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Wayland News, 8-22-1906

Tucker Reunion:

A reunion of the Tuckers was held at the W. M. Tuckers of Eureka Thursday, August 16th, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Shank of Red Oak, Iowa and Ellen Nichols of California. Mrs. Shanks and Mrs. Nichols being sisters of the Tuckers. All of the sisters and brothers, nine in all, were present except one sister, Mrs. Manual Mckame, who lives in Gravity.

Those present numbered sixty-three, namely: William Nicholson, E. M. Benson, H. Weaver, A.M. Tucker, George Benson, J. L. Tucker, F.P. Shank, W. L. Tucker, W. M. Tucker, B. F. Tucker, C. A. Nicholson, F. J. Mckune, F.M. Mckune, H.R. Neff, Chas. Tucker, John Tucker and families and Mrs. E. Nichols, Jim and Tom Tucker.

All took well filled baskets and dinner was spread on the lawn and such an enjoyable meal will not be forgotten soon among the friends. The crowd was entertained with music, both vocal and instrumental, and also by the phonograph. All enjoyed the day very much and went to their homes feeling that the day had been well spent.

Jim Tucker sold a few cherries at auction just to keep limbered up as an auctioneer. He is just starting in that business and he seems to be a good one. He also sang some comic songs.

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Wayland News, 10-8-1906

Goldsmith Reunion

Christ Goldsmith from Ohio being here, a family reunion was held at Jake Goldsmith’s Tuesday. There were present Jake, John, Ben, and Christ Goldsmith, Mrs. Christ Wenger, Mrs. Nancy Roth, Lydia Goldsmith, Mrs. S. Gerig, Mrs. Fannie Gingerich from Johnson County. Joe Goldsmith who lives at Hamilton, Ohio could not be present. The Goldsmith family has a remarkable record for longevity. There were 12 children in the family, 10 of whom are still living, the oldest of them being 82 and the youngest, 60 years old. The first death in the family was the daughter, Kate, who died at the age of 60 years. A son, Pete, died at the age of 70 years. The father, Joseph Goldsmith, lived to the ripe age of 80 years and the mother was 92 at the time of her death. They both died here. Christ Goldsmith now lives in Ohio and he and his wife came to Burlington for the funeral of their grandson, a son of Edgar Wyckoff, of that city. Mrs. Goldsmith remained at Burlington while he came on up here to see his brothers and sisters.

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Wayland News, 9-30-1908

Klopfenstein Reunion

There are few gatherings that are more interesting than a family reunion or a family picnic. It was something of this sort that the gathering in the beautiful grove west of Ike Allen’s house on Thursday was called. The picnic was gotten up in honor or Mr. and Mrs. Henry Klopfenstein of Tacoma, Washington, who stopped off here to visit his mother in Washington and their many friends here on their way home from a three month visit in Germany and Switzerland. The gathering in itself was interesting, as Mrs. Klolpfenstein from Washington could rejoice with her sons and daughters who had come from far and near. There was Dan who has been dividing his time for a number of years between Germany and the Argentine Republic in the interests of the International Harvesting Company, and Chris, who had come from Sonora, Mexico, to pay a visit to the home folks, and Henry, as mentioned before, with the rest of her children living nearer home. With these had gathered many cousins and relatives living in this community. There were the Schantzs and the Conrads and the Eichers and the different families that are linked to these through marriage. Both Mr. and Mrs. H. Klopfenstein had made their home in the Noble community formerly and there were a number of their friends present who were not directly related to them but who had known them well, as well as a number who had enjoyed their hospitality on a visit to Tacoma some time. There were over a hundred present and among these were 22 first cousins of Mr. and Mrs. Klopfenstein and as it generally happens, some could not attend. An uncle and 15 first cousins who are living in the community could not see their way clear to attend this gathering. They kept coming in until noon and then some real interesting preparations were seen to be in progress for the ladies were emptying well filled baskets and spreading a table under the shade trees. If you are tempted to think that this was not an important part of the program, ask Jake Eicher and Jess Davis about it. There are others than could tell just as well but these for example. If there is such a thing as republican hard times, no one thought of it during the noonday meal. The afternoon was spent in a social way, renewing acquaintances, talking of former experiences, and being pleasant in general. Ed Klopfenstein took a picture of the whole crowd which ought to turn out real good, too, as there was splendid material for a good picture present. Incidentally, he also made a few snap shot pictures for his scrap boo, we should have said, his family albums, or something of that kind. These should be laughingly attractive to those interested. The time sped rapidly and soon the company scattered once more to go to their homes and Ike Allen opened the gate again and let his hogs have full possession of the grove, of which they had been robbed for a day, and the grove showed nothing to tell the tale outside of a few scattered chicken bones and the remains of numerous watermelon, but in the minds and hearts of those present, this will linger as one of the happy events of life and they will continue to thank the ones who had thought of getting it up.

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Salem Weekly News – September 24, 1914 

Last Sunday the Masden clan assembled at the Algeron Masden home in Jackson township for an old-time reunion. This fine old farm belonged to his father William Masden, who came from Center County, Pennsylvania with his wife and family consisting of six sons and two daughters, in the spring of 1847, and moved onto this place July 5 of the same year. Of this family, three of the sons and one daughter are still living; two brothers being present, the other, William, living in Seattle, Washington, is in his 93rd year, but despite his great age is in quite good health. 

Algeron, the youngest son, has resided on the old homestead nearly all his life, as he was but a boy about six years old when his parents settled here. He has added many acres to the place since it came into his possession. Since the death of his wife a few years ago, his son, A. H. and wife and their son, George Algernon the third, live with him and together they welcomed those who were fortunate enough to be present. 

Joseph Masden and wife who have been here visiting the past month went to North County, Kansas, 35 years ago. They know all the hardships of western life but now are in prosperous circumstances and together are enjoying life, resting from their active duties of farm life, having moved to their home town Lenora, Kansas, to spend their remaining days. 

Joseph Masden was a member of the 1st Iowa Cavalry, serving through the Civil War. His old Army canteen had been carefully preserved by his aged mother during her life, then by his brother, and was shown to those present and will now be taken to his children and kept as a precious relic of the Civil War by his children and grandchildren. 

A sumptuous dinner was served on the shady lawn, after which a pleasant social time followed until the beautiful September day began to draw to a close, when goodbyes were said.

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Thursday September 1, 1921

The Miller family held their first reunion Sunday, August 21, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Miller near Olds. It was an ideal day for such an event, and one hundred and twenty two relatives were present to enjoy the affair. At the noon hour a bountiful picnic dinner was served cafeteria style.

Besides those living in the vicinity of Olds and Wayland, Mr. Kesselring of Keokuk, Mr. and Mrs. Yoder and family of Wellman, Mr. and Mrs. Sater and family of Bonaparte, and Mr. and Mrs. Gray and families of Kalona were present.

Everyone voted Mr. and Mrs. Miller as royal host and hostess and expressed a wish that this reunion might be made an annual affair.

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Wayland News – August 16, 1923


The Goldsmiths and the connection and descendants of that well known family held a reunion and basket dinner in Allen’s Grove here Saturday. The company numbered 159, but there would have been more than 200 if all could have been present.

 The reunion was held in honor of Mrs. Lou (Goldsmith) Nafziger of Kansas, who has been enjoying a visit of several weeks with relatives here. The weather was ideal for the occasion and the happy meeting of those who had been separated for many years, reminiscences of the past, the bountiful dinner, the good cheer, made up the incidents of the day long to be remembered. 

Those present from a distance were Henry Gingerich, John Gingerich, Joe Gingerich, Will Gingerich, Eli Hochstettler and Mr. Brenneman and their families of Wellman, Iowa, Edgar Wycoff and wife of Burlington, Mrs. Lou Nafziger of Parson, Kansas, L. G. Wenger of Mt. Pleasant, Dan Wenger of Winfield, and Misses Lizzie and Ella Goldsmith of Trenton. 

This gathering represent the Goldsmith, Wenger, Gingerich, Gerig, and Roth families. Of twelve of the original Goldsmith family, only three remain. They are Jacob Goldsmith and Mrs. Nancy Roth, 83 year old twins, and Mrs. Sebastin Gerig of Wayland. 

Joseph Goldsmith came from Butler County Ohio in 1870, locating in Lee County, near Donnelson. About ten years later the family moved to Henry County, locating on a farm just south of Trenton. Joseph Goldsmith was the first Amish Mennonite preacher to locate west of the Mississippi River and through his influence and leadership, and active work of his son-in-law, Sebastin Gerig, the church was firmly established throughout the west. The descendants of this excellent family comprise a large percent of our immediate population. They are fine people, honorable, thrifty, and well to do, and we are glad to claim them one and all without question, as our neighbors and friends.

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(Mount Pleasant News, May 31, 1925, page 1)


Pleasant Occasion In Honor Of Mrs. Keturah Hall-Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall entertained a company of forty relatives for dinner Sunday at their home on North Lincoln street in honor of Mrs. Keturah Hall-Tucker of Glendale, California. In the dining room, which was all in Delft blue, with blue and white draperies, the table was set with all the good things one could possibly think of and the dinner was served cafeteria. The menu was:
Meat Loaf
Scalloped Potatoes Spaghetti
Salmon Salad Potato Salad
Devilled Eggs
Sandwiches Dutch Cheese
Spiced Pears Pickles
Buttered Beets Gooseberry Jam
Boston Baked Beans
Ice Cream with Strawberries
Cake California English Walnuts
Coffee Iced Tea Lemonade

After doing justice to this bountiful dinner, the company spent the afternoon visiting together, and listening to music. Those present were: Mrs. Keturah Hall-Tucker of Glendale, California, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyons and two children of Fairfield, Mrs. Mae B. Batchelder of Boise, Idaho, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Leon, Miss Margaret Leon all of Bloomfield, Mr. and Mrs. Ware Taylor and daughter Mollie of Hillsboro, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Crane and their two daughters, Mr. Frank Pyle, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hall and their three daughters, Mrs. Harriett M. Burton, Mrs. Elmer F. Leach, Miss Grace Kitch, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall, Misses Helen, Louise, Edna, and Betty Hall and Messrs. Clark, Joe and Dick Hall.

Submitter's Notes: This is the Hall Family Reunion:

Keturah Hall-Tucker is Fred Hall’s younger sister. Apparently, her husband, Clem Tucker, stayed in California.

J. L. Hall is James Lyons Hall, Fred Hall’s older brother (by 16 years). He married Nellie Leach. Warren Hall and Mrs. Ware Taylor (Ruth A. Hall) are their children. Warren Hall and wife Verna (Vernie) Westfall Hall brought their 3 daughters, Mary Jane (9), Virginia (7) and Carolyn (5). Mollie (Mary Jean) Taylor would be 3 years old.

J. B. Lyons is James Beatty Lyons, Fred Hall’s uncle, the only surviving sibling of Fred Hall’s late mother, Mary Elizabeth Lyons. His wife is the former Julia Roberts. Paul Lyons and Frank Lyons are their sons. Paul Lyons married Belle Jenkins Andrews. Frank and Lois Slaughter Lyons’ two children are James Frederick, age 8, and Marjorie Ruth, age 2.

Mrs. Ralph K Crane is Grace Pyle Crane. She is the daughter of Samuel Pyle and Sarah Jane (Jennie) Lyons. Jennie Lyons was J. B. Lyons sister, so Grace Pyle is Fred Hall’s 1st cousin. Their children are Mary Virginia (17) and Ruth K. Crane (13).

Joe Ford is Fred Hall’s 2nd cousin. (It’s complicated, but Fred Hall’s father’s mother was a Ford.) He and wife Alice Jones Ford came with their daughter, Mrs. Harvey Leon (Lena Ford) and their adopted daughter, Margaret, who biologically is their niece.

Apparently Elmer Leach was a no-show, but his second wife, Harriett M. Burton Leach, and her two daughters from a previous marriage, Harriett C. Burton and Mae Burton Batchelder were there. Elmer Leach’s first wife was Aletha Mae (Allie) Hall, Fred Hall’s sister, who died in 1900. (In case you missed it, brother and sister Elmer & Nellie Leach married sister and brother Aletha & James L. Hall, respectively.)

That just leaves Grace Kitch. In 1925 she was 22 years old and living with James L. and Nellie Leach Hall and, according to the census, she was a niece. It turns out she was Nellie Leach Hall’s niece, the daughter of her deceased sister, Amanda.

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July 15, 1926 – Wayland News 


On Sunday July 11, 1926, a family gathering was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Graber west of Trenton in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rich of West Point, Nebraska and Mrs. Lillian Marshall of Riverside, California. About 50 relatives and friends gathered in at noon with well filled baskets and enjoyed a sumptuous picnic dinner. A very enjoyable time was spent by all present. 

Those present to enjoy the gathering were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Davis, Irene and James, Miss Cora Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Larson, Harold, Barbara, Jean, and Ruth Marilyn, Mr. and Mrs. Loretzo Hestor and Emma Lou, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kasousky and Richard all of near Fairfield; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rich of West Point, Nebraska, Mrs. Lillian Marshall of Riverside, California, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Raines, Max and Ralph; Mr. and Mrs. Chris Egli, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Graber, Kenneth and Ruth, Mrs. Leah Roth, Emma Graber, Mary Graber, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Zihlman, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Graber, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Klopfenstein, Maxine and Mildred, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Roth, Leola and Raymon, Grace, Gladys, Glen and Donald Graber and Mr. and Mrs. John Graber and Lester all of near Trenton. 

In the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wenger and children and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wenger and Mr. Pete Christner also called at the home to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Mrs. Marshall.

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Wayland News - August 26, 1926


Last Sunday a jolly crowd gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Richenberger south of Wayland and enjoyed a very pleasant day. Each family brought a big basket of eatables and the picnic dinner was one of the main events of the day.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. K. Richenberger, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Richenberger and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Eicher, Mr. and Mrs. John Eicher, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Kauffman and Mrs. Essley of Wayland, Mr. and Mrs. C. HY. Rich and family of near Salem, Joe Richenberger and wife of Mt. Pleasant, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richenberger of near Mt. Pleasant.

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Mt. Pleasant Daily News, Tuesday, August 2, 1927, Page 1
All Present Were Descendants Of Mrs. T. E. White Who Attended Gathering
Memories of pioneer days, when Salem was settled by the broad rimmed, honest Quaker, were recalled Sunday in the reunion of the Salem White family held at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Garretson of Jackson township.  Mrs. Garretson is the second daughter of the late T. E. White.
Mrs. T. E. White, mother of twelve and grandmother of forty-six, was present at the gathering.  Every person present was her descendent by birth or marriage.  Mr. White will be remembered by Mt. Pleasant and Henry county people as an influential citizen, for six years a member of the board of supervisors and for twelve years a member of the board of trustees of Old Whittier college, Quaker school at Salem.
Eleven of the twelve children are married and ten of these live in Henry and neighboring counties.  With the exception of Mrs. John Mills of Winnebago, Minnesota, all the descendents were present.
The marriage of Mr. White and Mrs. White, then Rebecca Frazer, almost a half century ago, united two Quaker Pioneer families and families which curiously enough had followed the same general course throughout three centuries.
Both the Whites and the Frazers were English and charter members of William Penn's Quaker colony in Pennsylvania.  Both within the same decade felt the urge for the west and settled in Indiana.  At about the same period both families were attracted to North Carolina, which was then a southern Quaker settlement.  Both found the distaste of slavery stronger than economic benefits and removed to the then pioneer settlement of Salem, attracted there by the Quakers, many of whom had come from the South.  Settling within a half dozen miles of each other they became prosperous and influential citizens, many removing to other regions and other states, but the majority remaining in Henry and Lee counties.  All have remained in the Quaker church and are members of the organization at Salem and at Cedar Creek.
A feature of the afternoon was the announcement of the marriage of Miss Wilma Garretson, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garretson, to Craig Wilmeth of Salem, which occurred March 26th.
Sunday was the twenty first wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Garretson.
Those present Sunday were:  Mrs. T. E. White of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Dillavou and family of Salem, Mr. and Mrs.  S. D. Garretson and family of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Fred White and family of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Max Spray and family of Hillsboro, Mr. and Mrs. Roy White of Salem, Dr. and Mrs. George White and family of Riverside, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph White and family of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Marion King and family of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Morrison and daughter of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hale of Hillsboro and Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wilmeth of Salem.

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Lockridge Times; Lockridge, Jefferson Co, IA; August 9, 1928:

    The annual family reunion of the descendents of Eli, Azur and Thomas Barton was held Sunday in Saunders Grove, Mt. Pleasant, one week earlier than usual in honor of Mrs. Maud McNichols of Huron, South Dakota.
    At the noon hour a very bounteous dinner was served cafeteria style after which the afternoon was spent in a social way.
    Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Andy White, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Will White and Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Moxley, Earl and Robert, all of Stockport; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Watts, Raymond, Ralph and Dale, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Barton, Lois and Margery, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Watts, Virginia and Mariam, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Barton, Emmett and Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Barton and Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barton of Salem, Dr. and Mrs. H.E. Tyner and Frank, Mr .and Mrs. F.R. Parks and Darrell of New London; Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Barton and Patricia Lee of Burlington; Sadie and Frances Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Fenton, Edwin and Donna Jean of Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. White and Donald of Newton, Iowa; Mrs. Maud McNichols, Dale, Freeman and Dwayne of Huron, South Dakota; Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Frame and Clarence, Misses Mary and Susan Frame, Evertt Crane and Delmar Barton of Round Prairie.
     It was very much regretted that Mrs. Lydia J. Barton was unable to be present.

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Wayland News Thurs. August 20, 1931

 Seventh Annual Miller Reunion Held at Kalona

231 Registered Representatives of the Family In Attendance

 The seventh annual reunion of the Yost D. Miller family was held at the Joseph C. Miller home 3 ½ miles east of Kalona, Saturday August 15.  231 registered representatives of the family were in attendance from the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa.

 The oldest person present was Mrs. Benjamin Hostettler of Kalona who is in her 87th year. The second oldest was Mrs. Susan Miller, 82 years. She is the mother of Amasa and Allen Miller of near Wayland. The youngest one present was Calvin Frederick Leichty, the seven week old son of Mr. and Ms. Henry Leichty of near Noble.

The 1932 reunion is to be held at or near Wayland, Iowa. There are at present over 700 descendants of the family. Two are living of the second generation and six of the ______ (illegible) generation.

 The following officers were elected for 1932:
President:            Rev. A. H. Miller
V. President            Amasa Miller
Sec-Tres            Raymond Long of Napanee, Ind.

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Wayland News – September 17, 1931 

First Rich Reunion Held Sunday 

The first annual Rich reunion was held Sunday September 13th at Allen’s Park in Wayland at which 175 relatives were present to enjoy the day. The main feature of the day was the cafeteria dinner at the noon hour. The afternoon was spent visiting by the older members of the family while the youngsters enjoyed the playground equipment at the park. 

It was planned to meet again next year at the park here when officers will be elected to carry on the business of the reunion for the following year. 

Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Riley, John Griffin, Ben Neff and family, Ezra Christner and family, Lester Hill and family, Floyd Lane and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Davis, C.H. Rich and family, C. E. Farrier and family, John Hill and family, David Schantz and family, Levi Miller and family, Anna Campbell and family, Philip Alter and family, Jake Christner and family, David Rich and family, I. V. Farrier and family, John Alter and family, John R. Kauffman and wife, Glen Heitmeier and wife, Ray Rich and family, Barbara Mulkin, Nick Christner and family, Mrs. Raymond Richard and son, Leslie Buck and family, Wade Sinn and family, Mrs. Peter Rich and family, Ethel Jacobs, Joe Rich, Archie Farrier and wife, Edd Schantz and family, Jake Christner and family, Philip Rich and family, Warren Allen and family, Forest Rich and family, Allen Rich and family, Nick Rich and family, Jacob Schlatter and wife, Earl Rich and wife, Dorothy Lute, P. L. Eicher and wife, A.S. Farmer and wife, Jake Rich and wife, Ralph Ward and family, Menno Nafziger and family, and Mrs. Delilah Ross.

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September 17, 1931 – Wayland News

 Leeper Reunion at Wayland Sunday

 The reunion of the Leeper family was held in Wayland park Sunday September 6th. A cafeteria dinner was served at noon to the following: Mr. Harve Leeper of Brighton; Mrs. Mary Jarrard, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Zingg, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Hixson, Ward and Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Good, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roth and Bobby,. Millard Schlatter all of Wayland; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mast, Pauline and Joe Henry of Crawfordsville; Mr. and Mrs. Wade Huffman of Noble; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rausch of Olds; Ina and Irene Rausch; Mr. and Mrs. Griff Marshall of Winfield,; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Winter, Robert and Raymond of Kansas City, Mo.,; Mr. and Mrs. Al Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schafer and Katherine, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Linn and Dorothy and Wilma Fay, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Snider, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyons, Marjory and Donna Jean, Miss Helen Schafer, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lyons and Thelma and Betty, and Mr. and Mrs. Sam VanSyoc all of Fairfield.

The affair was in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Winters and family of Kansas City, Missouri.

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Mt. Pleasant News - August 29, 1932


The annual McClaran reunion was held Sunday in Sheffield, Illinois which is half-way station for relatives from her and for those coming out from Chicago, Aurora, and suburbs. Fifty-nine relatives were present.

Those who went from here were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Taft and Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Pearl McClaran, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston, Mr. Will McClaran, Mrs. John Chandler and Robert, Miss Ellen Taft, Mr. Donald Taft, Mr. and Mrs. George Kitch and Edward, Earl, James, Richard, and Pauline, Mrs. Kate Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Melven Hixson, Mr. Clarence Smith and Emma Jane, Katherine, Louise, Paul, and Wendell James, Don and Billie Myers of Elmhurst who were visiting her, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith of Donnellson. Mr. Bill Barr of this city, Mr. Darrell Rook of Salem, and Mr. Ralph Eckley of Ollie, Iowa were visitors.

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Wayland News - September 8, 1932


The Meeker reunion was held at Saunders Grove in Mt. Pleasant last Sunday afternoon with about 25 families present.

Those present were: Winfield: Will Meeker and family, Ralph Johnson and family, Theodore Johnson and family, Bert Meeker and family; Olds: Clarence Gillespey and family; Noble: Mrs. John Gillespey, Cora, and Everett; Mt. Pleasant: Mr. and Mrs. George Meeker, Mr. and Mrs. Same Meeker, Mrs. George Gillespey, L. A. Jerrel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Meeker, Elmer Allender and family; West Burlington: Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Meeker; Argyle: Alonzo Gillespey and family, Nels Meeker, Espey Gillespey and family; Washington: Ralph Williams and family; Crawfordsville: Lloyd Moothart and family; Twin Falls, Idaho: Mrs. John Woods; Wayland: Jake Christner and family, Amos Good and family, Conrad Hanze and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Schroll and Mrs. Emma Bain.

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Mt. Pleasant News – January 3, 1945  


One of the happiest Christmas parties of the season was the Kracaw family dinner on Christmas night. After a bounteous dinner and singing of Christmas carols, the presents were distributed from the tree.  

The occasion was especially happy because Aviation Cadet Donald Kracaw was present after a 16 month absence. He is stationed at Harlingen, Texas. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kracaw, Richard and Margie, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Duttweiler and John, Mr. and Mrs. Everette Kracaw, Judy and Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Higby, Rosalie, Wayne, Myron, and Sheila Rae.  

One daughter, Hazel, and family could not be present; also one grandson, Pvt. Robert Higby stationed at Paris Island, South Carolina.  

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Mt. Pleasant News – January 5, 1945  


Sgt. E. Claire Hedlund, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hedlund, arrived home on a 30-day furlough from three years of active service in New Guinea and Australia. To celebrate this happy occasion, a New Year’s dinner was helt at the Hedlund home, Monday noon.  

Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gottschalg, Mrs. Charles Eppers, Mrs. Elmer Tonkinson and Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bergstron, Margie and Ted; Milo Claire, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hedlund, the host and hostess, Miss Barbara Hedlund and the honored guest, Claire Hedlun. At Holley was unable to attend.

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Mt. Pleasant News; July 7, 1945

     Salem, Iowa - The Harmison reunion was held at the home of Pearl and Elbert Watson Sunday, July 1, and was attended by the following descendants of this family: Mrs. Eva McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dowlin, PFC Donald Trabert, wife and daughter, Burlingotn; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stringer, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Stringer, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kerr and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bert McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Long, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Watson and son, Mr. and Mrs. George Triska and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Orville McDowell and sons; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Elmore and family, Mrs.Birdie Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Newt Trueblood, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Trueblood and family, Mrs. Bell Brown and Shirley Trueblood. The re-union will be held at the Watson home again in 1946 and officers elected for the coming year are Belle Brown, president and Delbert Kerr, secretary.


Mt. Pleasant News; August 7, 1945


     The sixth annual meeting of the Lawrence reunion was held at the log cabin at Saunders park on Sunday. Those who were present to enjoy the occasion were Mrs. Ed Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leveling and family, all of Salem, Mrs. Helen Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Johnson and Joan, Billy Asher, Mrs. Harry Green, Mary Jo Apple, Mrs. Vivian McVey and two sons, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence, Vicky and Janet Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Lamm, Mrs. Ida Allender, all of Mt. Pleasant, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Yeager and Robert of Batavia, and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Olson and children of Fairfield.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2006


Mt. Pleasant News; September 5, 1945


     The annual Church reunion was held at McMillan park in Mt. Pleasant on Sept. 2. There were thirty-three present to enjoy the day.
     Those present were: Mr .and Mrs. Floyd Church, Hillsboro; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Church, Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Church, Bonaparte; Mr. and Mrs. Wright Church, Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Church, Mollie Kay and Glen, of Bonaparte; Mrs. Bud Walters, Jean and Bobby, Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Church and Jimmie of New London; Mrs. Zetra Doan and D.T. of Hillsboro; Mr. and Mrs. Byron Church, Kay, Janet and Jean of Hillsboro; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Coe, Joan and Bobby of Fairfield; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Church, Dean and Walter, of Lockridge. The next meeting place will be the cabin at Saunders park, Mt. Pleasant, the second Sunday in August.


Mt. Pleasant News; September 5, 1945

     In celebration of F.L. Wells 82nd  birthday the annual Wells reunion was held Sunday, Sept. 2 at his daughter's home, Mrs. Irma Timmerman of Mt. Pleasant. A bountiful birthday dinner was served at noon highlighted by a birthday cake baked by one of the granddaughters. Afternoon refreshments of home-made ice cream and cake were served.
    Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wells and Jimmy of Ainsworth, Mr and Mrs. Russell Daveson of Brighton, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mehaffy of Wever, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Holstein, Larry and Sandra of Burlington, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Shaw Gary and Linda of Salem, Mrs. Willis Alliman and Patricia Ann of Wayland, Fern Louise Hitle and Duane Swanson of Morning Sun, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Jewett, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Hollingsworth, Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Wells and Irma Timmerman of Mt. Pleasant.


Mt. Pleasant News, SATURDAY, MAR. 9, 1946

Around Town and Countryside
with Sally Sue

February 24th was Gala Day for Fred and Nellie Clark Hall, for all the children and grandchildren were home, the first time since before World War II - It was a week end of great family spirit and pleasure – there was no need for other entertainment, with reminiscence of former years and all chattering, bringing each family to date with the others – lots of good fun and sincere rejoicing at being together. - - - Sunday they enjoyed a turkey dinner with all the trimmings – and two huge decorated birthday cakes, one for Louise and one for Dick. Jim Hall, Fred’s brother, was a special guest for the dinner.

The Hall children are a third generation to attend Iowa Wesleyan College – the girls are Alpha Xi Deltas and the boys are Phi Delta Thetas – all graduated from MPHS and all from IWC except Betty who transferred to Iowa State Teachers’ College for her last two years and Dick who left college to enter the service.
The many friends of the Hall family will be interested in each one – Helen is Mrs. Milton Visovatti – Milton is associated with the Sargeant Chemical Co. in Chicago – their boys are Don and Alan - - - Louise is Mrs. Tom Clark – Tom is with the Bell Telephone Co. in Davenport – their daughters are Margaret Ann, Marilyn S. and Madeline Jean - - - Edna is Mrs. Hollis Moseley – Hollis operates a large stock farm where they live near Hudson, Iowa – their boy is Stephen - - - Joe is a Captain in the Army in the Quartermaster General’s office in Washington, D. C. – he has been chief of the distribution of Food for two years – with his wife Loeta, he expects to spend some time his parents after his discharge from the army - - - Betty Ann is Mrs. Willard Hatfield – “Bill” was a Captain in the Air Corps – he made a meritorious record in the early years of the war in the Pacific – he is basketball coach at M.P.H.S. – their daughters are Susan and Candace - - - Richard (Dick) received his discharge from the army a few weeks ago – he was a lieutenant in the Air Transport Command with foreign service at Assam, India – Dick is now in the livestock and farming business with his father – his wife Betty is a daughter of Ruth and Merton Wright.

Some twenty-seven years ago Fred and Nellie Hall moved from their farm in the Hickory Grove community to the large rambling brick house with spacious lawn and stately trees on North Lincoln street – The place had been Fred’s boyhood home though, during intervening years, it was the home of the Arnold family - - Hospitality and comfort with a warm welcome to their friends and relatives, and their children’s friends are unfailing rules of their home. The Hatfield family and Betty and Dick are making their home with the Halls until later on when each family expects to build near the parental home.

~Submitted by James Clark, Sep 2012
Urbandale, Iowa
Email: jclarkia@q.com



Mt. Pleasant News; Jan. 3, 1947

Class of '39 at Wayland Has Reunion.
    Wayland- The class of 1939 Wayland high school held their first class reunion at the high school here Friday evening, Dec. 27. Everette Davison is given credit for getting the group together and the committee of three, Delbert McGuire, Mrs. Gilbert Alliman, and Dean Meyer, was appointed to get the class together during the holidays next year.
    A pot luck supper was enjoyed after which pinochle was played and the group discussed "things they should have done and didn't do during their highschool years". Their former superintendent of school J.C. Ellis and Mrs. Ellis of Belle Plaine were guests of the class.
    Those present were, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McNeeley of Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Wegner, Northfield, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Alliman of Muscatine; Mrs. Clayton Nebel and Marguerite Roth of Noble; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Everette Davison, Delbert McGuire, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Widmer, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Roth, Mr and Mrs. Willis Alliman and Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks, all of Wayland.


Mt. Pleasant News; May 29, 1948

A group of former students at Howe's academy, who were all in school during the year 1908, enjoyed a get-together at the home of Mrs. Alfred Moore Wednesday. The event was in honor of Miss Myra Wehrle of Los Angeles, Calif. formerly of Rome.
    A cooperative luncheon was served at noon and in the afternoon hours passed all too speedily with reminiscent and present day conversation and with group singing.
    Those present included Anna Emerson McCabe, Esther Lauer Kreiger, Pearl Lauer Kreiger, Hazel Gabeline Lauer, Bessie Said Gilbert, Vera Harter Nau, the guest of honor, Miss Wherie and the hostess Elsie Thompson Moore. Lizzie Wick Davey and Fredericka Wick Hobbie of Mt. Union were unable to attend.


Mt. Pleasant News; June 3, 1948
- Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hileman and Mrs. John Chandler will attend a family reunion at Danville Thursday evening.


Mount Pleasant Weekly News, 27 June 1948

Reunion Includes 5 Vets, Brothers.
    A reunion of the Bare family was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Graber northwest of Mt. Pleasant Sunday. The event was especially significant as it gave opportunity for the parents and eight children, including five brothers who had been in the service, their first opportunity to be together in seven years.
    Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. M.G. Bare, Los Angeles, Calif; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bare and Jimmy of Iowa City, John Bare of Los Angeles; Ben Bare of Kalona; Kathryn Bare and Tillman Bare of Los Angeles; Harry Bare of Kalona; and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Graber, Richard, David, Ruth Anne and Philip of Mt. Pleasant. Mrs. Graber is a daughter of the M.G. Bares.
    Richard saw service in the southwest Pacific and took part in the fighting of Leyte and Luzon; John took part in the Italian campaign; Ben saw fighting in Germany; Tillman was in the air corps and took part in missions over Germany; Harry also was in Germany. Melvin and wife live on a farm near Iowa City.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2004


"The Mt. Pleasant News", July 2, 1948:


     The descendants of Henry and Mary (Otwell) Frazer met at Cedar Creek church for the 18th annual reunion Sunday, June 27. A short program by the children was enjoyed by all.
     Those present were: Mr.and Mrs. Maurice Crosbie, and granddaughter, Shelia Flynn, Peoria, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Max Spray, Hillsboro; Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wilkerson and Pamela, Wapello; Mr and Mrs. Orval Morrison and Sandra Kay, Mt. Union; Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Hallowell, Mr. and Mrs. Fred White, Mr. and Mrs. Roy White, Mrs. Rebecca White, Mrs. Mae Dillavou, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Gill and Kenton, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kerr, Louise and Richard of Salem, Mrs. M. Frazer, E. Frazer, Mrs. Florence Garretson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Dale White, Jimmy and Sandra, of Mt. Pleasant; Miss Esther Figgins, pastor of the church, and her mother, Mrs. Figgins; Earl and Beulah Frazer Lyman of Forest Lake, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Frazer and Tommy of St. Paul, Minn. Cliff and Beulah are the children of A.G. Frazer of Crookston, Minn., and left Mt. Pleasant with their parents 43 years ago. This is Cliff's first visit to his home town since he was 16 years old.


Mt. Pleasant News, July 30, 1948


     The annual Green reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Green. It had been planned to be held in Saunders park but because of rain the location was changed.
     Millard Green also celebrated his 88th birthday being the oldest one present.
     Others present were: Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kirk and family, Fairfield; Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Latta, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carlson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilson and family, Mrs. Mattie Green, Mrs. Daisy McCahan, Morning Sun; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Datson and Floyd, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Datson, Glen and Lee Earl, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schelhing and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Datson and Jimmy, Miss Betty Bretz, Wapello; Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Hill and family, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Hill, Winfield; Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Green, Fremont; Mrs. Mary Orman, Ottumwa; Mrs. Iva Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Green, Mrs. Margaret Lyon and Mary Jo, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Green, Mr. and Mrs. Don Thomas, Doris and Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Swailes and Bonnie Jean, Don Kuhn, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Winter and Nancy.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2006


Mt. Pleasant News, August 3, 1948


     The annual picnic of the Lawrence family was held Sunday, August 1, at McMillan park.
     Those present from Salem were Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Barton; also Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Leveling, Linda and Marilyn.
     Those locally were, Mrs. Ida Allender, Mr. and Mrs. George Masden, Georgia and Melany, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Lamm, Keith and Dean, Mrs. Helen Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Johnson and Ivan, Mrs. Harry Green, Mr. and Mrs. James Green and Edwin Fenton.
     Others were Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Olson, Richard, Shirley and Wendel, of Fairfield; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Yeager of Batavia  and Mark Lawrence of Cedar Rapids, Mrs. Maurice Wilson of Peoria was a guest.
     Mrs. Rex Lamm was elected president, Mrs. Bruce Yeager secretary.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2006


Mt. Pleasant News, August 3, 1948


     Winfield - The second Kirkpatrick reunion of descendants of Andrew J. Kirkpatrick and Mollie and Susan Bishop Kirkpatrick was held at the Winfield park on Sunday, August 2, 1948.
     The meeting was called to order by the president, Esther Kirkpatrick and opened with the Lord's Prayer. Mrs. Lois Schulz of Sheffield was elected president for the next year. Mrs. Floyd McCaw was elected secretary. The reunion closed with the singing of "God Bless America." The reunion next year will be held at Cedar Falls on the second Sunday in August.
     Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kirkpatrick, Dixie and Michael of Abington, Illinois; Mrs. Harriett Johansen and Lynn, Mrs. Gale Field and Joe Lindahl of Galesburg, Illinois; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkpatrick and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Kirkpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kirkpatrick, Jackie and Dickie and Golda Kirkpatrick of Waterloo; Arline Harper and Darline Harper of Hampton; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Munger of Cedar Falls; Mrs. Rolline Schulz, Jerry, Paul and Danny of Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Roth and Nancy of Wayland; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Butcher, Beverly, Patricia, Bert Jr., Billie, Michael and Pamela and Mr. and Mrs. James King of Olds; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McCaw and Elaine and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kirkpatrick of Winfield.



"The Mt. Pleasant News", Tuesday, August 10, 1948:

     The 28th annual Sater reunion was held Sunday, Aug. 8 at the McMillan Park shelter house in Mt. Pleasant with 35 relatives present to enjoy a delicious chicken dinner at noon.
     The officers for 1949 are: President, Charles Van Syoc, Winfield; Sec.-Treas, Wilbur Sater, New London. It was voted to have the reunion the second Sunday in August, 1949.
     Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. John Thesmacher, Carthage, Ill; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Schnupper, Jack and Cynthia, Keokuk; Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ellerhoff, Elyce and Ronald, Mrs. L.H. Sater, Floyd and Wayne, all of Middletown; Mrs. Edith Van Syoc, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Sater and Mary Ellen, John Van Syoc, Mr. and Mrs. Perl Van Syoc, all of Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Van Syoc, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Syoc and Sherry, all of New London; Mrs. T.H. Alley, Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Van Syoc and Wayne Dean, Winfield; Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Carden, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Allen, Donald and Cheryl, all of Olds.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2005


"The Mt. Pleasant News", Tuesday, August 20, 1948:

     The annual Barton reunion was held at McMillan park Sunday, Aug. 8, and attended by the following: Charles Watts and Ralph, Mrs. Alta Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Parks, Loren, Burton, Gail, Linn Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barton and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leveling, Linda and Marylin, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Watts, Gordon and Neil, Mrs. Ernest Barton, Jebe Frame, Mrs. Clarence Frame and Norma, all of Salem and Mr. and Mrs. Scott Watts and Betty Ruth, Miss Frances Barton, Miss Edna Freeman, all of Mt. Pleasant. Plans were made to meet next year at McMillan park.


"The Mt. Pleasant News", Saturday, August 21, 1948:


     A reunion of the relatives of the late Henry Alter was held Sunday, August 15, at the park in Mt. Pleasant, with fifty-three present.
     Next year's reunion is to be again at the Mt. Pleasant park.
     Those present were: Geo. Alter, Wayland; Phil Alter, Mrs. I.V. Farrier and Ernest, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alter, Darlene, Kay and son, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Messer, Philip and Ardith, Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Alter, grandson; Dean Alter, Coppock; Mr. and Mrs. John Alter, Mr.and Mrs. Harvey Farrier, Imogene, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Alter, Ivan and Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rich, Dean and Wilida, Moline, Ill, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Farrier, Dean, Inez Carrolle and Shirley, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Vinton and Corrine, Brighton; Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Alter, Mr .and Mrs. Clarence Whitaker, Judy and Danny, Fairfield; Mr.and Mrs. Syrrel Whitaker, Hazel and Lester, Libertyville; Mr. and Mrs. John Baumgardner, Ollie; Mr. and Mrs. Alva ;Louder, Wayne and Helen, East Pleasant Plain.
     Oldest person present was Glen Alter. Youngest was Danny Whitaker.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2005


"The Mt. Pleasant News", Tuesday, August 24, 1948:

     A family reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mrs. U.F. Crain. A co-operative dinner was enjoyed at noon and the remainder of the day was spent socially. The occasion was also a birthday celebration for Edward Dockendorff.
     Those who enjoyed the day were: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bishop, Janet, Gloria and Jim, Burnside, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dockendorff and Mary Ellen of Danville, Mn, and Mrs. L.H. Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Claire Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dockendorff, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shelledy and Joan of New London, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Scarff, Jean, Cynthia, Thelma, and Carole, Mrs. Nora Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sampson and the hostess, Mrs. Crain.

     The Crane reunion was held at the Art Saltzman home Sunday evening. The evening was spent in swimming and a co-operative picnic supper was enjoyed. Out of town guests were: Mrs. Edwin Lisle of Clarinda; Edith Whiting of Rockford, Ill.; Mary Cons of Highland Park,and the Dr. Waldo Braden family of Baton Rouge, La. There were 30 members of the family who gathered.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2005


Mt. Pleasant News – January 5, 1949  


A cooperative dinner was held at the Willis Bain home on New Year’s day, with turkey and all the trimmings in evidence. At eleven o’clock all went to the photographic studio where a family portrait was taken of the mother, sisters, and brothers, it being a Bain reunion.  

At noon a picture was taken of the heavy laden table. In the afternoon the adults enjoyed cards and monopoly, while the children attended the matinee show. Later in the day all went to the Clarence Smith home on Park Avenue and spent the evening. They were served ice cream, cake, coffee, and hot chocolate.  

Present to enjoy the occasions were : Mr. and Mrs. Rex Abbot, Jane Ann and Larry of Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shipman and Vicky Kay of Salter; Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Bain, Francis, and Ronald of Wayland; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bain, Jerry and Chester of Winfield; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Foster and Gary of West Point; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bain and Pamela; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Humphrey and Richey; Mr. and Mrs. Andy Reyes all of Ft. Madison; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ford, Richard and Charlotte; Mr. and Mrs. Willis Bain, Connie, Janet, Joan, and Judy; and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith, all of Mt. Pleasant.  

Mr. and Mrs. Rex Abbott and family spent New Year’s night at the Clifford Foster home at West Point, while Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shipman and daughter were overnight guests at the Andy Reyes home at Ft. Madison, returning Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Andy Reves and spending the day at the Clarence Smith home.  

Submitted 8/24/06 by A.M.W.


Mt. Pleasant News – January 6, 1949  


Lowell – The annual New Years reunion was held at the Alpha Thornburg home January 2nd. Those present were Mr. Lee Pickle and son, Jimmie and daughters Karen and Mary; Mr. and Mrs. George Martin and daughters Rosalie and Jamee, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pickle, Jack Pickle, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fester, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E.  Thornburg and sons Edward and Duane, Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Thornburg and daughter, Roseanna of Danville; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thornburg, Cathy and Martha and Mrs. Mae Watton of Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thornburg and Carol of Fairfield; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Thornburg, Mr. and Mrs. Burton Thornburg and Marilyn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thornburg and son, Dayton of Lowell and the hostess, Mrs. Alpha Thornburg.  

Submitted 8/24/06 by A.M.W.


Mt. Pleasant News - June 28, 1949


     The Ledger reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Max Leichty, near Wayland, Ia., Sunday. Those present were - the Leonard Kessel family, Au Vin Reynolds and family, and the Harold Kessel family, all of Ollie, Ia.
     Also, Mrs. Darrel Rich and family, and Mrs. Sherman Gault, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ledger and son, and Mr. J.M. Kelly and daughter, Winifred, all of Washington.
     Mr. Ed Ledger and family of East Pleasant Plain, Mr. William Ledger, and Mrs. Clara Kurtz of Fairfield, Mrs. Raymond Kessel, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Kessel and family of Pleasant Plain, and Mr. and Mrs. James Watts and son from Keota.
     From Wayland, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Boese and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arvil Miller and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Keith and son, also Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Perry from Oskaloosa, Ia., Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lauber and family from Winfield, and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dunlavey and son and Mr. Daniel Nebel of Mt. Pleasant.
    During the business meeting it was voted to have the reunion at the Leonard Kessel home in Ollie next year. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Keith were voted honorary members.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2006



Mt. Pleasant News - August 15, 1949


    Nearly forty descendants of George and Helen Frazer Lawrence met in reunion Sunday, Aug 7, at McMillan park. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence married in Scotland, coming to America in 1851. After a brief stay in the East, they immigrated to Iowa and lived the typical life of pioneers settling in Center township where they spent the remainder of their years.
     Those present in reunion were: Mrs. Ida Allender, Mrs. Helen Becker, Roma Masden, Georgia and Melanie Masden; Mr. and Mrs. Rex Lamm, Dean Lamm; Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Thompson, Mrs. Harry Green, James Green; Ivan Johnson, Victor Johnson, Charles Schriener, Fairfield, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Olson, Shirley, Richard and Wendell of near Fairfield. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Freeman and Mr. and Mrs. James Freeman, Linda and James of St. Paul, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Yeager, Robert of Batavia and Betty Wells, Ottumwa. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barton and Mrs. Edd Levelling, John, Linda and Marilyn, of Salem

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2006


Mt. Pleasant News - May 4, 1950


Mr. and Mrs. William Sempf of southwest of Trenton were happily surprised recently when Mr. Sempf’s twin sisters, Mrs. Amelia Reese of Kirksville, Missouri and Ida Jackson of Edina, Missouri, along with two nephews, Joe Stribbling of Gibbs, Missouri and Emmett Carmean of Ft. Madison, came for a short visit. Mr. Sempf had not seen his sisters in 32 years.  

Because of the mud, they were unable to drive the last three-fourths of a mile and were about to write a note and leave it in the mail box and go back without seeing the Sempfs because the sisters were not able to walk the distance. A neighbor, Russell Ross, came along with his car, one suitable for the mud road, and took them to the Sempf home.

Submitted by A.M.W. Apr 2006


Mt. Pleasant News – May 26, 1950  


A family reunion was held Sunday at the Albert Stonehouse home with the following present: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McCarty and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stonehouse and family of Argyle, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Smith and Judy of Cedar Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stonehouse and James and Sandra of Winfield, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoskins and family of Bettendorff, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cox and Susan and Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Horn of Keosauqua, Mr. and Mrs. John Mason, Connie and Karen of Washington, and Irvan Jerrel of Mt. Pleasant.  

A cooperative dinner was held and the afternoon was spent visiting.

Submitted by A.M.W. Apr 2006


Mt. Pleasant News – June 15, 1950


More than 70 members of the Van Dorin families held their annual reunion Sunday, June 11, at McMillan park in Mt. Pleasant. A basket dinner and program were much enjoyed followed by a social hour.  

Mrs. Mae Johnson, president, presented Rev. Harold Resche of Burlington who brought devotions, stressing the value of things of the spirit. He also delighted the guests with a solo, “Old Fashioned Home”. Mrs. Erling Jensen of Des Moines read an interesting item concerning the first Van Dorin reunion. The item was written by Lew Van Dorin for a California newspaper. Mrs. Helen Virden gave a brief history of Oakland Mills calling to mind many familiar memories to the Van Dorin families, and two original poems, “Grandmother’s Legacy” and “River Road.  

Mrs. Newt Van Dorn gave a thumbnail sketch of the Jasper and Mary Jane branch of the Van Dorin family. She recalled many interesting instances when a ford was the only means of crossing Big Cedar.  

Mary Taft, historian, reviewed the genealogical the “David Curt” family. Mrs. Taft, with the help of Mrs. Jensen and the Johnsons had traced the entire branch of this family to the fifth generation. Also much has been done on the research of other branches of the family and will be presented at the annual meeting next year. Many members present gave interesting incidents relative to the Van Dorin history.  

The following officers were re-elected: President, Mae Johnson; Vice-President, Rose Jensen; Secretary, Helen Virden; Historian, Mary Taft.  

The next reunion will be the second Sunday in June, 1951 at the McMillan Park in Mt. Pleasant.  

The following members were in attendance: Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Van Dorin and family, Mrs. Flora Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Van Dorin and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bert McKern, A.T. Van Dorin all of Moravia; Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Yergus, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Stoops of Bloomfield; Mr. and Mrs. William Van Dorin, Albia; Clyde McKern, Moulton; Louis Van Dorin, Perry Mendenhall, Mary Van Dorin of Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Averies, Jennie Elmore of Hillsboro; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Resche and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Elmore and son, Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Elmore and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blythe and family of Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Erling Jensen and Mary, John Yorgus, Charles Beery, and Mary Taft of  Des Moines; Mrs. Susan Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curl, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Van Dorin, Mr. and Mrs Willard Van Dorin and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Messer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ross White, Mrs. Joe Virden and Curtis, Mae Johnson, Mrs. Alice Whaley, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Telford, Van Blythe; Mrs. Larry Howe, Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Molander and Susan, Winfield; Mrs. John Steen and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Ilff Cluster, Texas.  

Submitted by A.M.W. Apr 2006


Mt. Pleasant News – June 20, 1950


The annual reunion of the descendants of John A. and Clara H. Wick was held Sunday, June 18 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Wick of near Mt. Union. Thirty-eight were present for the cooperative dinner including all eight of the children, their husbands and wives, as well as a number of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  

Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wick, Ralph Wick Mt .Union; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wick, Ann and Tommy, St. Cloud, Minnesota; Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Dave, Mr. and Mrs. John Davey, Mt. Union; Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Enke, Yarmouth; Mr. and Mrs. William Wick, Mt. Union; Mr. and Mrs. Don Wick, Morning Sun; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hobbie, Mt. Union; Miss Waunita Hobbie, Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wick, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wick and Karen, Mt. Union; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Redfearn, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wiley and Carolyn, New London; Mr. and Mrs. John Wick and Beverly, Mt. Union; Mrs. Thomas Lane, Covington, Kentucky; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Uffelman, Larry and Rita, Galesburg, Illinois.

Submitted by A.M.W. Apr 2006


"The Mt. Pleasant News", Wednesday, June 28, 1950, Page 2:


The 20th annual reunion of the descendants of Henry and Mary Otwell Frazer was held at Cedar Creek church on June 25, 1950.  After a lovely picnic dinner was enjoyed, Glen Frazer, the president, gave some interesting facts pertaining to the family history and distributed literature he had prepared in regard to the ancestry of the family.

Those who attended were: Grace Frazer Hockett, Fort Pierce, Fla., Minnie Plander, Marshalltown; Bert Frace, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Frazer, Perry Frazer, Mr. and Mrs. Manly Frazer, Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Frazer and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Frazer, Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Frazer, Elizabeth and Emmett, Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Hodson, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred White, all of Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kerr, Louise and Richard; Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Dillavon [sic], Mr. and Mrs. Roy White, Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Hallowell, all of Salem; Mrs. Ida Litton of Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Orval Morrison and Sandra of Mt. Union.

The 20th annual reunion of the descendants of Henry and Mary Otwell Frazer was held at Cedar Creek church on June 25, 1950.  After a lovely picnic dinner was enjoyed, Glen Frazer, the president, gave some interesting facts pertaining to the family history and distributed literature he had prepared in regard to the ancestry of the family.

Those who attended were: Grace Frazer Hockett, Fort Pierce, Fla., Minnie Plander, Marshalltown; Bert Frace, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Frazer, Perry Frazer, Mr. and Mrs. Manly Frazer, Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Frazer and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Frazer, Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Frazer, Elizabeth and Emmett, Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Hodson, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred White, all of Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kerr, Louise and Richard; Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Dillavon [sic], Mr. and Mrs. Roy White, Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Hallowell, all of Salem; Mrs. Ida Litton of Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Orval Morrison and Sandra of Mt. Union.

Submitted by P.R.W. - "Mr. & Mrs. Roy White" are my husband's grandparents.


Mt. Pleasant News; August 5, 1950


     The 5th annual reunion of the Carnahan family was held Sunday, August 13, at McMillan park, Mt. Pleasant, with 19 in attendance.
     Following a bountiful picnic dinner, a short business meeting was held. Next year's reunion will be held at the cabin in Saunders' Park, Mt. Pleasant, on the third of August.
     Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Carnahan, Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Orlo S. Carnahan, Douds; Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Stringer, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stringer, Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh R. Carnahan, Jr. and children Ruth, Billy, Freddie and Jimmie, of Des Moines; Mrs. Anna M. Carnahan, Mr and Mrs. Ralph Carnahan and Mr .and Mrs. Harold R. Spray, Mt. Pleasant.


Mount Pleasant News; June 13, 1951


     More than 100 members of the Van Dorin families met for their annual reunion June 10th at McMillan Park, Mt. Pleasant.
     Following the basket dinner, Mrs. Mae Johnson, president, presented the following program.
     Mrs. Newt Van Dorin gave a short sketch of the Jasper Van Dorin branch of the family giving interesting anecdotes concerning the years they lived near Big Cedar.
     Mrs. Mary Taft gave the complete history of the family dating  back to 1789 staring with Jabez Van Dorin.
     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curl of Mt. Pleasant and their families presented the music for the afternoon.
     Mrs. Mary Taft, Mrs. Mae Johnson and Mrs. Erling Jensen have compiled the history of the family and copies were presented to Mrs. Charles Curl and Mrs. James Shepherd of Des Moines.
     The following from out of town were present: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Whaley, Knoxville, Charles Berry, Mr. and Mrs. James Shepherd, Mrs. Erling Jensen, Mary Christine, Mrs. Mary Taft, Mrs. Mary Van Dorin, Kenneth Van Dorin, Joyce Van Dorin, Sherrie Van Dorin, Jeanette Van Dorin, of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Van Dorin, Leo, Marie and Linda Van Dorin, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Van Dorin and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Van Dorin, Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Faber, of Moravia; Mrs. Mary Van Dorin, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Rowery and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Van Dorin and family, of Fort Madison; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hindman and family, Jack, Betty, Mary Lois, Larry, Shirley Ann, Charles and John Turner, of Albia; Harry E. Rodger, Elaine and Terry Parker, of Ottumwa; Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Smith of Rockford, Ill., Mrs. Minta Bowman and L.F. Bowman of Hollister, Mo., Mrs. Clara Lange, Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Van Dorin, Mr. and Mrs. James Chester, Chariton; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gable, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gable, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Curl, Mr. and Mrs. ?.?. Machemer, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mann Babley and Jolene, of Cedar Rapids, Everett and Marjorie Isom of Mt. Union; Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Rasche and family of Burlington; Mr .and Mrs. Floyd McFall of Centerville, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Van Dorin of Albia, Mary Jo Faber of Moravia, Mrs. Jennie Elmore of Hillsboro.
     From Mt. Pleasant were: Van and John Blythe, Mr. and Mrs. Arned Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Curl, Mrs. Delia Van Dorin, Willard, Michael and Willie Van Dorin, Mildred, Louise, and Dale Standley, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Van Dorin and family, Lew Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whaley, Alice J. Whaley, Shirley Kreiger, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rosborough, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Messer, Helen Virden and Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Dale White, Mrs. Ross White, Mr. and Mrs. James Telford and Jackie, Mrs. Mae Johnson.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr 2006, GGG Grandaughter of Eleanor Van Dorin Smith


Mount Pleasant Weekly News, 9 July 1952

Ledger Reunion in Saunders Park

     The Ledger reunion was held in the log cabin in Saunders Park, Sunday, July 6th.
     Present were: Edward Ledger and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ardell Hahn and sons, Pvt. Ernest Ledger all of East Pleasant Plain; Pfc. Donald Ledger, Fort Sheridan, Ill.; Pfc. and Mrs. Herman Kurtz, St. Coasta Misa, Calif; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kurtz and family, Packwood; Mildred Jones, Edlon; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kessel, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kessel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kessel and family, Ollie; Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lauber and family, Winfield; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Boese and family, Wayland; Mr. and Mrs. James Watts and son Keoga; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ledger and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ledger and son, Washington; Bill Ledger, Fairfield; Mrs. Elizabeth Kessel, Mrs. Agnes Hahn, East Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dunlavy, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Rich and family, Mr. and Mrs. Max Liechty and boys, Mt. Pleasant.
     Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Tom Delaney, St. Joseph, Mo; Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Roth, Mrs. Pearl Christner and son, Wayland.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2004, First Cousin Twice Removed to Leonard and Elsie Ledger Kessel.

Mount Pleasant Weekly News, 9 July 1952

Barton Reunion at McMillan Park

     For many years the Barton reunion has been held the first Sunday in July and Sunday, July 6 this year 44 attended the reunion at McMillan park where it has been held for the past five years.
     A fine co-operative dinner was enjoyed, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Miller acting as hosts.
     Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bower; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bishop and Roxie; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Elliott; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Elliott; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Litton; Mr. and Mrs. Everett McElwee; Mr. and Mrs. Jay Barton and Wesley; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moyle and Linda; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wesely, Bobby and Billy; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McElwee, Billy and Sandra;  F.C. McElwee; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Barton, Barbara, Judy and Curtis; Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Thompson, Kent and Roger; Marlene McWilliams; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ferris and Harriet of La Harpe, Ill. and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Miller and Fred Miller.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2004, Great Grand-Niece of Carrie Crane Barton, second husband of William Henry Barton.


Mount Pleasant Weekly News, Thursday 18 September 1952

Allender Reunion at McMillan Park

     The fifth annual Allender reunion was held at McMillan park Sunday, Sept. 14. Sixty-five relatives and friends were present.
     After a bountiful basket dinner was served, a short program was enjoyed by all.
     The oldest living descendant present was Osbert Allender and the youngest was Shelley Christine Olson daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Weslie Olson.
     Those present from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Lane and Kenneth, Ottumwa; Mrs. Electia Sherer, Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ehrhardt, Tempe, Arizona; Mr. and Mrs. Weslie Olson, Wendell and Shelly Christine, Fairfield; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Yeager, Batavia; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Zingg, Winfield; Mr. and Mrs. Jay Peden, Tempe, Arizona; and Mr. and Mrs. Perl Messer, Laverne and Eugene, Richland.

Wayland News - August 19, 1953


The descendants of the late Christian and Barbara Rich Schantz held their first reunion at the Wayland West Park on Monday evening with 65 members present. After a bounteous picnic supper, a short business meeting was held with Wilbur Schantz presiding. It was decided to make this an annual affair. At the election of officers, John Roth of Mt. Pleasant was elected chairman for 1954 and Mrs. Noah Wyse, Secretary. Mrs. Paul Liechty and Mrs. Daniel Leichty were chosen as program committee.

Present were:

Mrs. James Milliken and children of Fort Wayne, Indiana; Mrs. Katie Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. John Roth, Jerry Roth, Mrs. Jacob Boshart, Mr. and Mrs. Edd Wyse, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Swartzendruber and family, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wyse, Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Wyse and family, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Wyse and family all of Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schantz, Mrs. Marjorie Boshart and Lois Ann of Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Schantz and Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Johnston and daughters of Crawfordsville; Mrs. Robert Krabill and Elmer, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Liechty and Lonnie, Mr. and Mrs. William Conrad and family, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Wyse and family, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Goldsmith and David, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Magdefrau and Sandra, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leichty and Helen all of Wayland.

Submitted by A.M.W. Aug 2005


Mt. Pleasant News – July 12, 1955

King Reunion Held Sunday  

The annual King reunion was held Sunday, July 10th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert King on Maple Leaf Drive in Mt. Pleasant. The very delicious dinner was served on the shaded lawn. The afternoon was spent in playing games and visiting. Those attending were:  

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Dodds and Randy of Yarmouth, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Quick and James Williamson of Austin, Texas, guests of the Dodds; Mr. and Mrs. Willard Randall, Karen and Linda Sue of Donnellson; Mrs. Donna Gabeline and Terry of Yarmouth; Mr. and Mrs. Ewing Dodds of Yarmouth; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Orn of Moline, Illinois; Miss Loree Shellman of Lockridge; Mr. and Mrs. I. F. King, Wayne, Richard, and Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Simmons and Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Alanson Elgar, Allen and Mary Alice, Mr. and  Mrs. Robert Dennis all of Mt. Pleasant, and the hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Robert King.  

There were several who were unable to attend.

Submitted by A.M.W. Apr 2006


Mt. Pleasant News – August 17, 1955


The descendants of James D. and Rebecca Ann Galligher Scott gathered at McMillan Park Sunday, August 14, for their annual reunion. All enjoyed the picnic dinner and being together again. They decided to change the date of the reunion for next year to the third Sunday of August instead of the second, and to meet at the same place, McMillan Park.  

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Young, Galesburg, Illinois; Mrs. Eric McBride, Batavia; Mrs. Wilma Wagoner, Jimmie and Ellen, Ottumwa; Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Alexander, Wever; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Berry, Burlington; B. J. Berry, Ft. Madison; Minnie Berry, Mt. Pleasant; Mrs. Marie Millers, Keith and friend, Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Kenney, their son, Larry, and three grandsons, Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Litton, Salem; and Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Kinney and baby daughter, Mt. Pleasant.

Submitted by A.M.W. Apr 2006


Mt. Pleasant News – September 19, 1955


     The Ledger reunion was held at the Log Cabin in Saunders park, Sunday the 18th of September. Those present: Mr. and Mrs. James Watts, Keota; Mr and Mrs. Albert Boese, Wayland; Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lauber and Cecil, Winfield; Mrs. Darrell Rich and family, Ed Ledger and family, Ernie Ledger, Brighton; Mrs. Raymond Kessel, Sr., East Pleasant Plain; Mr. and Mrs. Ardell Hahn and family, Pleasant Plain; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kurtz, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kessel, Jr., and family, Wm. J. Ledger, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ledger, Joey and Michael, Fairfield, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kessel and family, Howard Kessel, Sherry and Brent Reynolds, Ollie, Marilyn McClure, Janice Kelly, Richland; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ledger and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid Vittetoe, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ledger and daughter, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kurtz and Lawrence, Packwood; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dunlavy and Jim, Mr. and Mrs. Max Liechty and Joe and Jerry, Edith Ledger, Mt. Pleasant.

Submitted by C.J.L., Apr. 2006, First Cousin Twice Removed to Leonard and Elsie Ledger Kessel.


Wayland News - June 6, 1963


The Schlarbaum reunion was held Sunday, June 2, at the east Shelter house at McMillan park.

Those present for the basket dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lucas, Connie and Randy of Sperry; Mr. and Mrs. Emery Schlarbaum, George, Mary, Shirley, Frances, and Harley and Mr. Art Schlarbaum and Jan of Bloomfield; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buck, David, Danny, Tommy, Phyllis, and Kevin of Danville, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Schadt, Harlan, and Danny and Ralph Schadt of Fairfield, Mrs. Ruth Countryman of Birmingham; Mr. and Mrs. Lehr Nedrow, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Braun of Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Johnson, Linda Nedrow and Dennis Bestco of Douds, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Bunk of Revere, Mo.; Mrs. Bessie M. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Frank A, Conner of Mt. Pleasant. Mrs. Vera Woodruff was a caller in the afternoon.

Submitted by A.M.W. Aug 2005


Winfield Beacon/Wayland News  June 20, 2002  

Gerig Reunion  

The annual Gerig Reunion was held June 8, 2002 at the Bethel Mennonite Church Fellowship Hall. The Anna Wyse Family hosted the event for the 35 in attendance.  

Attending were Milburn Gerig, Carly and Marcus Unruh, Jean Roth, Dorothy Boes, Joe and Miriam Gowey, Heather Blosser, Dean and Doris Meyer and Robert Meyer, all of Wayland; Mary Cross, Tona and Suzann Lee, and George and Firginia VanWyngarden all of Des Moines; Beth Gerig and Hannah of Tiskilwa, Illinois; Lester and Shirley Reschly of Columbia, Missouri; Verena Jacobs of Swisher; Betty Roth, Washington; Robert and Elaine Boshart, Kalona; Arnold and LuAnn Ludwig, Sandwich, Illinois; Norman and Marily Leichty, Mt. Pleasant; Holly Blosser-Yoder, Jacob, Nicholas, and Suzanna, Wellman; and Laura Draper, Anna and Ben, Taylor, Michigan.  

The Mollie Orendorff Family will host the 2003 Reunion

Submitted by A.M.W. Mar 2006



More than 100 Gather for Annual Even in Iowa City : 1933  

The eleventh annual reunion of the Tomlinson Tribe was held in this city on Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tomlinson as the hosts. More than 100 persons, all connections of the Tomlinson family attended the reunion which was held at the Iowa Weslyan college gymnasium. Relatives from a distance began to arrive on Friday and on Saturday all the guests motored to Keokuk where Mr. Fred Garretson of Hamilton , Illinois , a member of the tribe, had made special arrangements for the party to go through all interesting parts of the Keokuk Dam.  

Upon their return to Mt. Pleasant , Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson entertained the entire party at dinner and the later hours were spent in visiting and reminiscing.  

On Sunday, all gathered early at the college gymnasium where comfortable chairs were provided and large tables had been arranged to take care of the bountiful picnic dinner which was served at the noon hour following grace which was pronounced by Mrs. Sam Tomlinson of Plymouth, Indiana. Huge bouquets of gladiolas decorated each table and an elegant meal was served.  

After the dinner was cleared away, the following excellent program was presented with George L. Tomlinson, president of the Tribe presiding:

Welcome – George L. Tomlinson

Brass Quartet – William Evans, Marshall Huston, Ben Galer, Ralph L. Tomlinson

Reminiscences – Mrs. Winona Evans Reeves of Keokuk

Coronet Duet – Ben Galer, Ralph L. Tomlinson

Submitted by A.M.W. Mar 2009




Many From Distance Attend Event at Allen’s Grove Thursday  

The Conrad reunion held here Thursday was attended by more than 250 people. The day was ideal and the picnic dinner in Allen’s grove at noon was most heartily enjoyed. Games of kittenball, baseball, and horseshoe pitching were enjoyed by the men. Visiting was the pastime for the women and the children enjoyed the playground equipment at the park. The following program under the chairmanship of Irvin Boshart was given at 1:30 P.M.

Music – Wayland band

Song – All

Reading of Minutes – Eudora Roth

Reading – Lois Leichty

Talk – John Spiedel of Washington

Reading – Evelyn Gingerich, Kalona.

Short talk – Noah Eicher, Winfied

Treasurer’s report


Reading of resolutions: F. J. Conrad, Cedar Rapids

Talk – Mrs. Dan Klopfenstein – Mt. Pleasant

Closing song.

The reunion will be held at the same place next year. The following officers were appointed for next year:

President – Aaron Leichty

Vice President – Jacob Graber

Recording Secretary – Inez Schlatter

Corresponding Secretary – Gertrude Rinner

Treasurer – David Graber

Those from out of town for the reunion included Mr. and Mrs. Noah Eicher of Winfield; Mr. and Mrs. Dan Klopfenstein, Mrs. White, Marion and Margaret of Mt. Pleasant; Evelyn Gingerich, Kalona; Mrs. Edna Wittrig, Orlin Wittrig, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Krabill and children and Sarah Conrad of Washington; Mrs. Amanda Patratz and children, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wagner of near Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Goff, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Rich and son, Washington; Cloyce Nelson of Maqrshalltown; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Marshall, Lorna, Doris, George, Philip, Inez, and Lucille of Winfield; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Adams, Darlene and Marilyn of Mt. Pleasant; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Marshall and son of Morning Sun; Mrs. Michael Miller and Lucille of Olds; Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Ostberg of Waterloo.

Submitted by A.M.W. Mar 2009



Winfield Beacon – Wayland News
June 15, 2000


Midsummer, the popular Swedish holiday celebrating the arrival of summer will be held Thursday, June 15, on the grounds of the Parish Hall in Swedesburg. The 7 P.M. event begins with a march by the evening’s honored heritage family and the raising of the “maistong”, or maypole, which stands at the center of the festivities for the evening. This year’s program features the music of Burlington’s South Hill Brass in addition to the traditional Swedish folk dancing around the Maypole and ice cream social.

The Peter L. Anderson family is the heritage family to be honored this year. Over 50 members of the family from across the U.S. and Canada are expected to participate in the celebration. Local family members who still reside in the Swedesburg area include Louise Tolander Unkrich, William Tolander, Tom Erickson, and several of ther children and grandchildren.

Peter L. Anderson, his wife Bengta, and three daughters emigrated from Sweden in 1867 and arrived in Swedesburg in the winter of 1868. Louise Unkrich reports that her grandmother, Nilla Anderson, told her she was five years old when the family walked across the frozen Mississippi River to cross from Illinois to Iowa in their trek to Swedesburg.

Peter Anderson was originally a farmer and carpenter, but a special skill in casket making became recognized when he made a casket for his own son. He served as Swedesburg’s community undertaker for many years. When he retired, the position was filled by R.K. Crane of Mt. Pleasant. In recent years, metal casket emblems have been discovered in a barn on Anderson’s property (now owned by Virginia Hanze). Those items and an undertaker’s “cooling basket” used by Anderson are now part of the Swedish American Museum Collection.

Submitted by A.M.W., Feb. 2006



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