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Mount Pleasant News
June 27, 1948

Army Compiles List of Dead and Missing by Counties.
    The first consolidated listing of Army dead and missing in World War II- a compilation of the names of nearly 310,000 men and women who gave their lives in the Nation's service was released today by the War Department.
    ...For Iowa, 3,282 were killed in action, 481 died of wounds, 19 died of injuries, 1,427 were non-battle deaths, 399 were sentenced to death under public law, 25 were missing for a total of 5,633.
    The Henry county list includes 39 names. The army list obviously does not include the navy casualties. Those listed from Henry county:

Allred, Harold A., pfc....KIA
Bowman, Everett N., col.....M
Chrissinger, D.E., 1 lt.....DNB
Conn, Orville B, jr, 2 lt.....KIA
Culler, Raymond D, pvt.....KIA
Dougherty, Carl R, pvt.....KIA
Eckles, Wayne O, 2 lt.....DNB
Gilleard, William B, s/sgt.....KIA
Gillis, Erwin C, t/sgt.....KIA
Guernsey, George W, pvt.....KIA
Harter, Harold F, pfc.....KIA
Hoaglin, John R, sgt.....KIA
Hodson, Lee A, tec. 4- KIA
Huston, James S, 1 lt...FOD
Keller, Glenn W, pvt.....KIA
Kephart, John O, pvt.....KIA
Louthan, Walter E, tec 5.....DOW
Manning, Walter K, s/sgt.....KIA
Metzger, Dale O, pvt.....KIA
Morrow, William E, pfc.....DOW
Mullenix, Clinton E, pvt.....DNB
Mulvaney, John J, pfc.....DNB
Patterson, Jesse L, t/sgt.....DNB
Pennebaker, John E, pfc.....KIA
Ritchey, Wayne C, 2 lt.....KIA
Rogers, Edwin F, s/sgt.....KIA
Roth, Ralph D, pvt.....DNB
Sammons, Harold D, pfc.....KIA
Sanburg, Kenneth O, cpl.....KIA
Spangler, Ivan W, av c.....DNB
Sullivan, Teddy W, 2 lt.....DNB
Swan, Maurice L s/sgt.....KIA
Tulk, Collins R, pfc.....DOW
Turbett, Loren E, pfc.....KIA
Wagner, Leonard L, cpl.....FOD
White, Harvey D, 2 lt.....KIA
Williams, William R, s/sgt.....DNB
Willits, Harold, tec 5.....KIA
Wyse, Orlin F, 1 lt.....FOD.

    KIA- Killed in Action; DOW- Died of Wounds; DOI- Died of Injuries; DNB-Died (Non-Battle); FOD- Finding of death under Public Law 490, 77th Congress; M-Missing.

Mount Pleasant News
March 8,  1949


     The following Henry county men have been classified by the local draft board at the courthouse.
     Class V-A. over-age, Clifford Olson, Sanford Flickinger, Joe Welcher, Elvin Dickey and Robert Bates.
     Class IV-A. completed service, John Bermazen, Warren Burns, Darrel Mitts, Harold Cross, William Brooks, Lewis Frank Jr., Elmer Gorman, Raymond Pickard, Gerald Beavers, Leland Olson, Lawrence Lingenfelter, Theodore Whittlesey, Leo Brau, George Nuding, Ross White, Clarence Fisher, Kenneth Tolander, Edward Capps, and Max Campbell.
     Class III-A, dependents, Herbert Coleman, Orval Conrad, Richard Thompson, Virgil Watson and James Milks.

Mount Pleasant News
Sept. 1, 1949 pg. 6

 Names listed to appear on World War II Plaques.

    A list of the names of the Henry county servicemen who made the supreme sacrifice in World War II has been compiled by the committee which has been working on plans for some kind of a memorial to these men.
    At the present time the plans for a permanent memorial on the courthouse lawn have been suspended. Instead plaques bearing the names likely will be placed in Henry County Soldiers and Sailors Memorial hospital just as a plaque bearing the names of the World War I gold star men was placed there.
    Corrections or additions in the list, if any, are asked by the committee headed by Virgil Campbell and should be turned in by the end of September.
    To be eligible, a veteran must have been a resident of Henry county at least six months immediately prior to entry into active service and must have served in the armed forces of this country between the dates of Dec. 7, 1911 and August 16, 1945.
    The list as compiled by the committee.
    Alfred, Harold A.; Boal, Charles O.; Bowman, Everett N.; Boudewyns, Thomas Francis; Buck, Clyde; Burke, James Francis; Carr, George Dwayne; Chrissinger, Donald E; Conn Jr, Orville B; Culler, Raymond D; Dougherty, Carl R; Eckles, Wayne O; Feehan, Harry S; Gilleard, William B; Gillis, Erwin C; Guernsey, Charles Edwin; Guernsey, Hower L; Guernsey, George W; Harter, Harold F; Hewitt, Hollis B; Hoaglin, John R; Hodson, Lee A; Herr, Harlan; Huston, James S; Isom, John; Keller, Glenn W; Keller, Harold C; Keller, Julius; Kephart, John O; Ledbetter, James; Little, Lorrain; Louthan, Walter E; Lundquist, Chester; Manning, Walter K; Marshall Jr, James; Mathews, Robert W; Mathieu, Edward E; Mertens, Henry John; Meyer, Freddie Christopher; Metzger, Dale O; Millspaugh, Don; Meehle, Carl William; Morrow, William E; Mullenix, Clinton E; Mulvaney, John J; McCormick, Jack; McKenzie, Floyd; Patterson, Jesse L; Peacher, W.L; Pennebaker, John E; Pitzer, Dale; Pugh, Leonard; Ricks, Bennie Coppock; Ritchey, Wayne C; Robers, Edwin F; Roth, Clarence C; Roth, Ralph D; Ruchetzke, Walter J; Russell, John; Sammons, Harold D; Sandburg, Kenneth O; Sharpe, Paul F; Siverly, Joseph Seward; Smith, Carl W; Smith, Frank E; Spangler, Ivan W; Sullivan, Teddy W; Swan, Maurice L; Tade, Donald; Totemler, Everett Lyle; Tulk, Collins R; Turbett, Loren E; Wagner, Leonard L; Wells, Paul; White, Harvey D; White, Keith; Willey, Clarence; Williams, William R; Willits, Harold; Wolf, Charles J; Woods, Robert; Wyse, Orlin F.

Wayland News - 2/1/1934  

Boys Enlist in Navy  

Word has been received from A. M. Powell, Quartermaster First Class U.S. Navy, local Naval Recruiting Officer, that the January quota of enlistments for the Burlington District were enlisted Wednesday, January 3, at Des Moines , Iowa .  

Following is a list of the lucky boys:  Pressley Eugene Holmes, son of Mr. and Mrs.  Thomas J. Holmes of Columbus Junction, Iowa; Raymond  Oral Chrisinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Chrissinger, Winfield, Iowa; and Willis Ebner, son of Mrs. Francis Ebner, Wayland, Iowa. These young men are on their way to the Naval Training Station at San Diego , California for a three month period of training, and after that they will either be sent to one of the various trade schools or to one of the ships of the fleet.

Submitted by Ann Miller White, annfamilytree@neb.rr.com  


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