World War I Roll of Honor

Henry County, Iowa

"Mt. Pleasant Free Press", Thursday, June 28, 1917, page 7
* Source: Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
* Ackles, William B
Alliman, Clarence, U.S. Navy.
Alliman, Will, First Iowa Inf.
* Bain, Earl
Baumgarten, Milton, U.S. Navy.
* Bazel, William R.
Beaber, Lloyd, U.S. Navy.
* Begolty, William R.
* Caris, John S
Carlson, Edward, Co. A, Sixth Illinois Inft.
* Carpenter, Wallace B.
Coppock, Joe, Coast Artillery.
Davis, Guy C., U.S. Navy.
Doan, Byron, Co. K, First Iowa Infantry.
* Ekstrom, Edward
Enke, Earl, Winfield, Ia., U.S. Navy.
* Fitzpatrick, Frank
Foss, Glenn, U.S. Coast Artillery.
Griffith, Everett, Third Iowa Band
* Grimstead, Ray
* Hathaway, Lindly
Henderson, Scott, Co. K., First Iowa Inft.
* Hildebrand, Henry H.
* Hildebrand, Luke
* Helsen, Edward T.
* Hulme, John Dill
Huston, John H., U.S. Navy.
Jerrel, Bert, U.S. Army.
Jessup, Ira B., U.S. Army.
* Johnson, Benjamin Henry
Kineer, Edgar, Coast Artillery.
Kineer, I.G., 16th U.S. Infantry Machine Gun Company.
Kinsinger, Ralph, First Iowa Band.
Lessenger, Leland, Co. M, First Iowa Infantry.
Lewis, Russell, U.S. Navy.
Lines, Guy J., First Iowa Band.
Loftiss, Maurice, U.S. Army.
Long, Roy, Coast Artillery.
Longnecker, Mayne, Third Iowa Band.
Lyman, Harold, First Iowa Band.
* Mabeus, Walter L.
Martin, Arthur, U.S. Navy.
Martin, Merle, U.S. Army.
McCoy, Ursa, U.S. Army.
Moorehead, Ralph, First Iowa Band.
Morony, Paul, U.S. Army.
Morris, Ralph, First Iowa Band.
Morrow, Harry, U.S. Navy.
* Myers, Roy Robert
Patterson, Emmet, Third Iowa Band.
Patterson, Ernest, Third Iowa Band.
* Pennebaker, Raymond
Peterson, Carl E., U.S. Army.
* Pidgeon, George
Roberts, Ralph, U.S. Army.
* Rose, Frank
* Schirmer, Henry H.
Shaner, Will, First Iowa Band.
Shaner, Willis, First Iowa Band.
* Siberts, Carl E. (C)
* Simkin, Frank
Tauchert, Gilbert, U.S. Army.
Tribby, Dwight, Co. K, First Iowa Infantry.
Tribby, Robert F., Co. K, First Iowa Infantry.
Tulk, Arthur, 16th U.S. Infantry.
Turner, Merle C.
Walker, John, U.S. Army.
Weeks, Max, U.S. Coast Artillery.
Wenger, Joe, Coast Artillery.
Werner, Ben, U.S. Army.
Whigham, Clifford G., 20th U.S. Infantry.
Whittaker, Ralph, U.S. Army.
Wolf, Harvey, First Louisiana Inf.
Wray, Clarence E., U.S. Navy.
In France.
Cook, Ed, Canadian Army, in France


"Mt. Pleasant Free Press", Thursday, June 28, 1917, page 7
Ft. Snelling, Minnesota
Ben Seeley
Rilea W. Doe
Floyd Duncan
H.N. Jeffrey
Harry K. Leedham, Ft. Snelling, Minn.
Ft. Sheridan, Illinois
Bowen Palmer
George Beckwith
Carl Whitney
Hjalmer Stromberg, Ft. Riley, Kansas.

The above men have enlisted in the organizations shown above and, as stated last week,
we want to get the name of every young man who has enlisted from the County. If you know
of one whose name does not appear above, kindly send it to this office.

[“Mt. Pleasant Free Press”, Thursday, June 28, 1917, page 7]

Information contributed by Pat White, November 2015 for Henry County IAGenWeb.

*Updated source of Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs by Conni McDaniel Hall, November 2017

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