown won the medals presented by R. L. Kendall, member of the Sons of Revolution, for the boy and girl in the junior class who had made the best record in American history. Members of the class graduating were Alice Helen Atkinson, Edward Brown, Lloyd Brown, Emmet Barton, Dee Cooper, Mildred Davis, Oliver Goldsmith, Kester Jones, Helen Nevills, Dorothy Myers, Maurine Matthews, Marvin Hunting, Pauline Rook, Ruth Edwards, Winnifred Mills, Elbertine Mills, Clarence Trueblood, Mary Martha Williams, Almeta Ensminger.  

Honor students of the class are: First, Pauline Rook; second, Alice Atkinson; third Emmett Barton; fourth, Oliver Goldsmith; fifth, Marvin Hunting.  

Members of the high school enjoyed their picnic at Mt. Pleasant Friday while the grade school pupils enjoyed theirs at the school building.  

The senior class of the high school went to Fairfield Tuesday where they had their picnic. On their return home they got their annuals.

Mt. Pleasant News - December 5, 1945


Winfield - Twenty-six high school students are listed on the honor roll for the second six week period. Classes and names follow: Seniors'Marietta Mason, Betty Gibbs, Joan Pontzius, Carmen Kongable, Marvel Rawhouser, Myers Rossiter, Martha Swan'3 A's, incomplete due to protracted illness, work in one subject not yet made up. 

Juniors: Marjorie McCulley, Letitia Kneen.
Sophomores: Barbara Van Vranken, Wilma Bloom, Norma Lauer, Sheldon Kongable, Jim Finch, Keith Cummings, Bertha Brenneman, Kathleen Doyle, Maynard Hill, Mary Ellen Hoover, Eloise Steffins.
Freshmen: Jim Bellamy, Evelyn Chrisinger, Bob Canby, Geraldine Nau, Arlene Chrisinger, Patricia Mason.

- Submitted by Ann Miller White  

Mt. Pleasant News - June 1, 1948


Evelyn Swailes of Trenton township received recognition for first honors at the rural eighth grade graduation held at the high school auditorium here Friday afternoon.

Elsie Hourihan of Jackson township was second and Donald Bates of Trenton township third.

Other honor pupils were Ralph Ericson, Helen Scarff, Norma Richards, Kenneth Caldwell, LaVaugn Miller, Dean Jackman and Richard Hulme.

Dr. Roger Morrow of Iowa Wesleyan in a talk to the group and the parents and friends who gathered, stressed the need for a well rounded life in the atomic age and emphasized the four phases: religions, mental, physical and social.

Arlene King played the processional "Pomp and Circumstance." Rev. Owen Wilson gave the invocation, Miss Ruth Strohman played a flute solo, "Concertino," and Kathleen Coleman, two piano solos, "Spinning Song" and "Study in F Major."

Miss E. Mae Grau, county superintendent of schools, presented the diplomas to the 67 graduates as follows:

Baltimore: Dean Jackman, Donald Kobs, Mary Kobs, Lavon Pearson, James Pickle.

Canaan: Harold Williams

Center: Wade Benge, Margarette Daines, Richard Davey, Betty Hill, Velma Hummell, Laurene Lee, Darlene Manning, Darlene Stucker, Louise Young.

Jackson: Elsie Hourihan, Karl Jones, Jean Peterman, Velna Yaley.

Jefferson: Clinton Boese, Virginia Boshart, Richard Brenneman, Ruth Earnest, Ardith Freyenberger, Beulah Mae Graber, Bertha Hesser, Joannita Herschy, Richard Hulme, Rachel Leichty, Janet McMullen, Harold Melvin Rich, Norma Richards, John Wenger.

Marion: Deloris Lemon, Mary Lou Vandersnick

Salem: Suzanne Trueblood.

Tippecanoe: Rex Barton, Kenneth Caldwell, Ralph Ericson, Frances Freeman, Joan Fay Hart, Patrick Hoover, Carroll Hummell, Wilbur Jacobs, Donald Leyden, Patty Leyden, Joann Maxwell, G.W. Mickey, Charlene Sourwine, Jim Upton, Jack Wehrle.

Trenton: Harold Ackles, Donald Bates, Donald Graber, Josephine Graber, Joanne Messer, Wanda Messer, LaVaughn Miller, Mary Miller, Wanda Rich, Elton Roach, Helen Scarff, Ruth Scarff, Shirley Scott, Evelyn Swailes, Julia Jane Wesley, Harold Wiggins.

Mt. Pleasant News - May 15, 1950


Wayland - The eighth grade graduation exercises will be held on Wednesday evening. Norma Widmer will play the processional, Rev. Mullett will give the invocation and benediction, the class will provide music, Rev. Jardine will give the address and Superintendent E. E. Berkshire will present the diplomas and awards.  

Members of the class are: Luella Alliman, John Arbogast, Evelyn Bergh, Leon Blosser, Arley Boese, James Davison, James Eichelberger, James Elder, Duane Gingerich, Patsy Gisel, Jerry Goodwin, Jean Kauffman, Charlotte Koebel, Dorothy Magdefrau, Marilyn Reichly, Robert Rittenhouse, Ralph Ruby, Richard Schlatter, Wilma Troyer, John Turner and Maribelle Zehr.  

 - -Transcribed by Ann Miller White  


Mt. Pleasant News - May 17, 1950  


Mt. Union - Rev. James R. Ulinger, Davenport Methodist pastor, was the speaker at the Mt. Union high school commencement Monday evening. 'You Can Live Gloriously' was his topic. Carroll Duncan was the Valedictorian and Emma Tolander, the Salutatorian of the class.  

Members of the class are Clodene Verlee Adams, Darrell E. Abrisz, Connie Lou Cornick, Carroll LeMoine Duncan, Velma Darlene Schweitzer, Phyllis Smith, and Emma Louise Tolander.  

E. W. Ozias is the superintendent and Merl Lauer is the president of the school board.  

 - -Transcribed by Ann Miller White  


Mt. Pleasant News - May 19, 1950  


Despite the rain the Friday morning part of the Henry County school system's second annual Achievement and Commencement Day program went on as scheduled. The pageant, 'Children of the Earth' was given, the theme being Conservation. Clarence E. Amen, County Superintendent, presented honor 'I's' to nine students and Harold McLeran, president of the county school board presented diplomas to the 57 eighth grade rural school graduates.  

A good crowd sat throughout the rain to witness the pageant of which Jack Palangle, heat of the speech and drama department at Iowa Wesleyan, was narrator. The basket dinner and athletic events were held at McMillan Field Friday afternoon.  

Phyliss Swan, eighth grade student from Center School, was awarded a five dollar prize by Rene Clifton, president, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, for winning the jingle contest. Duane Maxwell, eighth grade student from Maple Grove School, Tippecanoe Township, received the three dollar second prize, and Linda Shaw, fourth grader from Pleasant Grove School, Tippecanoe Township, received the two dollar third prize.  

The following rural students were graduated:  

Baltimore: Lila Farnsworth, Marilyn Francy.

Jackson: Phyllis Swan, Wayne and Stanley Widmer, and Gene Wyse.

Marion: Patricia Burton, Lorna Dohrman, Warren Garrels, Jerry Jackson, Doris McGraw and Helen Olson. Center: Curtis Benge, June Daines, Harold Green, Ruth Hummell, Mary Miller, Daryl McCulley, Wayne Nelson, Robert Stucker, and Sally Wandling.

Tippecanoe: Larry Anderson, Ralph Breazeale, George Ensminger, Paul Ford, Richard Ford, Larry Freeman, Zelda Mary Hallowell, Bonnie Land, Duane Maxwell, Ellis Shull, Blinn Sourwine, and Jeanette Trueblood.

Trenton: Elizabeth Buck, William Burns, Barbara Carver, Ray Christensen, Lavern Hueholt, Thurman Hughes, Patricia Klaus, Joan Moffett, Marlo McDowell, Elaine Parker, Donald Scott and Pauline Swailes.

Jefferson: Norman Boshart, Donald Earnest, Annabelle Graber, Delores Manning, Josephine Manning, Alice Roth, Dwight Roth, Edward Roth, Evelyn Schroll, Carol Stauffer, Robert Thorington and Paul Wenger.    

 - -Transcribed by Ann Miller White  


Mt. Pleasant News - May 19, 1950  


Mt. Union - When Constance Cornnick received her diploma at the commencement exercises at the Mount Union high school Monday evening, she was the ninth member of her family to be so honored. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Cornick, whose nine children all attended the Mount Union consolidated school and whose family name has appeared on the class roll for the past 32 years, or since 1918.  

The other children who have received diplomas from the Mount Union high school are:

Gerald Cornick, teller of the Farmers National Bank of Winfield

Mrs. Floyd Ibbotson of Winfield

Mrs. Jane Wallman of Yarmouth

Dwight Cornick, farmer

Mrs. Twyla Harrington, Winfield, beauty shop owner

Elbert Cornick, employee of a farm equipment firm at Stockport

Mrs. Jack Campbell of Fairfield

Richard Cornick, athletic coach at Macedonia, who will have a similar position at Lone Tree next year  

 - -Transcribed by Ann Miller White  


Mt. Pleasant News - May 23, 1950  

The Junior High School eighth grade graduating class numbers 59 this year. Commencement exercises for the 1950 group will take place Thursday evening at 7:30 in the Mt. Pleasant high school auditorium. The program will be based on vocal and instrumental numbers under the cooperative direction of Mrs. Marabelle Eye, vocal elementary instructor, and E. E. Melby, instrumental grade and high school music director. County Superintendent, C. E. Amen, will be the speaker.  

The graduates include:

Nondace Anderson, Judy Estes, Kay Ewart, Eloise Hannum, Ethyl Hannum, Gaye Jennings, Ruth Ann Jensen, Donna Keller, Marilyn Kincaid, Dolores Ledbetter, Merna Lee, Dorothy Leyden, Barbara Machholz, Ruth Ann Messer, Shirley Prickett, Doris Rich, Marcia Ross, Jean Smith, Beatrice Smithhart, Mary Beth Stanley, Anita Stookesberry, Eleanorr Walters, Donna Williams, Clara Stamper, Frances Manning.  

William Applebee, Paul Leo Bragg, John Duttweiler, Wendell Ellis, Verdell Frost, Kenneth Hillman, Keith Hummell, Ivan Johnson, David Keeler, Lyndon Keefer, Wayne King, Donald Lamm, Henry Magana, William Metcalf, Marvin Miller, Richard Myers, Thomas Nevers, James Newburg, Robert Patterson, Gregg Richard, Ernest Rickett, Leslie Sadler, Darrell Sammons, John Scarff, Clifford Shafer, Donald Smith, Thomas Turner, Jerry Wells, Roger Whaley, Gary Williams, Richard Young, Robert Young, Richard Craig, and Donald Powell.

 - -Transcribed by Ann Miller White  

Mt. Pleasant News - May 23, 1950


Mt. Pleasant High School baccalaureate services will be held at the Methodist Church next Sunday evening at 8:00. As in the past, this will be a union service with pastors from several of the churches taking part. Rev. James Marlin, pastor of the Methodist church, will give the sermon 'Windows Toward the East', Rev. Owen Wilson of the Presbyterian Church will give the invocation, Rev. Stanley A. Andersen of the Baptist church will read the scripture and Rev. Frederick A. McNeil of the St. Michael's Episcopal Church will give the benediction. Special music will include a solo by Joyce YeVonne Hankins and numbers by the mixed chorus.  

The commencement exercises will be held on Wednesday evening, May 31, at 8:00 at the Iowa Wesleyan Chapel. The theme of the program which will be presented by students as in other years is 'The Story of the Rights of Man'. The following will take part: William Gene Ellis as master of ceremonies, Helen Eloise Pickard, Daniel Ellsworth Burns, Joyce Ann Harney, Phyllis Elaine Cochran, Nancy Jane Winter, Arthur LeRoy Jennings, Morma Jean Mensen, Marjorie Luella Frazer, Charlotte Elaine Strothman, Merlin LaVern Evans, Charlotte Lucille Matthews, Ruth Anne Cottrell, and Nancy Elizabeth Rogers.  

The 91 members of the graduating class are:  

Ervin F. Aicher, Jr.                               Darlene LaVon Alter

Donald Leon Anderson                        Wesley Dale Barton

Grace Eleanor Beck                             S. Anthony Beckman

Velda Elaine Benge                               Erma Lou Brooks

Daniel Ellsworth Burns                          Bessie Virginia Calhoun

Loren Eugene Carver                            Richard M. Chaney

Phyllis Elaine Cochran                           Janice Marie Conaway

Ruth Anne Cottrell                                Robert W. Dohrman

Robert R. Donald                                 William Gene Ellis

Merlin LaVern Evans                            R. Bradley Ewart

Nathan J. Fetterman                             Dale William Francy

Marjorie Luella Frazer                          Gene Freeman

Donald Rex Garmoe                             Marilyn Lee Garmoe

Keith T. Hallowell                                 Joyce YeVonne Hankins

Mary Ellen Hannum                              Joyce Ann Harney

Janet May Harris                                  James W. Hatch

Louise Hulda Hazen                              Beverly Rose Heater

Twyla Frances Hilbrant                         Patricia Joan Hill

Glen Randall Hoffman                          Arlene Maxine Hulme

Audrene Lorene Hulme                        Donna Jean Hummell

Kenneth Owen Hummell                       Robert LeeRoy Hummell

Joan Joyce Jacobs                                Arthur LeRoy Jennings

Norma Jean Jensen                               Karl Kenneth Keller

Robert I. Kennedy                                Wendell Allan Kinney

Harold Dean Kinworthy                        Lois Joan Kirk

Barbara May Klaus                              Dean Elliott Lamm

Darlene LaVon Landes                         Donald Lee Landes

Ferna May Ligenfelter                           Jolene Ann Lyon

Marlene Louise Mallams                       Betty Elaine Martin

Charlotte Lucille Mathews                    Ruth Edna Mertens

Howard L. Messer                               Merna Harrietta Messer

Maurice Dean Millard                           Martha Treze Millspaugh

John T. Morrow                                   Helen Lucille Myers

Dolores Ann McClintock                      William Gale McElwee

Patricia Pearl McMullen                        Joan Francine O'Connor

Burton Marvin Parks                            Raymond Lee Pfeiffer

Helen Eloise Pickard                             Nola Mae Pross

James Harry Porttsman                         Allen Rich, Jr.

Nancy Elizabeth Rogers                        Joyce Ayne Rukgaber

Alta Bernice Scarff                               Dale Hubert Smith

Martha Jane Smith                                Richard Duane Smith

Jack E. Stiles                                        Charlotte Elaine Strothman

Orlando Franklin Swailes                      Bob L. Swan

Beverly Jean Timmerman                      Bill Van Amerongen

Richard Dean Van Trump                     Robert Raymond Ward

Barbara Jean Wells                               Trixie Mae Wells

Lorene White                                       Charles Lewis Willey

Dale Robert Willis                                Nancy Jane Winter

Ann Louise Wolfe


 - -Transcribed by Ann Miller White  

Mt. Pleasant News - June 5, 1950  

Henry County students who will receive degrees at the University of Iowa Friday afternoon at 1:45 are:

Mt. Pleasant: Master of Arts, Beth J. Rochefort, Darrell K. Rochefort, and George M. Stanley; Master of Science, William E. Griffith and Frank Ollivier; Bachelor of Arts, Mary V. Herr; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Warren K. Rogers, Jr.

Hillsboro: Bachelor of Arts, William H. Tade.

New London: Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Dean A. Yocum

Mount Union: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Warren H. Meyer

Winfield: Bachelor of Arts; Leland C. Olson

 - -Transcribed by Ann Miller White  

Mt. Pleasant News - June 20, 1950  


Seventy-two children have been enrolled for kindergarten in the Mt. Pleasant school this fall. There are probably still others who will start whose names have not been reported. They should be registered by telephoning or dropping a card to the superintendent's office at the high school.

Those who have registered:

Lynn Ball                                              Karletta Kay Barnes

Joyce Elaine Barr                                  David Dean Barry

Cornelia Ann Van Brussel                     Carolyn Rae Budde

Jerry Lee Cain                                      Charles Lloyd Conner

Joyce Ann Cornick                               Tanya Linda Doty

Jackie Joe Duncan                               Cecil John Enyard

Ernest Lowell Galer                              Carolyn Jean Garmoe

Janis Kae Gisser                                   Robert Green

Sally Jo Greenup                                  Nancy Jean Grove

Jerry Joe Hankins                                 Barbara Jean Hays

Karen E. Hekel                                    Mary Alice Henessee

Dalvin Hickman, Jr.                              Larry Dale Hite

Frances Eileen Hummell                        Robert Ray Hunter

Steven James Ingwersen                       Jimmy P. Jacobs.

Mary Louise Jensen                              Gerald LeRoy Johnson

James D. Kinney                                  William R. Koch

Deana Rae Lyon                                   Katherine Ellen Manning

Margaret Joy Marland                          Candace K. Meedel

Margaret Jean Megorden                      Dick Dennis Millspaugh

DeAnna Kay Moore                             Richard Harold McCabe

Floyd Eugene McKenzie                       William Douglas McKnight

Docie Nesbitt                                       Judith Ann Nihart

Lonnie Lee Ogg                                    Lola Jean Orr

Walter Platt                                          Lucy M. Pickard

Carolyn Diane Pobanz                          Frances Kay Raines

Linda Sue Riepe                                   Eunice Mary Rockwell

Nora Jane Sadler                                  Marianna Scarff

Alicia Marie Smith                                Evelyn K. Smith

Miriam Marie Smith                              Sandra Kaye Smith

Mike Spars                                          Judith Ann Stewart

Janice Louise Steifel                              Ronald Sullivan

Daniel Wayne Thorington                      James Keith Tweedy

Davy Dean Van Dorin                           Michael Arthur Van Dorin

George Allen Vaughn                            James Follett Weir

Iris Rae White                                      Jimmie Lee White

Larry Wayne Williams                          Larry LeRoy Woodsmall

Kaye Irene Young

 - -Transcribed by Ann Miller White  

Mt. Pleasant News - May 22, 1951


     Salem - Dean Karl Ellis of Iowa Wesleyan college will give the Commencement address at the Salem graduation exercises Thursday evening at the Methodist church. Six seniors and nine eighth graders will receive their diplomas.
     Shirley Septer will play the processional and recessional, Rev. J.N. Waterman will give the invocation, Bertha Lou Pidgeon will play "Liebestrume", Charles Brown, the salutatorian will have as his topic "Signs of Tomorrow" and Ruby Mills, the valedictorian, "As Tomorrow Dawns."
     Supt. Emily Anderson will announce the honors and awards and will give the eighth grade diplomas and will present the senior class, J.W. Moxley, president of the board of education will award the diplomas to the seniors and Rev. Stanley Kennedy will give the benediction.
     The seniors are: Bonnie Madeline Haushahn, Ruby Marie Mills, Bertha Lou Pidgeon, Neil Mosher Watts, William Leonard Bartlett and Charles Robert Brown.
     The eighth grade class: Rosalie Rossell, Ilene Lamb, Glenda Turner, Larry Gray, Marilyn Wilmeth, Marlene Wilmeth, Marston Wilmeth, Elaine Burkey and Twila Davis.


salemhs43.jpg (1258743 bytes)

click to enlarge photo

Class of 1943, Salem High School.

Wilmer Cox, Clarice Abrisz, Junior Pidgeon, Eleanor Thompson, Merlin Trueblood
Carroll Parks, Betty Jeane Trueblood, John T. Oard-Sup't., Marguerite Morrison, Ronald Shumaker
Lloyd Bartlett, Nadine Kudobe, Harold C. Mills, Max Glasford
Virginia Kudobe, Keith Logan, Charles King, Eleanor White
Photographs - C. Herbert Dyall Studio, Mt. Pleasant, IA
From the photo collection of Eleanor [White] Breazeale - 16 years old - Class of 1943

 - -Submitted by Pat Ryan White



Class of 1949 of Winfield Consolidate High School; Winfield, Henry County, Iowa
Submitted by Ann Miller White

arlenechrisinger.JPG (89635 bytes)

Arlene Chrisinger

bettyhunter.JPG (99071 bytes)

Betty Hunter

bonniemaecrawford.JPG (96721 bytes)

Bonnie Mae Crawford

claytonrabedeaux.JPG (84452 bytes)

Clayton Rabedeaux

donaldhaines.JPG (144470 bytes)

Donald Haines

dorisking.JPG (102596 bytes)

Doris Jeanne King

elizperrenoud.JPG (117481 bytes)

Elizabeth Perrenoud

evelynchrisinger.JPG (129058 bytes)

Evelyn Chrisinger

geraldinenau.JPG (114278 bytes)

Geraldine Nau

jimtelford.JPG (124781 bytes)

Jim Telford

kaysnell.JPG (75253 bytes)

Kay Snell

lolawindland.jpg (110448 bytes)

Lola Windland

marjoriemartin.JPG (105861 bytes)

Marjorie Joan Martin

naomimaxwell.JPG (85462 bytes)

Naomi Maxwell

normaconard.JPG (88258 bytes)

Norma Conard

normamaxwell.JPG (104775 bytes)

Norma Jean Maxwell

patriciamason.jpg (118120 bytes)

Patricia Mason

robertcanby.jpg (100899 bytes)

Robert Canby

rogerwilliams.jpg (132620 bytes)

Roger Williams

ronaldyoung.JPG (138876 bytes)

Ronald Young

thomaspatterson.JPG (129478 bytes)

Thomas Patterson

wilmahunter.JPG (85732 bytes)

Wilma Lorraine Hunter



4647waylandfreshmen.jpg (211082 bytes)

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Top Row L-R: Ruth Conrad, Joretta Boshart, Deane Allred, Carol Graber, James Tschantz, /Dolores Farmer, Unknown, Geroganno Christner, Vincent Krabill  

2nd Row L-R: Waunita Kaufman, Orin Eichelberger, Delores Magdefrau, Sarah Lu Graber, Darwin Widmer, Susan Reschley  

3rd Row L-R: Allen Newell, Donna Hauensheit, Richard Alter, Jim Troutman, Esther Leichty, Don Myers  

4th Row ' L-R: Beulah Hay, Herb Swan, Delores Troyer, John Henss, Mildred Unta, Lee Arbogast, Kathryn Roth, Arnold Roth  

5th Row ' L-R: Arlene Conrad, Merle Conrad, Diane Kauffman, Lowell Leichty, Carla Johnson, Bill Hilman


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