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World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel
War Dept - June 1946
Name Serial Number Rank Type of Casualty
Allred, Harold A 37251770 PFC KIA
Bowman, Everett N O-001842 COL M
Chrissinger, Donald E o-805570 1 LT DNB
Conn, Orville B Jr O1030965 2 LT KIA
Culler, Raymond D 37672654 PVT KIA
Dougherty, Carl R 37642880 PVT KIA
Eckles, Wayne O O-753277 2 LT DNB
Gilleard, William B 37045951 S SG KIA
Gillis, Erwin C 37109707 T SG KIA
Guernsey, George W 6935929 PVT KIA
Harter, Harold F 39337496 PFC KIA
Hoaglin, John R 37677617 SGT KIA
Hodson, Lee A 6768767 TEC4 KIA
Huston, James S O-727879 1 LT FOD
Keller, Glenn W 20743789 PVT KIA
Kephart, John O 37678300 PVT KIA
Louyhan, Walter E 37664407 TEC5 DOW
Manning, Walter K 37436599 S SG KIA
Metzger, Dale O 37647693 PVT KIA
Morrow, William E 37660199 PFC DOW
Mullenix, Clinton E 17071327 PVT DNB
Mulvaney, John J 37045953 PFC DNB
Patterson, Jesse L 37045633 T SG DNB
Pennebaker, John E 37698086 PFC KIA
Ritchey, Wayne C O-743833 2 LT KIA
Rogers, Edwin F 16074978 S SG KIA
Roth, Ralph D 37042758 PVT DNB
Sammons, Harold D 37672627 PFC KIA
Sanburg, Kenneth O 37440624 CPL KIA
Spangler, Ivan W 17097630 AV C DNB
Sullivan, Teddy W O-812167 2 LT DNB
Swan, Maurice L 37654230 S SG KIA
Tulk, Collins R 37196123 PVT DOW
Turbett, Loren E 37696461 PFC KIA
Wagner, Leonard L 37670156 CPL FOD
White, Harvey D O1999060 2 LT KIA
Williams, William R 17027535 S SG DNB
Willits, Harold V 20701067 TEC5 KIA
Wyse, Orlin F O-662017 1 LT FOD
KIA - Killed in Action; DOW - died of wounds; DOI- died of injuries; DNB-died non-battle; FOD-finding of death; M-Missing persons


US Military Fatal Casualties of the Korea War for Home-State-of-Record:  Iowa
Name Service Rank/Rate Birth City Incident or Date of Death Remains Recovered
Bancroft, Arthur Richard Marine Corps 1st LT 18 Apr 1920 Hillsboro 29 Sep 1950 Y
Norton, Paul R Army SGT 1928 Unknown 26 Jun 1952 Y
Schenk, Everett D Army PVT 06 Feb 1935 Scott Twp 09 Jul 1953 N



US Military Fatal Casualties of the Vietnam War for Home-State-of-Record:  Iowa
Name Service Rank/Rate Birth City Incident or Date of Death Remains Recovered
Ford, Manzelle Alan Marine Corp PFC 10 Nov 1947 Mt Pleasant 07 Feb 1968 Y
Miller, Charles Claude Marine Corp LCPL 27 Jan 1945 Mt Pleasant 04 Apr 1968 Y
O'Connor, Michael Donald Army SP4 31 May 1947 Mt Pleasant 22 Jun 1967 Y
Ross, Stanley Dennis Army SP4 13 May 1949 Mt Pleasant 20 Oct 1969 Y
Warth, Woodroe Warren Army 1LT 16 Aug 1946 New London 08 May 1968 Y

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Source: National Archives  http://www.archives.gov/research/military/veterans/online.html

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