Since the holidays are over this institution has got fairly and squarely at work, and we are told everything works like a clock. Prof. Vancise seems equal to the emergency of conducting this excellent institution, and is laboring manfully in the right direction for its success.

Mr. T.J. Yount, who we see, has taken the place of Lieut. Will C. Ghost as First Assistant, is we think, the right man in the right-place. At any rate, if he does his duty in his new position, as faithfully and fearlessly as he did while in the army for three years, we predict for him unlimited success and popularity.

There are now about 1,000 scholars in attendance at the school. And the grade of studies in the highest department, is higher this term than ever before. There are classes in Caesar, Greek, Chemistry, Geology, Philosophy, &etc. And all the facilities are afforded for obtaining a fine Academical course. Next year on the opening of the new building, there will be a still further advancement, with the enlargement of facilities, and increase in the number of teachers.

The citizens of Cedar Rapids are taking great credit to themselves, because they have recently finished and dedicated a Public School House that cost $25,000, which they claim as the finest building of the kind in the State. They don’t seem to know that Mt. Pleasant has for five years had a School House that could not be built in these times for $25,000, and we propose next summer to erect another at a cost of $9,000.

In addition to our Public School, we have here the Iowa Wesleyan University, which has no less than 230 students, and is in a very flourishing condition. Mr. Howe has 100 students at his school, and the Female Seminary about 70, and the colored school has about 40 scholars.

We claim that Mt. Pleasant is the banner town of the State, both for the morality and intelligence of its citizens, and the number and character of its schools.

("Mount Pleasant Home Journal", February 2, 1866, page 3)

NOTE: Resource provided by Henry County Heritage Trust; Transcription done by James Peters, University of Northern Iowa Public History Field Experience Class, Fall 2021.

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