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Mort Hobart Post #280, G.A.R., Winfield, Iowa History

Miscellaneous Data and History:

Chartered: February 14, 1884    

Mustered by L.S. Tyler

Members: 43

Property: Charter and books thought to have burned in Beacon office (Edward C. Hinkle). Secured photograph for Photostat reprint Jun 1945, Co F 17th Infantry Iowa (from Mrs. Addie Beauchamp, daughter of Joseph Hobart, Winfield, Iowa).

No. 280 Named in Honor of this Veteran: Mortimer Hobart, died 06 Apr 1862 at Shiloh Tenn. War record: Prvt Co G 11th Iowa Inf. Age 20, residence Mount Pleasant, nativity New York. Enlisted 17 Sep 1861. Mustered 15 Oct 1861. Killed in battle.

NameBornWhere BornDiedWhere DiedBurialWar Record
Babcock, John Ford23 Nov 1819Utica, N.Y.13 Nov 1893Winfield, IowaWinfield Scott Winfield Iowa Corp. B 38 Ohio Inf.
Barr, John7 Mar 1826Allegheny Co., Pa30 Sep 1898Winfield, IowaWinfield Scott C Winfield, IaPrvt. G 11 Iowa Inf.
Ball, William17 Mar 1845Natchez, Miss23 Aug 1934Winfield, IowaWinfield & Scott Winfield, IaPrvt G 30 Illinois Inf
Bashford, William20 May 1821Jefferson Co., Ohio1 Apr 1893Winfield, IowaWinfield Scott C Winfield, IaPrvt, A 8 Iowa Inf
Canby, William H20 Dec 1841Waynesville, Ohio16 Jan 1927Winfield, IowaPrairie Grove Cem near Winfield, IowaPrvt. E 4 Iowa Cav.
Browning, William S28 Sep 1842Weston, W. Va.11 Sep 1934Winfield, IowaWinfield - Scott Cem Winfield, IaCorp. B 25 Iowa Inf.
Crissengr, Ezra WOhio22 Jun 1932Pvt. G 45 Iowa Inf.
Crisinger, Robert Vernon22 Mar 1841Adams Co., Pa13 Jan 1923Winfield, IowaWinfield - Scott Cem Winfield, IaPrvt. K 25 Iowa Inf.
Cook, John P19 Nov 1842Marshall, Mich.30 Apr 1903Bugler M 1 Mo. Cav.
Courter, PeterOklahomaPrvt. G 96 Ohio Inf.
Dicus, Benjamin FHillcrest Cem Brighton, IowaPrvt. G 4 Ohio Inf. Prvt G 163 Ohio Inf
DuMars, John KPrvt. E 1 Pa Inf. Prvt. D US Art. Prvt. G 21 Pa. Cav
Dunahoo, Watson Preston18 Jan 1848Columbus City, IA16 Aug 1933Winfield, IowaSpring Run Cem Columbus Jct., Louisa Co., IowaPrvt. A 9 Iowa Cav.
Foster, SamuelDakotaCapt. G 11 Iowa Inf.
Freeman, Moses Hopwood15 May 1837Uniontown, Penn20 July 1920Santa Ana, CalifWinfield, IowaPrvt. I 85 Pa. Inf.
Gorham, John18 Nov 1819 3 Jan 1904Trinity Cem, Mt. Union, Iowa Private C 78 Illinois Inf.
Greer, Dillon B6 Jan 1848Belmont Co., Ohio10 July, 1936Marshalltown, IowaWinfield, Henry Co., IowaPrvt B 84 Illinois Inf
Haight, Edgar Francis5 Apr 1835McLean, Tompkins Co., N. Y.6 Dec, 1919Winfield, IowaWinfield Scott Cemetery, Winfield, IaCorp C 65 Illinois Consol Inf
Harkness, William R1842N. Y.1896Evergreen Cem, Creston, IowaPrvt. H 45 Iowa Inf.
Harper, James APrvt. I 25 Iowa Inf.
Hinkle, Edward C28 Dec 1840Calhoun Co., Mich20 Nat 1925Winfield, IowaWinfield-Scott Cem. Winfield, IowaPrvt. C 12 Iowa Infantry
Hillyard, LewisPrvt. D 25 Iowa Inf.
Hobart, Joseph10 Apr 1845Utica, N.Y.30 Dec 1926Center, ColoWinfield Cem Scott T. , Henry Co., IowaPrvt. F 17 Iowa Inf.
Hobart, Mortimer6 Apr 1862Shiloh, Tenn.Prvt G 11 Iowa Inf
Hunter. Albert27 Nov 1926Elm Grove Cem, Washington, IowaPrvt. E 15 Iowa Inf.
Innis, Thomas B1 Dec 1845Rockville, Ind24 Mar 1931Washington, IowaWinfield - Scott Cem Winfield, IaPrvt. F 11 Ind. Cav.
Irwin, Isaiah24 Aug 1846Belmont Co., Ohio26 Sept 1910Iowa Soldiers' HomeWinfield & Scott T Winfield, IaPrvt., C 2 Mo. Cav.
Jackson, Elias G26 Feb 1916Beauchamp Cem Crawfordsville, Iowa2nd Lt. F 11 Iowa Inf,
Kimball, Charles DMus. G 112 N.Y. Inf.
Latta, Alcetas B3 Oct 1844Ross Co., Ohio17 Jun 1925Bloomfield, IowaWinfield - Scott Cem Winfield, IaPrvt. C 149 Ohio Inf.
Matthews, William Brown3 Jun 1843Gallia Co., Ohio6 Sep 1930Winfield, IowaBeauchamp Cem, Crawford Twp., Washington Co. IowaPrvt. H 25 Iowa Inf.
Minteer, John V4 Mar 1845Knox Co., Ohio4 Jul 1916Winfield, IowaWinfield & Scott Cemetery Winfield, IaSergeant F 84 Illinois Infantry
Minteer, Upton W31 Mar 1834Ohio3 Feb 1901Winfield & Scott Cem Winfield, IaPrvt. D 13 Iowa Inf.
North, John T6 Jun 1837Holmes Co., Ohio1 Jan 1909Winfield, IowaWinfield - Scott Cem Winfield, IaSergt. E 1 Iowa Cav.
Patterson, James H2nd Lt. C 4 Iowa Cav.
Pierce, Lyman Beecher14 Jan 1835Bernard, Vt.19 Feb 1921Winfield, IowaWinfield-Scott Cem. Winfield, IowaSergt. K 2 Iowa Cav.
Renshaw, Jacob L2 Feb 22 1841Uniontown, Penn20 Mar 1922Winfield, IowaWinfield - Scott Cem Winfield, IaCorp. D 168 Pa. Inf.
Rhodes, Thomas E12 Mar 1844Cincinnati, Ohio6 Dec 1927New London, IowaBurge Cem New London, IowaPrvt. B 32 Ky, Inf.
Rittenhouse, Thomas Carson21 Mar 1840Ostrander, Ohio14 Sep 1917Winfield, IowaWinfield & Scott Twp Cem, Winfield, IaPrvt. K 136 Ohio Inf.
Sayer, Samuel K1839Prvt H 51 Ohio Inf.
Siberts, Cyrus24 Feb 1839Beaver Co., Pa11 Jul 1903Mt. Pleasant, IowaWinfield - Scott Cem Winfield, IaCorp. H 45 Iowa Inf.
Siberts, Edward14 Aug 1834Pa3 Aug 1895Lincoln, NebWinfield - Scott Cem Winfield, IaPrvt. G 11 Iowa Inf.
Tague, Joseph A12 Sep 1842Baltimore Twp, Henry Co., Ia9 Mar 1915Winfield, IowaWinfield Scott Cem Winfield, IaPrvt. A 4 Iowa Cav.
Trimmer, Isaac1 Feb 1846Springfield, Ohio13 Jul 1905Winfield, IowaWinfield & Scott Tpw Cem Winfield, IaSergt E 152 Ohio Infantry Ohio Natl Guard
Wiley, Alexander William8 Jan 1841Genesee Co., N.Y.15 May 1911Winfield, IowaWinfield Scott Tp Winfield, IowaPrvt. M 1 N.Y. Art

Transcribed by Mary Cochran, August, 2019; Source: Family Search

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