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LOOKING BACKWARDS - 5 Years Ago Today – 1918

The rural teachers of the county held their yearly meeting at the court house at the office of County Superintendent Campbell. The following were the rural teachers and their schools:

Hurricane, Esther Larson; Pleasant Lawn, Sarah Barton; Pleasant Grove, Clara Hurley; Union, Howard French; Center, Ruth Shelledy; Liberty, Margrete Harmison; Highland, Mantie Hayes; Woodlawn, Mrytle Baxter.

Greenwood, Mrs. Grace Siefken; Oak Grove, Florence Ross; Dorland, Ruth Taylor of Salem; Western Hall, Ruth Nyberg of Salem; Western Hall, Ruth Nyberg of Salem; Center, Grace Lupton; Glendale, Lucille Smith; Bellevue, Rosa Herzog; Fairview, Anna Sheets; Boylston, Grace Pangborn of Salem.

Pleasant Grove, Fay Grinstead of Danville; Lowell, Nona Hutchinson of Danville; North Linwood, Myrtle De Lang of New London; South Linwood, Harriet Abrahamson of New London; Bethany, Ruth Myers of New London; Pleasant Hill, Genevieve Cresap of Danville; Union, Mildred Chaney of New London; Buckeye, Gertrude Tonkinson of Danville.

Cotton Grove, Phyllis Hofmann of Mt. Union; Center, Faith Neil of Mt. Union; White Cloud, Mrs. Linnie Lyon of Mt. Union; Colfax, Gladys Gordon of Mt. Union; Sherman, Hazel Anderson.

Maple Grove, Anna Gillis Carnahan; Clay, Grace Barr of Wayland; Elm, Wade McBeth of Rome; Number Four, Ruth Schantz of Wayland; Fairview, Eda Conrad of Wayland; Douglas, Advanced room, Anna Hunt; Douglas, Primary room, Lucille Glass of Wayland; Coppock, Mrs. Edith Stacy of Coppock.

Pleasant Grove, Clista Dawson; Oak Grove, Ruth Brown; Prairie Mound, Mrs. Ferne Boals; Prairie Gem, Beatrice Gorham; Hickory Grove, Edith Michener; Cedar Grove, Laura Clawson.

Eagle, Grace Linder of New London; Oak Grove, Florence Collins; Lee, Clara Skipton; Excelsior, Mary Skipton; Star, Dee Elsome of New London; Hawkeye, Maxine Moore of New London; Bethel, Grace Frickey of Mt. Union.

Fairview, Mrs. Anna Stanley of Salem; Maple Grove, Nettie Cammack of Salem; Oak Hall, Ethel Reichley of Salem; Forest Hill, Mabel Pittman of Salem; Center, Miriam Bartlett of Salem; Pleasant Ridge, Ruth Spray; Cedar, Mrs. Vera Wilson of Hillsboro.

Sherman, Hazel Rickey of Winfield; Victory, Bertha Wheeler of Winfield; Number Four, Gladys Swan of Winfield; Lincoln Hall, Ollie Skipton of Winfield; Round Grove, Grace Dew of Winfield; Smoky Hall, Ellen Anderson of Winfield; Franklin Hall, Maude Swan of Winfield.

Oakland, Blanche Upton; Fairview, Ruth Millspaugh; Charter Oak, Minnie Black; Oak Leaf, Edith Kinneer; Pleasant Point, Edna Curtiss; Maple Grove, Mae Shumaker of Salem; Pleasant Hill, Maryett Hummell; Clay Grove, Freda Krebill of Salem; Prairie Gem, Mildred Hourihan of Salem; Highland, Helen Barton; Rome Bertha Woodson and Mildred Kinsinger.

Excelsior, Mildred Hauf; Eagle, Sadie Griffith of Wayland; Richwoods, Mary Spry; Webfoot, Teressa Black; White Oak, Elsie McCrary of Wayland; Star, Dora Beaber of Rome.

Trenton, Nettie McKinstry and Helen Beattie; Prospect, Mina Roth of Noble; Crawford, Leila Anderson of Olds; Johnson, Marie Anderson of Mt. Union; Liberty, Alleta Bauhard of Winfield; Union, Cecelia Payne.

["Mount Pleasant Daily News", September 12, 1923, page 3]

Transcribed and contributed by Pat White, September 2019

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