Examination Room No. 5, Union School

The Examination Room No. 5, of the Union School took place on Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday and Friday of last week This department has been under the immediate charge of Prof. E. A. Van Cise, assisted by Mr. T. J. Yount, and Miss Griffith. All the classes in this department were examined except those in Orthography and Reading—not merely those capable of making the best show. And all exhibited a degree of progress & proficiency highly satisfactory, and very creditable to both teachers and pupils. The school for the past year, from the lowest to the highest grade, has been a decided success, both as to advancement in studies, and improvement in the morals and deportment of the scholars.

We have not been able to learn the whole number of pupils enrolled during the year. - The largest number in attendance during any one term was 923; average attendance during the year, 587. The number enrolled during the first two quarters of the colored school was 69; average attendance, 35; making a total attendance at both schools of 622.

The reunion on Friday evening was well attended, and pleasantly enjoyed in promenading, singing, presenting memorials to the teachers, and listening to speeches from some of those present.

The Directors expect to have the new school house completed in time for the next term, when there will be ample accommodations for all the children in the District. They also intend to reseat and refit No. 5, and regrade the District so as to make this room a first class high school, where students can prepare for admission into advanced classes at any of our best colleges. The necessity for a department of this kind in connection with our public school has long been felt, and we have no doubt the Board will meet the hearty cooperation of our citizens in this measure.

("Mount Pleasant Home Journal", June 29, 1866, pg. 3)

NOTE: Resource provided by Henry County Heritage Trust; Transcription done by James Peters, University of Northern Iowa Public History Field Experience Class, Fall 2021.

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