(From the Mt. Pleasant Observer.)

In accordance with a previous call, a large and respectable meeting assembled in the Court House on Saturday, 25th inst., to express their disapprobation of the repeal of the Missouri Compromise; Col. A. Saunders was appointed President; L.G. Palmer, N. Lathrop Vice Presidents; S. McFarland and Dr. J.S. Panabaker, Secretaries.

R. Beers moved that a committee of five be appointed to draft Resolutions expressive of the sense of the meeting. The chair appointed R. Beers, S. McFarland, S.L. Howe, M. L. Edwards and L.G. Palmer, said committee. After which the meeting adjourned to meet at 7 o’clock in the evening.

7 o’clock, P.M.
Meeting assembled agreeable to adjournment. The Committee then made the following report:

Whereas, There is now pending before the Congress of the United States a Bill, having for its object the organization of Territorial Governments for the Territories of Nebraska and Kansas; that such measures are retarded by the agitation of the Slavery Question in connection with their organization; and whereas, it was and is understood by the people of the United States, that in the organization of all Territorial Governments over territory north of 36 degrees and 30 minutes of north latitude, in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase. – said territories constituting a part thereof, that Slavery except for crime was prohibited by the Act of March 6, 1820, commonly called the Missouri Compromise, which has been regarded as a solemn compact by all parties, both North and South; and whereas, also the Legislation upon the subject known as the Adjustment Measures of 1850 recognize and adopt the salutary Prohibition of Slavery north of the line of 36 deg. and 30 min. as well as settle agitation in which measures the people have generally acquiesced; and whereas, it is proposed to declare inoperative the clause in the Missouri Compromise prohibiting Slavery north of 36 deg. and 30 min., thus opening up afresh the Slavery agitation notwithstanding solemn pledges not to agitate it in or out of Congress; therefore

  1. Resolved, That we respectfully urge our Senators and Representatives in Congress to aid and encourage, in every laudable manner, the speedy organization of these territories.

  2.  Resolved, That we do most solemnly and unequivocally protest against any and every act of Congress, which may, in the remotest degree, impair the force of the provision of the act admitting Missouri into the Union prohibiting Slavery north of 36 deg. and 30 min. under any pretext whatever.

  3.  Resolved, That the assumption that the provision of the act known as the Missouri Compromise, prohibiting Slavery north of 36 deg. and 30 min. north latitude, was repealed or made inoperative and void by the act of 1850, known as the Adjustment Measure, is a gross libel on the statute book and history of our country and an insulting subterfuge designed to force those who advocated or acquiesced in them, into this, hitherto unthought of measure.

  4.  Resolved, That we, as free men – willing to labor in competition with freemen – well advised of the evils entailed upon a community by the existence of slavery – living, as we do, adjoining the Territory proposed to be organized – and feeling more interest in them than others more distant – regarding the authority of Congress over these Territories, while Territories, as absolute – most solemnly protest against any act, under which, by any possibility, Slavery may exist in these Territories.

  5.  Resolved, That, the proceedings of this meeting be published, and copies of these resolutions be sent to our Senators and Representatives in Congress.

On motion, the resolutions were taken up separately and adopted.

On motion the following gentlemen were appointed a committee to prepare and circulate a remonstrance for signatures against the repeal of the Missouri Compromise:

W. Waters,

E. Smith,

W.C. Hobbs,

C. Nash,

S. Woodworth,

P. Trueblood,

W.S. Viny,

J. Brown,

J.C. Garretson,

F. McCray,

A.C. Gains,

S. Andrews,

S. Maddock,

M.L. Edwards,

S. Smith,

R.M. Pickle,

S.L. Howe,

E. Archibald,

B. Matthews,

J.C. Green,

G.J. Sharpe,

R. Wilson,

E. Kinley,

J. Hare.

H. Boyle,

S.E. Bereman,

Meeting adjourned sine die.


L.G. PALMER, N. LATHROP, Vice Pres’t.,
N.B. The Persons named on the committee are requested to circulate the Remonstrance in their respective neighborhoods immediately, and send the signatures to the chairman, Simeon Waters, Mt. Pleasant.

(“Burlington Weekly Telegraph”, Saturday, March 11, 1854, page 1).

Resource provided by Henry County Heritage Trust, Mount Pleasant, Iowa; transcription done by Rebekah
Stone, University of Northern Iowa Public History Field Experience Class, Spring 2024.

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