Henry County Inventors

1862 - 1955

Western Wheeled Scraper Company

Patents have been granted to Henry County residents from the following areas:

Jackson Township, Mount Pleasant, Salem, New London, Olds, Denova, Hillsboro, Lowell, 

Marshall, Mount Union, Rome, Sneesburg, Winfield, Trenton, Wayne, Westwood & Wayland


For images and documents of patents, go to Google Patents and type in the patent number.

A list will come up, locate the one you wish to see; select the pdf image to view the original.

Fruit Jar

D Irving Holcomb

Henry County, Iowa

Dec 14, 1869, Patent No. 97920


John E & Elma M Mitchell


Apr 26, 1892, Patent No. 473517

Trap Nest

Francis L Morgan


Dec 14, 1915, Patent No. 1164380


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