Residence, Henry County, Iowa

NameBirthEnlistmentLocationSerial #BranchEducationCivilian OccupationMar StatusRace/Ethnicity
Abbott, Rex D1918 IA11-Feb-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37684304Med Adm Corps4y hsFilling station attendantMwhite
Allen, Jack K1922 IA5-Feb-1941Ft Des Moines IA17027335Med Adm Corps4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Allen, Mason S1922 IA21-Oct-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17069683Med Adm Corps4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersMwhite
Allender, Wayne E1925 IA18-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37690837  grammarFarmerS-0white
Almond, Albert B1913 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696452  4y hsProduction of industrial chemicalsMwhite
Alvine, William D1911 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678191  3y hsSalesmanMwhite
Anderson, Carl L1926 IA20-Nov-1945Merced Aaf CA37643540  grammarMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Anderson, Dale B1918 CO6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670170  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Anderson, Harry J1916 IL25-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695989  3y hsLaundering, cleaning, dyeing & pressing apparelMwhite
Anderson, Richard E1926 IA18-Jan-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37360100  2y hsFarmerS-0white
Apple, John C1912 MO8-Mar-1941Jefferson Barracks MO06821559Med DeptgrammarHospital attendantS-0white
Arbogast, James M1925 IA11-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678313  grammar Mwhite
Bain, Robert A1915 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696454  4y hsSalesmanMwhite
Bain, Roger F1927 IA25-Jan-1946Ft Snelling MN17185074  4y hs S-0white
Baity, Floyd E1922 IL6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660176Warrant OfficersgrammarChauffeur & driverS-0white
Baker, Robert L1921 Philippine Islands19-May-1942Des Moines IA17065948Air Corps2y col  S-0white
Baldosier, Lyle J1924 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674709  3y hs S-0white
Ball, Wendell A1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672633  4y hsManf electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Barker, Joe W1918 IA29-Jul-1942Jefferson Barracks MO17076162Air Corps4y colTeacherS-0white
Barlow, Glenn M1910 CO24-May-1944Ft Logan CO37364192  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Barnes, Lloyd C1925 NE31-Oct-1945Ft Snelling MN37809253  1y hsFarm handMwhite
Barnett, Dale1927 IA23-Aug-1946San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center TX37893513  grammar S-0white
Barney, Beryl W1918 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654239Warrant Officers4y hsFabrication of metal productsS-0white
Barney, Wendell W1924 IA14-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37680147  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Bartlett, Raymond L1925 IA6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679666  4y hs S-0white
Barton, Delmar O1922 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660170Warrant Officers4y hsConstructionS-0white
Barton, Emmett D1911 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674691  2y colStock clerkMwhite
Bates, Robert M1923 IA7-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37698091  1y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Beattie, Walter R1911 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688621  4y hsFilling station attendantMwhite
Bell, Robert E1917 IA3-Dec-1941Ft Des Moines IA17033085Med Adm Corps4y hsConstructionS-0white
Bell, William C1927 IA21-May-1946Ft Bliss El Paso TX37810091  4y hs S-0white
Benge, Earl W1926 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642903  grammarFarm handS-0white
Berkshire, Eldred E1915 IA3-Nov-1941Ft Des Moines IA17032922Med Adm Corps4y colTeacherS-0white
Beyer, George D1920 IA28-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37663467  4y col S-0white
Blair, Joe N1917 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667814  2y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Boal, Everett A1924 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674686  4y hs S-0white
Boal, Robert Duayne1926 IA5-Oct-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37647694  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Bollinger, William R1922 IL21-Jan-1946Los Angeles CA36425333Air Corps1y hs  S-0white
Bonar, Raymond L1913 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678177  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Bonser, Raymond O1914 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696436  1y hsMechanicMwhite
Bouge, Alvin W1918 IA11-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA376786311  4y hsClerkMwhite
Breazeale, Richard E1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664442  4y hsMfg miscS-0white
Brenneman, Lloyd D1922 IA9-Aug-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37861731  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Brockert, Kenneth E1855 IA9-Nov-1939 06707295  2y colLaundering, cleaning, dyeing & pressing apparelS-0  
Brown, Carl E1917 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654243  4y hsGuard & watchmanMwhite
Brown, Dale O1925 IA7-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37698089  3y hs S-0white
Buckley, Margaret M1911 MO27-Jun-1944Clinton IAA-702883Women's Army Corps4y hsBeautician, manicuristS-0white
Budde, Richard H1919 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367178  4y hsFarmerMwhite
Burns, Thomas E1922 IA6-Oct-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17069112Med Adm Corps4y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Burns, William J1926 IA31-Oct-1945 37360797  3y hsManf electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Burris, Lloyd M1911 IL7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654337Warrant Officers4y hsFarm handS-0white
Bussert, Jay F1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664419  4y hsPlumberS-0white
Butler, Wilmer C1902 Philippine Islands29-Jun-1942Burlington IA17106067Signal Corps1y col  S-0white
Byers, Donald C1925 ND7-Dec-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37682761  4y hs S-0white
Calloway, James D1927 IA23-Jun-1946Ft Leavenworth KS17117306  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Campbell, Max K1924 IA20-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367724  grammarFarmerS-0white
Campbell, Virgil E1909 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654252Warrant Officers4y colClerkS-0white
Carlson, Alfred L1915 IA19-Nov-1942Ft Crook NE17165018Warrant Officers4y hsAccountant & auditorS-0white
Carnahan, William M1925 IL24-Jul-1943Jefferson Barracks MO37674683Med Adm Corps4y hs  S-0white
Carter, Harry E1919 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672648  4y hsCheckersS-0white
Chambers, Royce M1882 Philippine Islands21-Jul-1942Peoria IL16072808Med Dept3y colMgrs & officials, necS-0  
Chandler, Robert W1921 IA15-Apr-1942Des Moines IA17065685Med Adm Corps2y colActorS-0white
Chrissinger, Donald E1920 IA18-Sep-1941Ft Des Moines IA17029483Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Christensen, Donald J1925 IA19-May-1945Ft Snelling MN37798587  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Clarke, Frederic J1921 WI6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664376  4y hs S-0white
Cline, Bob V1921 IA14-Oct-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17069374Med Adm Corps4y hsDraftsmanS-0white
Coberly, Aven D1921 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670176  4y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Coberly, Claude E1927 MO8-Feb-1946Cp Joseph T Robinson Little Rock AR37891049  1y hs S-0white
Coberly, Kenneth J1925 IA13-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37643229  3y hsFarm handMwhite
Cocherell, Charles M1907 IA31-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37693704  grammarMotion picture projectionistMwhite
Cochran, Vaun W1909 IA15-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37692072  4y hsCarpenterMwhite
Cockayne, John E1920 IA17-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37661813Warrant Officers4y hsMechanicMwhite
Coghlan, Robert E1917 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674687  4y hsBookkeeper & cashier, except bank cashierMwhite
Cole, Harold E1924 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670155  4y hsMiscS-0white
Cole, Richard W1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664426  4y hsStock clerkS-0white
Coleman, Harold D1921 IA4-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37690118  1y hsFarmerS-0white
Collins, Thomas E1918 IA21-Dec-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA37651522Warrant Officers4y colBartenderMwhite
Colton, Raymond E1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664453  4y hsSales clerkS-0white
Conard, William E1922 Philippine Islands10-Dec-1942Iowa City IA17082523  1y colForemanS-0white
Conn, Lucian E1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664430  4y hsCheckersS-0white
Conn, Melbourne W1925 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678211  2y hsFilling station attendantS-0white
Conn, Orville B Jr1921 IA13-Jan-1941Burlington IA20743291Cavalry4y hsSales clerkS-0  
Conner, Francis M1926 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367194  2y hsLaundering, cleaning, dyeing & pressing apparelS-0white
Conrad, Glenn D1925 IA6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679675  3y hs S-0white
Cook, Dale W1921 IL13-Jan-1941Burlington IA20743293Cavalry4y hsWelderS-0white
Cooper, Wilbur C1923 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660175Warrant Officers4y hsFabrication of metal productsS-0white
Cordes, Dean R1926 IA21-Dec-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37650902  4y hsWarehousingS-0white
Cornick, Elbert D1925 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678170  4y hsFilling station attendantS-0white
Cornwell, Clarence L1909 IN30-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681115  3y hsFarm handMwhite
Cosgrove, Donald R1926 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367196  grammarBlacksmith, forgemen & hammermenS-0white
Coyne Charles E1928 IA28-Aug-1946Ft Snelling MN17205819  4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Craff, Carl L1919 IA28-Jan-1942Cp Grant IL36314340Warrant Officers4y hsProcessing dairy productsS-0white
Crane, Russell D1921 Philippine Islands20-Jun-1942Des Moines IA17096974Air Corps4y colTeacherMwhite
Crawford, Clark C1915 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674715  1y colSales clerkMwhite
Crile, Carlys J1924 IA20-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367698  grammarFarmerS-0white
Crocker, Ronald L1923 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688635  grammarFarmerMwhite
Crowl, Jack E1927 IA17-Apr-1946San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center TX37893356  4y hs S-0white
Culler, Raymond D1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672654  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Davidson, Jack N1917 IA12-Nov-1940Jacksonville FL14027682Med Adm Corps4y hs  S-0white
Davis, Melvin E1923 MO12-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37668469  grammarSkilled occ in trades & servicesS-0negro
de Spain1919 IA7-Jul-1941Ft Sheridan IL36024888Warrant Officers4y hsHotel & restaurant mgrS-0white
de Spain, Lorrain1923 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678162  1y colStenographer & typistS-0white
Denney, Hugh B1908 IA29-Mar-1946Ft Snelling MN06819581  4y hs Mwhite
Devol, Charles E1918 IA15-Aug-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37644978  4y hsForeman, mfgMwhite
Dickey, Elvin R1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664417  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Dillavou, Wendell D1920 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674707  2y hsStock clerkMwhite
Doan, Marvin Lee29 May 1927 Mt Pleasant Henry Co IA - 17 Sep 1996 same29-Aug-1946Jefferson Barracks MO37862487     white
Doan, Moron M Jr1922 Philippine Islands11-Sep-1942Des Moines IA17111907Signal Corps4y hsTransportationS-0white
Dodds, Dale J1926 IA27-Nov-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37649721  4y hsShipping & receiving clerkS-0white
Donnolly, Darrel W1923 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678184  1y col S-0white
Dougherty, Carl R1920 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642880  4y hsMiscMwhite
Douglas, Herman W1916 MO17-Apr-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37686865  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Dovenspike, Harold O1911 IA8-Apr-1946Ft Snelling MN06819039  3y hs Mwhite
Dusenbery, Jack W193224-Nov-1942Des Moines IA17113120  2y colManf electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Ebert, William B1928 IA5-Sep-1946Ft Snelling MN17206342  1y colTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Edwards, Donald G1922 IA25-Nov-1945 17113310  3y colTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersMnegro
Edwards, Orval S1907 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674714  4y hsWholesale mgrMwhite
Egli, Edwin F1913 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688630  4y hsPainterMwhite
Ehrhart, Robert E1928 IA11-Jun-1946Ft Snelling MN17172811Quartermaster Corps2y hs  S-0white
Eichenauer, Raymond C1918 IA10-Feb-1941Burlington IA20718092Med Dept4y hsClerkS-0white
Eicher, Franklin J1926 IA10-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA17182085Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Elefson, Raymond O1908 IA12-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367277  1y colMgrs & officials, necMwhite
Elgar, Alanson1927 IA30-Mar-1946Ft Snelling MN37896503  4y hs S-0white
Eller, Merle A1858 NE10-Nov-1939Sharonville OH06935884  2y colAmusement, recreation & motion picture occS-0  
Ely, Robert L1906 IA13-Jan-1941Burlington IA20743305CavalrygrammarCookD-0white
English, Clarence F1918 IA12-Mar-1942Ft Des Moines IA17044009Warrant Officers2y hsMechanicS-0white
Ericson, Henry E1922 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367171  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Eshelman, Joseph R1913 IA8-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654403Warrant Officers4y hsPainterMwhite
Fariss, Willard H1916 IA18-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37690835  grammarMechanicMwhite
Faulkner, Raymond F1906 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA27572645  grammarMfg miscMwhite
Faulkner, Robert E1922 IA1-Oct-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17068974Warrant Officers4y hs  S-0white
Feehan, Harry S1927 IA2-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37687863  grammarChauffeur & driverS-0white
Feehan, James S1916 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642887  grammarForeman, mfgMwhite
Feldman, Melbourne G1925 IA15-Aug-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37644977  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Felgar, James E1926 IA20-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO17197891Air Corps4y hsFarmerS-0white
Fender, Francis W1921 IA10-Jul-1942Santa Ana Aab CA16061124Air Corps2y colAutomobile mfgS-0white
Fenton, Lewis M1916 IA11-Oct-1941Ft MacArthur San Pedro CA39165107Air Corps3y hsFoundry occupation, necS-0white
Fitch, Leo J1922 IA31-Dec-1941Ft Des Moines IA17033645Air Corps4y hsCement, concrete, gypsum & plaster productionS-0white
Fitch, Morris E1922 IA31-Dec-1941Ft Des Moines IA17033620Air CorpsgrammarChauffeur & driverS-0white
Flayharty, Delbert L1908 IN7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654237Warrant Officers3y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersMwhite
Fletcher, Vernon G1908 IA22-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37657362Warrant Officers4y hsGuard & watchmanMwhite
Flickinger, Sanford L1923 MO6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664437  4y hs S-0white
Foggy, Harold E1915 IA13-Jan-1941Burlington IA20743310Cavalry3y hsConstructionS-0white
Ford, Harvey L1913 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367197  grammarChauffeur & driverS-0white
Ford, James W1921 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688634  3y hsLaborerS-0white
Foss, Darrell W1917 IA3-Jul-1941Ft Des Moines IA17029211Med Adm Corps4y hsElectricianS-0white
Foster, Leslie D Jr1925 IL3-Jun-1944Ft Leavenworth KS17181937Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Francy, Darrel E1915 IA13-Feb-1941Albany NY32042402Warrant Officers4y hsRetail mgrS-0white
Frazer, Donald L1925 IA18-Nov-1945Cp Joseph T Robinson Little Rock AR37861052Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Freeman, Duayne N1927 IA25-Apr-1946Ft McClellan AL37690111  4y hsMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
French, Orel H1920 IA13-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37643183  4y hsTransportationMwhite
Fricke, Myron C1912 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696445  1y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Garmoe, Aubrey D1927 MO21-Nov-1945Cp Hood Killeen TX37700764Finance Dept4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0  
Garmoe, Gifford E1926 IA24-Jan-1946Ft Bliss El Paso TX37810083  grammar S-0white
Garrels, Miles F1926 IA18-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37690836  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Garretson, Joel H1924 IA5-Aug-1943Sheppard Field Witchita Falls TX37672615Air Corpsgrammar  S-0white
Gates, Raymond A1924 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367172  grammarConstructionS-0white
Gerber, Darrell W1926 IA17-Dec-1945Charleston Aaf SC17197642  4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Gholson, Edward F1926 IA20-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367718  3y hsFarmerS-0white
Gill, Kenneth H1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664438  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Gill, Lester M1921 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA20701302  grammarChauffeur & driverS-0white
Gillaspey, Robert L1920 IA15-Jan-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37684301  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Gipple, Robert E1926 IA25-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695991  4y hs S-0white
Glanzman, Robert K1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672622  3y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Goddard, Derrell W1917 IA28-Aug-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37677591  4y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Goff, Allen J1918 IA24-Oct-1941Cp Grant IL36303201Med Adm Corps4y hsConstructionS-0white
Good, Virgil D1915 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688628  grammarChauffeur & driverMwhite
Gorham, Robert W1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664428  4y hsMachinistS-0white
Green, Miles J1928 IA25-Apr-1946Ft Snelling MN37897961  grammar S-0white
Greer, Harold J1906 IA30-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681077  1y hsPainterMwhite
Gregg, Charles R1922 Philippine Islands3-Sep-1942Des Moines IA17119177Air Corps1y colForemanS-0  
Grinstead, Herbert E1926 IA13-Nov-1945Ft Riley KS37700873  3y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Guernsey, George W1854 IA19-Nov-1939 06935929  2y colPrinting & publishingW-0 
Guinn, Russell V1915 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696431  4y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Hall, Richard R1921 IA23-Jun-1942Ft Leavenworth KS17058075Air Corps2y colSemiskilled inspector, necS-0white
Halliwill, Wayne A1916 IA16-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37668895  1y hsCarpenterMwhite
Hallowell, Dwight R1919 IA15-Mar-1941Ft Des Moines IA17028823Air Corps4y hsFarm handS-0white
Hamer, Joseph D1929 TX23-Sep-1946Ft Snelling MN17208034  4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Hamilton, Cecil H1923 IA2-Apr-1942Ft Des Moines IA17065479Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Hamilton, Dale D1918 IA8-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660231Warrant OfficersgrammarProduction of industrial chemicalsMwhite
Hammond, Sidney D1908 IL3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA06241573  4y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Hannum, Harold W1908 OK3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696455  4y hsFiremanMwhite
Harper, Robert V1924 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667801  4y hsMachinist apprenticeS-0white
Hatch, James W1908 IA6-Feb-1942Ft Des Moines IA17043294Air CorpsgrammarTreatment of metalsS-0white
Haviland, Charles F1925 IA1-Dec-1943Jefferson Barracks MO17181503  4y hs S-0white
Hayes, Owen J1912 Panama Canal Zone9-Sep-1942Des Moines IA17119297Air Corps3y colFood preservingM  
Hayes, Warren B1922 Philippine Islands30-Nov-1942Ames IA17085994  1y colBookkeeper & cashier, except bank cashierS-0white
Hayward, William H1923 IA25-Apr-1942Denver CO17088112Air Corps4y hsFilling station attendantS-0white
Heaton, Austin H1920 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678183  4y colAmmunition productionS-0white
Hendricks, Victor V1925 IA20-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367732  grammarFarmerS-0white
Henessee, Ellis L1922 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664434  grammarFarm handS-0white
Hepker, Loyal C1926 IA25-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695963  grammarFarm handS-0white
Henry, Kenneth F1924 IL15-May-1943Peoria IL36484819  1y hs S-0white
Hester, Clement D1920 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654340Warrant Officers4y hsMfg of leather products other than boots & shoesS-0  
Hileman, Richard G1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664439  1y col S-0white
Hileman, Virgil W1912 IA7-Dec-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37682735  2y colMgrs & officials, necMwhite
Hill, Carl J1913 IA5/14/1955 (?)Jefferson Barracks MO37688632  2y colFarmerS-0white
Hill, Franklin J1923 IA26-Oct-1945Cp MacKall Hoffman NC37664458Infantrygrammar  S-0white
Hill, Howard H1907 IA19-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37689062  grammarMiscMwhite
Hill, Jacob R1922 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664450  grammarFarm handS-0white
Hill, Kenneth R1925 IA21-Oct-1945Cp Swift Bastrop TX37646177InfantrygrammarManf electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Hinkle, Peter Jr1928 IA21-May-1946Ft Snelling MN97172169Med Adm Corps4y hs  S-0white
Hinkle, Robert L1926 IA16-Oct-1945Ogden UT37695983Detached Enlisted Men's List1y hs  S-0white
Hixson, Robert L1921 IA25-Jul-1942Des Moines IA17111376Warrant Officers1yr colClerkS-0white
Hoaglin, John R1923 IA28-Aug-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37677617  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Hobart, Loren K1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664444  2y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Holden, Kinneth1923 IA13-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678459  4y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Hollingsworth, Lee C1910 IA2-Apr-1942Ft Des Moines IA17066923Warrant Officers2y hsFarm handS-0white
Holtkamp, Robert E1927 IA29-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37699938  2y hs S-0white
Horine, Donald A1919 IA14-Oct-1942Pueblo CO37353923Warrant Officers4y hsLaundering, cleaning, dyeing & pressing apparelMwhite
Hoskins, Richard M1918 IA5-Feb-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37360872  2y hsSemiskilled chauffeurs & driversMwhite
Hott, Leland E1919 IA25-Feb-1942Ft Des Moines IA17043678Warrant Officers4y colPaymaster, clerk & timekeeperS-0white
House, Benjamin T1924 IA7-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37698092  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Housh, Byron K1926 IL5-Sep-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37646198  1y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Howard, Charles H1926 KS25-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695965  2y hsInspector, necS-0white
Hoyer, Junior R1924 IA20-Jan-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37360165  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Hudson, Richard L1921 Philippine Islands18-Sep-1942Des Moines IA17112061Air Corps4y hsDairy productsMwhite
Hueholt, Harold C1924 IA30-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37693356  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Huene, Theodore F1922 IA31-Jul-1942Des Moines IA17111442Warrant Officers1y colInspector, necS-0white
Huffman, Woodrow J1918 IA19-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37656465Warrant Officers2y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Hulme, Stanley M1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672623  grammarFarm handS-0white
Hultquist, Glenn F1922 Philippine Islands20-Jun-1942Des Moines IA17096977Air Corps4y hsFarmerS-0white
Hultquist, John B1927 IA6-Apr-1946Ft Snelling MN37896662  4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Hummell, Ronald J1928 IA25-Apr-1946Ft Snelling MN37897958  4y hsMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Humphrey, Arlo E1914 IA10-Jun-1942Ft Des Moines IA37418146Warrant OfficersgrammarFarm handS-0white
Humphries, Charles E1918 MO6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679682  2y hsAmmunition productionMwhite
Hunger, Arnold W1916 IA22-Aug-1941Ft Crook NE17031230Air Corps1y colFarm handS-0white
Hunt, Walter S1901 IA25-Oct-1945Cp Crooke Santa Maria CA06455278Military Police2y hs  S-0white
Huston, Duayne R1922 Philippine Islands19-Oct-1942Des Moines IA17152377Air Corps4y hs  Mwhite
Huston, Henry H1912 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696443  4y hsForeman, mfgMwhite
Huston, James S1921 IA5-Jan-1942Ft Des Moines IA17042100Air Corps2y colActorS-0white
Huston, John M1924 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670145  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Inglebright, Keith L1928 IA14-Feb-1946Ft Snelling MN17185924Signal Corps3y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Ingwersen, Carl L1924 IA2-Nov-1945Ft Jackson Columbia SC37367708  grammarManf electrical machinery & accessoriesMwhite
Jackson, Lorance M1918 IA23-Nov-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37682105  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Jackson, Walter R1914 MO7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654274Warrant OfficersgrammarMinerS-0white
Jeambey, Leo E1862 Philippine Islands1-Aug-1942Minneapolis MN17113692Air Corps1y colActorS-0white
Jerrel, Harlan1909 IA12-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674875  grammarMiscMwhite
Johnsen, Orin J1922 Philippine Islands16-Jun-1942Des Moines IA17096936Med Adm Corps1y colActorS-0white
Johnson, Loren B1924 IA20-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367712  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Johnson, Richard G1924 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660180Warrant Officers4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Johnson, Russell H1924 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670132  1y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Johnson, Virgil E1916 IA13-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37643232  2y hsMechanicMwhite
Johnston, Robert L1922 IA13-Jan-1941Burlington IA20743328Cavalry4y hsSalesmanS-0white
Jones, John W1911 IL6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670151  1y hsMechanicS-0white
Jones, Milton A1922 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660186Warrant OfficersgrammarConstructionMwhite
Jones, Paul D1927 IA17-Apr-1946Ft Snelling MN16179648Quartermaster CorpsgrammarMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Jones, Reed H1928 IA5-Sep-1946Ft Snelling MN17206328Military Police4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Jordan, Delbert L1923 IA6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679668  4y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Kauffman, Donald Jr1922 IA9-Jan-1946Ft Snelling MN37892226  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Kauffman, Harry G1905 IA12-Feb-1942Ft Rosecrans CA19088342  4y hsAgricultureS-0 
Keeley, Maurice M1911 IL14-Jun-1942Ft Des Moines IA37419197Warrant Officers4y hsSales clerkS-0white
Keith, Marvin A1925 IA7-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679706  3y hsFarm handS-0white
Keller, Lloyd E1912 IA18-Nov-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681902  4y hsRetail mgrMwhite
Kepper, George E1922 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667798  4y hsBookkeeper & cashier, except bank cashierS-0white
Kerr, Earl L Sr1910 IA27-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37692996  grammarServices amusements foremanMwhite
Kerr, Ledru D1916 IA14-Aug-1940Ft Des Moines IA17003236Air Corps4y hsFarm handS-0white
Kester, Robert A1916 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664404  1y colPainterMwhite
Kilbourn, Glenn L1917 IA8-Jul-1940Ft Des Moines IA17003052Med Adm Corps4y hsFarm handS-0white
Kilbourn, Ronald C1919 IA23-Dec-1941Ft Des Moines IA17033334Med Adm Corps4y hsConstructionS-0white
Kilgard, Walter W1918 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654238Warrant Officers4y hs  Sep-depwhite
King, Charles T1925 IA6-Oct-1943Jefferson Barracks MO37678173Med Adm Corps4y hs  S-0white
King, Robert F1926 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367193  3y hs S-0white
Kinney, Alvin O1921 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642883  grammarAmmunition productionMwhite
Kirk, Carey O1902 IA15-Oct-1942Ft Snelling MN17111213Air Corps4y hsMechanicMwhite
Kirk, Frank A1910 A15-Oct-1942Ft Snelling MN17111206Med Adm Corps2y hsFoundry occupation, necMwhite
Kirk, Jack W1922 IA15-Oct-1942Ft Snelling MN17111221Air Corps3y hsRailroad clerkS-0white
Kirk, Neal A1915 IA12-Aug-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37644787  grammarMachinists apprenticeMwhite
Kirkpatrick, Dale A1927 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688612  4y hs S-0white
Kitch, Marvin J1922 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654287Warrant Officers4y hsWarehousingS-0white
Kittle, Lewis A19068-Jun-1945Ft Leavenworth KS37654241  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Klopfenstein, Edward L1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664423  grammarFarm handS-0white
Klopfenstein, Foecemfck J1926 IA28-Apr-1905Jefferson Mo37686833  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Klopfenstein, Stace E1924 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670148  4y hsSales clerkS-0white
Klopfenstein, Wayne L1925 IA7-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37698079  4y hs S-0white
Knous, Ivan R1923 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667841  grammarMachine shop & related occS-0white
Knowlton, Will P1921 Philippine Islands12-Sep-1942Des Moines IA17119381Air Corps4y colTeacherMwhite
Kope, Richard L1912 IA14-Jan-1941 18043592Cavalrygrammar  S-0white
Krieger, Ira S1921 IA1-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37663486  grammarFarm handSep+depwhite
Krieger, Raymond H1914 MN30-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681049  4y hsAmmunition productionMwhite
Kruse, Leon C1920 IA16-Apr-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37686818  grammarFarmerS-0white
Kuhlenbeck, Clyd O1912 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696459  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Lampe, Herman G1913 IA13-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674991  2y hsAsbestos & insulation workerMwhite
Lange, Glen E1922 Philippine Islands18-Nov-1942Des Moines IA17151986Med Adm Corps1y colForeman S-0white
Lauger, Lloyd1921 Philippine Islands15-Jun-1942Des Moines IA17096918Air Corps1y colActorS-0white
Lauger, William1926 IA30-Jul-1946Ft Snelling MN17204478  4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Lear, Jack M1926 IA18-Mar-1946Ft Snelling MN17187109Med Adm Corps4y hsFarm handS-0white
Lear, Paul R1919 AR30-Apr-1946San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center TX06276566Air Corps2y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersMwhite
Lee, Ivan U1927 IA7-Aug-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37861620  4y hs S-0white
Lee, Melvin L1927 IA18-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37690841  grammarRoofer & slaterS-0white
Lee, Robert D1925 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678202  4y hsFilling station attendantS-0white
Leeper, Denzel D1918 IA4-Apr-1942Ft Des Moines IA17066947Warrant Officers4y hsConstructionS-0white
Leeper, William F1920 IA23-Aug-1941Ft Des Moines IA17029389Air Corps1y colChauffeur & driverS-0white
Lepper, John C1921 Philippine Islands27-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA17170168  1y hsManf electrical machinery & accessoriesMothers
Leydens, Junior J1924 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664457  grammarFarm handS-0white
Lindly, Buford Y1926 IA16-Jan-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37359978  4y hsStock clerkS-0white
Lindsey, Lawrence A1906 NC17-Dec-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA37651003Warrant Officers3y hsGuard & watchmanMwhite
Lingenfelter, Lawrence M1924 IL9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO373667198  grammarFarmerS-0white
Lofgren, Oscar A1919 IA18-Jan-1941Ft Des Moines IA17027179Quartermaster Corps4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Logan, Ernest L1922 Philippine Islands15-Oct-1943Des Moines IA17181966Air Corps3y hs  S-0white
Logan, Lawrence W1923 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667793  1y hsFarm handS-0white
Logan, William L Jr1927 IA28-Jan-1946Ft Snelling MN17185112Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Long, Blanche M1912 IA2-Dec-1942Des Moines IAA-702224Women's Army Corps1y colLaboratory tech & assistantS-0white
Long, Harold E1855 IA20-Oct-1939 06935128  Post Grad D-0 
Louthan, Walter E1921 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664407  4y hsStock clerkMwhite
Loving, Delbert D1919 IA6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679670  grammarTransportationMwhite
Lowe, Paul W1916 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678190  grammarPlumberS-0white
Magana, Hector A1924 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670164  3y hsTransportationS-0white
Mallory, Herbert D1923 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678182  2y col Mwhite
Manning, Dale J1923 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654264Warrant OfficersgrammarFoundry occupation, necS-0white
Marshall, Allen H1916 WI26-Sep-1942Jefferson Barracks MO17120586Warrant Officers2y colFarmerS-0white
Martin, Merlin F1922 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660198Warrant OfficersgrammarProduction of industrial chemicalsMwhite
Martin, Paul1920 IA13-Jun-1942Ft Des Moines IA17067741Warrant Officers4y hsFabrication of metal productsS-0white
Mason, Malcolm F1925 IA7-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37698093  4y hsFarm handS-0 
Mathers, William N1927 IA1-Feb-1946Ft Snelling MN17185464  4y hs S-0white
Maxwell, Cloyce V1918 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696460  1y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Mayer, Abbott F1922 IA Phiippine Islands15-Dec-1942Ames IA17086068  1y colFarmerS-0white
Mayfield, Wendell O1924 MO26-Apr-1943Ft Leavenworth KS37523907  grammarFarm handS-0negro
McAlister, Harold F1925 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674712  4y hs S-0white
McAllister, Keith R1922 Philippine Islands13-Dec-1942Des Moines IA17153168Air Corps1y colForemanS-0white
McAllister, Roy F1918 IA24-Aug-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37677192  2y colMiscS-0white
McCabe, Elton E1909 IA17-Aug-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37676469  4y colTeacherMwhite
McCabe, Glen A1921 Philippine Islands2-May-1942Des Moines IA17065772Air Corps4y hsFarmerS-0white
McCabe, James T1921 IA23-Jun-1942Ft Leavenworth KS17058074Med Adm Corps2y colSemiskilled inspector, necS-0white
McCabe, Thomas J1926 IA7-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37698098  4y hs S-0white
McCarty, Philip N1922 MO26-Dec-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA37652467Warrant Officers4y hsFile ClerkS-0white
McCormick, Jack E19002-Feb-1943Jefferson Barracks MO17152264Air CorpsgrammarTeacher  white
McCreight, Rex M1909 IA20-Aug-1940Ft Des Moines IA17003281Air Corps4y hsConstructionS-0white
McCulley, Herbert N1924 IA20-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367725  4y hsFarmerS-0 
McCullough, Joe E1915 IA18-Nov-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681930  3y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
McDowell, Earnest E1918 IA25-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695992  2y hsCheckersMwhite
McDowell, Harold R1922 Philippine Islands12-Dec-1942Decatur IA17153128Med Adm Corps1y colForeman, nevcS-0white
McKim, Richard F1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672620  4y hsCheckersS-0white
McKirahan, Robert R1926 IA9-Jul-1945Ft Leavenworth KS37815147  4y hs S-0white
McTee, Charles A1906 IL6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664441  grammarConst machinery operatorS-0white
McTee, William A1907 IL6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670166  grammarChauffeur & driverS-0white
Medlin, James H1919 MO7-Dec-1945Ft Knox KY37656370  3y colHealerMwhite
Mefferd, Wyman K1925 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667795  1y hsFarm handS-0white
Mendenhall, Leland E1926 IA28-Dec-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37359089  4y hsBlacksmith, forgemen & hammermenS-0white
Menke, Wilfred C1920 IA9-Aug-1941Ft Des Moines IA17029330Air CorpsgrammarFarm handS-0white
Mertens, Paul A1923 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670179  4y hsWaiterS-0white
Messer, Charles E1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664386  grammarFarm handS-0white
Messer, Dwight L1920 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660174Warrant Officers1y colManf electrical machinery & accessoriesMwhite
Messer, Gilbert G1923 IA7-Dec-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37682784  3y hs S-0white
Messer, Harold A1927 IA3-Dec-1945Ft Snelling MN37891094  grammarFarmerMwhite
Messer, Howard A1918 IA15-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688750  4y col Production asbestos products, abrasives & polishing productsMwhite
Metcalf, John W1909 IA25-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695990  1y colAccountant & auditorMwhite
Metcalf, Walter E1906 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672637  2y colSurveyorMwhite
Metzger, Dale Oliver1926 IA5-Oct-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37647693  1y hsFarmerS-0white
Meugniot, Harry R1930 Philippine Islands14-Sep-1942Des Moines IA17111950Signal Corps4y hsFarmerS-0white
Mickey, Robert W1927 IA19-Jul-1945Jefferson Barracks MO17198014Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Milks, Gilbert F1915 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642907  grammarProduction of industrial chemicalsMwhite
Milks, Kenneth S1922 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660154Warrant OfficersgrammarFarm handMwhite
Miller, Curtis E1926 IA13-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO17117315Air Corps4y hsFarmerS-0white
Miller, John H1926 IA7-Aug-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37861621  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Minear, Myron A1917 IA6-Sep-1940Chicago IL16001441Air Corps4y hsPlumberMwhite
Miner, Earl H1922 Philippine Islands8-Oct-1942Des Moines IA17112409Air Corps1y colSalesmanS-0white
Mohr, Lvcil P1925 MO7-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO07688117  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Molander, Leonard H1926 IA14-Jan-1946Ft Snelling MN37892474  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Moore, John H1913 IA27-Aug-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37677440  4y colTeacherMwhite
Moore, Verlin E1920 MO6-Jul-1942Ft Des Moines IA17067967Warrant Officers4y hs  Mwhite
Moore, Wayne W1923 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678181  4y hs S-0white
Morrow, John W1914 NE16-Aug-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37645091  grammarStonecutterMwhite
Morrow, William E1924 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660199Warrant Officers1y hs  S-0white
Morrow, William H1922 Philippine Islands12-Dec-1942Iowa City IA17082565  1y colForemanS-0white
Mosbey, Kenneth D1920 IA26-Nov-1945Ft Leavenworth KS16028778Air Corps4y hsMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Moyle, Keith O1922 IA9-Oct-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17069236Med Adm Corps4y hsMechanicS-0white
Mullenix, Clinton E30 Jan 1923 IA - 15 May 1943 Aberdeen Proving Ground MD12-Nov-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17071327Ordnance Dept  Production of industrial chemicals white
Murphy, Carl W1918 IA22-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37692530  4y colSalesmanMwhite
Murphy, Mervin A1911 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667859  3y hsHospital attendantMwhite
Myers, James E1923 NE6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664455  4y hsFilling station attendantMwhite
Nesbitt, Paul C192223-Jun-1942Ames IA17085740Field Artillery2y colBookkeeper & cashier, except bank cashierS-0white
Nicholson, Helen R1906 IA23-May-1944Clinton IAA-702877Women's Army Corps1y hsMiscMwhite
Nichting, Lester R1925 IA30-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37693352  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Oconnor, Paul L19002-Feb-1943Jefferson Barracks MO17131516Air CorpsgrammarSkilled meatcutter  white
Oconnor, Robert E192525-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695988  4y hs S-0white
Oge, Donald M1919 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654255Warrant Officers4y hsFabrication of metal productsMwhite
Oge, Norton W1920 IA29-Jun-1942Ft Leavenworth KS17058275Med Adm Corps4y hsProduction of industrial chemicalsS-0white
Ogg, Owen M1905 IA5-Aug-1942Des Moines IA17111478Warrant Officers4y hsSemiskilled chauffeurs & driversS-0white
Olson, Clifford L1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664433  1y col S-0white
Olson, Curtis W1926 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642839  4y hs S-0white
Olson, Herbert D1921 IA17-Apr-1943Santa Ana, CA17112157Air Corps2y colMiscS-0white
Olson, Leland C19002-Feb-1943Jefferson Barracks MO17152196Med Adm Corpsgrammar   white
Padley, Thomas C1917 IA12-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA637698342  4y colProduction of industrial chemicalsMwhite
Paisley, Lauren F1910 IA8-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670294  4y hsRetail mgrMwhite
Parker, Frank W1914 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667888  grammarBldg of aircraftS-0white
Patterson, Harold E1927 IA1-Feb-1946Ft Snelling MN17185463Air Corpsgrammar  Mwhite
Patterson, William L1923 IA10-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664777  4y hsSales clerkS-0white
Payne, Rex M1924 IA17-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37692209  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Perkins, Wendell A1924 IA9-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672661  3y hsMachinists apprenticeS-0white
Perrenoud, John A1911 IA8-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678169  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-depwhite
Perrenoud, William C1927 IA1-Feb-1946Ft Snelling MN17185457  1y col S-0white
Peterson, Warren J1927 IA18-Oct-1945Ft Snelling MN37808492  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Peterson, Wendell F1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664394  1y col S-0white
Phillips, Donald E1928 SD5-Dec-1945Des Moines IA17193028  grammar S-0white
Phillips, Elmer G1921 SD5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667846  grammarFarm handMwhite
Phillips, James R1928 IA9-Sep-1946Ft Snelling MN17206653Med Adm Corps2y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Piatt, Denver1911 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696456  4y hsAmmunition productionMwhite
Piatt, Vern1910 OK29-Oct-1940Ottumwa IA17012603  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Pickard, Earl M1918 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642885  4y hsSkilled cranemen, derrickmen, hoistmen & shovelmenMwhite
Playne, Donald P1923 NY6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664398  1y col S-0white
Pobanz, James R1917 IL4-Nov-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17070973Med Adm Corps4y hsGuard & watchmanMwhite
Pontzius, Albert M1925 IA14-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367420  3y hsFarmerS-0white
Pounds, Clarence H1926 IA3-Apr-1945Jefferson Barracks MO17117313Med Adm Corps4y hs  S-0white
Pounds, James W1921 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672647  4y hsPhotographerS-0white
Preuss, William T1927 IA10-Apr-1946Kearns UT37862478Med Adm Corps4y hs  S-0white
Price, Jack E1908 IA20-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37692443  2y colMidwife & practice nurseMwhite
Prickett, Dale A1927 Canada1-Feb-1946Ft Snelling MN17185451  1y colTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Prottsman, Dale V1921 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664440  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Prottsman, Wendell R1925 IA25-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695980  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Pugh, Gilbert1909 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696441  grammarFarm handMwhite
Pugh, John A1928 IA25-Jan-1946Ft Snelling MN17185048Military PolicegrammarMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Pulver, Louis L1910 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696444  1y colPurchasing agent & buyerMwhite
Ranck, Erwin S1916 IA7-Dec-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37682736  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Rasmus, Paul S1921 IA11-Apr-1942Des Moines IA17065632Air Corps4y hsFarm handS-0white
Reeves, Vernon1910 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654263Warrant Officers4y hsFarm mechanicMwhite
Register, Carl J1909 IL14-Oct-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17069367Med Adm Corps4y hsRetail mgrMwhite
Rich, Donald J1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664459  4y hs S-0white
Rich, Joseph W1926 IA17-Nov-1944Ft Leavenworth KS17182069Air Corps4y hsCarpenterS-0white
Rich, Marvin D1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664451  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Ricks, Bennie C1915 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674693  grammarTransportationMwhite
Ridinger, Rex D1919 IA27-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37692944  grammarFarm handMwhite
Riepe, Wallace C1922 Philippine Islands13-Dec-1942Des Moines IA17153176Air Corps1y colForemanS-0white
Riley, Beatrice M1921 IA9-Nov-1943Des Moines IAA-702707Women's Army CorpsgrammarMiscS-0white
Riley, Phil W1916 IA23-Aug-1940Ft Des Moines IA17003311Field ArtillerygrammarFarm handS-0white
Riley, Virgil1918 IA21-Jan-1941Ft Des Moines IA17027199Field ArtillerygrammarFarm handS-0white
Rinner, Marvin A1916 IA4-Mar-1942Ft Des Moines IA3716000Warrant Officers4y hsFarm handMwhite
Ritchey, Wayne C1917 IA27-Mar-1942Los Angeles CA19081826Air Corps4y hsForeman, necS-0white
Rizer, James G1914 Ia11-Jan-1942Ft Des Moines IA37418224Warrant Officers3y hsHospital attendantD-0white
Roberts, Harry L1918 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696465  3y hsChauffeur & driverMwhite
Roche, Lawrence R1927 MN25-Aug-1945Jefferson Barracks MO17198051Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Roche, William Q1920 IA18-Jun-1942Ft Des Moines IA17067832Warrant Officers4y hs  S-0white
Rochefort, Darrell K1922 Philippine Islands1-Dec-1942Des Moines IA17152318Air Corps1y colForemanS-0white
Rodgers, Glen L1918 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664448  4y hsMgrs & officials, necS-0white
Roederer, Arthur M1917 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678176  4y hsSales clerkS-0white
Rogers, Edwin F1922 IA5-Oct-1942Peoria IL16074978Air Corps4y hsMechanicS-0white
Rose, Donald D1925 IA6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679667  grammarFarm handS-0white
Rose, Harold E1927 IL26-Mar-1946Cp Beale Marysville CA37689125  2y hs S-0white
Ross, Emmett S1922 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660161Warrant Officers4y hs Production asbestos products, abrasives & polishing productsMwhite
Ross, Harry W1920 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672631  4y hsTransportationS-0white
Ross, Ileth E1913 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664454  grammarRoofer & slaterS-0white
Roth, Glenn D1926 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367188  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Roth, Marvin K1922 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654325Warrant Officers4y hsPoultry farm handS-0white
Roth, Robert J1927 IA23-Jul-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37861011  2y hsConstructionS-0white
Rowe, Morse I1888 MI13-Sep-1939 06291031  2y colAmusement, recreation & motion picture occS-0  
Rowe, William J1906 Great Britain18-Nov-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA376819858  3y hsSales clerkMwhite
Royer, Samuel L1925 IA6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679658  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Rhum, Claude F1924 IA27-Nov-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37649738  grammarFarmerS-0white
Rukgaber Miles Jr1923 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670150  4y hsMechanicMwhite
Russell, James L1921 IA3-Sep-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17068409Warrant Officers2y colSurveyorS-0white
Russell, Robert E1921 Philippine Islands24-Apr-1942Des Moines IA17067198Ordnance Dept2y hsBarberS-0white
Rutherford, Carrol E1921 IA7-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37698083  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Rutherford, Randall R1917 IL22-Oct-1940Ottumwa IA17012593Quartermaster Corps4y hsSalesmanS-0white
Saltzman, Edwin J1926 IA27-Jul-1944Ft Leavenworth KS17181865Med Adm Corps4y hs  S-0white
Sammons, Floyd1909 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696438  grammarAmmunition productionMwhite
Sammons, Harold D1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672627  grammarFarm handS-0white
Scarff, Glenn E1922 Philippine Islands28-Aug-1942Des Moines IA17111709  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Scarff, Merritt L1928 IA6-Sep-1946Ft Snelling MN17206469  3y hsMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Scarff, Raymond G1925 IA10-Jan-1946Ft Knox KY37699932Infantry4y hs  S-0white
Schenk, Johnnie C1920 IA27-Jul-1940Ft Des Moines IA17003158Field Artillery4y hsFarm handS-0white
Schlatter, Millard H1909 IA5-Nov-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681320  4y hsMechanicMwhite
Schmidt, Albert J1917 IA22-Oct-1940Ottumwa IA17012594Quartermaster Corps1y col  S-0white
Schubert, Charles N1923 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670173  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Schubert, Harold L1925 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678159  4y hs S-0white
Schuerman, Max E1922 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654256Warrant Officers1y colChainman, rodman, axmen, surveyingS-0white
Schweitzer, Leonard O1924 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642854  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Seager, Richard W1927 IL18-Dec-1945Ft Lewis WA37688613  1y hs S-0white
Sears, Everett W1924 IA16-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37668907  1y hsMfg miscS-0white
Seberg, Vernon D1922 Philippine Islands8-Aug-1942Des Moines IA17097435Med Adm Corps2y col  S-0white
Sempf, Everett D1923 IA7-Jun-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37698121  grammarFarm handS-0white
Septer, Paul G1927 MO13-Feb-1946Ft Snelling MN37894046  grammar S-0white
Septer, Pearl L1923 MO15-Jan-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37684343  4y hsCivil engineerS-0white
Severt, Ted1926 IA18-Dec-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37650807  1y col S-0white
Shahan, Leonidus S1927 IA17-Jan-1946Ft Belvoir VA37688611Military Police4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Sharr, Haoold M1925 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688608  3y hsFarmerS-0white
Shearer, Lewis A1897 SD17-Apr-1942Ft Leavenworth KS17057205Warrant OfficersgrammarCarpenter apprenticeD-0white
Simmons, Ervin G1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672624  4y hsMachinistS-0white
Shirkey, Wzlbuo G1926 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688606  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Siverly, Russell E1913 IA24-Jul-1942Des Moines IA17111361Warrant Officers4y colTeacherS-0white
Smith, Donald W1927 IA24-May-1946Ft Belvoir VA37808490  2y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Smith, Edward E1929 IA12/31/1969 (?)Ft Snelling MN17174228  4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white
Smith, Harold R1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664422  3y hsSales clerkS-0white
Smith, Lloyd P1919 IA4-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664003  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Smith, Melvin J1927 IA18-Jul-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37700766  4y hs S-0white
Smith, Wayne R1924 MO12-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37668459  grammar S-0negro
Smith, Wendell T1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA3766436  4y hsMfg hats & capsS-0white
Sodergren, Richard C19002-Feb-1943Jefferson Barracks MO17152199Air CorpsgrammarClerk  white
Spangler, Ivan W1922 Philippine Islands20-Aug-1942Des Moines IA17097630Med Adm Corps1y colActorS-0white
Spray, Virgil L1920 IA10-Oct-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17069231Med Adm Corps4y hsConstructionMwhite
Sprott, Cecil Martin1916 IA7-Oct-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37647782  4y hsFilling station attendantMwhite
Stark, Henry H Jr1931 Panama Canal Zone24-Apr-1942Des Moines IA17067208Ordnance Dept4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workers  white
Starr, Harold W Jr1927 IL8-Feb-1946Ft Snelling MN17185734  3y hsMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Stauffer, Edwin G1927 IA18-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37690838  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Stauffer, Ervin W1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664435  1y hsFarm handS-0white
Stauffer, Eugene B1924 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667804  1y colFarm handS-0white
Stauffer, Jacob L1925 IA27-Sep-1946Ft Snelling MN17208835  4y hsManf electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Stearns, Edgar L1927 IA9-Jan-1946Cp Hood Killeen TX37862345  grammar S-0white
Stevens, Robert H1925 IA6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679660  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Steward, Marion F1926 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367192  grammarFarmerS-0white
Stigge, Harry W1909 IA2-Apr-1942Ft Des Moines IA17066924Warrant OfficersgrammarFarm handS-0white
Stigge, Lile W1926 IA22-Mar-1946 37649722  4y hsManf electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Stith, Max R1909 IA23-Dec-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37650970  2y colMgrs & officials, necMwhite
Stockton, Elizabeth V1923 IA27-Feb-1945Des Moines IAA-713770Women's Army Corps4y hsClerkMwhite
Stonehouse, Herbert F1918 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654244Warrant Officers4y hsFarm handMwhite
Stucker, Harvey L19163-Oct-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17069056Med Adm Corps4y hsFarmerMwhite
Stutzman, Neil R1924 NE16-Jan-1945Ft Leavenworth KS37759460  grammarFarmerS-0white
Summers, Harold C1927 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688609  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Swan, Maurice L1919 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654230Warrant Officers4y hsTreatment of metalsMwhite
Swenson, Gilbert W1926 IA18-Jan-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37360099  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Tackenberg, Robert E1926 IA22-Jul-1944Ft Leavenworth KS17117307Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Tackenberg, William A1923 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37674679  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Tague, Adrian N1926 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367189  1y hsFarmerS-0white
Teter, Dorothy I1924 MO11-Jul-1944Clinton IAA-702891Women's Army Corps4y hsStenographer & typistMwhite
Thielbert, Eugene R1925 IA20-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37671287  1y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Thomas, David S1925 IA25-Aug-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37677330  grammarFarm handS-0white
Thomas, Donald L1922 IA6-Feb-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37660167Warrant Officers1y hsFarm handS-0white
Thomas, James W1923 MN31-Dec-1941Ft Des Moines IA17033647Med Adm Corps4y hsWaiterS-0white
Thomas, Roscoe W1928 IA8-May-1946Ft Snelling MN17171915  4y hsCotton farmerS-0white
Thomes, Donald Eugene1926 IA5-Oct-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37647695  4y hs S-0white
Thomson, Arvid L1922 Philippine Islands15-Oct-1942Davenport IA17152324Air Corps4y hsCheckersMwhite
Thornburg, Carl A1925 IA25-Apr-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37695984  1y hsMfg miscS-0white
Thornburg, Harold I1926 IA25-Nov-1945Ft Bragg NC37367838Med Adm Corps1y hsManf electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Thornburg, Rodney E1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664402  3y hs S-0white
Tiffany, Joseph A1920 IA9-Dec-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37682881  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Toft, Raymond L1921 Philippine Islands12-Jun-1942Des Moines IA17096883Med Adm Corps4y col  S-0white
Tolander, Philip E1921 IA9-Mar-1942Ft Des Moines IA17043689Warrant Officers1y hsMechanicS-0white
Tompkins, Estol S1909 MO6-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37679654  4y hsMgrs & officials, necMwhite
Tribby, Robert C1925 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678201  1y hs S-0white
Tribby, William D1925 IA9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678194  3y hs S-0white
Trickler, Ralph1918 IA26-Jul-1943Jefferson Barracks MO37674776Air Corps3y hsRoutemanMwhite
Trueblood, Vern H1924 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667803  1y hs S-0white
Turbett, Loren E1912 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696461  4y hsBrick & stone masonMwhite
Turley, Leo18 Feb 1921 Callaway Co MO20-May-1943   Rank Lt Col    
Turner, Earl C Jr1922 Philippine Islands20-Nov-1942Des Moines IA17113087  2y colManf electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Tyner, George D1918 IA14-Sep-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA17068578Air Corps2y hsMechanicMwhite
Tyner, George W1924 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667796  2y hsFilling station attendantS-0white
Underwood, Arlo R1923 IA2-Feb-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37360794  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Van Syoc, Hazold H1922 IA16-Apr-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37686813  4y hsDairy productsS-0white
Van Syoc, Marvin M1921 IA16-Apr-1945Hamilton MO37686825  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Van Syoc, Wendell M1921 Philippine Islands21-Oct-1942Des Moines IA17152430Air Corps2y colDraftsmanS-0white
Van Tyl, Richard H1920 IA7-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654218Warrant Officers1y colChauffeur & driverMwhite
Van Vranken, Allen E1922 Philippine Islands24-Jul-1942Washington IA17105930Air Corps4y hsBakerS-0white
Van Winkle, Harold W1926 IA31-Oct-1945 37367717  1y hs Mwhite
Vance, Edward D1927 IA31-May-1946Shelbyville IN37806925  4y hsMfg of electrical machinery & accessoriesS-0white
Vandenberg, Robert D1922 Philippine Islands14-Dec-1942Des Moines IA17152900  1y colForemanS-0white
Vicars, Roscoe E1926 IA9-Nov-1945Ft McClellan AL37690296  2y hs S-0white
Vollum, Telmer G1905 MN7-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37668082  grammarServices amusements foremanMwhite
Wagler, Earles A1920 IA23-Oct-1942Altoona PA33256196Warrant Officers1y colSales clerkS-0white
Wagner, Chester Ronald1926 IA5-Oct-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37647696  3y hsSemiskilled chauffeurs & driversS-0white
Wagner, Harold L1925 IA9-Jul-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678218  3y hs S-0white
Wagner, Leonard L1924 IA6-May-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37670156  4y hsSales clerkS-0white
Waibel, Dale E1924 IA25-Aug-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37677325  4y hsPattern & model makers, except paperS-0white
Walker, Wilbur F1917 IA23-Jul-1945Jefferson Barracks MO17029169  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Walters, Adolph A1910 IA3-May-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37696453  1y hsForemanMwhite
Waterhouse, Everett1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672634  grammarChauffeur & driverS-0white
Watts, Wilbur G1925 IA19-Nov-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681946  3y hs S-0white
Weir, James M1916 IA29-Jun-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37699935  4y hsRetail mgrMwhite
Welcher, Joe F1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664456  4y hsSales clerkS-0white
Welcher, Lee E1912 IA30-Oct-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681052  4y hsFabrication of metal productsMwhite
Wellington, Darrell A1927 IA31-Oct-1945Ft Snelling MN37809256  2y hsFilling station attendantS-0white
Wells, Lawrence E1916 IA11-Jan-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37654813Warrant Officers3y col  S-0negro
Wells, Wayne B1926 NE8-Jul-1944Ft Leavenworth KS17122596Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Wenger, Christian W1926 IA2-Aug-1944Ft Leavenworth KS17182067Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Wenger, Thomas D1922 Philippine Islands15-Dec-1942Des Moines IA17152948Air Corps1y colForemanS-0white
West, Ernest F1922 IA4-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37663916  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Westfall, Russell B1917 IA21-Feb-1942Des Moines IA17065183Air Corps1y colLaundering, cleaning, dyeing & pressing apparelS-0white
Wett, Robert T1923 IA15-Dec-1942Cp Dodge Herrold IA07169027Med Adm Corps4y hsMechanicS-0white
Whipple, John E1920 IA13-Apr-1942Des Moines IA17065657Air Corps1y colRepairmanS-0white
Whitaker, Frank B1920 IA22-Oct-1945Cp McCoy Sparta WI17003963Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
White, Carlton A1916 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642877  4y hsTransportationMwhite
White, Charles H1921 IA30-Mar-1944Cp Dodge Herrold IA37693357  4y hsMechanicMwhite
White, Donald R1917 IA28-Feb-1942Ft Des Moines IA17043770Warrant Officers1y colFarm handS-0white
White, Keith E1920 IA15-Jul-1942Des Moines IA17105976Warrant Officers4y hsFarmerS-0white
Whiteman, Roy M1921 IA19-Jan-1942Burlington IA17061064Air Corps3y colActorS-0white
Wick, James R1923 IA5-Apr-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37667794  4y hsMachinist apprenticeMwhite
Widmer, Gleen1922 Philippine Islands23-Apr-1942Des Moines IA17067314Ordnance Dept4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Wikel, Marcus N1917 MN18-Nov-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681900  1y colRetail mgrMwhite
Williams, Ernest L1927 CA23-Jul-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37861034  3y hs S-0white
Williams, Harold F1921 Philippine Islands23-Apr-1942Des Moines IA17067317Ordnance Dept4y hsSalesmanS-0white
Williams, John R1927 IA19-Jul-1945Jefferson Barracks MO17197775Air Corps4y hs  S-0white
Williams, John V1922 IA18-Jan-1941Ft Des Moines IA17027172Med Adm Corps4y hsWaiterS-0white
Williams, Ronald N1914 IA5-Nov-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37681319  4y hsMiscMwhite
Williams, Russell E1922 Philippine Islands27-May-1942Ft Des Moines IA17096734Air Corps2y colFarmerS-0white
Williams, William R1919 IA26-Feb-1942 17027535Air Corps1y colActorS-0white
Williamson, John R1919 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672575  1y colBookkeeper & cashier, except bank cashierS-0white
Willington, Frank Jr1923 IA6-Mar-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37664416  1y hsFilling station attendantS-0white
Willit, Thomas F1924 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672629  4y hsCompositor & typesetterS-0white
Willits, Harold V1916 IA10-Feb-1941Fairfield IA20701067Infantry1y colActorS-0white
Wilson, Richard D1926 IA9-Feb-1945Ft Leavenworth KS17197509Air Corps4y hsFarmerS-0white
Wilson, Robert R1915 IL9-Sep-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37678188  1y hsConst machinery operatorS-0white
Wilson, Russell J1926 IA25-Aug-1944Ft Snelling MN37772991  4y hs S-0white
Wilt, Gerald H1916 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672601  4y hs S-0white
Wittmer, Daryl J1918 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672635  4y hsChauffeur & driverS-0white
Wittmer, Duane D1925 IA8-Jun-1943Cp Dodge Herrold IA37672616  4y hs S-0white
Wittmer, Russell W1922 Philippine Islands15-Aug-1942Peoria IL16073290Med Dept3y colChauffeur & driverS-0white
Woline, Richard L1923 IA14-May-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37688616  4y hsFarmerS-0white
Woodsmall, Denzell L1923 IA9-Mar-1945Jefferson Barracks MO37367199  grammarFarmerS-0white
Woodsmall, Dwight A1928 IA11-Jul-1946Ft Snelling MN17203929  1y hs S-0white
Wright, Ivan W1927 MO12-Feb-1946Ft Snelling MN17185861  grammarHatchery manS-0white
Wright, William O1926 IA13-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37643230  4y hsFarm handS-0white
Wynne, Ray1935 IA15-May-1940 06797502  2y hs   
Wyse, Orlin F1920 IA8 Nov 1841Ft Des Moines IA17032994  2y colKitchen workerS-0white
Young, Earl B1914 NE29-Jul-1944Seattle WA39475745  4y hsLongshoremen & stevedoresMwhite
Young, Everett R1923 IA10-Jul-1944Jefferson Barracks MO37642908  4y hsFarm handMwhite
Zear, Lyle D1927 IA3-Dec-1945Ft Riley KS37688710  4y hsTinsmith, coppersmith & sheet metal workersS-0white

Source: WWII Enlistment Records, Fold3 https://www.fold3.com

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall for Henry County IAGenWeb, May 2016

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