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Adam Kimple Post #245, Salem, Iowa History

Miscellaneous Data and History:

Chartered: November 9, 1883, Duplicate Charter July 26, 1887

Members: Charter 25, Total 86

Disbanded: January 23, 1904, 13 Transfers

Membership (Henry Co.)

No. 245, Salem named in honor of this veteran, Adam Kimple/Buried: National Cem., Marietta, Ga., Section G, grave M./War Record: 1st Lieut C 25 Iowa Inf/Roster Iowa Soldiers: Kimple, Adam. Age 36. Residence Salem, nativity Penn. Enlisted Aug 15.18, 1862. Mustered Sept 11, 1862. Wounded Jan 11, 1863, Arkansas Post, Ark. Promoted 1st Sgt, Jan 14, 1863. Wounded slightly Nov 27, 1864, Ringgold, Ga. Promoted 1st Lieut, Apr 5, 1864. Wounded Aug 31, 1864, Jonesborough, Ga. Died of wounds Sept 17, 1864.

Veteran's NameResidenceOccDOBPlaceDODPlaceCauseBurial War Record  Enlisted DischargedOther InfoFatherNavMotherNavWifeChildrenSourcesOffices of honor in Date JoinedMore Info
SurnameFirst         RankCoRegState OrgAgeResNat.DatePlace DatePlace         GAR  
AdingtonAmos T         PvtB3IowaCav18Lee CoIndand must Feb 29, 1864  MO Aug 9, 1865Atlanta, Ga        Roster Iowa Soldiers: Ex-Soldiers livng Iowa 1866; res Pilot GroveMem at Lg17 F 1885  
BartonThomas W Farmer20 Aug 1841 Henry Co, IA28 Apr 1905Henry Co, IA  Home Bethel, Mt Pleasant, IaPvtI14IowaInf20Mt PleasantIowa11 Oct & must Nov 5, 1861  for disability Feb 5, 1863St Louis, MoMissing in action 6 Apr 1862, Shiloh Tenn; paroled 24 May 1862, Macon City, Ga.      Sadie, Fannie, FredRoster Iowa Soldiers: Ex-Soldiers livng Iowa 1866; res Mt PleasantMem at Lg30 Ja 1889, Tr 7 Aug 1889 from McFarland Post #20 Mt Pleasant 2d term 1899  
BellThomas A  4 Ag 1845McAllaries Fort Pa6 Ja 1893Salem, Ia  East Cem, Salem, IaPvtE45IowaInf18Lee CoPennMay 12 & must May 25, 1864  MO Sep 16, 1864, exp of termKeokuk, Ia Hon. D S Bell  Sarah Stewart Rail Alvira C HarlanFrank S, Cora E (John) Byers, Grace ERoster Iowa Soldiers: Ex-Soldiers livng Iowa 1866; res Big MoundMem at Lg16 N 1883  
BellesAdam L  22 Sep 1839Harrison Co, Oh22 Apr 1934West Point, IA  Evergreen Cem, Fairfield, IaPvtG1USArt21Ohio  May 13 1864Ohio13 Sep 1864Columbus, Ohio, 18m serviceAdjt Gen, Washington, DC 29 Ap 1949: Adam L Belles enlisted age 21, May 23, 1861 Cleveland, Oh. Hon discharged Dec 19, 1862 Pvt Co G 1st US ArtilleryGeorge Belles  Caroline Breidinger Emma BaldwinLucias, Laura, Burton B, Clara, CharlesGraves Reg: Adam L Belles-Mrs Pearl R Clapp, Fairfield Ia/Mrs WD Bordlemay 114 E Traisbury, Audubon, NJ re add'l inscription on headstone    
BlackledgeCharles                                Mem at Lg9 Nov 1883 
BonnellSylvanus S  20 S 1846Ft Madison Ia2 S 1929Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtD7IowaInf18Ft Madison  & must 20 Ja 1864 MO 12 Jul 1865Louisville, Ky  James Rachel Elizabeth I McMillanE S-Ft Dodge Ia; Eva Massey-Salem Ia; O A-Los Angeles, Calif; CoraRoster Iowa Soldiers/Records of Posts (37): S S/Mem at Lg7 D 1883; Rejoined 2d trm '93; McFarland, Post 20(S) Mt Pleasant; James B Sample, Post 170(131) Ft Madison cd 2d term 1892  
BowerBenjamin F  1835Penn15 Apr 1902Glasgow Ia  Glasgow CemSgtG11IowaInf24Mt PleasantPennSep 19, 1861 as 2nd Corp  MO 15 Jul 1865Louisville, KyMust Oct 15, 1861; prom 1st Corp Nov 6, 1861; re-enl & re-must Jan 1, 1864; taken prisoner Jul 22, 1864, near Atlanta, Ga; prom 4th Sgt Jan 1, 1865       Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers living Iowa 1886; Sgt-res Glasgow/Graves Reg: Born 1835, Pa.Mem at Lg7 D 1883; Tr. 29 Ap 1885  
BreeseLeland S         PvtD23NYInf19   27 Sep 1861; must 9 OctElmira for 20mfor disability 17 Dec 1862Washington DC        Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Salem; Rept Adjt Gen NYMem at Lg9 N 1883; Tr 15 S '86  
BrownCharles  1840      PvtD7IowaInf20Lee CoCanadaJl 12 & must Jl 25, 1861  Mar 16, 1863Alexandria, VaTaken prisoner Nov 7, 1861, Belmont, Mo.       Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers living Iowa 1886:Co B (not there) -res SalemMem at Lg9 Ja 1884; Tr. 2d trm 1900  
BuffingtonJohn J  12 F 1836Clark Co, Pa10 Ap 1814Hillsboro, Ia  East Cem, SalemPvtE1IowaCav29Lee CoPenn& must 20 Feb 1864  MO Sep 1, 1865St Louis, MoServed also in Indian War in Co E, 1st Oregon Cav     Lydia GrayW J-Hillsboro, IaGraves Reg: DOB/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Livng Iowa 1886/Cemetery List-DOB; Mt Pleasant Free Press Ap 16, 1914Mem at Lg9 Nov 1883  
CampbellJohn  10 Apr 1836Montgomery Co, O.19 Feb 1903Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtI14IowaInf24Pilot GroveOhioOct 5 & must Nov 5, 1861  MO Aug 8, 1865Davenport, IaMIA Apr 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn; paroled May 24, 1862, Macon, Ga; re-enl & re-must Dec 1, 1863, in Co A, Residuary Battalion 14th Inf/Pensioned SC 166 206     Deborah Breach; m 9 Oct 1867, Mt Pleasant IaMrs Frank McMillan, Myrtle, Alva-Salem, Bettie Kerr-DeceasedRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Salem/Graves Reg: Mt Pleasant W. News F. 25, '03Mem at Lg9 N 1883; Tr 15 S '86Pension file: John Campbell lived at Pilot Grove, Lee Co 1891 Salem, Ia 1903 died Salem, Ia F 19, 1903 Widow Deborah C Campbell pensioned WC 558 730 commencing Mar 9, 1903. Dropped July 23, 1908. Her PO address: Salem, Ia; children, Alva J DOB F 5, 1869; Rachel Je 5, 1877; Mirtle Apr 2, 1879. signed John Campbell July 4, 1898/ Pension index shows widow Delsey C
CampbellJoseph         PvtC25IowaInf21SalemIndAg 14 & must Sep 11, 1862  MO June 6, 1865Washington DCProm 4th Corp; 2nd Sgt Dec 23, 1864       Roster Iowa Soldiers: SgtMem at Lg4 D 1886  
CarlisleWilliam J  05 Jan 1832Fairview, Ohio23 Apr 1905Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtE8IowaCav31SalemOhio& must Ag 1, 1863 as 6th Sgt; prom Co QMS Sgt  MO Aug 13, 1865Macon, Ga Robert  Sarah Sarah Ann HoggattMary Hatfield-Los Angeles; Mrs Robt A Stancer-Ottumwa Ia; Mrs Ora Hansen; Clinton-Keokuk, IaRoster Iowa Soldiers: Co QMS Sgt; Mt Pleasant Weekly New Ap 26, 1905Mem at Lg29 Je 1887Record of Posts #28 on record of Post 240 Tripoli - not shown in Post 240 Desc Bk
CarrollThomas T  1842Philadelphia, Penn15 Oct 1913Marshalltown Ia  Soldier's Home, MarshalltownPvtA8WisInf              Anna G FrazierFrank S, Arthur T-Salem, Ia   no datePost McFarland No 20, Mt Pleasant, N 21, 1879, age 35
ClarkWilliam J  18 O 1839      PvtH25IowaInf22Mt PleasantIllAg 14 & must Sep 6, 1862  MO Jun 6, 1865Washington DC        Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: HoughtonMem at Lg9 N 1883  
CliseJohn H         PvtH27OhioInf18   13 Ag 1861 MO 11 Jul 1865 veteran service 3y       Roster Ohio SoldiersMem at Lg26 N 1884; Dr 15 Jl '86Robt Henderson Post 196 (34) Bayard Ap 1884, disch 1885
CramerGeorge406 N Main St, Mt Pleasant, IaRetired in 1903  Montgomery NY    SgtF1IowaInf19New LondonNYAg 23 & must May 14, 1861  Feb 22, 1863Springfield, MoMO Ag 21, 1861; enl Co K 19th Inf (age 21 res Winfield) Aug 2, 1862, as 4th Sgt; must Ag 22, 1862; wounded severly in shoulder Dec 7, 1862, Prairie Grove, Ark; prom 3rd Sgt Dec 18, 1862; disch on account of wounds       roster Iowa Soldiers: 1st & 19th Infs; also 1st Bat/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: 1st Bat-Sgt-res Denmark/Post 20 Application PaperMem at Lg9 Ja 1884; Tr. 2d trm '03; McFarland Post 20 Mt Pleasant 1st trm 1904Enl 1st Bat Jan 4 & must Jan 22, 1864; prom 2nd Sgt Aug 18, 1864; reduced to ranks Nov 19, 1865; MO Jl 5, 1865, Davenport, Ia
CraneSocrates S  01 Oct 1844Glasgow Ia10 Dec 1919Fairfield Ia  Evergreen Cem, FairfieldPvtG30IowaInf19GlasgowOhioAg 2 & must Sep 14, 1862  MO Jun 5, 1865Washington DCTaken prisoner Aug 12, 1863, Black River Bridge, Miss     Etta EMrs. Chris Blough, Mrs. Ed BellFairfield D Jour Dec 10, 1919/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Co C (not there)-res GlasgowMem at Lg16 N 1883; Tr. 31 Mr '85A.R. Pierce Post 227(15) Glasgow, 20 Aug 1885, Sus 30 Je 1892
CulverLevi B  3 Je 1842      PvtK7IndInf  Dearborn Co Must Sep 13, 1861 MO Sep 20, 1864         Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886:L B-res Salem; Rept Adjt Gen IndMem at Lg9 N 1883  
DenneyFrancis  21 Ja 1844Preble Co, Ohio7 0 1916Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtE45IowaInf20Lee CoOhioMay 4 & must May 25, 1864  MO Sep 16, 1864Keokuk, Ia, exp of serv John  Sarah Artilisa Williams; 2 Marie HusseyClark-Maryville, Calif; Clara Rook-Greentop, MoRoster Iowa Soldiers/Record of Post (51): Dennay/Cemetery List: Denny, Francis-born Jan 21, 1844Mem at Lg26 N 1884Graves Reg: buried Salem (East) Cemetery, Salem, Ia
DenneyJoseph  18 Mar 1831West Elkton, Oh15 Dec 1905Salem, Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtD7IowaV Inf32DenmarkOhio& must Feb 24, 1864    Wounded May 15, 1864, Lay's Ferry, Ga; trans to Vet Reserve Corps Jan 10, 1865; no further recordJohn  Sarah Ruth C HarroldRose Frazier-Salem Ia; Laura Caldwell-Araphao Neb; Mary Thompson-Cleburn, Tx; 3 deceasedRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Pilot Grove/Cemetery List/Mt Pleasant Weekly News Ap 2, 1902Mem at Lg2d trm '93Brother of Francis
DoughertyLewis H         PvtE15IowaInf18  Ill& must Oct 15, 1864 MO Jl 24, 1865Louisville Ky        Roster Iowa Soldiers/Record of Posts (43): LouisMem at Lg9 Ja 1884; Sus. 31 D '84, Dr. 31 D '85  
EdwardsJohn  11 My 1841Henry Co Ia14 Mar 1916Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtD14IowaInf21SalemIowaSep 28 & must Nov 2, 1861  Mar 26, 1863St Louis MoMIA Apr 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn; disch for disabilityJoseph A  Caroline Snook Martha Ellen JoyNora B Mulkins-Fairfield Ia; Sarah Oldt-Johnson, Neb; W S-Paonia, Colo; Edna X; C A; Frank J-Fairfield Ia; Florence C Almond-Salem IaRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: SalemMem at Lg16 N 1883; Sus 1st trm '92, Tr 2d trm '03Burlington Hawkeye Gaz May 13, 1950: Sarah E Oldt died at Johnson Neb, age 80y - d/o Mr & Mrs John Edwards pioneer residents of Salem. Her husband Newton Trueblood Oldt died several years ago. Surviving are 2 sisters: Nora Mullins of Fairfield and Pearl Almond, Salem, and a niece, Mrs. Ruth Kettering, Mediapolis. Last rites and burial held at Johnson.
EvansJames McFarland  19 S 1841Washington Co Pa6 Je 1912Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtK8PennInf    Must Jun 22, 1861, into 37th Reg (8th Reserve)  13 Feb 1863 Disch on Surgeon's Certificate. 20m serviceAbel McFarland  Elizabeth Weir Dorothy Winder Mrs CH Cook-Salem Ia; Mrs Harry Reeves-Keokuk Ia; Mrs JW Garretson-Hamilton IaBates' Hist Penn Vols: James M-8th Reserve/Record of Posts (14): 8th Reserves/Burlington Hawkeye Je 7, 1912, p.11st Commander Post 2459 N 1883, Tr 2d trm '03Graves Reg. shows wives: Helen Isabel Lusk, Mertie E. Bakley
FrameBenjamin D  01 Jan 1843  31 Dec 1900  East Cem, SalemPvtE1IowaCav21Henry CoIowaFeb 29 & must Mar 1, 1864  MO Feb 15, 1866Austin Tx      Isabel BradyGeorge H-Carrollton, MoRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866: SalemMem at Lg9 Mr 1887  
FreelandJohn S  23 Aug 1845  02 Jan 1885  East Cem, SalemPvtD155PennInf    Must 23 Aug 1864 Sub; MO with Co 2 Je 1865  10m service       Bates Hist Pa Vols: Freeland, John SMem at Lg9 Ja 1884  
GrahamDavid R   Green Co30 Jan 1911   Bethany Cem near Lowell IaSgtG85PennInf    Must 6 Nov 1861 for 3y 22 Nov 1862  Disch on Surg Cert of disabilty/14m service       Ex-Soldiers Living in Iowa 1886: Sgt-Co C-res Lowell/Bates Hist Pa Vols: Co GMem at Lg14 Ap 1885/McFarland Post #20 Mt Pleasant trm 1908  
GrahamWilliam A     26 F 1892/Age 49Athens Mo Athens MoPvtG85PennInf    Oct 28 1861 MO 23 Nov 1864  36m service       Record of Posts (35): 85th Penn Inf/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Co G-85th Inf-res Salem/ Dept death roll: died & bur Athens, Mo: 85th Penn Inf (Was 75th Penn)Mem at Lg7 D 1883  
HammondHenry         SgtG30IowaInf24Henry CoIndAg 11 & must Sep 14, 1862  MO Jun 5, 1865Washington DCProm 5th Sgt Dec 1, 1863; wounded slightly June 30, 1864, Kenesaw Mountain, Ga; prom 4th Sgt Jun 9, 1864       Roster Iowa Soldiers: Henry/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866: Hammons, Henry-res VegaMem at Lg16 N 1883; Tr. 31 Mr '85  
HannenSalathiel T  05 Feb 1834  07 Apr 1890  Pilot Grove Cem, Pilot Grove IaPvtB3IowaCav21Lee CoPenn& must Feb 29, 1864  Ag 9, 1865Atlanta Ga      Single Roster Iowa Soldiers: Hannan, Salathiel/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Hanan, S T-res Pilot Grove/Record of Posts (53): HannanMem at Lg26 Nov 1884  
HessHenry H  12 S 1838      PvtE1IowaCav23SalemNYJl 16 & must Jl 31, 1861  MO Feb 15, 1866Austin TxRe-enl & re-must Dec 10, 1863       Roster Iowa Soldiers: Henry H/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866: res SalemMem at Lg9 N 1883  
HoggattIsaiah H  21 Dec 1837Salem Twp, Henry Co Ia10 Dec 1904Salem Ia  East Cem, SalemPvtE1IowaCav26Lee CoIowa& must Feb 20, 1864  MO Jun 7, 1865Little Rock Ark1st white child born in Salem Twp, Henry Co, IaW Harrison  Elizabeth Maizier Catherine McNeerMrs AA Rogers-Aurora Ill; Catherine; Margaret Leedham; Fred S-Ind; George; Lauria-Mt Pleasant; BFRoster Iowa Soldiers: Hoggett, Isaish W-Cav/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res Salem/Cem ListMem at Lg9 N 1883  
HoggattJeremiah H  30 Jl 1846Salem, Ia13 Ap 1920Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtB14IowaInf18Henry CoIowa& must Jan 5, 1864  MO Ag 8, 1865Davenport IaCo B Residuary Battalion 14th InfHarrison  Elizabeth Sarah AustinWL; Orval D; Sidney; Mrs CI De Lashmutt-Salem IaRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866: res Salem/Graves RegMem at Lg9 Ja 1884; Sus. 31 D '84 Disch 16 Jul '88  
HolmesJohn H Laborer      Pleasant Grove Cem near Lowell IaPvtE45IowaInf24Lee CoOhioMay 23 & must May 25, 1864  MO Sep 16, 1865Keokuk, Ia, exp of serv        Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866: res LaCrewMem at Lg16 Je 1886Jas B Sample Post 170 Ft Madison cd 1895; John M Renz Post 128 Charleston d29 Ja 1883 age 43
HummelDennis Farmer Henry Co Ia     CorpI14IowaInf21Mt PleasantIowaOct 11 & must Nov 5, 1861  MO Nov 16, 1864Davenport IaMIA Apr 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn; paroled May 4, 1862, Macon, Ga; prom 5th Corp May 1, 1863; 4th Corp Jan 1, 1864       Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866: res Mt PleasantMem at Lg30 Ja 1889Post 20 Application Paper: Elected Oct 19, 1906 age 66
HydeRolandus C  18 Dec 1845Ohio03 Dec 1897Lee Co, Ia  Lee Co, IaPvtE45IowaInf18Lee CoOhioMay 23 & must May 25, 1864  MO Sep 16, 1864Keokuk, Ia, exp of serv George W  Sarah Harte Adeline BeulerNellieRoster Iowa Soldiers;Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866Mem at Lg1st trm '95 Age 49Had brothers and sisters: Romelia, Josephine, Emiline, Abigail, Addison, Georgina
IngrimJoseph ThomasSalem IaCarpenter3 F 1845Belmond Co Ohio08 My 1940Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvt 2IowaLt Art Bat18Des MoinesOhioAg 1 & must Ag 8, 1861  MO Ag 7, 1865Davenport IaRe-enl & re-must Mar 28, 1864Robert  Hannah Parkins Leannah HobsonRachel Sater-Danville Ia; Arthur-Crow Agency, Mont; Hannah Bell & 3 other deceasedMt Pleas Daily News My 8, 1940/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Post 20 Application Paper signed Jos T. Ingrim, Charter member Post 245Mem at Lg9 No 1883, Tr 2d trm '03McFarland Post 20 Mt Pleasant 1919 age 74/Mem at Lg 1936-1940
JonesAsa for Mason         PvtG2IllCav        Adjt Gen Report Ill: Jones, Mason/36m serv       Co G 2 Ill Cav shows a Mason Joens, res Carthage, Enl Jl 20 & must Ag 12, 1861 Disch Ag 11, 1864. Co A 2 Ill Cav cons shows: Allen Jones co B 18 Iowa Inf; Jones, Asa-res OsceolaMem at Lg9 N 1883Asa Jones of Osceola could not lived in Salem. Joined the Post there 10 My 1883 & had cont'd membership until suspension 30 Je 1887, re 2d trm 1893.
JonesWilliam F  17 Je 1832Morgan Co Ill14 Jl 1912Denova Ia  East Cem, SalemSgtB3IowaCav29Pilot GroveIllAg 23, 1861 as 6th Corp must Aug 30, 1861  24 Apr 1864 prom 5th Corp Jan 1, 1862; 4th Corp Jan 6, 1862; 6th Sgt Sep, 1862; 5th Sgt May 20, 1863; 4th Sgt Oct 1, 1863George  Lydia McMurty Dorothy DowellMrs Geo Waser-Brainerd Neb; Mrs Chas Wanser; John-Denova Ia; Mrs. Merton Hadsell-Geneva Neb; Mrs ES Bonnell-Ft Dodge Ia; Mrs CL Hallowell-Mt Pleasant IaRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res BoylestonMem at Lg16 N 1883; Sus 31 D '84, Tr 2d trm '03  
JoyLindley H  08 Ap 1843  08 Mr 1898Salem Ia Friend's Cem, SalemPvtD14IowaInf20SalemIowaSep 28 & must Nov 2, 1861  Jan 29, 1863St Louis MoDisch for disability      R Folger-Hayes City, Kan; Mrs Bert Foster-Denver Colo; William C-deceased; Mrs Wm Lightner-Bentonsport Ia; Ethel; Mrs Grant Corsbie-Winfield IaRoster Iowa SoldiersMem at Lg9 N 1883  
KarhoffJoseph         PvtD17MoInf    Aug 19, 1861; must Sep 20, 1861St Louis MoMO Sep 27, 1864St Louis Mo        Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866Mem at Lg2 Jl 1884  
LammHenry J         PvtE45IowaInf20Henry CoIowaMay 5 & must May 25, 1864  MO Sep 16, 1864Keokuk, Ia, exp of serv        Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers living Iowa 1866: SalemMem at Lg9 Ja 1884  
LoganAmos  29 Ja 1832  02 F 1925Mt Pleasant Ia East Cem, SalemPvtD7IowaInf27West PointOhioFeb 9 & must Feb 19, 1864  MO Jl 12, 1865Louisville Ky      1 Mary A Jarrett, 2 Elizabeth Cramer, 3 Elizabeth AdneyRobert A-Winterset Ia; Samuel L-Kiester Minn; Mrs Ida F Hines-Cedar Falls IaMt Pleasant Weekly News F 18, 1925/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: SalemMem at Lg9 N 1883, Sus 2d trm '95 Tr 2d trm '03  
McChordClinton Chalmers  09 Jun 1839Ohio15 Jun 1905Ash Grove Farm, Salem Ia  Clay Grove Cem, Donnellson IaLtB3IowaCav22Clay's GroveOhioAg 23 & must Aug 30, 1861  MO Ag 9, 1865Atlanta GaEnlisted as 2nd Crop; prom 4th Sgt Sep 15, 1862; 3rd Sgt May 20, 1863; 2nd Sgt Oct 1, 1863; re-enl & re-must Jan 1, 1864; prom Co QMS Sgt May 1, 1864; 1st Sgt Nov 29, 1864; 2nd Lieut Jl 20, 1865; no mustR W (Rev)  Sarah Mary Ellen OvertonMrs. Aaron Packer-Ft Madison Ia; Mrs Ora Davidson; Sherman; Raymond; Alice; John Duffie McChord d. Nov 13, 1898Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866: HoughtonMem at Lg6 Ap 1887  
McClureJames Wilson  28 Je 1829  24 Ag 1895Salem Ia East Cem, SalemCorpE19IowaInf42Pilot GroveOhioAg 14 & must Ag 23, 1862  for disability Oct 6, 1864Barrancas FlaEnlisted as 6th Corp; prom 5th Corp Feb 7, 1863; 4th Corp; 3rd Corp May 17, 1863John  Martha Lydia Manlove1 son deceased; Hannah AdelaideRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers living Iowa 1866: res Pilot Grove/Records of Posts (37): CorpMem at Lg27 My 1885  
MarisJeptha C  25 May 1844  06 Dec 1915New Providence Ia East Cem, SalemPvtL4IowaCav19Henry CoOhio& must Mar 30, 1864  MO Aug 8, 1865Atlanta Ga17m serviceIsaiah  Mary Alice Edna CornellMary Alice; Mrs FC Lebert-New Providence Ia1889 Muster Roll/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1866 - res BonaparteMem at Lg8 Je 1889  
MarshallJohn E Farmer04 Jul 1841Ind26 Nov 1923Farmington Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtG4IowaCav20SalemIndSep 20 & must Nov 27, 1861  MO Aug 8, 1865Atlanta GaRe-enl & re-must Dec 12, 1863; prom 8th Corp Jl 1, 1864; 5th Corp Jan 1, 1865; 4th Corp Mar 1, 1865; 3rd Corp Jl 1, 1865StephenIndGuelana ElliottIndMary E FrazierAnna-Farmington Ia; Elliott Marshall; Francis E-Los Angeles Calif; Stephen; Elizabeth; Mrs Elva Bell-Milton Ia; Mrs Lura E Maddock-deceasedRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: HoughtonMem at Lg9 Mr 1887, Sus 1st trm '92; Miles King Post 254 Farmington 1897 sus 2d trm 1899; dr. 5 Je 1900; re Aug 20, 1910Death Certificate: shows birth, death dates, died at Farmington, Ia, buried Friends Cem, Salem, Ia. Father & mother informant, Elliott Marshall. Burial records Historical Library show John E Marshall 1841-1923 buried Maple Grove Cem, Cantril, Ia
MartinGeorge M  10 Jan 1842New Martinsville WV22 Feb 1920ISH Marshalltown  ISH Cem, Marshalltown, IaCorpD7IowaInf                Roster Iowa Soldiers/Graves Reg/Post #19 ApplicationMem at Lg1887Geo Strong Post 19 Fairfield; Wm Lock Post 390 Mt Sterling Age 66 Oct 1885, Tr cd Ap 7, 1887; CH Abbot Post 345 West Point cd 1st Qr 1890
MatthewsIsaac R  10 Ag 1838Van BurenCo Ia25 Jl 1902Salem Ia  East Cem Salem IaPvtE1IowaCav25Henry CoIowa& must Feb 29, 1864  MO Feb 15, 1866Austin Tx William  Nellie Rebecca RhodeJohn R-deceased; Ella Crew-Creighton Neb; Kate Stell & Bert-Hillsboro Ia; Belle Bennet-Colo Springs Colo; Jackson-Plisade NebRecord of Posts (29): I R/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res Salem/Mt Pleasant Weekly News Aug 6, 1902Mem at Lg16 N 1883  
MaycockHenry  02 Nov 1832Charlbury England14 Mar 1905Salem Ia  East Cem Salem IaQMS Sgt 9WisLt Art Bat  Spring Green Dec 8, 1863 MO Sep 30, 1865       1 Martha Sunshall, 2 Charlotte M GillardMrs JM Evans-Salem Ia; Henry Herbert-deceased; Adopted Wm H BalsleyMt Pleasant Wkly News Mr 15, 1905/Roster Wis Vols & Index/Ex-Soldiers Livng Iowa 1886: Salem/Record of Posts (47)Mem at Lg9 Ja 1884  
MillerJackson J     15 S 1886   PvtB14IowaInf36Mt PleasantVaJan 4 & msut Jan 22, 1864  MO Jl 10, 1865Memphis TennEnlisted in Co B Residuary Battalion 14th Inf       Roster Iowa Soldiers/Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: CottonwoodMem at Lg9 N 1883  
MillerJoseph S Clergyman in 1887, Ret. Farmer28 Feb 1843Pa05 Jl 1916Mt Pleasant Ia  Forest Home Cem Mt Pleasant IaPvtG78IllInf  Camp Point Ag 14 & must Sep 1, 1862 May 30, 1863Nashville TennDisch - disability/ Re-enl 14 May 1864 Co D 137 Ill Inf; MO Springfield Ill Sep '64 Res QuincyWilliam  Catherine Lucretia CranmerFlorence Pershall; Effie McDorman; Olive Miller-Yarmouth Ia; Mrs WW Protsman-Mt Pleasant Ia; Arthur Roy & Charles-Chicago IllRept Adj Gen Ill/Death from Post 20 - age 44 in 1887, 63 in Ja 1907Mem at Lg6 N 1889, Tr 31 Mar '90McFarland Post 20 Mt Pleasant Ap 29, '87
MillerMason  07 Dec 1842Sarahville Oh06 Feb 1922Salem Ia  East Cem Salem IaPvtB122OhioInf    22 Ag 1862 Oct 17, 1863Baltimore MdAge 20 at Camp Zanesville Oh; wounded at Winchester, Va; Disch on SCD; 10m servRichard Isaac  Ann Sarah AMarion-Salem Ia; Elmer-Vermont Ill; Lucy-Salem Ia; Kate Halphin-Kansas City KsRoster Ohio SoldiersMem at Lg1st term '95  
MilnerCourtland W  06 Mr 1839Piqua Oh22 N 1921   Oakland Cem, Oakland Mills IaPvtI17IowaInf22Lee CoOhioMar 6 & must Apr 11, 1862  MO Jl 25, 1865Louisville KyRe-enl & re-must Apr 22, 1864; prom 2nd Sgt Jl 1, 1864; 1st Lieut May 27, 1865J Thomas  Harriet Millspaugh Mary Catherine LazenbyOrson E; Ernest R; Ruth Josephine; Sadie; Mabel; Maud, Mrs Will Laughlin-Mt Pleasant IaRoster Iowa Soldiers: Courtland W/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Res Oakland/Record of Posts (46)Mem at Lg9 Ja 1884McFarland Post 20 Mt Pleasant 1st trm 1910 age 70; Graves Reg born Mar 8, 1839
MitchellIra         SgtI14IowaInf25SalemIndOct 1 & must Nov 5, 1861  F 17, 1863 for disabilityKeokuk IaEnl as 3d Corp. MIA Ap 6, 1862, Shiloh Tenn; Promoted 5th Sgt Dec 1, 1862?       Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res SalemSr Vice Acting Commander1887  
MitchellJohn Ensign  25 Ag 1842  07 Jl 1930   PvtI14IowaInf19SalemIndOct 1 & must Nov 5, 1861  MO Nov 16, 1864Davenport IaMIA Apr 6, 1862; paroled May 24, 1863, at Macon Ga; prom 8th Corp May 1, 1864       Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Salem/Post 2, Keokuk: death: Post at Salem, birthMem at Lg9 N 1883Torrence Post 2 Keokuk cd 2d trm 1904; Burlington Gaz July 8, 1930, p.1, col.7
NewbyMatthew  03 Jan 1841Jackson Co Ind30 Dec 1921Big Mound Ia  Clay Grove Cem, Lee Co IaPvtE19IowaV Inf21Ft MadisonIowaAug 14 & must Aug 23, 1862  MO Jl 10, 1865Mobile AlaNewspaper Division (Mar 26, 1947) Searched for death notice Mt Pleasant papers - nothing found     Martha S Henry Record of Posts/Not shown Ex-Soldiers/Not showen in Post 240 Descriptive BookMem at Lg6 Apr 1887  
PhelpsJonathan  1825      PvtE45IowaV Inf39Lee CoNCMay 4 & must May 25, 1864  MO Sep 16, 1864Keokuk IaMO expiration of term of service     Asentih, b. ca 1825 Ind Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa: 1886: BoylestonMem at Lg1st trm '93 Age 69Iowa Census 1885
PickardHenry J  04 Ap 1842Parke Co Ind05 My 1900Lee Co Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtD7IowaInf19West PointIndOct 15, 1861  May 6, 1862Shiloh Tenn Henry Eleanor Woody  Christena Harvey, 2d Mary M KerrIna, Emma, Hattie, Clark, Frank, Bell, Eldora, Maudie, Katie, BirdieRoster Iowa Soldiers/Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: CottonwoodMem at Lg9 N 1883Graves Reg: born Apr 4, 1840 Parke Co Ind, died May 5, 1900 Lee Co Ia Family
PickardHiram Beeson  18 N 1837Parke Co Ind27 N 1928near Farmington Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtE1IowaCav25Henry CoIndMar 1 & must Mar 5, 1864  MO Nov 25, 1865Davenport IaTrans to Vet Reserve Corps Apr 27, 1865Henry  Eleanor Woody 1 Rebecca Jane Almont, 2 Martha Jane Horney SmithCharles A Oscar, Jennie Wolf, Arlo, Ellsworth, Sara McDaniel, Walter, Leo, Clara Barnes, Frank, John, HarryInformant: Sherif of Van Buren Co Ia/Roster Iowa Soldiers; Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: HoughtonMem at Lg9 N 1883Lera Pickard Sanderson a granddaughter of Hiram Beeson dau of Charles Pickard & Marguerite E Hill who was Charles Pickard died Ap 1, 1942
PickardJohn D  25 S 1840Ind31 O 1900Hillsboro Ia  Sharon Cem, Sharon Lee Co, IaPvtD7IowaInf20Ft MadisonIndJl 12 & must Jl 25, 1861  MO Jl 12, 1865Louisville KyRe-enl & re-must Jan 5, 1861; Pension $15 or $30James  Emeline Debshier Sarah Huberth (he was md 4X)Etta Cook, Max W, Eva, Minnie, Delilah or Deliah?Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: CottonwoodMem at Lg9 N 1883  
PickardThomas Elwood Farmer, Jackson Twp, Henry Co Ia08 Nov 1845Henry Co Ia22 Aug 1930Salem Ia  East Cem Salem IaPvtE1IowaCav18Henry CoIowa& must Feb 29, 1864  MO Feb 15, 1866Austin Tx Thomas  Esther Rhode Alice A WebsterGrace Van Trump-Farmington Ia; Maude Frary-Salem Ia; Archie Edgar, Jesse Guy EarnestRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Mt Pleasant/Mt Pleasant Free Press Aug 28, 1920Mem at Lg9 Ja 1884; McFarland Post 20 Mt Pleasant Ja 12, 1907 age 61Graves Reg: born Mahaska Co Ia
PickeringHenry C         PvtC7MoInf    Jan 3, 1864Little Rock ArkMO Sep 1, 1865Little Rock ArkEnl Co M 1st Regt Cav Vols Rank Pvt. AGO Washington shows Pickering, Henry C Co C 7 Mo Cav & Co M 1st Mo Cav; 48m serv; 6 censuses Henry Co 1882-1893 - 7 Graves Reg       Record of Posts (13): CavMem at Lg9 N 1883, Dr. 31 D '85Torrence Post 2 Keokuk Jan 1872; Member Provisional Depart, Iowa GAR Pg 186 of Ledger
ProttsmanJohn W  17 Jl 1833Champagne Co Oh31 Ag 1905Henry Co Ia  East Cem Salem IaPvtI66OhioInf30   4 F 1864 MO 22 Jl 1865New York CityMO by order of War Dept; Service 3y     Josephine DiltsWilliam-Mt Pleasant Ia; Belle Nicholson-Salem Ia; 2 deceasedMt Pleas Weekly News S 6, 1905/Roster Ohio Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Mt Pleasant/Record of Posts (25): ProtsmanMem at Lg9 N 1883, Sus 5 D '84, re. 4 D '89  
RhodeThomas Henry  Stock Buyer08 Oct 1845Salem Ia15 Feb 1918Salem Ia  East Cem Salem IaPvtE1IowaCav18Henry CoIowa& must Feb 29, 1864  MO May 28, 1865Memphis Tenn John  Catherine PickardInd?Henrietta JamisonFred Rhode-Salem Ia, only child living July 1949; Brother Jams Wm-Earlham IaSalem News, Feb 1918/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res Salem/Cemetery ListMem at Lg18 D 1887Requset of record from Lucy Masterson, Pres Gen Williamson Circle No 54 (Ladies of the GAR) for veteran's niece, Mrs Myrtle Bricker, 1210 21st St, Tel 6-0738) July 13, 1948 (Record forwarded.) Mrs Myrtle Bricker says Thomas Henry Rhode was her father's older brother. Her father, James William Rhode of Earlham.
RhodesJoseph D  15 D 1841  10 Ap 1920  East Cem Salem IaPvtI18IowaInf22WashingtonIndJl 12 & must Ag 6, 1862  MO Jl 20, 1865Little Rock Ark        Roster Iowa Soldiers/Muster Roll & Record of Posts (48)/Cemetery ListMem at Lg4 Je 1884, Tr 2d trm '03  
RichardsonWilliam B  12 My 1830West Morning Co England10 Mr 1899Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtB13IowaInf30NewtonEnglandOct 7 & must Oct 21, 1861  MO Nov 1, 1865Davenport IaMO expriation of term of serv     Louisa M Maddoc or Maddox1 step daughterRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res Salem/Cemetery list - b. 1831Mem at Lg16 N 1883, Tr 31 Mr '85  
RigbyRalph  11 Ap 1840Lancaster England25 Ap 1922Fairfield Ia  Sharon Cem, Sharon Lee Co, IaCorpB3IowaCav20PrimroseEnglandAg 23 & must Ag 30, 1861  MO Aug 9, 1865Atlanta GaRe-enl & re-must Jan 1, 1864; prom 8th Crop May 1, 1864; 7th Corp Nov 29, 1864; 6th Corp Dec 24, 1864John  Elizabeth Mary SampleMrs SG Mead-Tobias Neb; Mrs OA Banta-Fairfield Ia; Mrs MS Randall-Fairfield Ia; Mrs TE Buchner-Tobias NebRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: HoughtonMem at Lg9 N 1883, Tr 1st trm '95Elias M Ware Post 516 Bonaparte Je 22, 1895; Miles King Post 254 Farmington 1st trm 1910; George Strong Post 19 Fairfield 2d term 1916/Graves Reg: died Ap 23, 1922
SchneiderWillaim  16 Mar 1837Hanover Germany14 Jan 1917Davenport Ia  Gethsemane Cem Ft Madison IaPvtF12IowaInf24Lee CoGermany& must Oct 24, 1864  MO Oct 26, 1865Montgomery Ala12m service/Relatives see in Post No. 170 Ft Madison Ia       GAR Muster Roll 3rd Editiion & 1889 Muster Roll/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res BoylestonMem at Lg18 N 1885James B Sample Post 170 Ft Madison 1st trm 1892 by card
ShampnoiThomas S  15 D 1831West Chester Co NY12 Ja 1916Fairfield Ia  East Cem Salem IaPvtE1IowaCav`32Lee CoNY& must Feb 20, 1864  MO May 28, 1865Memphis Tenn       Mrs OW Burden-Eldon Ia; Mrs Jacob Barnett-Fairfield Ia; W H -Green Top Mo; H G - Cabool MoFairfield Daily Jour Ja 12, 1916/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res Salem/1889 Must Roll/Record of Posts (1)Mem at Lg9 N 1883Cemetery List: b. 1832
SheldonHoag         PvtD7IowaInf18West PointIowa& must Feb 27, 1864  MO Jl 12, 1865Louisville Kytrans to Veteran Reserve Corps       Roster Iowa Soldiers: HoogMem at Lg2 F 1887  
ShepherdCharles W Minister21 Je 1840Springfield Ill31 My 1898Keosauqua Ia  Oak Lawn Cem Keosauqua IaPvtG3IowaCav20KeosauquaIowa& must Sep 30, 1861  Disch for promotion Sept 1864 Re-enl & re-must Feb 1, 1864James  Jane Sherman 1 Hattie O Davis, 2 Sarah M BaerHillis, Charles ARoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: re Lebanon/Record of Posts (60)Mem at Lg9 Mr 1887  
SmithWilliam A  25 Nov 1835Ohio02 Ap 1817ISH Marshalltown Ia  Forest Home Cem Mt Pleasant IaSgtC19IowaInf26Mt PleasantOhioAg 9 & must Ag 18, 1862  MO Jl 10, 1865Mobile AlaEnlisted as 5th Corp; prom 5th Sgt Mar 16, 1863; 4th Sgt Ag 1, 1863; 3rd Sgt Jl 1, 1864; 2nd Sgt       Roster Iowa SoldiersMem at Lg9 N 1883McFarland Post 20 Mt Pleasant 2 trm 1892 Age 49
SprayWilliam T  23 Je 1822  07 Ap 1902Salem Ia Friend's Cem, SalemPvtI14IowaInf41Mt PleasantIndJan 5 & must Jan 22, 1864  Dec 22, 1864Keokuk IaIn Co A, Residuary Battalion 14th Inf (as Sprey, William F); disch for disabilityJames  Rebeccah Mary H JoyNathan B, James D, Oscar & Hezekiah of Salem Ia; 5 sons deceased; Elmer, Calif Spanish Amer WarRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res Salem/Cemetery ListMem at Lg16 N 1883  
SpurrierRalph C  03 Mar 1841Harrison Co Oh16 Feb 1916   Rose Hill Cem Lamoni IaPvtD14IowaInf20SalemOhioSep 28 & must Nov 2, 1861  MO Nov 16, 1864Davenport IaEnlisted as 8th Corp; wounded in hand Apr 6, 1862, Shiloh Tenn; prom 5th Sgt May 1, 1863; Hospital Steward Sep 1, 1863     Josephine BartonAnna Roberts-Elgin Ill; Harry-Elgine Ill; Carl-Canada; Mrs Howard W Teale-Lamoni Ia; Mrs Archie Williams-Perry IaRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Lamoni/Record of Posts (63)/Graves Reg: Leon Reporter Mr 2, 1916Mem at Lg28 D 1887, Tr 1st trm '92  
SumptionHarvey         PvtF84OhioInf18   28 My 1862 MO with Co 1862Camp Delaware OhService 3m       Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Houghton/Record of Posts (54)Mem at Lgno date  
TaylorLeroy     03 Dec 1923ISH Marshalltown Ia ISH Cem, Wever, IaPvtK6IowaInf18HillsboroPennJl 12 & must Jl 18, 1861  MO Sep 16, 1864Keokuk IaRejected May 14, 1861 by Mustering Officer of Co F 1st Inf Enl Co K 6th Inf; disch Sep 23, 1862, on account of heart disease/enl Co H 45th Inf as Wagoner May 3 & must May 25, 1864; MO expiration of service        Mem at Lg6 N 1889Graves Reg: Died 1923 buried Beebe Cem, Wever, Lee Co Ia
ThompsonM  28 Mr 1843                           History Henry Co., 1875 p. 626: Thompson, M, farmer, P.O. TrentonMem at Lg18 N 1885  
ThompsonSmith  1834  11 Jan 1909Mt Pleasant Ia Forest Home Cem Mt Pleasant IaLtD14IowaInf27SalemPennApr 23 & must May 14, 1861  MO Nov 16, 1864Davenport IaEnlisted Co F 1st Inf; MO Aug 21, 1861. Enl Co D 14th Inf Sept 28, 1861, as 2nd Sgt; must Nov 2, 1861; prom 2nd Lieut Mar 25, 1862; wounded in head & left side; taken prisoner Apr 6, 1862,Shiloh Tenn; prom 1st Lieut Jan 1, 1863; wounded      2 brothers,George & James; sister: Mrs Jas Nicholson-Mt Pleasant IaRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Mt PleasantMem at Lg9 N 1883  
ThornburgWilliam  19 O 1836      CorpE45IowaInf27Lee CoIndMay 9 & must May 25, 1864  MO Sep 16, 1864Keokuk, IaEnl 2d Corp; MO exp term service       Roster Iowa SoldiersMem at Lg26 N 1884, Re 1st trm '93 & '99 Tr 2d trm '03John L Jordan Post 246 Hillsboro 2d trm 1906
ThorntonAlexander W Farmer27 Jl 1841Jefferson Co Tenn15 May 1912Hillsboro Ia  Hillsboro IaPvtC9TennCav    1862 Sep 11, 1865Knoxville Tenn27 mo service     Louise J Manly b. TennWill-John-Robert-Hillsboro Ia; Lizzie Duncan-Hillsboro Ia; Alcie Wilson-Hillsboro Ia; Ada Williamson-Hillsboro Ia; Lulu Kerr-Birmingham IaEx-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res Cottonwood/Graves Reg: Mt Pleasant W News My 22, 1912Mem at Lg17 F 1885; John L Jordan Post 246 Hillsboro 2d trm 1906 age 65Iowa Census 1885 Lee Co, Cedar Twp, p. 22 & 1895, p. 16: Record: Co C 9 Tenn Cav. See Post 246
WaterhouseThomas        Donnelson, Lee Co, IaPvtB21MoInf    Jl 15, 1861 & must Feb 1, 1862Canton Mo24m service  Adjt Gen Missoui 20 Jl 1948: Enl in C F 21st Regt Inv Vols Rank: Pvt. Trans to Co B Apr 1, 1862. Prom 1st Sgt Ja 25, 1863.       Record of Posts (62)/Graves Reg: No record-N.S.V.Mem at Lg28 D 1885  
WattsArthur Henry     23 Mar 1898  East Cem Salem IaPvtF50NYEng29   & must 27 Aug 1862NiagaraMO 13 Je 1865Ft Barry VaEnl for 3y; pr Art. 3 Mar 1863; MO with Co 13; 10m service       Record of Posts (55): 50th Eng/Rept Adjt Gen NYMem at Lg28 Ja 1885  
WeeksNathan Farlow  10 N 1818Paola Ind22 Ag 1912Salem Ia  Friend's Cem, SalemPvtB3IowaCav41SalemIndAg 23 & must Ag 30, 1861  Jan 17, 1862Benton Barracks, St Louis, MoDisch for disabilityJosephNCLydia HerronNCPriscilla Jane GilesN F-Garden City, Kan; William, Joseph W, John; Cahrles, Mrs JW Foss-Salem Ia; Thomas-Cherokee OklaRoster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: SalemMem at Lg7 D 1883, Tr 2d trm '03  
WickellW F                                Mem at LgTr 1st trm '92Requseting info from Postmaster 16 F 1948. Pension file whows only one Francis A-Co G 113 Ohio Inf (Widow Martha) Veteran pensioned SC 104 352. Widow pensioned WC 779 820 filed Je 23, 1914 Ohio
WilliamsonElisha T  01 Mar 1827No Car24 Jan 1899Columbus Kas  Sandusky Cem, Sandusky IaLtF25IowaInf34Columbus CityNCAppointed 1st Lieut Ag 2 & must Sep 10, 1862  Resigned Jan 21 1863Vicksburg Miss       Frank Williams-Sandusky Ia; Mrs John Bailey-Atlanta Ia; Mrs SW Hough-Columbus KasGraves Reg/Roster Iowa Soldiers/Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: res MontroseMem at Lg9 N 1883, Dismissed 1 Jan '85Tip Best Post 75 Montrose 7 Jl 1885, sus 31 Dec 1886; re 15 D 1888/sus 30 Je 1891; Dr 31 D 1891
WilmethWilliam H         PvtC25IowaInf32SalemOhioAug 11 & must Sep 11, 1862  MO Jun 6, 1865Washington DC        Roster Iowa SoldiersMem at Lg9 Ja 1884

Transcribed and formatted by Conni McDaniel Hall, May 2017; Source: Family Search

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