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From "The History of Henry County, Iowa.
Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns and Census."
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Oct 2017

Swedesburg is a hamlet consisting of a few families mostly of the nationality of which the name of their burg is suggestive.

There is a church and a schoolhouse here.

A lodge of Odd Fellows was organized on April 22, 1876. It is known as Star of Hope Lodge, No. 347, I. 0. 0. F.

The charter officers were : W. B. Connor, N. G.; James Eveland, V. G.; J. M. Connor, Secretary, and J. B. Newbranch, Treasurer.

Swedesburg is situated in the beautiful township of Wayne, and appropriate mention of the churches of that township may be made under that head.

The Lutheran Church is located in Swedesburg, and belongs to the Augustana Synod. It was organized in 1866. In 1870, the number of communicants was 150, with 275 members. In 1878, it is 294 communicants and 485 members. The first Pastor was Rev. H. Olson, and the second is the present incumbent, Rev. Charles Walleen.

The present officers of the church are : Deacons, John Monson, Charles Anderson, G. Fridolph, Charles E. Hult, F. Moline and Oliver Stevenson ; Trustees, Oliver Stevenson, 0. S. Lindeen and S. P. Morgan.

The present building was erected in 1869. The church and organ cost about $4,000. The parsonage cost $1,300.

The original members were G. Fridolph, Matthew Anderson, Otto Abrahamson, S. P. Swanson, Oliver Stevenson, F. Oleson, John A. Lewis, John Sundall.

The first meeting west of the Mississippi River, of that branch of the Society of Friends (usually known as Hickites in contradistinction to those known as Orthodox) was organized 12th month, 6th, 1856, by the establishment of the meeting known as Prairie Grove Monthly Meeting, situated on Section 14, in Wayne Township.

The Friends originally composing said meeting made application (by petition) to the Quarterly Meeting, of which they were members, held in Loudoun County, Va., which elicited the following action by that meeting, known as Fairfax Quarterly Meeting, to wit :

" At Fairfax Quarterly Meeting of the Society of Friends, held in Alexandria, Va., on the 17th of the 11th month, 1856. The committee appointed at our last meeting to take into consideration the application of Friends in Iowa, produced the following report: That on the 4th of 9th month last, they addressed to the Iowa Friends a communication, the reply to which having been read, deliberately and weightily considered, it was the united judgment of the committee that it would be right, and proper, to recommend to the Quarterly Meeting to grant their Request to establish Prairie Grove Monthly Meeting, to be held at Prairie Grove in Wayne Township, Henry Co., Iowa, on the 7th day the 6th of the 12th month next, and to be held thereafter on the first 7th day in each month.

"We also recommend that a meeting be established to be held on first day, and a mid-week meeting to be held every fifth day, all to be held at 11 o'clock A. M. They would further recommend to the Quarterly Meeting the appointment of a suitable number of Friends to attend the opening of the meetings, to unite with Friends there, in their important undertaking, and render them such aid as circumstances may require, for the establishment and organization of the meetings in conformity with our order.

" Signed by direction and on behalf of the Committee, "By William B. Steer, Margaret E. Hallowell, Clerks"

"Alexandria, 11th month, 15th, 1856."

"Which report being read, considered and united with, by the Quarterly Meeting, Benjamin Hallowell, John Smith, William B. Steer, Louisa Steer, Margaret E. Hallowell and Deborah Stabler, were appointed to attend at the opening of the meeting as therein mentioned.

"Taken from the Minutes of Fairfax Quarterly Meeting, held at Alexandria, Va., the 17th of the 11th month, 1856, and signed by direction thereof. "By William Williams, "Margaret E. Hallowell. Clerks"

Several of the above-named Friends attended in person at the establishment of the aforesaid meetings, which was quite a journey at that early day, a distance of about 1,000 miles. The meeting now has a membership of about one hundred and forty and is held twice every week.

At the organization of the above meeting to wit, 12th month, 6th, 1856, the meetings on first days were held in a school house in the neighborhood (now No. 1) and all disciplinary meetings were held at the house of one of the members, until the fall of 1858, when a meeting-house was erected for their accommodation, 24x48 feet, on land donated by Eli M. Price and Bennet G. Walters, each donating li acres for meeting-house and cemetery. The house is a plain frame building, erected more for the comfort of those who weekly assemble there for the purpose of divine worship, than to feed the fancy of those whose pride would create a desire for vain and ostentatious snow, and is situated on a beautiful dry knoll, surrounded by a grove of maples, box-elders and evergreens.

The First Congregational Church of Wayne Township was organized October 7, 1854, with the following members: Sylvester Smith, James Woodworth. Bennett Martin, Edward Smith, George Chickering, R.B. Woodworth, William Taylor, J.L. Smith, C. A. Smith, Sylvester Smith, Jr., S. . Martin. Mrs. L. Smith, Mrs. T. Woodworth, Mrs. A. Martin, Mrs. L.C. Smith, Mrs. Mary A. Chickering, Mrs. E. Woodworth, Miss P. Martin.

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ADAMS, WILLIAM, far., S. 5 ; P. O. Wayne.
Albion, D., far.,S. 15; P.O. Swedesburg.
Allender, J. W., far., S. 23 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Allender, S., far., Sec. 32 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Allender, W. H., far., S. 32 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Amber, P. M., far., S. 17; P.O. Swedesburg.
Anderson, A., far., S. 17 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Anderson, G., far., S. 33 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Anderson, J., far., S. 22 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Anderson, M., far.,S. 27 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Anderson, Mathews, far., S. 34; P.O. Swedesburg.
Anderson, N., far., S. 36 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Anderson, P., far., S. 29 ; P.O. Swedesburg,
Anderson, P. L., far.. S. 28 ; P.O. Swedesburg
Arthard, E., far., S. 5 ; P.O. Wayne.
Artbard, J., far., S. 15 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
BASHART, M. E., far., S. 31 ; P.O. Trenton.

BECHLER, CHRISTIAN, far , S. 20 ; P. O. Swedesburg ; owns 240 acres of land ; was born in France in 1826; came to the United States in 1839, landing in New Orleans; went to Ohio in 1840 ; came to Lee Co., Iowa, in 1846 ; went to California in 1849; returned in 1852; located in Henry Co., in 1855, and settled on his present farm in 1857. He was married in 1853, to Barbara Conrad, who was born in Ohio in 1829 ; they have seven children Peter J., Mary E., Anna N., Jacob Wm., Catherine R., and Sarah P. and Hannah C. (twins;) have lost three children Benjamin F., Daniel and John. Mr. Bechler is a minister of the Mennonite Church. There are about one hundred members of this denomination in Henry Co.

Bechler, Peter, Jr., far., S. 29; P.O. Swedesburg.
Bennett, Rufus, far., S. 5 ; P. O. Wayne.
Bergh. C, far., S. 28; P. O. Swedesburg.
Berry, J., far., S. 16 ; P.O. Swedesburg
Black, S. R., far., S. 19 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Bloom, A., far., S. 25 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Brown, I., far., S. 13 ; P. O. Winona.
Brown, S., far., S. 33 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Burk, C. A., far., S. 23; P.O. Swedesburg.
Burk, J. P., far., S. 33 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
CAMPBELL, HUGH, far.. S. 19; P. O. Swedesburg.

CANBY, ANDREW E., far., s 35; P.O. Swedesburg ; number of acres, 160; was born in Maryland in 1830; removed with his parents to Ohio in 1831 ; came to Scott Co., Iowa, in 1802. He married in 18G2 Eliza J. Price, who was born in Maryland in 1843 ; have five children William L., born in 1864 ; George P., born in 1866 ; Jesse W., born in 1868 ; Lewis W., born in 1870, and Ida May, born in 1877 ; Charles S., born in 1863, died in 1865 ; Ralph J., born in 1874, died in 1875. Mr. Canby's stock consumes all the grain he raises ; he finds it more profitable to raise grain for stock than for market.

Cantwcll, Samuel, far., S. 23; P.O. Swedesburg.
Carlson, Gustave, far., S. 27; P. O. Swedesburg.
Carlson, J. A., far., S. 26 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Chandler, C, far., S. 13; P.O. Winona.
Conner, W. B., far., S. 29 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Conrad, J., far., S. 7 ; P. O. Marshall.
Conrad, M., far., S. 6 ; P.O. Wayne.
Cooper, Jesse, far., S. 14; P. O. Winona.
Cooper, J. R., far., S. 24 ; P. O. Winona.
Cooper, T. W., far., S. 14; P.O. Winona
Coultie, G. W., far., S. 3 ; P. O. Wayne.
Coun, Daniel, far., S. 8 ; P.O. Wayne.
Crawford, J. A., far., S. 12 ; P. O. Winona.
Cutter, Decatur, far., S. 36; P.O. Swedesburg.
DAVIS, JOHN C, far.,S. 19; P. O. Swedesburg.
EITCUER, J. W., far., S. 5; P. O. Marshall.
Ereland, J. W., far., S. 32 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Errickson, Andrew, far., S. 35 ; P.O. Swedesburg
FOX, CHARLES, far., S. 13; P.O. Winona.
Fenton, B. F., far., S. 13; P.O. Winona.
Flemming, E., far., S. 7 ; P.O. Marshall.
Foster, Thos., far., S. 1 ; P.O. Winona.
Foster, Wm., far., S. 33 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Froid, O., far., S. 28 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Frydolph, G, far, S. 34 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
GILLESPIE, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 29 ; Swedesburg.
Goldsmith, J., far., S. 8 ; P.O. Marshall.
Gregg, E, far, S. 11 ; P.O. Winona.
Gunder, J. V, far, S. 31 ; P. O. Trenton.
HACKNEY, WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 34, P.O. Swedesburg.

HAMMOND, GEORGE farmer, Sec. 11 ; P.O. Wayne; owns 260 acres of land ; born in Belmont Co., Ohio, in 1818 ; spent his youth in Western Virginia. Married in Fairfield Co., Ohio, in 1841, Lueinda Geiger, who was born in 1821; came to Iowa in 1852; first to Washington Co.; in March, 1853, came to Henry Co., and settled on his present farm ; have seven children Homer C, born in 1849; George A, born in 1851 ; M. Lizzie, born in 1853; James H, born in 1855 ; Mary L, born in 1857 ; Rezin E, born in 1860, and Franklin W, born in 1862; Charles, born in 1841, died in 1843 ; Sarah A, born in 1844, died in 1844; William H, born in 1845, died in 1849; Melinda 0, born in 1847, died in 1849; Talbott G, born in 1858, died in 1868. Mr. Hammond has been Justice of the Peace about twenty years. Members of M. E. Church.

Hammond, H.far, S. 8 ; P. O. Wayne.
Harned, I, far. Sec. 19; P.O. Swedesburg.
Hathway, D. L, far, S. 26 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Headstrom, C, far, S. 28 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Hickman, I. H., far, S. 28 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Hoffstead, J, far, S. 26 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Hague, S, far, S., 4; P.O. Wayne.
Holt, J. C, far, S. 21 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Hooper, J, far, S. 1 ; P. O. Wayne.
Hough, G. W, far, S. 14 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Howenstein, J, far, S. 7 ; P.O. Marshall.
Hull, C, far, S. 10 ; P.O. Wayne.
Hult, C. E, far, S. 26 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Huntzberry, J, far, S. 1 ; P.O. Wayne.
INGMASON, PETER, far, S. 26; P. I 0. Swedesburg.
JACOBS, LAWSON, far, S. 36 ; P. J 0. Mt. Pleasant.
James, E, far, S. 32; P.O. Swedesburg.
Jarl, A, far, S. 21 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Johnson, A, far, S. 18; P. O.Swedesburg.
Johnson, C, far, S. 23 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Johnson, C. J, far, S. 25 ; P.O. Swedesburg
Johnson, F. A, far, S. 23 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Johnson, G, far, S. 21 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Johnson, J. A, far, S. 22 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Johnson, J. F, far, S. 23 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Johnson, J. M, far, S. 28 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Johnson, N, far, S. 17 ; P. O Swedesburg.
Johnson, N. M, far, S. 26; P. O. Swedesburg.
Johnson, 0, far, S.,28 ; P. O Swedesburg.
Johnson, P, far, S. 27 ; P.O. Swedesbung
KELSEY, E, far, S. 33; P. 6. Swedesburg.
Kleim. N, far, S. 23 ; P.O. Winona.
LAMGER, J, Sr, far, S 27; P.O. Swedesburg.

LAIRD, JOSEPH A., Sec. 4, P.O. Wayne ; was born in Clark Co., Ohio, in 1833; removed to Illinois in 1855; came to Henry Co., in 1856. Married in 1855 Elizabeth A. Kitchen ; had two children Mary Ann and Lizzie II. Mrs. Laird died in'lS67 ; Mr. Laird married in 1869 Sarah A. Hatfield; have one child James 0, born in 1871.

Larkins, W, far, S. 12 ; P. O. Winona.
Larson, C, far, S. 20; P.O. Swedesburg.
Lcighty, J, S. 20 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Lewis, A, far, S. 34 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Lewis, J. A, far, S. 20 ; P.O. Winona.
Lichty, J., far., S. 13 ; P.O. Winona.
Lillildahl, P., far, S. 22 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Lindell, J. P, far, S. 25 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Linden, O. L, far, S. 27 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Lindsay, A. S, far, S. 35; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Lund, G. P,far,S. 27 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Lysle, J. H., far, S. 36 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
McCLURE ARTHUR, far, S. 30 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
McKee, B. C, far, S. 33 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Martin, R, far, S. 15 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Marton, M. B, far, S. 9 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Meeker, A. L, far, S. 29 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Meeker, A, far, S. 29 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Miller, J. F, far, S. 11 ; P.O. Winona.
Miller, J. G, far, S. 10 ; P.O. Winona.
Miller, J, far, S. 15 ; P. O. Wayne.
Miller. L. J, far, S. 6 ; P.O. Marshall.
Moline, F, far, S. 34 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Monday, D, far, S. 1 ; P.O. Winona.
Marcum, J. P., far, S. 7 ; P.O. Swedesburg
Morehead, M. D, far, S. 9 ; P. O. Winona.
Morehouse, W. F, far, S. 31; P.O. Trenton.
Morford W, far, S. 3; P. O. Winfield.
Morgan, S. P, far, S. 22 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Maple, S, far, S. 24 ; P.O. Winona.
Morrow, T, far, S. 17 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Munson, John, far, S. 9 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Mussel-, Abram, far, S. 7 ; P.O. Marshall.
NELSON, GUS. N, far, S. 35 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Nelson, C, far, S. 21 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Nelson, N, far, S. 23 ; P.O. Winona.
Nelson, J, far. ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Nelson, S.. far, S. 28 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Newbraneh, O. P, far, S. 22 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Noble, H. N, far, S. 30 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Norton, G. W, far, 8. 1 : P.O. Winfield.
OKERSON, JOHN, S. 28; P. O. Swedesburg.
Olinger, Geo, S. 31 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Olson, F, far, S. 19 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Olson, H, far, S. 35 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Olson, J, S. 20 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
PALMBLADE, DAVID E, far, S. 26 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Paxson, G. W, far, S. 13 ; P.O. Winona.
Peterson, A. J, far, S. 15 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Peterson, Benj, far, S. 21 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Peterson, C. P, far, S. 33 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Peterson, John P, far, S. 26; P.O. Swedesburg.
Peterson, M. M, far. Sec. 22 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Peterson, S, far, S. 28 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Phillips, C, far, S. 24; P.O. Winona.
Phillips, E, far, S. 22 ; P. O. Swedesburg
Phillips, F, far, S. 22 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Phillips, J. W, far, S. 22 ; P.O. Swedesburg
Price, E. M, far, S. 14; P.O. Winona.
Price, M. H, far, S. 14 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Price, S. T, far, S. 15 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Price, T. C, far, S. 11 ; P.O. Winona.
RAPP, L. M, farmer, Sec. 16 ; P.O. Swedesburg.

REED, WILLIAM A., farmer, Sec. 11 ; P. O. Wayne; has 160 acres of land where he resides ; also 320 acres in Webster Co., Neb.; he was born in Ohio in 1823; came to Henry Co. with his parents in 1842 ; settled on the farm he now owns in 1846. Married in 1846 Mary E. Heston, who was born in Ohio in 1826 ; they have five children Eliza Ann, born in 1849 ; John H., born in 1858 ; James H, born in 1859 ; Vashti M, born in 1864 ; Aman da E, born in 1866; Nancy J, born in 1852, died in 1856; William, born in 1856, died in 1862; Alice, born in 1857, died in 1862; Margerie, born in 1861, died in 1862. Mr. Reed has been Justice of the Peace fourteen years. Members of the M. E. Church.

Roth, N, far, S. 5 ; P.O. Marshall.

RUSSELL, CALEB, farmer, See. 24; P.O. Winona; owns 160 acres; was born in Frederick Co., Md., in 1804. He married in 1832 Harriet A. Fairfax, a descendant of Lord Fairfax, of Virginia in Colonial times ; they had four children Llewellyn, born in 1833; Edgar M., born in 1885; Caleb, Jr., born in 1837 ; Thomas M., born in 1839. Mrs. Russell died in 18:59. Mr. Russell married in 1843 Elizabeth M. Matthews, who was born in Baltimore Co., Md., in, 1805. They have two children Sarah A., born in 1844, and Theodore, born in 1845 ; Harriet, born in 1848 and died in 1853. Mr. Russell removed to Virginia in 1830, where he engaged in the business of woolen manufacturing till 1850 ; went to California, remained about three and a half years, returned to his family in Virginia, and with them came to the farm he now occupies in 1855.

Russell, E. M., far., S. 24; P.O. Winona.
Russell, T., far., S. 24 ; P.O. Winona.
Russell, Thomas, far.. S. 13: P.O. Winona.
SAILE, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 28: P. O. Swedesburg.
Sanberg, J., Sec. 28 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Schlarbaum, P., far., Sec. 19; P.O. Swedesburg.
Schooley, C. G., far. S. 14 ; P.O. Winona
Schultz, J., far., S. 30 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Sehrock, J. E., fit, S. 7 ; P.O. Marshall.
Short, G. W., far., S. 13 ; P.O. Winona.
Smith, C. A., far., Sec. 10; P.O. North Wayne.
Smith, D., far., Sec. 4; P.O. North Wayne.
Smith, D. H., far., Sec. 19; P.O. North Wayne.
Smith, S., far., S. 3 ; P.O. North Wayne.
Snell, W. II., far., S. 2G ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Spangler, C, far., S. 2 ; P.O. N. Wayne.

STEPHENSON, OLIVER, far , Sec. 18 ; P.O. Swesdesburg ; owns 320 j acres of land ; he was born in Sweden in 1834; came to Henry Co., with his parents in 18411; settled on his present farm in 1865. Married in I860 to Mary Johnson, who was born in Sweden in 1837 ; they have seven children Christina M., Mary C, Charles E. J., Otellie C, Solomon P., Oliver A. and Alma J. ; two died in infancy. Mr. Stephenson is engaged in general farming and stock-raising.

Stutsman, J. B.,far., S. 20; P.O. Swedesburg.
Summersall, N., S. 17 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Sundall, J. P., far., S. 28 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Swan, A. P., S. 21 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Swanson, A., far.,S. 21 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Swanson, P., far., S. 33; P.O. Swedesburg.
TAYLOR, CLARK S., far. ; P.O. North Wayne.
Thockmartin, D., "far., S. 29 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Thomas, N., far., S. 13 ; P. O. Winona.
Trimmer, J. B , far., S. 12 ; P.O. Winfield.

VINTON, JOHN C., far., S. 10; P.O. Wayne; born in Philadelphia in 1827 ; in 1832, his parents moved to Marietta, Ohio. He married in 1851 Eleanor Cone, who was born in Morgan Co., Ohio, in 1831 ; had eight children William A., born in 1852 ; Charles, born in 1854 ; Susan C., born in 1850 ; Eleanor L., born in 1858; Samuel F., born in 1801 ; John C, born in 1863; Josiah, born in 1865; three are living Win. A., Elea nor L. and Josiah ; Mrs. Vinton, with an infant child, died in 1871 ; Mr. Vinton married in 1872 Mrs. Clarissa Carlin, nee Bickford. Mr. Abel Vinton, the father of John C, died in 1875, in his 92d year; his wife died in 1854. Mr. Vinton has a fine library of from six hundred to eight hundred volumes. Member of the M. E. Church.

WAREHAM, JOHN, far., S. 3 ; P.O. N. Wayne

WALLEEN, CHARLES, REV., Pastor of Lutheran Church, Swedesburg; born in Sweden Nov. 2, 1839; came to America in 1809; completed his studies at Augustana College. Paxton, Ill., and was ordained minister in 1872; his first charge was at Buoklin, Mo. ; second, at Knoxville, Ill. ; entered on his present duties in May, 1877. Married in 1874 Anna S. Johnson, who was born in Sweden ; at the time of their marriage, was a resident of Chicago.

Waterman, A., far., S. 19 ; P.O. Marshall.
Wenger, B., far., S. 18 ; P.O. Marshall.
Wenger, C, far., S. 18 ; P.O. Marshall.

WHITE, S. L., merchant and Post master, Swedesburg ; was born in Berkeley Co., Va., in 1836 ; came to Henry Co. in 1840 with his parents. Married in 1S01 Drusilla Havens, who was born in the State of New Jersey in 1841 ; they have five children Mary L., born in 1862 ; Anna M., born in 1865 ; Edmund K., born in 1807; Elizabeth C, born in 1869, and Thomas L., born in 1872. The father of Mr. White, Mr. Thomas II. White, was born in Virginia in 1790; his mother was born about 1803 ; they came to Henry Co. in 1846, among the earliest settlers of Henry Co. ; had seven children Geo. H., Mary E, Deborah, Samuel L., Sarah E., Thomas W. and Jacob L. ; two are deceased George H. and Sarah E. ; Mr. Thomas H. White died in 1856; his wife, in 1875.

Wilson, C. G., far., S. 3 ; P. O. Swedesburg.
Wilson, J., far., S. 25 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Woodruff. A., far., S. 2 ; P.O. N. Wayne.
YODER, PHILLIP, farmer, Sec. 16; P.O. N. Wayne.

YOUNG, ROBERT A., farmer, Sec. 3 ; P. O. Wayne ; owns 200 acres of land ; was born in Champaign Co., Ohio, in 1836; came to Henry Co. with his parents in 1845. Married in 1862 Sarah J. Morehcad, who was born in Washington Co., Iowa, in 1838; have eight children Eliza J., David M., John W., Laura E., Olive F., Lulu J., Mary Edna and Addie. Mr. Patrick Young:, the father of Robert, was one of the old settlers of this county, having moved here with his family in 1845. Mrs. Young's parents, Mr. and Mrs. More- head, came to this county in 1836.

ZING, JACOB, Jr., farmer, Sec. 6; P.O. Marshall.

ZICKEFOOSE, W. S., farm er, Sec. 2 ; P.O. Wayne ; born in Henry Co. in 1842. Married in 1865 Martha J. Yancer, who was born in Indiana in 1844 ; have four children, James, born in 1866 ; Francis A., born in 1868; Cora B., born in 1872, and a babe unnamed, born in 1878. Mr. Ziekefoose enlisted in the 25th Iowa Regt. V. I. in 1862 ; served during the war ; was at the battles of Arkansas Post, Vicksburg, siege of Atlanta, at the battles of Lookout Mountain, Resaea, and was with Sherman in his march to the sea. ending with the battle of Goldsboro and the surrender of Johnson. Mr. Benjamin Ziekefoose and his wife Susanna, the father and mother of W. S., came to Henry Co. in 1839. Mr. Ziekefoose died in 1859; his wife in March, 1865.

Zing, Joel, far., S. 6 ; P.O. Marshall.

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