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Decorah, Iowa, May 23, 1917
Man Arrested in Female Attire at
Mount Peasant

   Mount Peasant (sic), Ia., May 21. --His
voice gave him away.
   A beautifully gowned "woman"
visited Mount Pleasant yesterday.
   She rented a room in the Pixley
home, saying she was canvassing for
   She said she expected a woman
friend of visit her.
   Then she went to buy some shoes
and ladies' underwear.
   In the store one of the clerks be-
came suspicious.
   He called the authorities, and the
"woman" was arrested. She proved
to be a man. His name was Schaef-
fer, and his home Fairfield.
   He was sentenced to thirty days
in jail, but this was changed to $25
fine. It was learned he bears a good
reputation at his home.
   He said that a Mount Pleasant
man had been insulting his wife, so
he planned to trap him, and punish
Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Dec 31, 2020. Source: Chronicling America, Library of Congress.

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