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1903hsgradsFirst graduating class of Wayland High School

Back row, left to right: Leroy Schantz and Edward Martin.
Front row, left to right: Frank Boller, J. W. Purcy, Superintendent, and Walle IWallie??) Boller.

Submitted by Ann Miller White
thompsonetal Left - Right: Frank Thompson, Jim Troutman, David Goldsmith, and Charles Farmer

Submitted by Ann Miller White
rothmillerJoe Roth, Left and Dave Miller, Right

Submitted by Ann Miller White
GroupBack, left - right: Pete and CK Wyse Front, left - right: Clyde Trotman, Homer Davis, and C. W. Schlatter

Submitted by Ann Miller White
winonadramaticassoc Winona Dramatic Association 1903-1904

This is a group that called themselves the Winona Dramatic Association. My grandparents are pictured here prior to their marriage. I do not know the location of the picture but suspect it to be around the Winona/Winfield area. Winona was a Quaker community that has been gone as long as I can recall. I was born in 1932. This group met regularly and discussed poetry and books that they had read. They also put on plays. 

Wayne Wilson
Jericho, Caldwell, Chandler

Photograph found in antique store in Iowa City, IA, April 8, 2017

On back is written:
"Cross Lake Minnesota Sept 1940.
Left to Right:
Candace Jericho
Louisa Jericho
Paul B. Jericho
Mrs. Maud Caldwell Houston Texas
Colby Chandler
At bottom: Mrs. Mabel Mott Houston Texas 4004 Fernwood Dr."

Note: Candace and Paul were Husband/Wife; Louisa was Paul's first cousin.

Submitted by Pat White 
Baseball Champions of 1903

Back row left to right Will Moore, Ed Honts, Jim Clausen, Lester Rodruck, Marsh Sewell, Manager; Pet Cline, Ray Lauer. Middle row left to right- Sylvester Shafer, John Sauers. Bottom row, left to right, Dale Glass, Gus Larson, Cleve Cotter, Otis Reeves, Edison Glass.

Submitted by Gary Honts, grandson of Ed Honts
Champions of 1903
Marsh Sewell piloted the first Winfield baseball team of which we have record. The photo of his nine of 1903 being included with this article, by courtesy of Edson Glass. The outfit was dominant at this time and included among its willow wielders and gloruck, tossers, Ed Honts, Lester Rodruck, Pete Cline, Ray Lauer, Lester Shafer, John Sauers, Dale Glass, Edson Glass, Gus Larson, Cleve cotter and "Putt" Reeves. "Fide" Glass, slender but seintillant moundsman, and Cleve Cotter, brilliant backstop, were also the battery of the Winfield High School team which was thriving at that time and which was also the school's first representative in interscholastic completion.

--From the One Hundredth Anniversary 1981. The Winfield Beacon, Winfield, Iowa.

Winfield 12: Most Everywhere else - at The Junction 5

Our ball players went over to the Junction Saturday to play that town's team. When the game was called our boys found they were up against an aggregation from Wyman, Olds, Crawfordsville and dear knows where else. The Junction appeared to figure in the game only as rooters, but in this capacity they were "it", If they could play ball with their mouths they would be at the top. So with most anything else. The intention on the part of the Junction was to gather in a nine from over the county, invite Winfield over there and then "do" them. But the thing did not pan out as its management had anticipated. In spite of the rooting and desire to wipe the
ground with Winfield ball players, our boys played ball amid the Junction's jeers, and they cleaned house with the alleged Junction three fourths of a dozen all right enough to the tune of 12 to 5. We hear the Junction team is coming over here in a few weeks to get even. Boys when they come do them nice. Beat them of course in a gentlemanly game.
-- Winfield Beacon July 2, 1903

Last Friday our Apple Knockers went to Morning Sun and put them up a game of ball so strong and active that it stood 9 to 11 in Winfield's favor. As we put this in type the M.S. nine is here and the game being called and later we will give results. Later the game closed mid shouts and horn blowing and stood 19 to 9 in favor of Winfield. The A.P. go to Washington Saturday to play a 4th of July game.
-- Winfield Beacon July 2, 1903 

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