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Old Stone House

These buildings are all in the West Grove School, Salem Twsp, Henry County, Iowa. If you crossed the road that is in front of the doghouse and walked through the trees and brush you would end up near where Harlan Garmoe lived. He was a younger brother of my grandfather, George Garmoe.

Submitted by Margaret Parsons

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Old Building

This the red building seen in the background of the Old Stone House.

Submitted by Margaret Parsons


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Old Stone House
(Another View)

Submitted by Margaret Parsons

lewellinghouse.jpg (278820 bytes)

Lewelling House
Iowa Station of the  Underground Railroad

Submitted by Margaret Parsons


undergroundrr2.jpg (236053 bytes)

House of Underground Railroad
Tunnel ran to this house from the Lewelling House.

Submitted by Margaret Parsons

undergroundrr3.jpg (219490 bytes)

Old Barn
on farm where I was born.

Submitted by Margaret Parsons

doghouse.jpg (273941 bytes)


The dog house by the road that runs in front of the Old Stone House. Byron Garmoe lived at the top of the hill that leads down to the old stone house. It is made of land coral and axe heads.

Submitted by Margaret Parsons

westgroveschoolhouse.jpg (367784 bytes)

West Grove Schoolhouse.

West Grove Schoolhouse-sixty years later. We lived down the hill from here. Johnsons live on the road from the right side of the picture.

Submitted by Margaret Parsons


pigfarm.jpg (1009613 bytes)

Van Winkle Pig Farm

Salem Weekly News - April 13, 1921

     In a fight pulled off last night after dark on the farm of C. W. Van Winkle living four miles southwest of Salem, Byron Garmoe of the same neighborhood was severely stabbed on both shoulders while Van Winkle had a bad knife wound over one eye and a finger was badly cut. Each man claimed the other the aggressor.
     It appears that Garmoe had some hounds which ran over Van Winkle's farm and to which Van Winkle objected. Last night Van Winkle was out with a lantern looking for a cow and when approaching a fence was jumped on by Garmoe, who was for some reason behind the fence. Garmoe's story is that Van Winkle was out with his lantern placing poison for the hounds and he was watching the proceedings. Both were in town today having their wounds dressed and calling on the county attorney.

Photo submitted by Margaret Parsons and news item submitted by Ann Miller White.


cbqsalem.jpg (310995 bytes)

C. B. & Q. Depot, Salem, Iowa

 submitted by Gene Stewart.


whittiercollege.jpg (359100 bytes)

Whittier College, Salem, IA

After Whittier College closed down, it was turned into the High School.  It burned down.

 submitted by Gene Stewart.

methodistchurch.jpg (29293 bytes)

Methodist Church, Salem, IA

It was located on Oak Street, one block East of the square. 


 submitted by Gene Stewart.

salemwhittieracademy.jpg (124588 bytes)

Whittier Academy, Salem, Iowa

Submitted by Pat Ryan White

salemioof.jpg (115046 bytes)

I.O.O.F. Hall, Salem, Iowa

Submitted by Pat Ryan White


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