Salem (Iowa) News Items, by Larry Cammack (1845-2012)
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1857 Railroad completed to Mt. Pleasant.
9-11-1858 John Cammack 19, son of Levi, Married Elizabeth Deliah (sic) Foster, 17.
12-19-1858 Sara Jane 16, dau. of Levi and Elizabeth married Wm. Spurrier, 19.
1859 Levi owns 320 acres in Salem Twnsp. Sections 24 & 25.
1837 Court House in Mt. Pleasant built, oldest one in State.
7-4-1866 Celebration at Salem.
9-21-1866 David Taylor married Miss Malinda Frazer.
12-21-1886 Stage Coach from Mt. Pleasant to Salem runs each day.
1-4-1867 Prof. A.E. Millspaugh, Principal of Salem High School.
1-5-1867 Woolen Mill belonging to Armstrong & Co. at Oakland Mills burned.
3-27-1867 Isaac N. Pidgeon married Mary E. Ables both of Salem.
4-18-1867 Mr. McIntosh & Miss Cordelia Byers married both of Henry Co.
8-2-1867 Mrs. Caroline B. Crew died near Salem, Dau. of James & Nancy Richey, born Jan. 1, 1833, in Pike Co. Ill. Moved to near Salem in 1836 with her parents. 1848 her parents moved into Salem. Caroline married Wm. Crew Feb. 10, 1852. She passed away Aug. 2, 1866.
9-22-1867 John Ables 88 passed away at home in Salem.
3-1-1868 Paton Wilson of this Co. age 74 passed away, born in Kty., married a Holliday, 9 children.
4-8-1868 Salem pop. 800, 2 Hotels, 2 Drug Stores, several dry goods & Grocery Stores, no Saloons.
5-1-1868 Hack line from Salem & to Keosauque (sic) run by R. H. Reeder. Runs every day except Sabbath.
1868 Whittier College, Prof. John Woody & Mary C. Woody.
Public School - Supt. Prof. Atkinson, brick bldy., 3 stories high, 5 rooms
Churches - Friends, Baptist, Congregational & Methodist.
Mason & Odd Fellows - Both lodges about 50 to 60 members.
1868 Business Directory
Dry Goods- Gibbs & Hillman, A. Lester, F. A. Woodworth, W. Kettle, R. Spurrier
Groceries - Banta & Triplett
Hardware - Woodworth & Rodgers
Drugs - I. C. Reeves, E. H. Whitmore
Stoves & Tinware - P. C. Arnold, John Collatt
Physicians - N. J. Rodgers, H. M. Farr, Thomas Sieveter, A. S. Capper
Justice of Peace - N. Rodgers, W. H. Wilmeth
Blacksmiths - J. Bixler, L. M. Blackman, F. Buchler, N. Jones
Tannery - J. H. Pickering
Wagon Makers - J. Bicksler, S. Osborne, J. Reeder
Cabinet Maker - J. Mendenhall
Flouring & Saw Mill - Clark and Haddock
Ambrotyper - Mrs. Withrow
Milliners - Misses Osborne, Mrs. Slayter
2 Hotels - Eagle House, H. Gibbs, Prop.
Salem House, W. Kettle, Prop.
Mrs. Rebecca Abbott - Post Mistress
The Keokuk Northern R.R. is located to Salem.
1869 Transcontinental R.R. Completed.
3-26-1869 Hezekeah Hiatt Way - came to Salem in 1834.
6-22 & 23 Salem, this Co., shipped 60 bushels of cherries to Des Moines, Omaha & Chicago & others.
6-25-1869 Quaker City base ball Club of Salem played the Reform Farm Club, was White Institute near Houghton or at that time was Cammackville, Houghton didn’t exit (sic).
End - 1869 Bids were being let for a steel bridge over Skunk River at Oakland Mills.
1871 Fire destroys one third of the City of Chicago.
5-20-1871 Laura Belle Cammack born to Levi & Ann Cammack.
1874-1876 U.S. experiences the worst grasshopper plague in history.
4-1-1875 Whittier College closed its 25th session yesterday.
Cammackville Post Office ceases to exit (sic).
5-29-1875 Elwood Osborn, died & the following morning his corpse was taken to the Valley Meeting House where the funeral was held. The procession moved on at 1 P.M. toward Salem & arrived at the Friends Cemetery about 2 P.M. He left a wife & 4 sons.

Part 2
2-18-1877 Mrs. Nancy Seaton, age 46 died at her home in Jackson Twnsp. Wife of B.F. Seaton
10-14-1877 Eli Spray 25 died, son of John Spray.
10- -1877 Sadie, dau. of Mrs. Rumina Cammack of Jackson Twnsp. died of typhoid fever, Funeral was held at Salem.
3- 1877 Cost of Oakland Mills bridge; Contract price was $13,879.68
          Earthworks 438.00
          Total $14,317.68
Minus sum of $800. this added to $2,000. subscribed by the people of Oakland deducted leaves $11,517.68.
8-29-1878 Mr. B. F. Byers, who was killed at Danville last Thurs. by the boiler explosion was a resident of Salem. This is Frank Byers, son of John Byers & brother of Perry.
9-24-1879 Marion McVey & Miss Charity Scarborough both of Jackson Twnsp. were married.
10-16-1879  Donaldson Chapel, the New M.E. Church almost completed in Jackson Twnsp. will cost about $900.
1880 The first issue of Salem News by J. H. Armstrong appeared last Sat., 6
column folio.
  Nathan Cammack was living in Salem Twnsp. Henry Co. at the home place with Jane 38, Nettie 16, Frank 14, Ralph 13, Ora 10, Effie 12, Nellie 8, Laura 6, Fred 5, Clifford 3 & a 2 month old son not named yet. (Albert).
1881 Houghton, Iowa was established.
10-27-1881 O. A. Garretson & Miss Emma Dilts married
10-30-1881 Thomas E. White & Rebecca J. Frazer were married.
1-25-1881 Miss Laura Lewis died at her home in Salem of consumption. She was born in 1858.
  John Huff putting up new store bldg. in Houghton.
  Albert Wahrer who once lived in Salem & learned the Blacksmith business from Mr. Bicksler died of typhoid fever on Nov. 1st.
11-21-1881 Kittie, youngest dau. of Marshal Knight, 8 died of diphtheria.
  J. M. Way, former Salem resident died Nov. 13, 1881 at his home in Chillicothe, Mo.
12-22-1881  Reuben F. Joy of Salem died at his home Dec. 11th. Came to Salem in 1837.
Geo. Hodson 66, died at his home in Salem Twnsp. He was born in N.C. in 1815, 1839 he married Rebecca Osborn. Funeral was held at Cedar Church.
1882 Ella, the little dau. of J. T. Bicksler died of diphtheria last Fri.
Dr. F. B. Wing died at his home in New Tacoma, Wash. He was a Salem resident when young man.
  Freddie, son of L. & M. H. Parkins age 1 year died of diphtheria.
2-12-1882 Mary, dau. of John Hannah, age 22 died suddenly last week. She was a student at Whittier. Paralysis of the brain. Funeral held at Donaldson Chapel.
Mrs. Anna Frazier died in Colo. on March 25, age 68. An early resident of Salem, came here in 1837 & remained until 1870 when she went with her husband & family to Colorado.
Issac Child, 83 died at his home in Salem May 24, 1882.
Mrs. Elvira G. Walda, 36, dau. of John & Mary Garretson died June 3, 1882. She was born in Highland Co., Ohio Aug. 11, 1845, came to Salem in 1849.
Mrs. Sarah A. Brown, wife of Benjamin Brown died at her home in Salem July 12, 1882. She was married March 24, 1861.
Lewis Terrell of Tippecanoe Twnsp. died July 26, 1882 of cancer of the lip, he was born in Ohio 1836 & came to Iowa about 26 years ago. Married Angie Harshbarger.
10-12-1882 Hi Jones hauld (sic) the posts for the new chain hitching rack around the north & west sides of the park. A.N. Hagan furnished the City the chain, weighing 1200 lbs.
2-15-1883 Three fine barns belonging to the Hartley & Bros. about 5 miles south of Salem burned, contained about 100 tons of hay & farm machinery all destroyed.
2-22-1883 The new bridge over Skunk river at Webster’s was taken out by the flow of ice last Fri. afternoon about 2 P.M. The structure was about completed.

Part 3
2-26-1883 Mrs. Christiana Masden died at the home of her son Jacob, east of Salem. Born in Lancaster Co., Pa. Mar. 14, 1802, mother of 9 children, married Wm. Madsen Dec. 25, 1821. The family moved to Iowa in 1847. Her
husband died in 1857. They were members of the M.E. Church.
4- 1883 G. E. Way finished his term at Bentonsport & is engaged to teach 8 months term at Bushwhack district in Jackson Twnsp.
  Mr. J. H. Harshbarger of Tippecanoe Twnsp. brought his family of 10 children to town & wife & had a group picture taken.
7-19-1883 Miss Mattie, dau. of Wn. Pidgeon died of consumption. Burial beside her brother, Hal in the family plot.
7-19-1883 Miss Jennie Leech died.
10-11-1883 Will Simkin & Miss Helen Lewis married Tues. eve. of last week by Rev. John Lee. They left for Nebr. to make their home.
11-22-1883 Nathan Bond died Fri. morning. Dr. Evans said death was due to an effusion about the head.
1-2-1884 Mrs. Lydia Edwards died. She was born in Ind. Aug. 8, 1828, mother of 9 children.
1- 1884 Mary Elizabeth Crew, wife of Wm. R. Crew of Salem Twnsp. born in Waynesville, Ohio Aug. 9, 1834. She came with her brothers & sisters to Iowa in 1855. Married Wm. Crew March 24, 1870. Being his second wife she assumed control of his large family of children. 2 were born to her.
  Henry Votaw will still retain an interest in the Bank of Salem preparatory to going to New Tacoma, Wash.
  Mrs. W. F. Hayes, dau. of J. H. Frazier died at Hickory, Iowa. She will be buried at Salem. Her maiden name was Emma Frazier.
  Last week the old hotel at the S.W. corner of the square was being torn down.
5-13-1884 Mrs. Elizabeth Holiday Maxwell of Tippecanoe Twnsp. died of consumption. A popular school teacher in Salem, she married J. H. Maxwell 2 years ago.
1884 Lewis Waterman invents the first foundation pen with an ink reservoir. Mr. Maddock of Salem – Tile Factory.
1887 Salem School teachers: W.S. Watson, Allie Cooper, Sadie Pitman.
1-25-1888 Wm. Henry Harrison Hoggatt died at his home in Salem, son of Isaiah M. & Elizabeth Hoggatt. He was born Oct. 19, 1812 in N.C., he married Elizabeth Frazier in 1834.
5-13-1890 Celista Hodson, wife of Adrain Hodson died at her home 2 ½ miles north of Salem, the 2nd dau. of Robert Russell & was born in Salem Dec. 15, 1859. Married Sept. 12, 1880 to them were born 4 children.
1890 Margaret A. Nicholson was born in Ind. June 10, 1819 & died July 10, 1890 age 71. The dau. of Jacob & Margaret Maxwell, came to Henry Co. in 1840 & settled 6 miles south of Mt. Pleasant living there till her death. She married Thomas Nicholson Oct. 1844. They had 5 sons. She was laid to rest in the Salem Cemetery.
Mrs. Margaret Short Beery was born in Miflin Co. Pa. on May 12, 1812. Departed this life Oct. 19, 1890 age 78. Her parents moved to Fairfield Co., Ohio in 1821. She was married to Hon. L. L. Beery when she was 27
years old. 4 years later they emigrated to Iowa in Henry Co., Baltimore Twnsp. Her parents emigrated from Ireland to America in 1800. She was the mother of 10 children, 3 died in infancy, a dau. Mrs. Jane Mikesell lives at Covington, Ohio, her son William lives near Mt. Pleasant, Enoch lives near Mt. Pleasant, Enoch lives near Salem, Issac resides in Nebr. She was buried in the family grave yard on the farm.
  The only son of Wm. & Rachael Collins, age 2 years & 7 mos. died Wed. Oct. 15, 1890. He was buried in the family cemetery at the Bethany Church.

Resource provided by Cheryl Sanders, Historian, Lewelling Quaker Museum, Salem, IA; transcription done by Conner Peterson, University of Northern Iowa Public History Field Experience Class, Fall 2023.

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