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"The People-Adjudged Insane"



Burlington Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
Sept. 10, 1874

    Mrs. Amelia Wright, of Muscatine, has been taken to the asylum for the insane at Mount Pleasant, her insanity being caused by the free use of patent "hair restoratives." We always knew something would hairpin to the women from the way they mess with their hair.

Burlington Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
Oct. 21, 1875

    Application was made by J.S. Schramm to have Wm. Schramm, an insane person in the asylum at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, supported by the county. The Board, being fully satisfied that Wm Schramm is an insane person and that there is no legal responsibility resting upon John S. Schramm to support said person, and to avoid the expense of a commission, it is ordered that the Superintendent of Insane be directed to place the name of said Wm. Schramm on the list, and charge his support to the county of Des Moines.

Burlington Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
June 22, 1878

-An insane man, name unknown, was found wandering about the country and was taken to the Mt. Pleasant asylum yesterday. On examining his clothing for papers he was found to have a complete collection of all the phonograph jokes that have been published. He was immediately pronounced incurable and locked up in the  dangerous ward.

Davenport Weekly Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
February 23, 1881

- On Saturday the Insane Commissioners had before them the case of Mrs. Catherine Miller, wife of Mr. Claus Miller, of Princeton. The lady is about 25 years of age and since the birth of her younger child has been a sufferer from mental derangement. Her conduct became dangerous and hence the inquisition. Mrs. Miller will be taken to Mt. Pleasant.

Davenport Weekly Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 19, 1882

    A young man thirty-five years of age, by the name of William Nathan, was before the Board of Insane Commissioners Saturday, who after hearing the testimony, decided to send him to the Mt. Pleasant asylum. He was taken there on Monday.

Burlington Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
Oct 19, 1882

   The insane commissioners have adjudged James Tucker, a young man twenty-one years of age, and a son of Abraham Tucker, of Union township, insane and he was taken through this city to Mt. Pleasant yesterday to be placed in the asylum there. The young man was in charge of his father, Richard Lankford and Wm. Hall. It is a sad case to see a young man just entering manhood to lose his mental faculties. There is no question at all about the insanity of young Tucker, who for some time past, has required the attention of two men continually.

The Terrible Misfortune that Has Befallen County Surveyor R.C. Waddle.

    County Surveyor R.C. Waddle was examined Tuesday afternoon by the insane commissioners in the sheriff's office, was adjudged insane and at four o'clock was put on the train in charge of several persons and taken to the asylum at Mt. Pleasant. All cases where persons are afflicted with mental derangement presents sad phases, and is a misfortune that elicits the sympathy of everyone. Mr. Waddle first exhibited signs of mental impairment about October 4th, since which time he has continued to grow worse until at last he has become violently insane and his confinement in the asylum was deemed an absolute necessity, not only for treatment, but to prevent him injuring those persons who might come in contact with him. On last Friday he was in the city accompanied by his wife and on Saturday called upon Dr. Stutsman, complaining of being unwell. His illness resembled that of malaria. Sunday he was in a frenzied condition and Drs. Stutsman and Henry were summoned to attend upon the man. It was painfully evident to all at this time that he had become insane. His friends concluded to have him sent to the asylum at Mt. Pleasant, and was brought to this city yesterday for the purpose of holding an examination. During his stay in the sheriff's office it was besieged by a crowd of people eager to catch a glimpse of the insane man. He recognized all his acquaintances present and entered upon the discussion of political and religious topics with them. He imagines himself the Diety. His friends hope his insanity is only of a temporary nature, and that he will soon regain his lost faculties, but his case does not present many encouraging aspects.

Burlington Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
Apr 12, 1883

The Hallucination of Fanny Kimmig, a German Girl.

    Miss Fanny Kimmig, a German girl, about twenty-five years of age, who has been employed at the Palmer house during the past year, serving in the capacity of a domestic, was adjudged insane yesterday morning, and later in the day was taken to the asylum at Mt. Pleasant, accompanied by Sheriff Kriechbaum. The dethronement of the mental faculties of the German girl, who was unable to speak a word of English, was accomplished, as far as observation could detect, within a few days. The first indication of a disordered mind presented itself Saturday morning in the remark which she made to the effect that two men had been staring at her all night through her window, and that they had conversed with her. That day, however, she performed her customary duties about the hotel, but her flushed face, quiet demeanor and eccentric manner attracted the attention of those who surrounded her. Sunday she seemed to wander in her thoughts and stare vacantly into space. At her request permission was granted her in the evening to sleep with one of the girls up stairs. She sat up in bed all night with her clothes thrown about her, gazing at the walls of the room. She came down stairs at nine o'clock yesterday morning and from her conversation, appearance and action, it was apparent that her mind was deranged. She started to leave the hotel, without stating her destination, but was detained and the sheriff was notified. She has two brothers working at the C.B. & Q. shops in West Burlington and her father, who is reported as being in affluent circumstances, resides in Germany. One of the girls at the Palmer house, who was on intimate terms with the Miss Kimmig, states she had a brother at her home in the old country whose mind was at one time deranged but has recovered. The deranged girl had an ordinary, intelligent look, is low and heavy set, has sandy hair and was light complexioned. Her case in not incurable, and the treatment she will receive at the asylum will doubtless restore her mental faculties.

Davenport Weekly Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Jan 2, 1884

    The Francis Dedrick insanity case was disposed of by the Commissioners yesterday. The testimony showed that Dedrick is 28 years old, was in the Mt. Pleasant Asylum seven months in 1882, and taken out as cured. For the past eight or ten months he has been affected quite badly and at times has been violent. He is as single man and has no property. The family are afraid he will do violence. The Commissioners decided to send him to the Mt. Pleasant Asylum.

Davenport Daily Gazette
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
August 12, 1885

Sarah H. Rossi, 20 years of age, an unmarried woman of Le Claire, was adjudged insane yesterday and ordered to the Mt. Pleasant asylum. Her mental derangement is supposed to have resulted from a sunstroke, which she received some time ago.

Kellogg Enterprise
Kellogg, Jasper, Iowa
June 8, 1888

Mariposa Township
-Mrs. Maves, wife of Charles Maves, died in the asylum at Mt. Pleasant a few weeks ago.

Daily Citizen
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
April 15, 1893

John Rath, of Riverside, in a Fit of Insanity, Shot Himself Through the Heart.

    Yesterday morning John Rath was found lying in his own house with a bullet hole through his heart. The doors were locked and a string was tied to the trigger, all of which indicated that the act was committed by the dead man's own hand.
    Until Tuesday he was confined in the Mt. Pleasant asylum receiving treatment, when he escaped. As he attempted to kill his wife before he was sent to Mt. Pleasant, she was immediately informed by wire of his escape. Until Friday Constables Hawthorne and S.B. Creswell remained at the house keeping guard, when, thinking that Rath was either captured or would never return, they left the house. Yesterday morning he returned home, raving, and drove all of the family out of the house except his two younger boys.
    The news soon reached Riverside and P. Fowler and H. Roberts went to his house to recapture him. Upon reaching the house they found him lying a corpse, with the doors locked.
    Mr. Rath was formerly a prosperous and wealthy farmer and his sad death is the cause of very much sorrow.

Davenport Weekly Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Wednesday, April 19, 1893

    John Rath, who formerly kept a butcher shop in this city on the corner of Third and Ainsworth street, committed suicide at Riverside, Washington county a couple of days ago. Mr. Rath, who since he left Davenport, had been conducting a 500 acre farm successfully, became mentally unbalanced some time ago and was sent to Mr. Pleasant for treatment. He managed to evade the vigilance of the authorities of that institution last Monday and escaped, making his way back to his old home where he ended his life. A wife and ten children survive to mourn his unhappy fate. Henry Rath of this city is a brother of the deceased and Mrs. Fritz Stender a sister. They were deeply affected by the sad tidings.

    The remains of John Rath, arrived from Riverside, Ia., Saturday night. The funeral was held Monday from the residence of the brother-in-law of deceased, Fritz Stender, No. 1825 West Third street. The interment was in the West Davenport cemetery.

Davenport Daily Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
May 2, 1893

    The case of Mrs. Helen M. Chittenden, who was a sufferer from progressive paralytic dementia, was this afternoon laid before the commissioners of insanity and it was decided to send her to Mt. Pleasant as a state patient.

Davenport Daily Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
October 24, 1894

     Friday a communication was received from the superintendent of the Iowa hospital at Mt. Pleasant, H.A. Gilman, saying that the trustees of the institution had ordered discharged, on account of the crowded condition, 15 patients sent from Scott county and wished them removed as soon as possible. The patients discharged are: Chas. Dorsey, John Peters, Henry Siem, Patrick Martin, Claus Tiedje, Fred Wood, Diedrich Posh, Peter Crumm, Laura Landt, Laura J. Dietmann, Mary Struck, Mary A. Collins, Maria Mooney and Dora Blunk. Sheriff Jones leaves for Mt. Pleasant tonight and the patients will be brought here and taken before the commissioners Saturday morning at 9 o'clock for the purpose of determining their future disposition. Diedrick Posh, while sent from this county, belongs in Sioux county and will be returned there.

Davenport Daily Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
July 18, 1895

    This morning Fritz Soll was before the commissioners of insanity and inquiry was made into the condition of his mind. It was decided that he was insane, and he was ordered sent to the Mt. Pleasant asylum as a state patient. The unfortunate man is 33 years of age and has been living with his parents, being unmarried. This will not be his first experience in an insane asylum, as he was committed to the care of such institutions three times during a residence of but a few years in Nebraska.

Davenport Daily Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Dec 10, 1895

An Iowa Tragedy
    DEXTER, Iowa, Dec 9 - The Valentine Hibbs home, four miles northeast of Dexter, was the scene yesterday of one of the bloodiest tragedies ever enacted in central Iowa. Grant Hibbs, aged 32 years, fired one shot at his wife and then shot himself twice through the head. After shooting himself he grabbed a knife and inflicted two very dangerous wounds on his wife before falling from the loss of blood. Hibbs is slowly dying and his wife is in a precarious condition. The house where the terrible struggle took place presents a horrible sight. The floor, stove, bed and walls are spattered with blood. When neighbors reached the house Mrs. Hibbs was holding her husband's head in her lap and a year-old babe on one arm, the baby playing in the blood that flowed from its father's wounds. Hibbs had been released from the Mount Pleasant insane asylum as cured five weeks ago, but his insanity returned suddenly in a violent form. His heroic wife fought a noble battle for her life and to save her child. She may survive.

Clinton Mirror
Clinton, Clinton, Iowa
Apr 18, 1896

Tried to Hang His Doctor
    When Dr. Birch called to see William Layton at Burlington the patient became wildly insane and with superhuman strength attempted to garrote the doctor with a clothesline. Three police officers overpowered Layton and placed him in straps, and he was sent to the Mount Pleasant asylum.

Davenport Weekly Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
May26, 1896

    Mary A. Satterlie a lady fifty-nine years of age was up before the commissioners of insanity this afternoon. Her mental afflictions took the form of a profound melancholy. On consultation she was sent to Mt. Pleasant as a private patient.

    The committment of Mary A. Satterlie to Mount Pleasant as a private patient is the reason for a suit brought by Bruce F. Satterlie, asking that a court appoint a guardian for her.

Davenport Daily Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
December 24, 1896

Arrest an Escaped Lunatic
    Chicago, Dec. 24 - The Harrison street police have in custody Albert Waton, an Englishman, who eight months ago escaped from the insane asylum at Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Yesterday afternoon County Physician J.R. May examined Waton in his cell at the police station and ordered his removal to the detention hospital. Waton is 3 [sic] years old. He walked from Mount Pleasant to Chicago. He labors under the impression that everyone is trying to poison him.

Davenport Daily Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Oct 16, 1899

Wants to Sell
Mr. Koehnke Asks Court for Right to Dispose of His Property.
    Theodore H. Koehnke vs. Laura Koehnke is the title of a petition filed in the District Court today. The plaintiff states:
    "That said defendant, Laura Koehnke is insane and as such is confined in the Iowa hospital for the insane at Mount Pleasant and that said defendant has an inchoate right of dower in and said real estate, towit, certain property in Cook and Sargeant's first addition and in the west half of lot two in block 15 in the town of Walcott.
    "That the plaintiff is desirous of selling said real estate and has a buyer for the same at a fair value, but that the defendant is incapable of executing a deed for the same relinquishing or conveying her right to said real estate.
    "Wherefore plaintiff prays that the court appoint some person to execute a deed and relinquish the interest of the defendant in and to said real estate, in the name of said defendant, and join with the plaintiffs in his deed for said real estate to said purchaser."

Daily Iowa State Press
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
July 16, 1900

Frank Yenn, of Liberty Township, Ends his Life with a Rifle Ball.

    Coroner Schneider was called to Hills' Siding this morning by a message bearing the intelligence that Frank Yenn, a man 31 years of age, had committed suicide.
    The deceased lived at the home of his father, Simon Yenn, on a farm two miles southwest of Hill's Siding. He was 31 years of age, and of unsound mind, having been an inmate of the Mt. Pleasant asylum for some time. Last fall he escaped from that institution and made his way home where he has since lived. As he gave no signs of being mentally unbalanced, the authorities did not send him back to Mt. Pleasant but let him stay at home.
    He seemed to be recovered from his affliction and was doing well until last Saturday when he was left at home alone while the family came to town. During their absence a man called at the Yenn farm and attempted to collect a bill from Frank, saying if it was not paid he would send the debtor to jail. This seemed to worry Frank considerably and when the family returned he told them of it, and expressed his fear of going to jail.
    That evening he went to bed as usual at about 9:30 but sometime during the night got up and left home taking a rifle and several cartridges with him. At the time he arose he was sleeping in the same room with a brother who did not notice his absence. At the breakfast table Sunday morning he was missing and a search revealed the fact that he had taken the rifle and cartridges. No uneasiness was felt by the family and when dinner time came and Frank did not appear they became alarmed, but did not report the incident to neighbors.
    All day Sunday and Monday nothing was heard of him and Tuesday a searching party was organized and the hunt begun. A short distance from the house was found one of the shoes of the victim which was dropped by him as he was climbing a fence. A little further along a stocking was found and finally in  a timber mile and a half from the house was found the body of Frank Yenn. The searchers discovered him at 6:30 last evening. He was lying on his left side and just above the right eye was a hole made by the rifle's bullet. The rifle was laying close by and had been discharged showing that Yenn had killed himself. The gun was a small one being of 22 calibre and but one shot had been fired form it by the suicide.
    The coroner decided that no inquest was necessary and the body was prepared for burial and the funeral taking place from Riverside this afternoon.
    The deceased in not a brother of Amos Yenn, the cigarmaker, as was reported on the street this morning, but a cousin. The popular belief is that the threat of placing Yenn in jail unbalanced his mind and he took this means of keeping from being bothered. When found the body showed every indication of being dead for at least three days, showing that Yenn must have killed himself shortly after leaving the house.


Des Moines Daily Leader
Des Moines, Polk, Iowa
April 15, 1902

He was Charged with Being Insane After Assaulting Private Detective Wyrick.

    Albert Minor, an old soldier who but recently came to Des Moines from the Soldiers' home at Danville, Ill., yesterday gave Private Detective John Wyrick a drubbing at East Third and Locust street. Wyrick saw Minor holding to a woman's arm and rushed in to arrest him. After Minor had blacked Wyrick's eyes, bursted his nose and bruised him up considerably bystanders interfered and with their assistance Wyrick hauled Minor to jail. Later Wyrick fled an information against him for insanity and Minor was arraigned before the county commissioners, given a hearing and discharged.
    Minor told a very straightforward story before the commissioners. He said that he came to Des Moines in 1897, met with financial reverses that unsettled his mind and that in 1898 he was sent to the hospital for the insane at Mt. Pleasant and remained there for some time as a Linn county charge, not having secured a residence here. Later he was returned to Linn county and then went east. He said that after he had been adjudged insane his widow secured the appointment of a guardian for him so she could draw his pension money. He told the officers that when he returned to Des Moines he discovered that she was not living the best kind of a life and tried to induce her to go with him to Nebraska, where he had a soldier's claim. She refused to go with him and then he asked her to sign a deed to the claim that he might dispose of it. She refused to do this an finally he concluded to prosecute her for adultery and swore out a warrant for her arrest before an East Side justice. He says the justice told him to locate the woman and to hold her until the constable came. He found her and was carrying out instructions when Wyrick hove in sight. The commissioners investigated his story and found it true in all its details. He went away with S.F. Balliett, who is to act as he legal adviser in trying to straighten out his affairs here.

Davenport Daily Republican
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Aug 19, 1902

Court News
    W. Hoersch, as attorney representing Lena Harloff began suit against Benjamin Harloff. Mrs. Harloff alleges that her husband is an insane patient at Mount Pleasant and that he is not able to enter into the making of a deed to some property she wishes to sell. She asks the court to enable her to make the sale.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
Oct 8, 1902

Must Take "Jag" Cure.
    Edward E. McNeel of Webster City has been sentenced under Iowa's new inebriate law to one year in inebriate ward of Mount Pleasant state insane asylum. This is the first conviction under the law in that section of Iowa. The conviction has spread a deepset fear among drunkards, who dread the insane asylum more than any other form of punishment or attempt at reform. The temperance element of Webster City will wage a relentless warfare against drink under the new law.

Daily Iowa State Press
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
March 25, 1903

    The authorities have heard nothing further from Jacob Stonebarger, who disappeared from Mt. Pleasant insane asylum.

Ottumwa Courier
Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa
July 17. 1903

Ottumwa Offender Breaks Away From Asylum at Mt. Pleasant
    Jack Sweeney, who was sent from this city to the asylum at Mt. Pleasant a few months ago, has escaped and the officials at the state institution are sending out notices broadcast to aid about his return. County Clerk H.W. Michael received a letter last yesterday afternoon from Dr. C.F. Applegate superintendent of the institution stating that the man was gone. Sweeney was sent to Mt. Pleasant after a hard struggle. He had been arrested for intoxication and became violently insane while an occupant of one of the cells at the city jail. The police officials expect to see Sweeney turn up here and it is not thought that he will long enjoy his liberty.

Has Bad Record.
    Sweeney has built up a bad reputation since becoming an inmate of the asylum. He is said to have had several fights with other inmates and has been a trial to the keepers. He is said to have once served a term in the penitentiary. During the early spring months he hung around Ottumwa and was in jail a good part of the time. He is a hard drinker and it is thought that whisky is the primary cause of his insanity.

Writes to Chief Gray.
    Tuesday morning Chief Gray received a letter from Sweeney written from the asylum. Everyone at the station tried to read the letter and failed. Sweeney never fails to turn up in Ottumwa as the particular brand of whisky served here seemed to suit his taste. The officers are on the lookout for him and he will be promptly arrested and taken back to Mt. Pleasant should he return here.

Ottumwa Courier
Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa
July 18, 1903

Was Formerly Well Known Saloon Keeper in Eldon- Escaped Recently from Inebriate Ward at
Mt. Pleasant- Ziegler Taken to Hospital.

    John R. Kane, formerly a well known saloon keeper of Eldon, is lying at the point of death in the Ottumwa jail as sufferer from delirium tremens. He was sent from Eldon to the inebriate ward of the asylum some time ago and escaped about two weeks ago. He was captured at Eldon yesterday by Sheriff Cremer and was intoxicated when caught. The matter was brought to the attention of Judge M.A. Roberts this morning and he ordered the man returned to Mt. Pleasant.

Will be Taken to Asylum
    Shortly before noon, however, Kane was taken with a severe attack of the tremens and it was thought that he would die. Drs. F.W. Bowles and E.A. Sheafe were called and attended him and he was quieter this afternoon, although still delirious. It was impossible to take him to Mt. Pleasant today but this will be done as soon as he recovers from the effects of his debauch.

Indicted Man Sick.
    August Zeigler, the man who is under indictment on the charge of breaking and entering the depot at Highland Center, was taken to the Ottumwa hospital today. Ziegler has shown signs of insanity since his arrest and a few days ago he was taken before a board of insanity. No action was taken, however, pending receipt of word from a number of people whom he claimed were relatives. The man has been in poor health and this afternoon his condition was such that it was thought best to take him to the hospital.

Taken to Asylum.
    William Jasper, the colored man who was adjudged insane a few days ago and was sent to the county farm, was taken to the asylum at Mt. Pleasant this afternoon by Sheriff Cremer. He is not violent and no trouble was encountered in changing the man's place of detainment.

Ottumwa Courier
Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa
July 21, 1903

Taken Back to Asylum
    John R. Kane, who escaped from the inebriate ward of the asylum at Mt. Pleasant a few weeks ago, was re-captured at Eldon Friday and was taken back to the asylum today by County Physician F.W. Bowles. Kane was intoxicated when arrested and Saturday he suffered from delirium tremens.

Ottumwa Courier
Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa
Sep 18, 1903

Interrupted Wedding of Former Ottumwan at Kenosha, Wisconsin
Report that Indignant Brother Attempted to Stop Wedding of Nellie Marshall and John Roberts Denied-
Eva Marshall Now Accused.

    The shot that interrupted the marriage of Miss Nellie Marshall and John Roberts while the minister was pronouncing the words that made them one at Kenosha, Wis., September 1, was fired by Miss Eva Marshall,  a sister of the bride according to the statement made in a letter to the Courier from Miss Berry Marshall. It will be remembered that the Courier published a telegraphic communication on the day following the wedding to the effect that while the marriage was in progress Earl Marshall, a brother of the bride, attempted to kill the groom, because he was opposed to the marriage. It now develops that this information was given out by the bride's mother to shield her daughter, who fired the shot, from arrest. A portion of the letter from Miss Marshall is as follows:

The Explanatory Letter.
    "Courier, Ottumwa, Ia.
    "The shooting that happened at our house in Kenosha, September 1, was given out to the papers wrong. Eva Marshall, my sister, fired the shot and Ma told the reporter that it was a fellow by the name of Earl Marshall, to shield he so they wouldn't arrest her.
    "She let the city and maybe she went to Ottumwa. Would you please let us know if you hear she is there? She didn't have any intention of harming my sister, Nellie, or Mr. Roberts, and said she fired to scare them as Nellie was angry at her and never asked her to the wedding. Eva fired at the ceiling and couldn't have hit them as they were all standing together and feels bad that they put a false report in the paper.
        "Berry Marshall."

Formerly Lived Here.
    The Marshall family formerly lived on South College street in this city. Nellie, whose marriage ceremony was interrupted by her sister, and Berry worked at the C.V. Clark restaurant and at the union depot hotel and waitresses. Mrs. C.V. Clark when seen this morning, stated that Eva, who is accused by her sister of firing the shot at the bridal party, was for some time an inmate of the Mt. Pleasant asylum. She stated that there are no boys in the family and that when she saw the report in the Courier she at once surmised that Eva had donned male attire as she had often done while here, and was the guilty party.
    The father of the girl worked for the Rideout poultry establishment while in this city and it will be remembered that he mysteriously disappeared a few years ago while on a purchasing trip for that concern. He turned up again in this city and could give no account of his actions. John Roberts, the groom, formerly resided at Dudley, where his father still resides

Ottumwa Courier
Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa
Sep 30, 1903

Identity of Aged Man Found Near Highland Recently, Learned.

    Sheriff Cremer was notified today that John Wilcox, the aged man who was found wandering around aimlessly near Highland recently, escaped from the asylum at Mt. Pleasant some time ago. The man was sent to the asylum from Marion county. When he was found here Sheriff Cremer notified the board of control and upon investigation it was found he had escaped from Mt. Pleasant. He was taken to the asylum this afternoon on Burlington No. 6 by Deputy Sheriff J.D. Stephens.

Davenport Daily Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Nov 17, 1903

Out on Parole but It Was Past the Time of her Release When She Committed Offense.

    A question has arisen over the authority of the county to send Mrs. McDonnell back to Mt. Pleasant inebriate asylum on the old committment and a nice question of the construction of the statuses has arisen.
    Mrs. McDonnell was sent to Mt. Pleasant September 30th of last year and was sentenced to one year in the inebriate asylum.
    Last spring she was released on parole, though she was not pardoned or her sentence commuted. The sentence would have expired if she remained at Mt. Pleasant September 30, and while she was out on parole, she violated none of the conditions up to that time.
    After her sentence would have expired, however, she became intoxicated and the officials are now trying to figure out whether they can send her back to finish the uncompleted sentences which she would have had to serve out had she not been paroled.
    The concensus of opinion seems to be that she cannot be sent back under the old charge and that she will have to be tried over again if she goes to the hospital.
    In the meantime she is still kept in jail and the officials are trying to devise some method of disposing of the case.

Nashua Reporter
Nashua, Chickasaw, Iowa
June 27, 1907

Victim of Ball Bat Dies
    Earl Brown of Ottumwa, 13 years old, who was struck with a ball bat recently at an amateur game and who went violently insane, died in Mount Pleasant insane asylum.

Humeston New Era
Humeston, Wayne, Iowa
July 21, 1909

Lunatic to Sue for $27,000,000
    Notice of a suit for $27,000,000 which will shortly be started against the state of Iowa was received at the office of Governor Carroll. The suit will be started in the courts of the United States, Switzerland and Louisiana. The plaintiff is seeking to recover the foregoing sum because of "lousy treatment" at the Mount Pleasant asylum for the insane. Said plaintiff is Harvey Ryan, an inmate of the institution. It was a letter from him  which gave Governor Carroll the first intimation of the impending suit.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
Dec 6, 1911

Groom Sent to Insane Hospital.
    Marshalltown- John T. Bell of Reasoner, Ia., 64 years old, was ordered committed to the state insane asylum at Mt. Pleasant. Last week Bell went to Des Moines and married a 17-year-old girl, claiming to her that he was immensely wealthy. When the child wife reached her new home and found that her swain owned nothing she promptly left him. Relatives of the bridegroom then filed charges of insanity and the Jasper county commissioners declared the defendant insane.

Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler, Iowa
Nov. 19, 1913

Children Seeking to Break Will
    Keokuk.- Children of  Edward Caloway are endeavoring to break their dead father's will, which gave all his property save $10 apiece to his third wife. The basis for the attack on the will is that the man was not mentally responsible when he made his last testament. He was confined in the insane asylum at Mount Pleasant at the time of his death.

Iowa City Press Citizen
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
Saturday, January 27, 1923

Oskaloosa Man, Released From Hospital as Cured,
Does Deed in Fit of Frenzy.
(By Associated Press)
    OSKALOOSA, Ia., Jan 27- Lester Martin, 28 years old, shell shocked and gassed over seas veteran, went suddenly insane last night and in a fit of frenzy choked his mother, Mrs. Virginia Martin, 65 years old, to death in the public highway in front of his home. The man was found on his knees by the side of the body praying when officers arrived.

Released as "Cured"
(By United Press)
    Martin who had been at the Mount Pleasant hospital for disabled veterans was discharged in 1921 as cured.
    The coroner's jury this morning returned a verdict that Mrs. Martin had met death while he was in a "dangerous condition". The jury recommended that he be examined.
    Since his return from the war, Martin has been living alone here except for the time he was at Mount Pleasant. Complaints had been made to police that he was carrying a gun and was threatening people by saying, "They'd better let me alone."
    His gun was recently taken away but although authorities had watched him they could find no reason to hold him. Yesterday a neighbor called Mrs. Martin and urged her to see her son. She went over and he quieted down in the afternoon. Last night several young boys saw Martin struggling with some one in the snow and they ran for help.

In Rainbow Division.
    Screams aroused other neighbors who summoned the police. When the officers arrived Martin was down on his knees beside the body mumbling prayers. He fell on his knees when he got into the patrol and again began praying when he entered his cell.
    Tracks from the snow from two different doors of Martin's house led police to believe he had rushed outside and was followed by his mother who sought to bring him back in. Martin then turned on her, police think, and choked her to death.
    Martin was in the Rainbow division of the 168th infantry. He was wounded in the Argonne drive and was also gassed and shell shocked.

Iowa City Press Citizen
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
Thursday, May 1, 1924

Scott County Authorities Seeking Husband as Murder Suspect

(By Associated Press)
     DAVENPORT, May 1- Scott county authorities today were searching for Edward Vance whom they said they suspected of implication in the killing last night of his wife, Mrs. Ora Pearl Vance, a school teacher of Buffalo, Ia.
    Mrs. Vance was fatally shot when she returned to her home in Buffalo following a visit to a sick friend and officials took up the search for her husband, they said, on the assumption he or the slayer had gained entrance to the home in Mrs. Vance's absence and attacked upon her return.
    The Vances had been estranged for some time.
    Vance who is a paroled patient from the Mt. Pleasant hospital for the insane had made repeated attempts to induce his wife to take him back. He has not been apprehended.

Iowa City Press Citizen
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
Wednesday, June 18, 1924

Members to Visit Mt. Pleasant Hospital in Connection with Demise of Centerville Patient.
(By Associated Press)
    DES MOINES, June 18.- Members of the state board of control plan to visit the Mt. Pleasant State hospital for the insane within a few days, and will make a thorough investigation into the attack upon Dugenia Casseti of Centerville, by another patient, which is said to have been responsible for the death of Casseti.
    This was the statement today of A.M. McCoil, a member of the board.
    E.J. Hines, secretary of the board, who attended an autopsy over Casseti's body at Centerville last night, had not submitted his report to the board this morning.
    The report of Dr. M.C. Mackin, superintendent of the Mt. Pleasant hospital, received by the board was substantially the same as the testimony submitted at the Centerville inquest, indicating Casseti was struck by a fellow inmate and died about six hours later.

Asks for More Details.
    CENTERVILLE, Ia., June 18- County Attorney Max Kenny of Henry county today was requested to conduct a further investigation into the cause of death of Dugenia Casseti, Italian, who died Saturday at the Mount Pleasant State hospital, following an attack made upon him by another inmate. The request was made by Appanoose county officials following the holding of a second autopsy here last night.
    Casseti, who lived at a mining camp near here, was taken to the Mount Pleasant hospital some time ago. Saturday, while he was engaged in cleaning up the quarters of another inmate, the latter suddenly became vicious and attacked Casseti with a floor polisher.

Hold Two Autopsies
    His body was shipped here for burial. Friends of the man ordered that the funeral services, scheduled to be held Monday, be halted pending an autopsy. A second autopsy was held last night at which hospital authorities, county officials and representatives of the state board of control attended.
    This autopsy showed that all of Casseti's ribs from the second down on each side were broken and that he had been badly injured internally.

Iowa City Press Citizen
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
April 12, 1924

    Suggesting proverbial rolling pins and frying pans, as martial, as well as martial weapons, Charles Ebert is suing his wife, Mary Ebert, for a divorce. He alleges she imperiled his life with attacks, using kitchen utensils as weapons.
    He avers she has been in the asylum at Mt. Pleasant, 1921, but declares that her cruel and inhuman treatment antedated that period, and that she had thus assaulted him before she was declared mentally unbalanced.
    They have three children, Ralph, George, and Rose, aged 18, 16, and 8, respectively.

Iowa City Press Citizen
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa
Dec. 17, 1924

Commission Decides That Mrs. Mabel Carpenter is Insane

    Crazed, because of ill health, Mrs. Mabel Carpenter, aged about 35, was taken to Mt. Pleasant, for treatment in the asylum, yesterday, Mrs. Mabel Evans being in charge.
    Mrs. Carpenter, who is the wife of Mr. Oscar Carpenter, a member of the University of Iowa staff of employes, grew extremely violent, and it was feared that she might injure herself or others. Accordingly, the sanity commission investigated, and decided that she was insane, and that it would be wise and merciful to give her saving attention in a state institution.
    Sane, she is a most worthy woman, and her friends and those of her relatives, hope she may soon recover her mental balance, and be restored to a home of happiness, now rendered gloomy in the days that ought to be filled with pre-Yuletide cheer.

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