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Howe’s Academy Picnic Held At Saunders Park

The annual Howe’s Academy picnic held in Saunders Park Saturday afternoon attracted many former students of the school and a number of guests.

After visiting and renewing old friendships, the group enjoyed an impromptu talk by E. G. Gereke of Burlington, a former clerk of the court.

The address of the day was given by Dr. J. W. Potter who gave a fine talk that was of especial interest to all attending.

Those registering were:
Will R. Hannum, Mt. Pleasant, ‘01
Frank L. Hankins, Mt. Pleasant, ‘90 ‘91
L. W. Canby, Mt. Pleasant, ‘88-‘91
Mrs. Frank Hankins, Mt. Pleasant, ‘88
Gertrude W. Hannum, Mt. P., ‘01 - ‘02
Mrs. Teresa Loving, Mt. Pleasant
Eva Carter Anderson, ‘83-‘87
Mrs. Edna Ames Botts, Peoria, Ill, ‘84-5
Ida S. Conner, Mt. Pleasant, ‘90
Mrs. W. L. Monger [Forbes], 1876
Mrs. Elizabeth Van Syoc [Lyons], Winfield, 1878-1879
Mrs. B. G. Hankins [Rugg], Mt. P., ‘81-4
R. L. Van Syoc, Winfield, 1901-1902
Lottie Kitch Smith, Mt. Pleasant, ‘79-81
J. L. Chandler, Mt. Pleasant, ‘74-75
E. G. Gereke, Burlington, 1900.
Geo. C. Albright, Iowa City, 1901.
W. J. Dinsmore, Hillsboro, 1880.
Henry Beck, Mt. Union, 1907.
John W. Yancey, Mediapolis, 1891-95.
C. E. Carnahan, Mt. Pleasant, 1884.
Ada D. Carnahan, Mt. Pleasant, 1885.
Alma McCormick, Mt. Pleasant, 1904-06.
Walter Lund, Mt. Pleasant, 1906-08.
Nettie Anderson Swanson, 11-14.
Miriam Upton Olson, Winfield, 1910-12.
Harry E. Olson, Winfield, 1910-11.
Arthur Geddes, Carthage, Ill., 1902.
Harris M. Logan, Hillsboro, 1900.
D. H. Barton, Lockridge
Sallie Welch Smith, 1880? 1890?
Mrs. Laura Wilson Noel, Mt. P., 1884.
Ernest W. Crawford, Calif., 1897-98.
B. G. Hankins, Mt. Pleasant, 1884.
Mary Hurley Brown, 1886.
Iva Calkins Remick, Mt. Pleasant, ‘11
Lulu Blakeway Dodds, New London, ‘05
Bert E. Dodds, New London, ‘03-‘05
E. W. Hass, Lockridge, ‘02-’03
J. W. Potter, Mt. Pleasant, 1882-83
Mrs. E. W. Hass, Lockridge
Ann Carrigan Pressnell, 1902.
Ella Van Dyke Lamme
Ada B. Russell, Winfield, 1896-97.
Lula Young, Mt. Pleasant, 1893-94.
C. O. Elliott, Lockridge, 1905.
S. Skipton, Mt. Pleasant, 1872-73.
Frank L. Bonar, New London, 1900-01.
C. W. Cruikshank, Mt. Pleasant, 1885.
Everett Parrott, Danville, 1899-01.
Jennie Kelly Hummell, 1886-1890.
Cora M. Gillaspey, Mt. Pleasant, 1912.
W. G. Huston, Crawfordsville, 1899-02.
Mrs. W. G. Huston, ‘02-’03.
J. G. Abraham, Mt. Pleasant, ‘83-’85
Albert P. Beck, Mt. Pleasant, ‘06-’07.
Ada Harper Ford, 1885-86.
Phronia Ogg Bates, 1891-92
Carl E. Johnson, Winfield, 1911-15.
D. Skipton, 1878-1882.
Mrs. M. C. Caris, 1879.
Mrs. Edson Caris, 1885, 86
Mrs. Mary Welch Foster, 1876-79.
Jeanette Stanley, Salem, 1893.
J. F. Morehouse, Mt. Pleasant, 1907-09.
R. S. Galer, 1879-80; teacher ‘85-’87.
C. E. Leedham, New London, 1892-94.
J. E. Lindeen, Swedesburg, 1890-92.
L. C. Coleman, 1888-90.
Axel Normal, 1897.
Elsie Shelman Crane, 1903-04.
W. H. Johnson, 1885-86.
Bessie Said Gilbert, 1910.
Ida Schliep, 1897.
Harry D. King, 1898-99.
F. C. Spearman, 1890-93.
T. L. Russell, 1896-97.

Visitors registering were:
Geo. Botts, Peoria, Ill.
W. L. Monger, Mt. Pleasant
Eleanor Hannum, Mt. Pleasant
Hazel M. Botts, Peoria, Ill.
Mrs. Homer DeWitt, Mt. Pleasant
Mrs. Grace M. Van Syoc, Winfield
Mrs. Charles Foster, Mt. Pleasant, Ia.
A. H. Anderson, Mt. Pleasant
Clark Swanson, Mt. Pleasant
Robert and Roger Swanson, Mt. P.
Marie E. Lund, Mt. Pleasant
Bill Harden, Mt. Pleasant
Marvin Lund, Mt. Pleasant
Elvira Beck, Mt. Union
Mrs. Carl E. Johnson, Winfield
Geo. P. Canby, Mt. Pleasant
Mrs. J. W. Yancey
Walter Crane, Salem
Mrs. Willis Chrissinger, Mt. Union
Willis M. Chrissinger, Mr. Union
Effie E. Detrick, York, Nebr., daughter of Jennie C. Andrews, 1861.
Mrs. Harry King, Mt. Pleasant
Robert Scarff, Mt. Pleasant.

“Mt. Pleasant News”, Monday, September 13, 1937, Page 1.

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