Abstract of Civil War Widow’s Pension File

Mary Jane McKee

Abstract of Civil War Widow's Pension File of Mary Jane McKee, Widow of Pvt. James B. McKee, Co. K, 4th Iowa Cavalry.

1. James B. McKee enlisted Oct. 5, 1861 at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in Co. K, 4th Iowa Cavalry to serve three years and was mustered in as a private on Dec. 31, 1861, at Mt. Pleasant in said company and regiment.

2. James B. McKee died Nov. 17, 1863 at his home in Henry Co., Iowa, while on sick furlough, of renal dropsy and ulceration of the bowels, contracted during his military service; prior to furlough he had been confined to Regimental Hospital near Black River, Warren Co., Miss.

3. Per “Act of July 14, 1862,” on Jan. 23, 1864, Mary Jane McKee applied for widow’s pension #58,894 due to the death of her husband, James B. McKee. Mt. Pleasant was the post office address given.

4. Affidavit of Malcom McNeal, Justice of the Peace of Muskingum Co., Ohio, stating that on March 27, 1851 he joined in holy matrimony James McKee and Mrs. Mary Jane Palmer, a widow, in said county.

5. Widow’s Pension #58,894 approved Nov. 1, 1865 at the rate of $8 per month, payments retroactive to Nov. 18, 1863.

6. Per “Act of July 14, 1866,” Mary Jane McKee applies for increase in pension for her minor children, Barton McKee, Elsie Cordelia McKee and Mary Ellen McKee.

7. Affidavit of Agnes Wheeler of Muskingum Co., Ohio, dated Aug. 27, 1867, stating that she was acquainted with James and Mary Jane McKee, and was present at the birth of Barton McKee on Feb. 8, 1852; that Dr. E. L. Wartman, the attending physician was now deceased; and that James and Mary Jane McKee moved to Henry Co., Iowa shortly after the birth of Barton McKee.

8. Affidavit of Lydia Ann Boal of Henry Co., Iowa, dated Sept. 14, 1868, stating that she knew James and Mary Jane McKee, and that she was present at the birth of Elsie Cordelia McKee on Feb. 25, 1855 in Trenton Twp., Henry Co., Iowa.

9. Affidavit of Dr. John C. Hull of Henry Co., Iowa, dated Apr. 29, 1867, stating that he delivered of Mrs. Mary Jane McKee a female child on Jan. 21, 1860, named Mary Ellen McKee and that said child was the legitimate offspring of James and Mary Jane McKee.

10. Mary Jane McKee granted increase in pension on Feb. 15, 1869, for her minor children at the rate of $8 per month, plus $2 for each child, payment retroactive to July 25, 1866, paid until each child reaches the age of 16 years.
[transcriber's note: at some point Mary Jane McKee left Iowa to live with her daughters, Elsie Tovrea in Sherman Co., Kansas and Mary Ellen James, in Thomas Co., Kansas. The only indication of the date she went to Kansas in this file is the statement of the attending physician in Kansas who said he had known Mary Jane McKee for 30 years. She is listed in the 1895 Sherman Co., Kansas census]

11. Mary Jane McKee granted increase in pension at the rate of $20 per month, commencing Aug. 31, 1916.

12. Mary Jane McKee died June 18, 1920 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Ellen James, in Brewster, Kans.; attending physician stated she had been suffering from failure of vital organs for two months prior to her death; she left no estate nor had life insurance; burial Fairview Cemetery, Brewster, Thomas Co., Kans.

13. Mary Jane McKee dropped from pension roll due to her death; last payment of monthly rate of $25 on May 4, 1920.

14. Bill from Nick Schroeder Furniture Co., of Colby, Kansas for funeral expenses of Mary Jane McKee: casket, $135; hearse, $15; flowers, $5—bill paid in full. Reimbursement from Pension Bureau to Mrs. Mary Ellen James, Brewster, Kans., for $45.50.
Source: Fold3; added 01 Feb 2020
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