Union Schools.

The schools of our city are now in session—opened on last Monday under the supervision of Prof H. Vosburgh. With the addition of the new school edifice in the second ward, three hundred more pupils can be easily accommodated. The schools have opened, the present term, under the most favorable auspices; and promise a decided improvement on the past. The city is indebted to A. W. McClure, President, and Dr. H. R. Kern, Secretary, of the Board of Education—in fact the entire Board—who are untiring in their energies, for the interest they have taken in the cause of education. They have, in the person of Prof. Vosburgh, the man for the situation.

("Mount Pleasant Journal", Friday, September 14, 1866, pg. 3)

NOTE: Resource provided by Henry County Heritage Trust; Transcription done by James Peters, University of Northern Iowa Public History Field Experience Class, Fall 2021.

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