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The following is a list of surnames currently being researched by individuals with Henry County roots. You may add as many surnames to the list as you would like by sending an email to the county coordinator which includes the following information:

Surname, migration route, residence, time period, your name, your e-mail address.

Please put "Henry County Surname List" in the subject line of your e-mail. The time period should reflect the period of time that your ancestor resided in Henry County, Iowa. The residence may include town, township, address or general area within Henry County.

Thank You!


Surname Migration Route Residence Time Period Researcher
Bailey NC>TN>Henry Co, IA   1840-1880 Joanne Schnittgen
Bates (Bernard Henry) Prussia>Castle Garden NY>PA>Henry Co Iowa Marion Township 1852 Don Bates
Beeler/Beiler/Biler Knox Co, OH>Henry Co, IA   1850-1870 Cathy Lampshire
Beers Franklin Co, OH>Henry Co, IA   1840-1880 Joanne Schnittgen
Berry Henry Co > Wapello   Bef 1840
Black Ohio> Iowa>Washington Trenton Twp., Wayne 1849-1890 Judy Karns
Brown Shelby Co, IN>Pulaski Co, IN>Henry Co, IA Jefferson & Trenton Twps & Mount Pleasant 1856-1915 Cindy Kimes
Frazier (Francis Henry & Eunice Beard) Scotland>NC>IN>Henry Co, IA Tippecanoe & Salem Twps 1838 - Conni McDaniel Hall
Gillis (James Lyle) Ridgway, PA>NE (Pawnee Indian Agent in 1860)>Henry Co, IA Mt. Pleasant 1866-1880s Bonnie Gillis Waters
Haines/Haynes     1848 - Cathy Lampshire
Jones Knox Co, OH>Henry Co, IA   1845-1880 Cathy Lampshire
Kinkead (Albert Washington "Judge") Licking Co, OH>Louisa Co, IA>Henry Co, IA 206 N Harrison St, Mount Pleasant 1870-1924 Dick Kinkead
Mann Knox Co, OH>Henry Co, IA   1845-1860 Cathy Lampshire
McCuen/McEwen/McQuen     1828- Cathy Lampshire

Moody (Robert and Martha W. (Snodgrass) Moody, Samael Moody,

Joseph and his wife Lydia (Galloway) and their daughter Martha Wilson Moody)

PA>Piqua, OH>Mt Pleasant, IA>Nemaha Co NE   1849-1871 Darby Oldenburg
Shopbell Knox Co, OH>Henry Co, IA   1840-1885 Cathy Lampshire
Williams Montgomery Co, TN>Henry Co>Ottumwa>MO>OR   Bef 1840

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