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Wayland News – February 11, 1926

 Fifteen Years Ago 

William Hauenstein and daughter Emma moved from the farm near Noble to their new home in East Wayland. 

Miss Lola Ferris of Morning Sun was a visitor at the home of Dr. and Mrs. G. M. Jones. 

Mrs. C. C. Schantz was visiting her sister, Mrs. F. L.  Arthaud in Chillicothe, Missouri. 

Cal Crosbie of Spokane, Washington was visiting his cousin, H.E. Davies here. 

Mrs. L. E. Lankford was caring for her sister, Mrs. E. J. Stutzman, who was quit sick. 

The Lincoln Association, comprising the old soldiers of the town, held a very enjoyable meeting at the home of  comrade Ballard. 

J. H. Finney was taken to the County farm on account of his feeble health and advanced years. 

W. W. Noel Jr., received a check for $50.00 from the Chicago Record Herald which he won in a subscription contest.

 Twenty Years Ago 

Miss Crete Cook was a passenger for Ottumwa. 

P. G. Widmer was the new clerk at the John Wenger clothing store succeeding J. A. Kauffman who resigned the position. 

Fred Miller had let the contract to Ed Wolze for the erection of a fine new dwelling on his farm east of Wayland. 

Henry S. Roth and Joe Boshart returned from Michigan where they had been on a land viewing trip. 

L. R. Bergh and Leslie Miller were guests at the home of H. J. Goldsmith east of town. 

Frank Boller was a student at the State University of Iowa. 

Charles Imhoff was preparing to go to Monmouth to work in the railroad yards.

WAYLAND NEWS – 3/25/1926 

Five Years Ago 

Captain Hugh Pickell who spent his boyhood days in this community, a member of the 4th Iowa Cavalry, died at his home in Des Moines. 

Miss Lillian Hunt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Hunt formerly of Wayland, was married to Mr. Everett L. Stevens at the home of the brides’ parents in York, Nebraska. 

Mrs. C. M. Roth was at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Jacob Eigsti, who was seriously ill at her home in Morton, Illinois. 

Misses Bessie Allen and Mabel Mitchel had accepted positions in the Rothschild store in Washington. 

Mrs. H. H. Clarke was teaching the spring term of school at Cottonwood. 

Ten Years Ago 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. Widmer entertained a company of friends in honor of the 87th birthday of Mrs. Widmer’s father, Mr. Joseph Kauffman. 

Mr. I. L. Yount delivered a $435 team to Ralph Fetters of Washington. 

Miss Nellie Boshart had gone to Ollie where she had charge of the telephone station. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Henss moved to a farm west of Coppock. 

New plastering, new floors, and other improvements were being made on the Methodist church. 

A freight train went through a culvert in Eicher’s field west of Wayland and fourteen cars were derailed and badly smashed. No one was injured. 

Fifteen Years Ago 

Miss Emma Rittler was the recipient of a “Sunshine Bag” presented by Misses Inez Allen and Ellen Schowalter. 

Ellis Oswalt, a pioneer resident of this community, died at his home south of Wayland at the age of 76. 

Joseph Leichty, oldest son of Mr. Ben Leichty, died at his father’s home east of Noble at the age of 18 years. 

Mrs. Cassie Mathews and little granddaughter, Fae Wenger, of Chillicothe, Illinois,were visiting relatives here. 

Miss Lydia Wagler and Joseph Hirschy were married at the home of the officiating minister, Rev. S. Gerig, in the east part of town.

Wayland News – May 6, 1926


 P. P. Wyse was seriously injured when a Burlington train crashed into his truck loaded with eggs, on a crossing near the produce hour in Winfield.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graber.

The Pleasant Lawn School gave a home talent play at the Opera house here. 

Mrs. R. T. Dewees and daughter, Mrs. Fred Cook, of Unionville, Mo., were visiting Mrs. Margaret Noel and other relatives here. 

Miss Mary Francis Reynolds, who is better known to her many friends here as Mayme Reynolds, was married to Mr. George Snyder Guss, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Louie Lovell of Harrison, Nebraska and Morey Lovell of Memphis, Missouri, were visitors at the W. R. Henderson home. Louie was called to Memphis by the death of his brother, Charles Lovell. 

Mrs. Ella Lawless of Omaha, Nebraska was visiting her sister, Mrs. Margaret Noel, who is recovering from a serious illness. 

J. E. Stuckey attended the funeral of his uncle, Mr. Joseph Engle, at Washington, Illinois. 

Mrs. Ella Evans moved to her new home in Trenton.


 Joseph Graber, son of Rev. Daniel Graber of near Noble, won a trip to the Iowa State Fair with his prize composition on good roads. 

The funeral of Mrs. Plumer, sister of Mrs. Louis Eveland, was held at the Finley church. Mrs. Plumer died in Florida where she had gone for the benefit of her health. 

Mrs. Mattie Wenger passed away at her home here after an illness of more than two years. 

Mrs. Ben Hill died at a hospital in Iowa City, where two very serious operations had been performed in an effort to save her life. 

Mr. Dan Wittrig of Oakdale, Illinois, was visiting his brother, John Wittrig and other relatives here. 

Albert Magdefrau was taking treatment for rheumatism in a sanitarium in Peoria, Illinois. 

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Deutsch. 


Ed Deeds, mayor of Brighton, died at his home in that city at the age of 73 years. 

Dr. Jinkins of Washington was called to see Miss Anna Neff who had been very sick. 

W. W. Woolary of Washington had the contract for the brick work on the new school building which was to being in a few days. 

Professor U. G. .Brown and wife entertained the senior class of the Wayland high school at their home here. Those comprising the graduating class were: Ethan Brooks, Allen Wenger, Ray McClintic, Nita B. Henderson, Mildred Zingg, Jesse Peck, Idella Corey, Rachel Calkins, Olive Calkind, Ora Cumings, Mabel Luellen, and Walter Henss. 


Mrs. J. M. Rich died at her home near Noble. 

J. C. Bergh started for Colorado where he expected to locate. 

Miss Jessie Wenger and Vera E. Davis were the graduates of Wayland High School. 

Miss Bessie Wood and Mr. Fred Jinkins were married at the Mennonite parsonage by Rev. Musselman. 

Prof. E. C. Dauerty died in his home in Crawfordsville from injuries sustained while exercising a horse. Prof. Dauerty was conducting a singing class at Noble and anticipated giving a concert at an early date.

 WAYLAND NEWS – December 9, 1926 

Five Years Ago 

Mrs. Emma Payne celebrated her 81st birthday and her great grandson, Donald Payne, celebrated his 5th birthday, both coming on the same date. They spent the day together and had a jolly time. 

Victor Gerig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gerig, died at his home near Wayland on November 22 at the age of 22 years. 

Mr. Lloyd Keith, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Keith was married to Miss Allene B. Courtney in Mr. Pleasant on November 15, 1921. 

J. C. Neff and family moved into their new home. 

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Spiedel. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Farmer was recovering from a very serious illness. 

Mrs. Emil Borgstrand suffered a stroke of paralysis at her home west of Wayland. 

Jonas Schantz, wife, and daughter of Belville, Illinois were visiting relatives here. 

Howard Wery, the ten year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wery was accidentally shot and killed at his home south of Wayland. 

Grandmother Beckler died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ben Koebel, south of Wayland in her 89th year. 

William Bender was recovering from a serious attack of pneumonia at his home in Deerfield, Kansas. 

The Otto Frey store at Noble was entered by burglars, the safe blown open, and about $25 taken. 

J. A. Keith was very pleasantly surprised by his children and grandchildren on the occasion of his 67th birthday. 

The children of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Graber gave their parents a surprise dinner in honor of their mother’s birthday. 

Rev. H. B. Allebach, a former pastor of the Wayland and Eicher Mennonite churches passed away at his home in Pennsylvania. 

Ten Years Ago 

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Henss at Washington. 

Mrs. E. M. Stuckey of Agra, Kansas, was called here by the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. C. H. Roth. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Schlatter celebrated their golden wedding on November 22, with a family dinner at their house. 

Sheriff Kauffman resigned his office on account of illness and H. J. Goldsmith of Wayland was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to fill the vacancy until January 1st.

Winfield Beacon/Wayland News
December 8, 2005

Yesterday in Wayland
Old Time Notes – December 5, 1935 Issue

1930: J. C. Wenger and Miss Ruth Widmer were married by Rev. Simon Gingerich.  

1925: J. B. Cormick passed away at his home near Columbus Junction. Former Iowan John A. Rumble, veteran of the Civil War, died at Joseph, Oregon.  

1920: Miss Helen R. Moorehouse and Mr. Glenn Payne were married in Mt. Pleasant. Miss Elsie L. Wittmer and Mr. Harry Stortz were married at Hope Lutheran Church.  

1915:  James P. Rumble, formerly of here, died at his home in Des Moines. Miss Myra Hehner and Mr. Hugh Newson were married. Roth and Hildebrand sold their blacksmith shop to Charles Schley of Pilot Grove and J. C. Neff opened a flour and feed mill in the M. V. Eicher building. Miss Ruth Frey of Noble and Mr. David Richard of near Wayland were married at the Mennonite parsonage.  

1910: Mrs. Benjamin Widmer died at her home near Noble.  

1905: A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Schlatter. Dow Mahaffy sold the barber shop to W. F. Waltman of Fremont. Ben Wenger and son, Peter, purchased the livery barn from Bergh and Brooks.  

Seventy Years Ago – Dec. 5, 1935  

John C. Taylor, 64, died suddenly dec. 4 at Iowa City, having moved there only about a month ago from Washington.

Peter Kauffman, brother of Benjamin Kauffman, died at Bloomington, Illinois.

Mildred Grace Wyse and Ira Wenger were married on Thanksgiving evening, November 28, at the home of the bride’s parents.  

Sixty Years Ago – Dec. 6, 1945

Miss Eunice Fricke and Lieut. O. B. Nelson were married November 28 at Mt. Union.

Letter received from Duane Neff who was at sea, telling of war stories and hoping for an end to “all of this”.

Mr. Dan W. Crandal has leased the Standard Oil Service Station, which is located across from the Methodist church, effective Dec. 3. The station has been known as Jim’s Standard Service, operated by James Magdefrau.

Mr. and Mrs. Emery Eigsti entertained the Class of 1921 at an oyster supper. This was taken as an opportunity to chavari newlyweds Doris (Eigsti) and Dean Meyer.

Capt. C. C. Wyse is looking forward to his armed forces discharge and opening his dentist office in January.  

Forty Years Ago – Dec. 9 1965

Bart Hestor, Milford, Nebraska, passed away Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Hestor is the former Mae Alliman.

Elizabeth Messer and Ruth Messer attended Fred Rugg’s graduation at Great Lake Naval Training Center; Rugg to be sent to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Mrs. And Mrs. Leon Iwanowski and sons were called to South River, New Jersey, by the death of Mrs. Iwanowski’s father, John Dashkiwiez, 68.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Heiser will observe their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 23.

Mr. and Mrs. Art Hill are parents of Angela LaFaune born Thanksgiving Day.

Ernest Lunow and Mrs. Mae Widmer were married November 27.  

Thirty Years Ago – Dec. 4, 1975

Dudley Dean Graber seeking damages for Callistus J. Kern dba Wagon Wheel Tap after being involved in a traffic crash with one Ronald D. Feil who had been a patron of the Tap becoming intoxicated prior to the accident.

Neil Smith received Eagle Scout pin at ceremony at Finley Chapel.

Telitha Bean, WACO senior, chosen to have her biography published in “Who’s Who Among American High School Students” 1974-1975.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meyer parents of Rustin Dean born Nov. 25, 1975.

Arthur John Wyse passed away November 25, at Henry County Memorial Hospital.

Junior J. Wieneke, 50, formerly of Brighton, died November 25 at his Mt. Pleasant home.

Ralph Kern, 63, died Nov. 28 at his Brighton home.  

Twenty Years Ago – Dec. 5., 1985

Blizzard conditions paralyzed area over the weekend – as many as 300 travelers were stranded and spent Sunday and Sunday night at Swedesburgh Parish Hall, Olds American Legion Hall, Olds Church of Christ, WACO High School gym, and many private residences. Many accidents were reported.

Dean and Doris Meyer honored for 40th anniversary at CCCC with buffet supper with family and friends.

Mike and Shelly Bruegge parents of Justin Michael born November 28.

Lisa and Mike Moeller parents of Stephanie Jo born November 28.

Mrs. Alva (Adelaide J. Alter) Stites, 81, died Nov. 24 at HCHC, Mt. Pleasant.  

Ten Years Ago – Dec. 7, 1995

Zachary Ryan born Dec. 3 to Dr. Don and Stacey Flynn of Batavia, Illinois.

Roger K. Hanze, 63, Swedesburg, died November 29 at HCHC, Mt. Pleasant.

Edwin H. Cumings, 62, formerly of Wayland, died Nov. 28 at Stanley Tippett Hospice, Needham, Mass.


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